Beautiful Mind Episode 12 Recap

Young O feels the pain of loss and secrets.

Beautiful Mind Episode 12 Recap 


Young O, as a child, draws a picture of he and his father holding hands. His memory of his father coming into his life is a happy one. He assumes his father became his guardian and father because he liked him. We see Young O’s father declaring he’ll become the guardian after he permanently altered Young O spring during surgery. The flashback ends with Young O thinking “I am very happy.” Note this is after the surgery Young O is thinking he was happy. And he looked happy smiling at his memory of his father sweeping into the hospital room and taking him home with him.

Present Day…

Young O’s father goes to talk to the chairman about whether or not foreign investments are funding the regenerative research. Young O’s father tells the chairman that they just can’t handover the research to those with money. He begs the chairman to reconsider. He even goes to his knees. Chairman says “I had no idea you’d be this easy” and urges him to stand. The chairman and Dr. Chae say they’ve got an old friend that wants to be reacquainted. The old colleague tells Young O’s father it’s been a long time. Dr. Lee looks in shock at his former colleague. Dr. Chae informs him that his friend’s pharmaceutical company has invested in the regenerative research. His former colleague says that his son, Young O, has grown up well. He says with his frontal lobe damaged Young O is unable to empathize.

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Min Jae asks Dr. Lee Young O (Jang Hyuk) if he thought the MRI scan would come back showing a difference indicating that he could feel emotion. Young O says he’s happy with the results. He saw firsthand what emotions could do to people unsettling them and making them unsure. Now that he knows that is not his affliction, he feels peace. Min Jae uses his words against him when she quotes “your lips may lie, but your body cannot.” She shows Young O that he has spilled the tea because he’s distracted and upset about the results. Young O closes the subject by asking Min Jae to tell him about the patient she needs a second opinion on.

Min Jae and Young O meet with the woman that had brain surgery a year ago but still has constant facial pain. She begs Young O to help her. She’s heard of his other surgical successes. She asks him to make the pain go away. She tells him he can even cut the nerves to her face. Young O tells her the surgery she had last year already cut the nerves to her face. The woman demands to know why she feels this pain. Young O says her brain is creating phantom pain to compensate for the lack of nerves. The woman accuses him of saying that she’s crazy. She leaves upset and angry. Min Jae wonders if the woman is meant to suffer, because life without suffering is not real. Min Jae explains that Young O was the only person that was ever nice to her without a reason. But when she found out he was faking it, her life had no meaning and she got angry. Min Jae initially believed it was rage but then realized it was pain. Young O is interested in her calling it pain. Min Jae tells him maybe one day he’ll learn that life has suffering. Min Jae asks Young O if they can start over.

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Young O’s father and his former colleague are now alone. Young O’s father asked what he wants. His former colleague wants him to join the pharmacy and support his investment into the regenerative research. Young O’s father refuses stating he put his life into this research, he must ensure it used for the patient’s good, not to line the coffers of a corporation. The former colleague defends his corporation as forwarding medicine. Young O’s father counters that any forwarding of medicine is always done with profit before patient. Young O’s father isn’t going to hand over the research that he’s put his life’s effort into to a man that will either subvert the goal which was to eliminate disease in patients. The former colleague points out that Young O’s father said his life’s work was to help Young O become a normal person. He doubts Young O’s father’s real focus in life. That gets Young O’s father mad. He strides to the man and grasps his shoulder and tells him he has no right to judge his life. His former colleague asked him “don’t I?” He pulls Young O’s father hand off his shoulder. He says he’s going to go visit his son. As he rolls away stops and asks “Young O knows the truth right”? He asks Dr. Lee if Young O knows that his frontal lobe was permanently injured by Dr. Lee. He stares at Dr. Lee’s clenched fists and feigns surprise that Young O doesn’t know the truth. If looks could kill, Young O’s father would take that guy out. I’m not exactly sure why this guy is out for payback, but he’s determined to hurt Young O and his father. What does this guy gain by hurting Young O’s father? Why is there a grudge?


Officer Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam) strides through the hospital calling Young O but he refuses to pick up. She enters a packed elevator and calls him but he doesn’t pick up. When the elevator empties there only two people left, herself and Young O. She asks Young O why he did not answer her phone calls. He says nothing and moves to go around her. She stops him and says that she knows Young O is smarter, more eloquent, and impossible to beat in an argument. She states this doesn’t have to be complicated. She only wants to spend time with Young O. Isn’t that enough? Young O says nothing and walks away. I think that’s a really good question that Jin Sung asked. If there is to be no romance isn’t friendship enough? And isn’t the cornerstone of any long-lasting relationship friendship? Jin Sung is going to have to be doggedly determined to break Young O’s self-imposed shell.

Our surgeons gather to discuss an emergency case of a man, newly married, with the pregnant wife, that needs surgery that could either keep him paralyzed or kill him. One surgeon says how hard can it be to tell your patient the diagnosis? The other surgeons clap and transfer the patient to him. Duh!


The surgeon goes to explain the situation to the pregnant wife but she already knows most of the medical details. The surgeon is surprised she is so well-informed. Young O enters the room and cannot help but overhear when the wife tells the surgeon she doesn’t expect her husband to be cured she just wants him to be granted more time so he can witness the birth of their baby. Young O walks over and looks at the medical chart. He says he will do the surgery. The man and his wife looks happy. The other surgeons can’t believe that Young O is willing to take this risk. One surgeon says if it’s what the patient and his wife want, then the surgery is worth the risk. The nurse asks how the surgeons can ignore the patient’s wish to see his baby. Dr. So says that without empathy Young O is just performing the surgery for the medical challenge. Another surgeon says Young O’s lack of empathy makes him the best surgeon to tackle this tricky surgery because he won’t be hampered by fear.

Young O’s father asks why he chose the patient with a low probability of survival? Young O’s father asks who’s more desperate – you or the patient? Does Young O want to prove his superiority? Young O says he’s also curious to understand why he’s doing this.

Young O’s father flashes back to his former colleague saying if he’ll agreed to his pharmaceutical funds for the regenerative research then he’ll forget about telling Young O the truth. He wonders if Young O or Dr. Lee can handle the truth being exposed.

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Young O provides a consent form to the wheelchair bound patient for the upcoming risky surgery. Young O tells the man if the surgery isn’t successful the man will be a quadriplegic on a respirator for the remainder of his days. The patient asks Young O why he’s willing to do such a risky surgery. The wife asks her husband why ask Young O this question. She tells her husband that Young O is a surgery machine and this will only add to his fame. She hugs and kisses on her husband. Young O asks the couple if he should believe their act. The wife says it really doesn’t matter, all she wants is her husband to live to see their baby. Young O tells them to sign the consent form and agree to his post-operative care plans. The wife signs the consent form. Young O tells her that being overly affectionate doesn’t help her husband. Defiantly she leans down to hugs and kiss her husband. Young O walks away.

Jin Sung visits Dr. Hyun Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min) and tells him that she needs a checkup so that she can be sure her heart can take the stress of working for the violent crimes division. Jin Sung tells Dr. Hyun she understands that he’s working hard to commercialize the regenerative medicine. It’s a bit awkward between the two of them so Jin Sung stands up to leave. Dr. Hyun tells her that he’ll call her when the test results are back. She turns and asks Dr. Hyun even though I’m thinking about somebody with my head, why does my heart hurt? I like the fact that Jin Sung sought out Dr. Hyun after Young O’s rejection. I think it’s good they try and mend the fences between them. Dr. Hyun has seemed so distant and emotionless, even more so than Young O, it was good to see him be relaxed and Jin Sung’s friend.

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The wife gets nervous as her husband is wheeled down the hall to surgery. She stops the medical team and tells them she’s changed her mind, there’s a reason nobody else would do the surgery, because there’s too much risk. Dr. Yang tells her she signed the consent form. Young O steps out into the hallway and asks the wife if she’s rescinding the approval for the surgery. She says yes. The husband says no. The husband says he wants the surgery. The wife gets upset and tells him they need to think this over again. She scared. The husband says I’m going to make it through the surgery. The wife doesn’t like it but the husband is adamant. This is a case of be careful what you wish for, because you may get it.

Before the patient goes under he tells Young O and the surgical team that he is the world to his wife and she is his world too. They have only each other. That’s why they come off as unapproachable, because they’re just trying to protect each other. The patient says that’s why he had to take this risk. He needs to see his unborn son, and protect his wife. The man asks Young O to promise to do his best.

The former colleague continues to torment Young O’s father and tells him that he’s heard that Young O is doing a risky surgery. He tells Dr. Lee that he can definitely see that Young O has been in his image. He asks if Dr. Lee will be for or against his company funding the regenerative research.

Young O tells the wife after surgery that all the tumors were removed and her husband is alive… for now. He watches the wife rush to her husband’s side.

The surgeons are impressed how well the surgery went. They all have to admire Young O’s skill. Dr. Yang shocks the other surgeons when he tells them the surgery went so well, the patient has recovered so quickly, that he’s leaving the hospital today.


The patient and his wife tells Young O they are just going out to pick out baby clothes and get a quick bite to eat. Young O tells them sternly to be on time for their appointment with him. The wife tells Young O she’d kiss him if she could, but her husband would get jealous, so she won’t. She thanks Young O. He watches the couple go down the hallway.

Young O’s father comments that the surgery must have gone very well if the patient was able to leave the hospital for a break. Young O says it didn’t go as well as everybody thinks. The cancer spread to the spine. Radiation treatment is the patient’s hope. Young O’s father asks why the patient was allowed to leave for the afternoon. Young O says the doctors don’t save people’s lives, they only extend people’s lives. Young O says it’s the day-to-day living that really makes people happy. Young O says those basic feelings I’ve never experienced. Young O’s father says that he took a risk by doing this tricky surgery and he hopes the radiation will be successful or Young O will suffer the consequences. His father asks if Young O took the risk to do the surgery because the patient was so desperate for it. Young O turns away and refuses to answer. His father stares at the door to Young O’s office, wanting to reengage, but realizing it will be futile. He walks away. I liked Young O’s comment that doctors don’t save lives, they extend lives. That’s succinct and correct because of course no one can escape death, and the length of one’s life can be impacted by a doctor. It’s interesting to see Young O’s father engage with him a second time this episode and be concerned that Young O has chosen a path that might get him in trouble with the hospital administration. It’s also interesting that his father wants to know why Young O made the decision to do the surgery.

Young O opens his desk drawer and looks at his stash of Jin Sung memorabilia. He recalls her saying that she just wanted to spend time with him. Then he recalls the wife saying she just wanted to spend more time with her husband. Young O says to himself time…Time to spend with someone. Of course I’m hoping that Young O will have some realization and break free from the chains that he just put back on himself when he rejected Jin Sung and the possibility of love. Is this the first chink in the armor?


The pregnant wife and patient rush back into the emergency room. He looks to be in agony and his wife sobs that she never should’ve taken out of the hospital for the day. Dr. Yang calls for Young O to come immediately. When Young O arrives the patient apologizes for pushing Young O to allow him to leave the hospital, against Young O’s better judgment. The man asks Young O if he’s going to die. Young O says they’re going to switch to radiation treatment. The man says I just want to hold my baby once. Young O says I’ve already told you what we will do to get you to that point. The man smiles and says you say the nicest things. Ha! Young O asked the man to promise him that he won’t give up and he’ll follow all his directions. I don’t know why but that really made me tear up watching Young O ask for the patient’s support and belief in this treatment plan. It’s an extension of the previous episode when he asked the nurse to help him convince the patient to do the surgery. Young O is evolving. I wish he could see it like I could.

There is another session of the surgeons each having a different opinion on whether or not Young O should have done the surgery even though the patient desperately wanted it. They consider the risks of malpractice versus the sincerity of following the patient’s wishes. Dr. So says that the patient will have a difficult time physically getting through the radiation treatment, and the surgery created this situation.

As predicted the patient is having difficulty breathing but Young O needs to start the radiation treatment. He tells the man to remember his promise and fight for his life.

As Young O exits the husband’s room, the wife angrily asks if Young O looks down on them because they only have each other. Bluntly Young O tells her that the only person that likes her childish directness is her husband, personally he can’t stand it. The wife says I told you all I want is more time with my husband. Young O says I promised your husband that I try and help him hold his new baby. I’m doing everything I can. He grasps the woman’s shoulder and tells her to hang in there and support her husband. He says there’s no medical treatment here. Her husband will go through pain while he fights to get well. So two themes of the episode pop up again – pain and determination. I like the way that Young O grasped the woman shoulders. That’s a standard thing for him to do. But he doesn’t always do it gently. This time Young O took her shoulders, looked into her eyes, and told her that he was doing everything that he could, but she played an important part in helping her husband. I’m a broken record, but that’s evidence of Young O’s evolution.

The chairman is irritated that Young O’s father and Young O constantly cause him hassles. He asks Young O’s father’s former colleague if Dr. Lee agreed to hand over the patent on the regenerative medicine. The former colleague says Dr. Lee will cave because of the secret. The chairman wants to know what the secret is. He tries to guess the secret. Dr. Chae smiles and says a secret only has power…when it’s a secret. I agree with that. Dr. Chae says they are going to keep the secret because that’s what will win Dr. Lee’s compliance. The chairman walks away frustrated and Dr. Chae says do you want the secret or do you want the patent? The former colleague says this is business, be patient. The chairman asked how the clinical trials are going.

bm_ep12_7b bm_ep12_7a

Dr. Hyun tells Dr. Lee that they are getting ready for the first clinical trials for the regenerative treatment. Dr. Lee says that he supports Dr. Hyun and hopes the trials reveal the regenerative treatment is a success. Dr. Hyun says he feels confident that Dr. Lee will never hand over the regenerative treatment patent. Dr. Lee dodges a direct response and states he just wants the trials to be a success.

Dr. Hyun and his colleague look at the patients that were receives the treatment, knowing these patients will determine success or failure of the regenerative research. Dr. Hyun advises they prepare for failure by readying ECMO.

Young O sits by the man’s bedside while he receives his treatment. Young O’s father watches his son hold vigil by the man’s bedside. Unfortunately, the man’s heart starts to fail. Young O asks for the ECMO as it will buy him more time. Dr. Yang says that there are only three ECMOs in the hospital and Dr. Hyun has one of them.

Young O tells Dr. Hyun that he has a patient with an immediate need for the ECMO versus Dr. Hyun’s potential need. Dr. Hyun says because the patient is part of the clinical trial he has priority over Young O’s patient. Young O says he’s going to take the ECMO. Dr. Hyun says if his patient dies then all the regenerative research dies too. Holy smokes! Young O bows his head and begs Dr. Hyun to help him save his patient. Dr. Hyun says Young O’s patient cannot survive. The ECMO will only prolong his life. He tells Young O that typically his patient choices are based on the probability of survival. Dr. Hyun says he can’t relinquish the ECMO for patient that has a less than 10% survival chance. Young O literally grabs Dr. Hyun by the throat. He orders Dr. Yang to take the ECMO. Dr. Yang complies rushing the device down the hall. Young O looks into Dr. Hyun’s eyes and asks after what you just said to me, can you still consider yourself a good doctor? Ouch! So have the two doctors reversed their mindsets?

Young O returns to his patient and says the device will buy him more time. He pats the patient’s arm.


Dr. Hyun complains to Young O’s father that in an atypical move Young O appears to be attached to his patient and willing to defy insurmountable odds to extend his patient’s life. That surprises Young O’s father. Dr. Hyun makes the case that he is regenerative research patient needs the device more than Young O’s patient does.

Young O’s father watches him tends the patient. He calls the former colleague who is now blackmailing him and says he’s ready to meet with him.

The former colleague asks Dr. Lee if he’s made his decision to give up the patent on the regenerative research. Young O’s father says he’s willing to work with the pharmaceutical company. The former colleague clearly sees that Young O’s father is choosing his son over the patent. Young O’s father smiles and says his son is finally evolving into a complete man. Can you believe it? Young O’s father and I are in complete agreement. But I wonder is Young O’s father more concerned about his son or the success of his education of his son? I guess that’s not correct because the man is giving up a patent that he spent a lifetime to make, on the belief that his son is evolving. I have trust issues with this character obviously.

Things are going well for the patient. His heart stops. Oh no the wife is in labor and cannot come to her husband side. Young O works hard but the patient flat lines. Young O tells the man he’s holding up his into the bargain, the man needs to hold up his part. The man lifts his hand and tells Young O he can stop with the heart massage. Young O tells him don’t give up you need to live. You need to meet your son. I’m going to help you. Young O gets ready to his shock the heart and the man tells them to stop. He dies. This may sound harsh but there was no other option but for this patient to die. In the confines of this show, at the evolution point Young O is at, with the theme of pain, this patient that Young O was personally invested in, had to die. Growth does come out of pain. Will Young O grow from this experience?

The former colleague tells Young O’s father that he didn’t choose to protect his son, but rather he chose to protect himself. Just like he chose 25 years ago. That wipes the smile off of Young O’s father face. Young O’s father asks what he’s referring to.

Young O walks through the hospital dazed and confused. He recalls his father asking him if he considers patients to be alive just because their heart is beating. He recalls his father asking if he considered himself superior to other and calling him a monster. Young O sits down or rather sags down.


Young O’s father again asks his former colleague what he’s talking about. The former colleague says the person that made Young O a monster…Is you. He says but there’s something you don’t know. The surgery performed wasn’t a failure. OMG! His father says what? The man says HE was the point of failure. The father says what are you talking about? The man says your surgery didn’t fail, but you created a monster after all. He spins and roles away. Okay I’m blown away by that exchange. I’ve been on board with the idea of Young O’s father being a monster, not Young O. But what does this guy have to do with it? Why did he let Young O’s father believe the surgery was a failure? Do Young O’s MRIs show that his frontal lobe is functioning?

Young O’s father strides to Min Jae’s office and demands to see the results of Young O’s early tests. She’s a bit startled and starts to explain that she originally found Young O’s early test results when she worked at a small town hospital. Young O’s father asks if Young O was normal then. He yells was Young O normal after the surgery? Inquiring minds must know…but will we find out this episode?

The former colleague tells Dr. Chae that if medical research had been as advanced as it is today that what happened to Young O’s father would never have occurred. The former colleague shakes his head and says he was wrong. He realized it today when he saw that Dr. Lee was the same as he ever was. He says this is simply the human condition. Ambition, selflessness, humiliation, and fear. Dr. Chae asks what will happen to Young O and his father. The former colleague says he’s not sure. He says what’s important for us though is that we have the patent for the regenerative research. This gives them the control.

Min Jae realizes something. She remembers looking at Young O’s records from the hospital archives. She recalls Young O’s father demanding to know if Young O was normal after the surgery.


Young O thinks back to trying to save the man’s life and the man telling him to cease his efforts. Min Jae finds him. He asks Min Jae who he is. He says no matter how hard he tries, nothing changes. He says my inner self is hollow, so do I have any choice but to live as a monster? You said you know me best. Tell me. Min Jae says you are not a monster Young O. You are a victim of medical malpractice. Young O looks at her and says what? Min Jae says under the guise of perfect education you were victim of discrete and persistent abuse. That’s who you are. Young O scoffs. Min Jae says your father wanted to conceal you in order to maintain his reputation. You were his failure. That’s who you are. Stunned Young O gets up to his feet and leaves the room. He goes to his father’s office. But he’s not there.

bm_ep12_11c bm_ep12_11b bm_ep12_11a

His father’s at home drinking and looking at the wall of human emotions and gestures. His father remembers the training he gave Young O. Young O returns home. He looks at the wall. He says on my way home I thought about a lot. I could not come up with an answer. Dad, in this situation, what kind of expression am I supposed to make? You saved my life. You’re my only family. You taught me everything about life. When I found out you were the true monster, and raised me to be a monster, what expression was I supposed to make? You never taught me how to deal with this kind of tough emotion. Young O starts to rip down the items on the wall and says “I no longer I no longer want to live as your failure.”

My Thoughts 

We finally know who the monster is. The writer has skillfully made us all doubt Young O’s father throughout this series. But innately we want to have faith in fathers. So I held out hope that he truly cared about Young O more than himself. I think he does care about Young O. How could he not? But what the former colleague said was correct. Young O’s father cared more about his reputation being besmirched than Young O as a person. Use that as a filter to look back at their interactions throughout this series, and things suddenly start to come into focus. When Young O’s father was upset with Young O, it was often because he was concerned how Young O would affect his reputation. To be fair this was not true in every case, hence the doubt remained about Young O’s father’s motives. When you think back to how Young O’s father was proud of his son multiple times, it wasn’t because Young O did something to improve his reputation, it was because Young O valued the patient first. That’s what made his father happy. Do I believe that Young O’s father systematically mentally and verbally abused his son? Yes, I do. And yes we saw that continue in this series. In the comment section an astute person suggested that whenever Young O’s father pressed Young O’s shoulder it was a physical signal to be submissive. I’m not completely satisfied yet. What the former colleague meant when he said that he was the point of failure still needs further explanation.

This episode’s theme was pain, growth from pain as well as time with those that we love makes life good. As I said in the actual recap the patient with the very slim chance had to die. The parallels between the patient and his wife and Young O and his father are there. These are two people that were a family unit with no one else but each other to depend upon. That drew Young O to the patient. The pain part kind of overshadowed the second lesson which was the importance of time and spending it with those that matter. The wife and the husband just wanted more time with each other so that they could be parents together. In the previous episode the mother chose to get the surgery so she could spend more time with her boys. In the first episode Mr. Kim chose the risky surgery to get more time to live. What the show is really commenting on is the positives and negatives of being human. Once we get past our basic needs of food and shelter, we want love, time, happiness. And sometimes we get angry, jealous, sad, or hurt in the pursuit of happiness. I maintain that Young O is evolving. This episode was another major step.

The regenerative research patent was the prize that the chairman, Dr. Chae, and the former colleague were vying for. I was actually surprised when Young O’s father gave up the patent with very little fight. He said he did it because he saw the clear evolution of his son. His former colleague says he did it to maintain the secret of what he did to his son.

Jang Hyuk’s portrayal of Young O gave us a man battered, bruised, but not beaten. Frankly I can’t imagine this role handled by any other actor. One of Jang Hyuk’s strengths is the subtlety that he brings to a scene. Sometimes he’s overt but more often than not it is his subtlety that is his strength. Young O found out from Min Jae, no less, that his father performed medical malpractice, and raised him to be a monster. This show is loosely based on Frankenstein so the term monster has been often used often. As a Young O fan, I’ve never viewed him as the monster, but thought all others around him behaved badly in comparison to Young O. Whether or not his frontal lobe is truly damaged, what matters at this point is what will Young O do with what he’s learned and experienced? Will he break free from the monster chains that have imprisoned his personal growth? Will he believe that he has the capacity to love? Will he reach out to Jin Sung? I’ve said it before and it bears repeating, romance between Young O and Jin Sung is not a requirement for my personal happiness of this show. But the writer has guided these two in two the possibility that it could occur. If it does, that’s icing on the cake.

Park So Dam as Jin Sung was almost a cameo character this episode. She went to the hospital in hopes of working things out with Young O, but it was not to be. Instead she got to spend some time with Dr. Hyun.

Yoon Hyun Min as Doctor Hyun Suk did not want Young O’s father to give up the patent and allow external funds to alter the focus of the research. He’s not going to get what he wants. He put his faith in Young O’s father, and Young O’s father failed him. I found it interesting when Young O and Dr. Hyun were arguing over the utilization of the device that Dr. Hyun was not willing to hand over the device. You can imagine early in the series Young O would’ve maintained the same stance. Oh how the tables have turned.

Heo Jun Ho’s portrayal of Young O’s father, Lee Gun Myung, is the epitome of the statement pride goes before a fall. I still want to know whether or not Dr. Lee’s surgery of Young O was a success or not. I’m confused what his former colleague meant when he said he was the point of failure. What does that mean? We saw the former colleague tell Dr. Lee that he screwed up the surgery and forever altered Young O’s frontal lobe. But now that seems to be in doubt. I certainly hope this is resolved before the end of the series. For great portion of the series I did not see much good in this character. But he had moments, primarily any time that he put his patients needs first, then he was a decent guy. But his treatment of Young O has been suspect from the get-go. Again I say the writer did a skillful job in making this character murky. Even now with the simple statement that pride goes before a fall, it’s just not that simple is it?

Min Jae came through in the clutch. It certainly has struck me strange that she has been working her way back into Young O’s life at least on a professional level. When she looked at those original medical records of Young O you certainly got the feeling like his frontal lobe was bad. He certainly got the feeling in yesterday’s episode that the MRI showed the frontal lobe was still messed up. It was bold of her to use tell Young O that his father systematically verbally and mentally abused him based on what she knows of the situation. But Young O immediately knew the truth of her words and went to confront his father. Min Jae is another character that writer has made murky. We all wondered was she friend or foe? Turns out she was both. But her actions were all too human.

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60 comments on “Beautiful Mind Episode 12 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    WOW what a powerful episode! I noted YO’s normalcy in the opening scene. YO is normal, as normal as someone could be after experiencing years of abuse, but he is not a psychopath! Seems to me that Dr. Wheelchair and MJ could be liable for malpractice for keeping their mouths shut.

    It is late and I think I will watch this episode again and organize my thoughts before I make further comment. Thanks for the speedy recap!


  2. Prettysup says:

    I still hold faith for the father. Can’t really understand so did YO’s old scans show the injury? Waiting for ep 13 to explain !


  3. Beez says:

    quoting kjtamuser: “It was bold of her to use tell Young O that his father systematically verbally and mentally abused him based on what she knows of the situation.”

    I think kjtamuser had a Freudian finger slip -“use tell”. I prefer to interpret Min Jae as USING whatever knowledge she has to weasel her way back to Young Oh. Unless they explain that our frontal lobes look a certain way and only thru before & after are they able to deduce when one’s frontal lobe has been damaged, then I say she switched or did something dirty with Young Oh’s latest MRI.

    And I agree about Jin Sung being given backseat cameo-like time the last few episodes. As much as I love this show, it would’ve been better served if she’d had a permanent role in the hospital; such as a nurse, or, to keep the initial drama of her suspecting Young Oh of murder, she could’ve still been a cop but undergoing some sort of prolonged treatment that had her investigating while in the midst of YO’s world. That would’ve allowed for the initial suspense of her investigation and the later easy access to “his Wi Fi”.

    I still love it, but especially with the episode cuts, not having the main catalyst to his discovery of emotions on hand (and very few episodes left to explore their relationship) is the only thing lacking, for me, in this series.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “then I say she switched or did something dirty with Young Oh’s latest MRI.”
      * I understand not believing MJ. I have trust issues with this character too. I’m no longer sure that MJ is acting out of malice. She indicated she acted out of pain caused by the betrayal of YO. I’ve never had a Freudian finger slip – I like it!

      “As much as I love this show, it would’ve been better served if she’d had a permanent role in the hospital; such as a nurse…”
      * You made me wonder if JS was nurse Jang that YO has grown to trust and rely on, would have worked for a closer proximity character? It would have offered cattiness from MJ, as she would certainly be jealous of JS. Dr. Hyun would also cringe to see JS get close to YO.


  4. Erica Alduey says:

    Here’s what i think: I think his frontal lobe is still injured (remember that Min jae already MRI him and the injury appeared?).

    What I believe is that the doctor in the wheelchair is only playing with Young O’s father in order to him betray himself and spit the truth in a desperate way.
    As you can see, he desperately went to min jae and basically let her know that something happened in the surgery. She’s smart, why would he come to her demanding information if he “knows” the illness of his son? Of course, she want’s Young O back, so that’s why she told him the truth.

    The other doctor wants the Director position, and the guy in the wheelchair wants the research patent, both of them wants to destroy Young o’s father, but they are letting him to destroy himself.

    (sorry, i usually forgot the names of the characters :p)


    • kjtamuser says:

      I like your logic. It is wishful thinking on my part hoping that YO has intact frontal lobes.
      What is your theory of what the doctor in the wheelchair meant when he said YO’s father did not mess things up, he did. As you stated, did he say this only to play with YO ‘s father?
      Thanks for sharing!


  5. Elizbeth says:

    I watch a ton of Korean dramas and none of them have affected me the way this one has. Lee Young O is masterfully portrayed by Jang Hyuk and his character breaks my heart. This experience is new for me as I really relate to the Young O character. This is the best drama of 2016 hands down–as I am completely emotionally engaged. I’m fearful regarding the ending. Writer, please don’t screw this up. This is another of Jang Hyuk’s stellar performances. Not sure what’s up with the ratings, but those that haven’t watched it, it’s their loss.

    I don’t know if it’s poor English translations but there are many terms and concepts thrown around like “doesn’t feel emotions,” “psychopath,” “sociopath,” “monster,” in regard to Lee Young O and it’s ridiculous. I believe it was emotion that prompted him to come to his father’s hospital to begin with. Young O had something to prove and he’s actually proven his remarkable diagnosing abilities and surgical skills. He’s a great doctor, but he’s rough around the edges because he is emotionally immature.

    Sociopaths tend to be nervous and easily agitated. They are volatile and prone to emotional outbursts, including fits of rage. They are likely to be uneducated and live on the fringes of society, unable to hold down a steady job or stay in one place for very long. It is difficult but not impossible for sociopaths to form attachments with others. Young O is not a sociopath.

    Psychopaths, on the other hand, are unable to form emotional attachments or feel real empathy with others, although they often have disarming or even charming personalities. Psychopaths are very manipulative and can easily gain people’s trust. They learn to mimic emotions, despite their inability to actually feel them, and will appear normal to unsuspecting people. Psychopaths are often well educated and hold steady jobs. Some are so good at manipulation and mimicry that they have families and other long-term relationships without those around them ever suspecting their true nature. Young O isn’t Mr. Charm. –two paragraphs above taken from

    Young O is neither of the two. He feels emotions, but he’s extremely logical (left brain) and probably doesn’t acknowledge them as he doesn’t know what they mean. He was trained by his father not to feel them. His life was devoid of human warmth and love (as from a mother). He had a melt down when he his patient died on the table and he knew he did nothing wrong as a doctor in episode 3. The reason why he had the meltdown is irrelevant; it’s the having of the meltdown that’s significant. The meltdown was emotional because his carefully controlled and structured inner understanding of things weren’t lining up. It was a serious rupturing of his father’s brainwashing.

    He had another meltdown at the end of episode 6. He practically collapsed in the middle of the street because (a nervous breakdown?), once again, he’d made a mistake, but not in his medical prowess or his ability to read and diagnose, but in understanding the broader human story of the patient and adding that to his data collection before making a decision. Young O was brainwashed by his father to not connect with other people (so as to hid his “condition”) and to evaluate others through facial expression rather than actual relational connection. He was brainwashed to consistently hide who he truly was, so his father defined who he was.

    I’m not sure what the frontal lobe issue is in this drama as it’s been crammed down our throats from the start. But Young O’s left brain logic is fully developed and in fine form. I suppose the thing that sticks out the most is the control issues that are present in his father and in him. Controlling parents produce controlling children. Young O was excessively controlled by his father, even to the point his father tried to control what he learned by instructing him to stay away from medicine. But, hence the title of the drama, Beautiful Mind, Young O’s mind (and heart) were too hungry and he was like a sponge. He pursued medicine and it became the salve and identity through which he identified himself (which to me is the beauty of the human survival instinct). There are truths in medicine he holds onto.

    He and Jin Sung connected when they both understood the truth that a murder took place. He told her, “You and I are the only one’s who believe he was murdered,” in the library, and so began their tentative collaboration. Both of them had their idealized hopes shattered; Young O’s plans for (carefully controlled) normalcy with Min Jae, and Jin Sung’s crush on Dr. Hyun got severed by betrayal.

    So Young O’s knowledge regarding his frontal lobe problems is something his father used to mold and control Young O’s personality, but who Young O truly is is breaking through. But that damned frontal lobe thing yanked his chain and made him believe he couldn’t feel (when it was so obvious he was clearly feeling!). This episode made me see that his connection with Jin Sung helps him navigate the broader human stories he encounters as his patients. Thank goodness for the pregnant nurse who sees who he really is as well. And that cute Dr. Yang.

    Please oh please let this drama end well.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Elizabeth, let me say your first comment was beautifully stated and full of compelling thoughts.

      “Young O is neither of the two. He feels emotions, but he’s extremely logical (left brain) and probably doesn’t acknowledge them as he doesn’t know what they mean. He was trained by his father not to feel them. His life was devoid of human warmth and love (as from a mother). He had a melt down when he his patient died on the table and he knew he did nothing wrong as a doctor in episode 3. The reason why he had the meltdown is irrelevant; it’s the having of the meltdown that’s significant. The meltdown was emotional because his carefully controlled and structured inner understanding of things weren’t lining up. It was a serious rupturing of his father’s brainwashing.”

      Terrific analysis. I agree it is undeniable that YO has felt emotions during this series. I think you hit the nail on the head, YO’s logic gets preference over emotions AND he doesn’t know what to do with emotions. Hate to go geek, but is YO like Star Trek’s Spock – half vulcan, half human, always fighting against his emotions?

      “Young O’s left brain logic is fully developed and in fine form. I suppose the thing that sticks out the most is the control issues that are present in his father and in him. Controlling parents produce controlling children. Young O was excessively controlled by his father, even to the point his father tried to control what he learned by instructing him to stay away from medicine. But, hence the title of the drama, Beautiful Mind, Young O’s mind (and heart) were too hungry and he was like a sponge. ”

      I love your term “fine form” for YO’s left side of the brain. YO was excessively controlled by his father. Your thought on the title of the series is lovely.

      “Both of them had their idealized hopes shattered; Young O’s plans for (carefully controlled) normalcy with Min Jae, and Jin Sung’s crush on Dr. Hyun got severed by betrayal.”

      Couldn’t have put that better than you did.

      “This episode made me see that his connection with Jin Sung helps him navigate the broader human stories he encounters as his patients. Thank goodness for the pregnant nurse who sees who he really is as well. And that cute Dr. Yang.”

      Good point that JS is his Wi-Fi to the bigger world. Nurse Jang is awesome. Dr. Yang has grown on me.


  6. A.D.DO! says:

    Well, yes it is certainly confusing…maybe the last minute script cuts have something to do with it. Something had to be lost with that chopping job they inflicted on us. I am still so bitter about that! But frankly, and I hate to admit this, I probably wouldn’t watch this baby again…just certain JH scenes. I was so rooting for it, ( like they say “a day without JANG HYUK is a day without sunshine!”), but there were not enough magical moments to blow my beautiful mind. The idea was intriguing, and it did give JH another unique performance to add to his resume, and the girl was cute, etc..but think of all the fun characters & situations in ROBBERS for example…I am watching it again for the umpteenth time and still laughing. And hard to believe, but I don’t think it got good ratings either! And then there’s FATED, SHINE, THANK YOU, which in my opinion are classics. So, anyway BM was definitely worth seeing once, if just for another chance to drool over you know who.
    What I would like to know now is when do you think NEW SEA will start?? It also sounds a bit strange, but I need my ‘fix, as soon as possible! Anybody hear anything about it?

    Sorry to save your recaps til last, but you know I always love them! Thanks!


    • kjtamuser says:

      As I’ve watched this series, I’ve realized I have not delved into all the series JH has been in. I plan to watch some older ones as time permits.

      I googled but did not find a release date for New Sea (aka Xin Hai).

      Fingers crossed that next week ends the series well.


  7. Harem says:

    nah. He WAS fine before his father push all those nonsense into his head. Evidence as you can see, he was happily, childishly drew a picture, filled of loves. These feelings should not be alien to Young Oh since it exist within him but all of it seems to have been forcibly buried by his father. This is where Jin Sung’s role come from, to delve and bring all those emotions to the surface. I hope KBS make a shock but pleasant turnaround to still continue with 16 eps because I need more kisses between OTP!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Yes, I agree that YO was happy AFTER the operation when he drew pictures of he and his father. I’m going with the “forcibly buried” emotions and JS’s role in YO’s life.

      I hold little hope that KBS will reverse their position.

      I too would like another kiss between our couple before this series end!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  8. Jane Tilly says:

    RENERATIVE RESEARCH— So Dr. Wheelchair is the foreign investment big money. I see…foreign investment = big money and loss of patent ownership—I don’t know why this is a surprise, the hospital chairman has been on board with the project precisely because it will be a cash cow. It is pretty common for hospitals and other institutions to “own” the research developed at their institution, regardless of origin of intellectual property (researchers’ ideas). Dr. Wheelchair blackmailed Daddy dearest to get him on board with the patent ownership transfer. Daddy dearest used his signature “be submissive” queue by grabbing Dr. Wheelchair’s shoulder, who did not capitulate to the gesture and even challenged Daddy dearest by asking that since he is in a wheelchair, doesn’t give him the right? I wondered since an earlier episode if something Dad or YO did put this scum in a wheelchair.

    The whole nature of the regenerative research has been ambiguous. Who is in charge of the project—the deceased Dr. Shin, Daddy dearest or Satan—err Dr. Chae. It seems Daddy dearest must be in charge since the hospital needed him to sign over the patent—in reality, he probably already signed over intellectual property rights to his research as part of his employment (He would get the kudos, but the hospital owns the research). With coercion Daddy dearest relinquished the ownership of the research to Dr. Wheelchair’s company. Dr. Hyun will not be pleased. Will Dr. Hyun make any efforts to make the research more available (affordable) to the masses before it is too late? Is it already too late?

    MEDICAL MALPRACTICE— What?!? In the flashback AFTER surgery YO was expressing regular emotions for a kid!

    Dr. Wheelchair drops the bomb to Daddy dearest that YO’s surgery WAS a success—is this doctor suggesting that today’s technology would revealed the surgery to be a success? I’d like to know when Dr. Wheelchair discovered that bit of information and why he didn’t let dad know earlier. Dr. Wheelchair and MJ both seem to also be guilty of malpractice, since they figured out YO is NOT a psychopath; YO was simply abused and learned to live without much emotion. Dr. Wheelchair’s account is that he—himself, made a mistake stating that YO’s surgery was a failure—or did Dr. Wheelchair have a more active participation? MJ indicated the systematic long term abuse—I didn’t think she was clear about damage to his frontal lobe. Regardless of how much I dislike her, I’m glad she finally said told YO.

    While Daddy dearest’s motivations to adopt YO were selfish, I don’t think covering his malpractice was his primary motivation. I truly think he wanted to help YO—partially to make amends for the malpractice, to help a child with the same condition as his own son (initially taking the risky surgery as an experiment for his own son’s treatment, but possibly saving YO’s life in the process), and maybe YO was a substitute for his own son. I’m not trying to say Daddy dearest is a generous philanthropist, but he may very well have saved YO’s life, took him out of an orphanage and I believe Daddy dearest may have been the one who started the regenerative research—in hopes of helping YO? That does not excuse Daddy dearest “systematically mentally and verbally” abused YO.

    I concur with @Elizbeth’s eloquently stated thoughts about YO not being a psychopath or sociopath—his meltdowns were triggered by inability to relate to emotions he did not understand and those emotions not being consistent with Daddy dearest’s brainwashing:
    • HIGH SCHOOL SURPRISE PARTY – YO misinterpreted a birthday surprise as an attack and reacted with a violent outburst.
    • POST-SURGICAL MELTDOWN – YO did everything right medically, he could not comprehend why the patient died and responded with a verbal outburst in front of the patient’s family. The truth seeking director patient was murdered by the anesthesiologist (ordered by Dr. Chae?) ~As a side note the hospital murders have been totally swept under the rug (blamed on the anesthesiologist)—I thought JS was going to solve these murders once she went to the violent crimes division—will we have resolution? This is an ongoing investigation that would have given JS more of a hospital presence that @Beez (and I) desired.
    • CROSSWALK COLLAPSE –YO didn’t comply with the patient’s request for “no extraordinary measures” due to his interpretation of the patient’s body language as wanting to live. His violent outburst and subsequent collapse was in response to his own emotions about the situation compounded by the verbal tirade his father gave him after publically firing him from the hospital.

    A psychopath or sociopath would have flown into a rage with daddy dearest after he discovered the truth—it seemed like YO was asking desperately seeking assistance “I no longer want to live as your failure”.

    GREEN-EYED MIN JAE—MJ did use YO’s words against him when he said he would rather go through life without emotions clouding his vision, reminding YO “your lips may lie, but your body cannot.” This is yet another affirmation to me that YO does have emotions. If YO was the only person who was nice to her without reason—she seemed to be seething for a long time—why would wait so long to throw him under the bus?
    Yep MJ is jealous of JS. We did not get to see YO’s expression after MJ suggested they start over—WHAT!?! 말도 안 돼!

    While I appreciate MJ was FINALLY honest with YO—how long has she known and kept her mouth shut? I lean towards Beez interpretation of MJ as “USING whatever knowledge she has to weasel her way back to Young Oh”. As Beez suggested that MJ “switched or did something dirty with Young Oh’s latest MRI”. I don’t trust MJ and I asked in the episode 11 recap if MJ “could she fool a neurosurgeon”? The dog in the manger decided she wanted him after all…

    YOUNG SUNG WI-FI CHRONICLES—@Elizbeth articulated very well how these two got together over shattered “idealized hopes” and investigating the hospital murders. YO was also hungry for the human kindness JS offered him and tenderness she gave him in contrast with being called a monster by MY and his dad, not to mention the abuse.

    I am so disheartened YO didn’t even acknowledge JS’s presence when she requests to spend time together. He still has the JS memorabilia drawer—which tells me he still cares. YO may not have realized he was touched by JS’s time request as he took on the Ewing sarcoma patient after he overheard the pregnant wife say they were not looking for a cure, but time for the baby to be born. YO seemed to more invested in this patient evidenced by the care, concern and emotion for this couple to have be able to be together at least until the baby was born. YO seemed devastated when patient told him to give up. Did YO equate his own happiness spending time with JS as being contingent on giving time to this newlywed couple? While he was stone-faced as he walked away from the deceased patient, I could feel his emotion. I’m rooting for them to be a couple and have another kiss, but it needs to be a proper JH passionate kiss. 💋


    • Beez says:

      @Jane T – ditto on all of that and super HUGE DITTO to a real, grown up passionate JH kiss!

      Liked by 1 person

    • kjtamuser says:

      “Dr. Wheelchair drops the bomb to Daddy dearest that YO’s surgery WAS a success…Dr. Wheelchair and MJ both seem to also be guilty of malpractice, since they figured out YO is NOT a psychopath…Dr. Wheelchair’s account is that he—himself, made a mistake stating that YO’s surgery was a failure—or did Dr. Wheelchair have a more active participation? ”
      * I want clarification on YO’s father surgery – success or failure and what Dr. Wheelchair meant when he said HE was the point of failure.

      “I concur with @Elizbeth’s eloquently stated thoughts about YO not being a psychopath or sociopath”
      * Ditto

      “it seemed like YO was asking desperately seeking assistance “I no longer want to live as your failure”
      * Well said!

      “YO was also hungry for the human kindness JS offered him and tenderness she gave him in contrast with being called a monster by MY and his dad, not to mention the abuse.”
      * Absolutely, YO needed and deserved to be treated like a normal person, JS gave him that.

      “I am so disheartened YO didn’t even acknowledge JS’s presence when she requests to spend time together.”
      * YO ignored her because he cares for her and he doesn’t want her to be involved with a man that cannot give her what she needs. He’s got the next 2 episodes to accept the real reality, he’s a man with emotions and is worthy of JS.

      We’ve all pointed out a myriad of moments in this series where YO has felt and displayed emotions.

      Now that MJ has told YO her version of the truth…I say….YO, physician heal thyself!


      • Beez says:

        quoting ktjamuser – “Now that MJ has told YO her version of the truth…I say….YO, physician heal thyself!”

        Yessssss, yessssss. With a lot of help from Jin Sung! Young Oh’s on the right track if he goes back to prescribing more time for the two of them. So cute!

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  9. Holly Moon says:

    If you are going back to older Jang Hyuk work, I would vote for Robbers first. I, too, go back and watch that one repeatedly equal with Chuno. Although I love all, Robbers, is a true gem. And yes, I understand it had poor ratings in South Korea, supposedly due to the fact that South Koreans did not like the Robber aspect of it.
    So Jang Hyuk has been through this before, but it has to be a hit to his pride. As we all can see, his work is masterfully done.
    I blame KBS, on not supporting him; after all he has done for them, he deserves their respect at the very least.


    • Beez says:

      A lot of westerners reject Robber as well. They can’t make it through the early episodes when he is a true cad. I guess only true Jang Hyuk fans persevere to get to the episodes where he begins to change.

      As for me, even had he remained a jerk, the series would’ve been worth it to me for the thump up push-ups and the handstand pushups. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Holly Moon says:

        I think that even when he is the cad, he still can make my heart ache for him, and laugh at times, and that just kicks into high gear as we get to the makeover episodes. I still cry over parts and I’ve watched it at least 7 times in the last two years.

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      • Drama Fan says:

        He was horrible during those first episodes. I hated him so much! But then we get treated to an amazing redemption story *sigh*. From what I read Robbers was unlucky cause it was programmed against a popular drama (I forgot which).


        • Beez says:

          I recent watched Ep 3 (I think, might’ve been 4) and he WAS absolutely horrible! A total cad! In fact, disgusting! Irredeemable! I need to watch the whole thing again to see why he’s even worthy of a better life. I was so intoxicated with discovering JH and just wanted to see more of him the first time I watched. I registered the character was bad, but I don’t think I fully digested it. He’s sickening, now that my Stuck on Hyuck has gone from a roiling boil to a simmer. I was too new to Kdrama and focused only on “let’s get to the love story”. I must’ve half watched any scene he didn’t have with Lee Dae Hee

          But I had also forgotten about poor Man Du and how grown up this entire show was.

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          • Drama Fan says:

            @Beez His character in Robbers is the one I find most despicable and revolting of all the characters he has played. However, that transformation is also the most satisfying. Notice even on the scene when DalHae realizes she has been scammed. His face while he observes her from his car. You can see the self loathing already surfacing. He talks crap trying to justify himself but the regret is there. His acting if perfect there so I love to hate him. My boiling passion for JH does calm down as you can see lol.


            • Beez says:

              I’ve got to rewatch the whole series again cause I don’t remember that scene. I was actually trying to find the episode where he makes her fall of the ladder and then catches her. He teases her with “Do you think you can play with my heart because you’re so pretty?”

              But what’s so great about the scene is, at that point, she really wants nothing to do with this weirdo. And he’s confused as to why his good looks and killer charm aren’t working on her.

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              • Drama Fan says:

                Lol yeah! I believe I have a gif of that ladder scene on Stuck on Hyuk . I loved how she was mostly creeped out by him but they were still hot together.


    • kjtamuser says:

      You make an excellent point…”I blame KBS, on not supporting him; after all he has done for them”…KBS should have let the show complete out of respect for the entire production team (this includes JH). Shame on KBS!

      BTW, I’ve never seen Robber, I should rectify this!


  10. A.D.DO! says:

    Can’t believe you’ve never seen ROBBERS! You’ve missed some of the best kissing scenes ever filmed for one thing, and truly a master class in acting by JANG HYUK Yes, a dispicable cad in the beginning, but you know deep down he has a heart of gold and he has a ‘Peter Sellers ‘ take on things that is hilarious …it’s the whole nine yards. I know you will love it!
    @ Holly Moon…you and I are definitely on the same page! Shame on KBS for treating him so shabbily.

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    • Beez says:

      @A.D.DO! – “Peter Sellers take on things”? Can you explain? I know who Peter Sellers was, I just never found him funny, just goofy. (Although, I was a kid during the Pink Panther movies so maybe I would appreciate him more if I saw any of his movies now). I don’t recall JH’s character being especially goofy in Robbers (except maybe the impromptu dancing, but I found that charming & delightful) But what is the comparison?


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I started Robbers this weekend. So far JH’s character is not appealing–I’ll trust he gets better.


        • Beez says:

          @JT – If you like seeing azzholes see a new way to approach life because of love (and because they see a better way to live), you’ll later appreciate what a jerk he started out as. But to be fair, this is not lighthearted BOF jerkwad stuff so buckle down the hatches. There’s rough waters head before the heartwarming stuff. It’s not for the faint-hearted. And definitely doesn’t fall into standard rom-com nor melo territory.


  11. A.D.DO! says:

    @Beez….a bit hard to explain, but for one example, there’s that move (in ROBBERS) that he does when he thinks he’s pulled off a successful ‘con’…the arms float up and the smirky smile..reminded me of a move Sellers would do or did do in one of his films. He had the ability to come up with things off beat and quirky and this particular move struck me as something unusual for a Korean actor to come up with. It is sad to hear people there thought it was too dark and didn’t watch because of that. Yes, the scene with the suicide girl was tough to take, but hey, it’s only a movie (drama)!, and I always felt he had a good heart that just needed a good woman to bring out. His cracking up laughing scene after JDR asks him to sign his name on merit cards at the bookstore was just priceless…that was the real JANG laughing at himself.
    About that baby photo…that was for the STARS CAMPAIGN FOR ADOPTION IN KOREA…around 2007..celebrity photographer Cho Sei-hon shot a number of stars holding babies awaiting adoption, so though adorable, not Jang’s baby..darn! They must have amazing restrictions against photographing stars there…you never see pics of him with his wife or kids…just that one posed wedding shot in front of the clock. Come on guys, give us a break…just one tiny peek???
    Praying for a happy ending Mon-Tues….that bright green tee shirt gives me hope!

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    • Beez says:

      Ohhhh. Restrictions imposed by S. Korea. Ahhhh. So that’s why you always hear on news blurbs “to protect his non-celebrity spouse…”, etc. I just thought it was just a choice of the particular family. That’s kind of nice when you consider how crazy our paparazzi is in the U.S.

      As to the Peter Sellers thing, I’m ROTFL because he is the last person I would’ve thought of when watching JH. The sexyness quotient just rules Peter Sellers out in my book/mind. hahahaha

      But now I have to watch Robbers again. Where will I find time! (I just sold my house and am moving back to Michigan.) I’ve already cut my tv time to two kdramas Beautiful Mind and an episode of Inspiring Generation whenever I plop down in a chair. (I’m not counting Whirlwind Girl 2 cause I just fastforward to Ji Chang Wook’s parts and he’s featured minimally.)

      But I need to watch at least the two Robbers scenes you mentioned! Oh, and the one where he makes her fall and catches her. And the sweet moment with the little girl. And the macho-kamacho moment when he tells LDH to keep it to 15 minutes with the other guy or he’s coming out there. And the thumb ups… I need to watch the whole thing! Oh My!

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      • A.D.DO! says:

        Oh lord no, Sellers was not sexy, (although he was married to some beautiful women)…I only was referring to his comic ability which I got a hint of in some of Jang’s scenes.
        You sound like you have a plate full…but whenever I feel stressed, I watch JH, and Robbers is first on the list. But his films are so subjective, like everything else, we all have a favorite one. Frankly, I didn’t enjoy TWDR at all, but it was on the top of many of our bloggers lists. My friend can’t watch THORN/INNOCENT THING/STRAWBERRY MILK, but I love his modern, sexy, kinda American take on that. Kinda like you said once”, he made my socks smoke” (or was it melt?) Anyway, it made me laugh!
        Well, that’s what makes horse races….If I were you, tho, I would forget everything else and watch ROBBERS…oh yeh, and another one of my favorite scenes is when he comes into her house for the first time and looks around her bedroom with awe, sees all the food in her fridge neat and tidy, and all her colorful dishes on the shelves…this must be like heaven to him. And then, like you said,little Soondae blowing the hurt away and rubbing his heart! These Koreans are just amazing with details like this! But, for the life of me, I can’t remember that scene you mentioned where she falls and he catches her! A good excuse to watch it again!
        Have a nice Sunday, and then comes MONDAY!!

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        • Beez says:

          As long as we’re talking, TAKES OPPORTUNITY TO FAN-GIRL GUSH: He is just so different in every character that he brings to the screen. I love TWDR but I have to admit, that one is for the story alone, most of which had nothing to do with His Blazing Hotness. The history of the development of the Korean language in writing and how that toppled the applecart between common folks and nobility (and slaves too, I think, although I could have what happened when totally wrong based on when slavery actually ended. Bad memory so plan on eventually watching that again anyway.) I only watched it for JH. I love it when my bias for an actor leads me to watch something great.

          I think the show should have left the romance alone or cast a different actress. (Although she’s improved a lot since Tree.) For the longest, I thought the age difference between she and JH caused the misfire, but as we see in Beautiful Mind and Strawberry Milk, age difference doesn’t keep him from generating chemistry.

          Back to His Royal Hotness’ Skills: Usually, I always mention that intense-ness he has; (“intense-ness” – non-word except when fan girling about Jang Hyuk). But in Beautiful Mind, he’s liked a musician’s tuning fork (the old fashioned kind, not the newfangled electronic techhie kind), as he rides the harmonic (and so many times dissonant) waves to move from note to between note of intense to back to subtle. Okay, that didn’t really do it justice what I’m trying to describe, but you guys are watching Beautiful Mind so you’re seeing what I’m trying to put words to.

          The fact that most people can’t get past his being a cad in Robbers is a testament to how well he portrayed his role.

          And then he plays weird stuff but I’m transfixed: Searching for the Elephant; that Dance movie; and that weird “circus” movie. (Sorry, I can’t for the life of me remember the names. And the bad guy rules: Empire of Lust,The Client.

          Sometimes I wonder if I think he’s oh-so-fine just because he acts fine? I mean, he kind of grossed me out in Please Teach Me English. But then, I can look at stills from Chuno and a few other stills and just stare at the dreamy-ness.

          What is it about that man?!!

          Liked by 1 person

      • Holly Moon says:

        I know, I know! I’m on episode 3 now, after talking about it, I just had to watch it again. And I was pleasantly surprised with the increase in video quality at dramanice. Not sure if it is that way for other older dramas there, but what an improvement. They look 3-D, and I can not usually see 3-D.


      • Drama Fan says:

        I do think it’s JHs preference to keep his family’s privacy. I have seen other korean celebrities show their kids and there’s even reality shows of celebs and their kids, like Superman Returns, for example.


        • Beez says:

          I watch Superman Returns now and again. The kids ate so cute. And I absolutely crush on Sung Hoon the MMA guy. (I am totally in love with Sung Hoon Bang, but that’s a different person altogether and not who I’m talking about).

          Liked by 1 person

  12. Beez says:

    swypo: not “bad guy rules”, but “bad guy roles”.


  13. Holly Moon says:

    From way up in the comment section “….One of Jang Hyuk’s strengths is the subtlety that he brings to a scene. Sometimes he’s overt but more often than not it is his subtlety that is his strength….”
    Yes I agree with you on this, and we can’t discount his eyes. Is there anyone who comes even a little bit close to his talent in letting you know what he is thinking just with the use of those eyes.?


  14. A.D.DO! says:

    @Beez…”the fact that most people can’t get past his being a cad in ROBBERS is a testament to how well he portrayed his role”…well said and how true…most leading men never want to be seen as the bad guy…JH played it to the nines (but not over the top). Another thing, he did ROBBERS in 2007-8 and FTLY around 2014, yet he looked so much younger, I thought, in FTLY….How he do dat?? He has an amazing Chamelian like ability to change into whatever he wants to be…
    I, too, wish he wouldn’t do some of that weird crap….stick to the best scripts, kiddo, you’re a STAR!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beez says:

      He didn’t look younger to me in FTLY. In fact, it was in FTLY that I began to notice how, in later episodes of a series, the bags under his eyes become HUGE! lol

      It actually made me begin to worry about him and I really watch for it whenever he’s doing a series now. As much as I enjoyed watching him act, I do wish he’d take time, that all of us need to spend with family and to rest up a bit. His schedule is unreal.


      • Drama Fan says:

        He tends to look haggard towards the end of dramas, but also more handsome sometimes :p During FTLY and SoGC he lost a lot of weight, maybe that’s what you noticed.


        • Beez says:

          @DF I love the man but he gets straight up LUGGAGE under his eyes toward the end of a series. haha!

          But once the “live shoot” was explained to me…I totally hate that Kdramas operate that way. I hate to say it but a show that pays too much attention to fans can sometimes lose its way of having a clear focus or a story that goes beyond being the same ol’-same ol’ (case in point – Beautiful Mind).

          I experienced it with one of my favorite American shows in the past.The writers established something in the show regarding two characters relationship. Two-thirds of the audience became rabid shippers. The other third were very vocal of their dislike of a serious show even having a romance at all. While I was one of those shippers, I would’ve rather the writers picked one way or the other. In trying to please everybody, they came close to ruining it for everybody.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Drama Fan says:

            @Beez You feel Beautiful Mind lost its focus? I have to disagree. I think the writer and PD did a heroic job and keeping their focus and telling the story they set out to tell from the beginning. The premise was “A Dr who is unable to empathize starts discovering his humanity and falls in love in the midst of a series of misterious deaths”. Something along those lines. Well, that’s what happened. The romance wasn’t distracting but actually served the story right? The focus being LYO’s transformation.


            • Beez says:

              @DramaFan. No. I probably didn’t word myself properly. I don’t think BM lost it’s focus (although it did lose its tone).

              No,I had drifted over to talking about the live shoot system and neglected to explain that, I was told they use that system so they can shift the story based on who/what the fans respond to. That’s a two-edged sword.

              For instance, in Oh My Venus, many fans were outraged at So Ji Sub’s line just before he kissed Shin Min Nah – “you can’t say ‘no’ because your body belongs to me”. Me, personally, I wasn’t offended because 1) it was a play on his supervising her exercise/health; and 2) it was hella sexy and he applied no force. In the context of the scene, no coercion, and she was willing.

              A couple episodes later, in response to the outcry, SJS’s next kiss had a line (I don’t remember what it was) but it was to “repair” the previous line. It felt so forced and out of place, and unsexy, imo.

              But then, I recognize my own hypocrisy because on Five Children, which I began watching only because of Sung Hoon, they’ve responded to fans liking the ‘ship he’s in and given that couple more screen time…and I’m loving it.

              Whaddayado? \_(ツ)_/¯ 

              Liked by 1 person

              • Drama Fan says:

                @Beez Ah now I understand. It’s indeed a double edge sword and I definitely lean towards no interference from ratings and fans to a story. In the majority of the cases, it’ll detrimental.


    • Beez says:

      Oh,A.D.DO! I forgot to say, I think everybody thought Merchant would be great so it’s gotta be a crap shoot for Korean actors. Unlike Korean film actors who have finished scripts or at least how Hollywood actors have many episode’s already written in order to have some idea of the quality of writing before choosing to accept a series, Korean actors can only go based on a writer’s/ director’s reputation or the story’s synopsis.

      As long as Merchant was, they never managed to give us what they promised of JH’s character becoming a Great Merchant (the posters were magnificent!)


  15. leenae says:

    Hi, i wanna ask a question maybe out of topic. Anyone knows who the supporting/cameo as the husband in the wheelchair? I think he is too familiar. But i dont know who is he. Keke.. Thanks in advance 🙂


  16. Drama Fan says:

    @Beez what movie about a Circus? *scratches head*


    • Beez says:

      I can’t remember. I just know it was hard to find. I think somebody (maybe prettysup?) gave a link to it. I shouldn’t have said “circus”. It looked dark with Dick Tracey movie-type colors. I think that’s why I think “circus” plus it was a circus in that SO MUCH was going on, even though I can’t remember anything about it now. It was crazy though. And I remember thinking he wasn’t a main character or a particularly good guy.

      Sorry, but with my memory issues, sometimes I only get an impression or a memory of how I felt during it.

      I hope somebody here remembers and can tell us what it is.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Drama Fan says:

        @Beez could it be the chinese movie he did recently? Inside or outside? He looked super hot but I didn’t care for that movie.


        • Beez says:

          Yeah! That’s it! I don’t know why, since I don’t remember, but it seems like there were random scenes (with clowns? or people in clownequse make up?)

          But like you said – I love that he takes risks.

          Liked by 1 person

  17. Drama Fan says:

    BTW I’ve loved many of his weird af movies :p, Searching for the elephant being my favorite among them. I love his curiosity and willingness to explore and push the envelope as an actor. Yes, he experiments and doesn’t think of “results” which is probably why he is not the most “popular” korean actor but I believe all these roles have allowed him to grow into the great actor he is right now.


  18. Kamakshi says:

    Hi All, I am a recent and ardent fan of Jang Hyuk and I am watching one by one his performances and shows…… I finished watching Beautiful mind now but I dont understand this particular episode…… Why Young O’s brain was it damaged by Dr. Lee? What are they meaning by “Your surgery is not a failure. But you created him as monster” means??? I am very confused…. Could someone please explain this to me ?? Thanks in adavance!


    • Beez says:

      Hi, Kamakshi
      I see there were 57 comments in this recap post. The reason there were so many currents, if I recall correctly, none of us could figure it out either, and the few of us that had opinions, we couldn’t agree on what the show was trying to say actually happened.

      Good luck. lol


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Hi Kamakshi,

      Beez is right, we did not have a concensus. I’ll offer my opinion:
      🔹Dr Lee was mistakenly told Young O’s surgery was a failure by the Dr. Wheelchair (before he was wheelchair bound) and that Young O was unable to feel emotions.
      🔹Dr Lee adopted Young O and trained Young O to hide his “malpractice”
      🔹When Dr. Wheelchair discovered his error and Young O was still young, Dr. Wheelchair became jealous of Dr. Lee and the accident where Dr. Wheelchair became wheelchair bound occurred.
      🔹Out of jealousy, Dr. Wheelchair didn’t reveal the truth that Young O’s surgery was a success and that he could feel emotions.
      🔹 oblivious to the truth and in further attempt to hide his malpractice, Dr. Lee taught Young O to read facial expressions, therefore Young O never learned to recognize his emotions, for which Dr. Wheelchair called Young O a monster.

      Dr. Lee AND Dr. Wheelchair contributed to Young O’s dysfunction.


    • Welcome Kamakshi! This series was murky on the surgery and the effects. Beez is correct that viewers had differing opinions. That turned out to be fun and annoying. Jane Tily’s opinion is one I embrace. You’ll decide for yourself.


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