Beautiful Mind Episode 9 Recap

Does Young O have a break through moment?

Beautiful Mind Episode 9 Recap 



Dr. Lee (Young O’s father) is in the emergency room and sees a child on a man’s back, the child’s head is clearly causing him pain. The man begs Dr. Lee to help the child. The child’s name? Lee Young O, the 205th child at the local orphanage. Dr. Lee and the other doctor look at the MRI. The other doctor says this child has the exact same condition that Dr. Lee’s son, Hyun, has. Dr. Lee sees the opportunity to do surgery on the child in hopes that he will learn something to save his own son. His colleague advises him not to do the surgery but he proceeds. When he exits the surgery he sees his wife waiting for him at the end of the hall. He begins to tell her that the surgery will help their child, but she slaps him and tells the stunned surgeon that their son, Hyun, died while he was doing surgery on another child. He can’t believe it. His livid wife tells him to stay in the operating room for the rest of his life, he never needed a family anyhow. Dr. Lee walks in the hall dazed and distraught. His colleague spots him and tells him he’s made a mistake he cannot undo. During the surgery he touched he touched the frontal lobe of the child creating a permanent disability. The doctor tells him the child will not be able to feel any emotions. As Dr. Lee stares at the back of the child, his colleague tells him this is a malpractice situation. Dr. Lee tells his colleague that he will be the guardian of the child from this day forward. He says he traded his son’s life for this child. He vows to help this child live like a normal person. Dr. Lee promises devote his life to this. What an interesting opening sequence. So now we know how Young O came into his father’s life. Dr. Lee had a dreadful day. He thought this surgery would give him knowledge to help his son but instead it took the remaining time he could have had with his son. His wife’s cold words tells us that Dr. Lee is work obsessed (as Young O is). We also learned that Dr. Lee was willing to use Young O to help his son. In fact he probably didn’t do the surgery to save Young O but rather to save his son, Hyun. This goes hand-in-hand with the present day situation of secret research on unsuspecting patients to help further medical science. Lastly you felt Dr. Lee’s elation after the surgery get crushed with the news of his son’s death then the double punch that he removed emotion from Young O because of a surgery slip, causing him to take responsibility for Young O.

Present Day…

At the press conference Dr. Hyun Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min) announces the regenerative research is successful. A reporter asks if stem cell regeneration is what he’s referencing. He stares at Dr. Chae.

Flashback, Dr. Kim’s daughter has just died and Dr. Hyun, the guardian, is distraught he could not save her. He walks the hall dazed and distraught (just like Dr. Lee in the flashback sequence). Dr. Chae sidles up to him and says he needs to decide whether or not he’s for team research or against team research. Dr. Chae says a transplant that the research could provide would have saved the girl. Dr. Chae pushes Dr. Hyun’s emotional buttons and asks is it better to be a good person or a good doctor that saves patients like your ward?

Back at the press conference, Dr. Hyun lies to the press that the research was successful and all federal standards were followed. Dr. Chae smiles, he knows Dr. Hyun is loyal to team research. But before the press conference Dr. Hyun demanded Dr. Chae promise that the research will be a success and other parents won’t suffer the loss he suffered today. Dr. Hyun asks Dr. Chae to tell him he’s made the right choice, and he’ll never regret it. Dr. Hyun is asking the wrong man for absolution. The writer made a more compelling case for why Dr. Hyun jettisoned his ethics to join team research. Dr. Chae’s timing was perfect. Dr. Hyun was completely vulnerable after the girl’s death.

Dr. Lee Young O (Jang Hyuk) interrupts the surgeons discussing the day’s events. Young O wants to know when his first patient is scheduled for. A nurse invites Young O to join the surgeons, who do not want to socialize with Young O, but Young O declines and leaves. Young O unexpectedly returns to the room, and tells the assembled surgeons he knew they would welcome him back. Is that sarcasm from Young O? The surgeons wonder who will be the next director of the hospital. Will it be Dr. Chae or Dr. Lee?

bm_ep9_2b bm_ep9_2a

Dr. Lee tells Dr. Chae that his timing of the press conference was suspicious. Dr. Chae tells Dr. Lee that he should concentrate on surgery while he concentrates on hospital administration (as the new director). Dr. Lee says that he and the former director started the regenerative research to eliminate the need for surgeons not for fame and fortune (like Dr. Chae). Dr. Lee notes that the ex-director was secretive of his diabetes. He asks Dr. Chae if he knew about the diabetes. Dr. Chae answers that question with another question, wasn’t it proven that Dr. Kim caused the ex-director’s death? Dr. Lee smiles and says I just wanted to confirm whether or not you knew about the diabetes. Dr. Chae smiles and says the results of the vote for next director should be out.

The Chairman shakes Dr. Chae’s hand and asks him to continue to support the hospital and the new director…Dr. Lee. The Chairman rubs salt in Dr. Chae’s wound when he says the vote was unanimous. The Chairman asked Dr. Lee to help commercialize the regenerative research. Dr. Lee promises to help all he can.

The Chairman tells Dr. Chae that Dr. Lee will not let Young O ruin the hospital’s reputation. The Chairman says that Dr. Lee is stiff and he wants him working for him not against him. Dr. Chae states one day everyone will know that Young O is a psychopath; this cannot be hidden forever.

bm_ep9_3b bm_ep9_3a

Young O stares at a placard that says “an empathetic word is the beginning of treatment”. LOL, he has a behavior cue card. Young O listens to a patient described his symptoms. He sees in the man’s medical records that he has a drinking problem. Young O asked the man if he still drinks. The man gets offended and denies it. Young O takes a step back schools himself to be sensitive to the man. He smiles, asked the man if coming to the hospital was a pain, then asks again if the man is still drinking. The man still denies drinking. The man asked for prescription. Young O is frozen with his listening hand near his ear, and says there’s no need to continue. He pulls away, slaps the man’s medical folder on his desk and declares the man must not realize that alcohol is detrimental after brain hemorrhage surgery. Young O declares he won’t just numbly smile at the man, or offer a shoulder to cry on. He’s a doctor. He will decide what’s best for the patient. He tells the man firmly to come to the hospital every week. He tells the man if you quit drinking you can lengthen that to once every two weeks. Young O is blunt and tells the man if he doesn’t follow his recommendations, the only doctor the man will see is a mortician. The man appears chastised and agrees to follow Young O’s recommendations. The nurse sarcastically states that Young O seems like himself now. Ha! Young O removes the placard.

Officer Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam) rejoins the violent crimes team. Not everyone is excited but the boss feels that she can contribute. Jin Sung promises to work hard, that only makes her coworkers more nervous. The boss tells her that she has to focus on becoming a good detective first, then she can reopen the hospital serial killer case. A call comes in about a robbery in a jewelry store. The boss tells Jin Sung she’s got her first case.


When Jin Sung and her boss arrive at the jewelry store they go face-to-face with the suspect and tell him to drop the weapon. The man looks up and Jin Sung recognizes him as a patient from the hospital. The man collapses.

In the emergency room they see the man has tried to commit suicide previously and recognize that he is a patient. Young O approaches the patient. They recognize each other. Young O says the patient’s medical condition must have gotten worse, so he couldn’t help but hurt himself. Young O tells the man there are painkillers that are not addictive. The man gets upset and says I wanted to leave the hospital I had to get out of here. The other doctor tells Young O that the violent crimes team brought the man in from the scene of a crime. Jin Sung enters the room and says they need to process the patient. The man refuses to be treated at the hospital. Young O exits the patient’s room and tells Jin Sung that the man has stage IV cancer that is gone to his brain. Couple that with his resistance to opiates and Young O claims to matter what he does it won’t help the man. Young O says the doctor and the patient have come to the same conclusion, treatment won’t help, therefore there is no problem. Jin Sung tells Young O he sounds logical but when you think about it is wrong so many times. Jin Sung says every patient wants treatment, at least she did. She leaves.

The man’s family demands an explanation why he tried to hold up the jewelry store. He yells at them to stop. He tells them not to sell their business just to get money for his medical bills. He tells them it’s fruitless. He won’t live. His mother cries she can’t let him go. The man tells Jin Sung to take him to jail.

A VIP patient is unkind to the nurse, and when the doctor comes in to discuss her case she’s more interested in where he went to school than discussing her condition. When the doctor won’t reveal his school, the VIP patient says she wants a new doctor. Insulted, the doctor apologizes from coming from a poor background and leaves the room. The woman grabs her head and falls over. The nurse calls neurosurgery.

The surgeons joke with and comfort the dismissed doctor. They wonder who the lucky next doctor for the VIP patient will be.


Dr. Hyun asks Young O to examine the VIP patient and explains her history. Dr. Hyun enumerates his treatment plan. Young O disagrees with the treatment plan.

Young O, Dr. Hyun, the two other doctors discuss the VIP case. It does look like there’s no treatment available. Young O comments there is no legal treatment available. Dr. Hyun asks what he’s talking about. Young O says you know exactly what I’m talking about. Dr. Hyun knows that Young O is referencing an experimental cancer drug. Dr. Hyun tells Young O he won’t use an experimental drug on his patient. Young O says the experimental drug is expensive. Dr. Hyun says yes it so expensive that not every patient can afford it. Dr. Hyun says they have to treat rich and poor the same. Young O counters why do we strive for equal treatment only in a hospital? Young O says the drug will be effective but it’s illegal due to costs. He asks why he has to behave as everyone would expect in this scenario. Dr. Hyun says he’s the attending physician. Because Young O will not listen he’s going to switch in a new neurosurgeon. Dr. Oh says the experimental drug is the best choice. Dr. Hyun counters their legal options for treatment. Dr. Oh says the biopsy is a dangerous option.


Jin Sung asked Young O what happens when a patient wants treatment. She says a patient gives lip service to not wanting treatment really wants treatment. She shows Young O lottery tickets the man has purchased as proof he wants to live. Young O is not impressed. Jin Sung states if Young O won’t treat the man, he has no chance. Young O tells her he never said the treatment was impossible. Awkwardly he puts his hand on her shoulder and tells her treatment option is illegal and expensive. He pulls her to a more private location and tells her that she will need to meet the doctor in charge often he asks if she knows what he needs? I know what he means. Young O has his flirt on for the second episode in a row. Unbeknownst to Young O and Jin Sung, Kim Min Jae (Park Se Young) overhears their conversation.

Jin Sung tells the burglary patient that if he asks for help someone will help them.

Young O stares at the films and muses he must consider the hope of ordinary people.

bm_ep9_8b bm_ep9_8a

Young O enters the VIP patient’s room. Young O bluntly tells her that the tumor in her brain will help her sleep for a long time (because she’ll be dead), surgery won’t work, drugs won’t work either. That gets her attention. She asks what can he do to cure her tumor. Young O tells her his plan is dangerous and illegal because it requires a lot of money. The woman asks if she has to break the law. Young O tells her the hospital will take responsibility.

The surgeon that the woman dismissed earlier is now back on the case. He can hardly wait to performer biopsy. When the surgeon arrives in the woman’s room he finds Young O not his patient. Young O tells him the biopsy is too dangerous. The doctor disagrees and declares he’s going to do the surgery. Young O in the doctor stare at each other.

The doctor wheels the patient into surgery. When he enters the OR with the patient, Young O is there to assist. The doctor tells Young O that his wife was in a similar situation. He had to make the hard choice to have the biopsy, to give his wife the chance to live. Young O comments it is interesting that the doctor’s regret is saving this woman’s life. The surgery is successful.

The Chairman is upset and calls Young O to his office.

Burglary patient has issues. Jin Sung calls Young O and asks if the expensive option is still available.


The Chairman bans Young O from treating patients. The Chairman barks that he needs money more than he needs patients to be saved. The VIP patient comes into the office and says Young O is surgeon this hospital needs. She tells the Chairman to allow Young O to treat patients. She says that Young O can make this hospital tons of cash. She says she’s going to make a large donation in Young O’s name. Young O says to the Chairman I guess you have to allow me to treat patients right? Ah, the chess game between Young O and the Chairman continues. Flashback to Young O telling the VIP patient that she will get acclaim if she chooses the path he is suggesting. He notes that her rudeness is not getting her what she wants. He says it will be an expensive undertaking. The woman shrugs and says the more money it costs, the more valuable it must be. She’s on board with his plan.

Young O asked the burglary patient if he’ll regret refusing treatment. Young O tells him he doesn’t have a pain tolerance. Young O asks again if he really wants to refuse treatment. The man says nothing. Young O starts to leave the room. The man says he wants to live. He begins to cry. He demands to know why Young O asked him in a manner that would make him get emotional. The man says he’s never been able to afford the treatment. But even so he wants to live no matter what it costs. Young O puts his hand on the man’s shoulder and tells the man there’s a benefactor. He leaves the room. Ah, Young O plays a chess game to help both patients. Nice!

The burglary patient is wheeled into surgery.


Jin Sung stops by Young O’s office and says she’s here to report to the doctor in charge. Young O tells her to come into the office and report to him properly. She tells him the man was the first time offender. No prison time. She thinks Young O for his help. She offers Young O one of the man’s lottery tickets. She tells Young O that the man said that meeting Young O was like winning the lottery. Nice! Jin Sung says this is a winning lottery ticket though have to split it evenly. Young O starts to put the lottery ticket in his desk drawer which has his other Jin Sung memorabilia, a handkerchief and the bottlecap ring. I don’t recall the handkerchief memorabilia moment. Young O holds up the lottery ticket and asks Jin Sung if she really thinks this can give people hope. Jin Sung says anticipating tomorrow could be different is the definition of hope for her. I like that! Jin Sung says Young O is the most hopeful person she knows, by that measuring standard. She tells Young O he offers a different side of himself every time they meet. As she leaves the office she turns and tells him to be sure and call if that’s a winning lottery ticket. She smiles and leaves. Young O stares at her. Did someone he cares about just complement him? He recalls Jin Sung telling him to call her if he wins the lottery. He gets a smile on his face. I love those little smiles. I’m a sucker for smiles. He recalls Jin Sung telling him he is the most hopeful person she knows.

bm_ep9_11b bm_ep9_11a

Young O finally buys the clue and starts after her. He sees her in the lobby. He rushes down the escalator to catch up with her. He slips and falls on the slick lobby floor. He grabs her and spins her around. He stares at her and says wait. She looks at his hand on her arm. He hugs her! OMG! Wonderful, the face that Jang Hyuk has in the scene, it says it all, one person’s faith has totally impacted Young O. She’s a bit taken aback. Young O pulls away from her. H touches his heart, checks his pulse, and says “I can’t feel anything. You were wrong just as I thought, I can’t change”. He says “I’ll call you if I win the lottery.” Bummer!

bm_ep9_12b bm_ep9_12abm_ep9_12c

Dr. Chae and another man watch Young O come up the escalator. The man says that Young O has turned out better than he expected. This guy must be the colleague from the opening background scene. Dr. Chae says the guy seems dangerous. The man says if Young O ever finds out what his father did to him, it could send him over the edge. Undoubtedly that’s music to Dr. Chae’s ears.


My Thoughts 

Two steps forward, one step back. I really thought the writer was going to have that moment between Young O and Jin Sung where he feels emotion. By the way I’ve completely given up the empathy versus emotion murkiness this writer has given us during this series. I am over it, Young O cannot feel emotions. But back to Young O and Jin Sung, I thought that was going to be the emotional moment for Young O. The way that he reacted lead me to think that that’s what he was experiencing. The hug seemed based in emotion. Certainly Jin Sung was taken aback at his bold move in hugging her.

The powers that be want Young O gone. The Chairman thought he had an opportunity to ban Young O from treating patients, but Young O is also good at the chess games and had a counter move with the VIP patient’s donation. Dr. Chae looks like he was just given another way to hurt Young O when the former colleagues said that the truth could hurt Young O. Hurting and annihilating Young O is something that Dr. Chae wants.

Jang Hyuk’s portrayal of Young O made me think he felt emotion when he hugged Jin Sung. Even if you take him at his word, that he did not feel emotion, it was still a great moment. Am I simply imprinting my desire for him to have a motion on top of that moment? Especially when we saw in the opening scene that medically his father messed with his brain so that he can’t have emotions. Yes, I want him to feel. Maybe I have to give that up and just accept that Young O is the smartest guy in the room, has the potential to develop a real relationship/friendship (like with Jin Sung), and that may be the improvement that this series will give this character. I am fond of banter. And while I wouldn’t call the exchanges between Jin Sung and Young O snappy, they are cute and the words they say are only part of what they’re actually saying. I especially like the way she flirted with him today. Color me a Young O fan. I think he’s one of the nicer characters in this series. He tells it like he sees it, and more often than not he’s right. Is hee right because his judgment is not clouded with emotions? Is the hospital the perfect setting for someone that cannot feel emotions?

Park So Dam as Jin Sung got flirty with Young O. The moment when she said all those positive words to Young O was my favorite moment for this character. She has an authentic simple kindness that when she states basics, like Young O is the most hopeful person she knows, there is power in her statements. She was taken aback by his hug. That’s understandable. Did she really flirt with him? Is she feeling anything more than friendship for him? Or do I just read more into the situation than there is? Is she only interested in helping him as a friend grow and evolve?

Yoon Hyun Min as Doctor Hyun Suk wanted to believe his ethical shift would matter. His confrontation with Dr. Chae showed that he was manipulated by Dr. Chae when Dr. Chae suggested the little girl would not have died if a heart that could have been grown from their research was available to save her. The timing of that statement was particularly impactful, as the little girl had just died right in front of him. I understand Dr. Hyun wanting to know that turning back his back on his ethics would yield research that could save her, but he’s a fool to hope for guarantees. It’s research, it’s not perfect, and he knows that, no matter what he told the press.

Heo Jun Ho’s portrayal of Young O’s father, Lee Gun Myung, explained how Young O came into his life. The big reveal was his surgery malpractice ended up putting Young O in a state of no emotions. To his credit he offered to make amends by becoming Young O’s Guardian and teaching him how to succeed in the world. If you think about it this is probably the least that he could do considering he made the mistake, but in actuality he could’ve just easily set money to the orphanage and called it a day. I’m not exactly sure how impactful the reveal will be when Young O learns his father was the surgeon that took away his ability to feel. Jun Ho’s acting in the opening flashback scene was good.

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61 comments on “Beautiful Mind Episode 9 Recap
  1. mrc says:

    Thank you for the beautiful recaps! I really enjoy your recaps about Beautiful Mind aside from watchingit.

  2. Prettysup says:

    The handkerchief was given by JS to YO in the police station when he hurt himself after being interrogated with the lie detector.

    • kjtamuser says:

      That is it. Thank you. The ep 6 recap stated JS pressed a handkerchief in his hand at the lie detector test. How interesting that YO has a collection of items from JS.

  3. Jane Tilly says:

    DADDY DEAREST—HOLY SMOKES what a bombshell revelation of the origin of YO’s adoption! Daddy dearest caused the problem by damaging YO’s frontal lobe. Then in an effort to either avoid a malpractice suit or replace his biological son YO is adopted?! Despite Daddy dearest’s desire to take responsibility, neither of those reasons seems like good reasons to adopt. Then again, who would be willing to adopt such a child?

    If the choice for hospital director is between Dr. CSH and Daddy dearest, I suppose dad is the lesser of two evils. The hospital chairman seems to be genuinely looking out for the reputation of the hospital in choosing Dr. Lee; I thought the chairman was totally in Dr. CSH’s pocket. Additionally, it looks like Daddy has Dr. CSH’s number. That greedy Dr. CSH wants his research project AND the hospital directorship—it makes me curious about what else he is hiding…or planning to do!

    The final scene with the wheelchair doctor, you just know Dr. CSH will be breaking the news to YO that Daddy dearest’s malpractice is the cause of YO’s condition. I’m sure Dr. CSH is looking for the opportunity to use this information to benefit himself. Whether he will blackmail Daddy dearest or as ammo to try to destroy YO is anyone’s guess.

    WARRIOR HYUN SUK JOO—We saw how Satan—err Dr. CSH caught our would be hero at his most vulnerable moment, right after Ji An’s death, to persuade HSJ to the dark side. HSJ is “a fool to hope for guarantees”. It is no wonder that after witnessing HSJ’s fluid ethics, YO was surprised HSJ didn’t want to try the illegal treatment on Madam RUDEabaga. HSJ is practicing selective ethics and I have a feeling it will come back to bite him.

    GREEN-EYED MJ—MJ appears to be jealous of YO’s interaction with JS—Sister, you got off that train before you switched the track to run that train off a cliff at the end of the line. What is up with MJ carrying around YO’s engagement ring? MJ made such a gallant attempt to destroy YO, personally and professionally, that wasn’t enough?…MJ, you want more? The incompetent attending physician of the conglomerate chairman made a remark last episode wondering if MJ was trying to take him down. Building quite the rep MJ!

    YOUNG SUNG COUPLE—It was great to see YO flirting in his own way “The detective in charge needs to meet the doctor in charge OFTEN”. It is ironic that the emotionless YO is the one who could reach Madam RUDEabaga, who also seems to have low EQ herself, to be a benefactor for the cancer riddled thief. I also agree that YO, despite his zero EQ, seems to be one of the nicer characters in this series—there are many other characters that are more deserving of the “monster” moniker than YO. I concur YO can see things more clearly simply because emotion does not cloud his judgment.

    @prettysup thanks for clarifying the handkerchief in the memorabilia drawer provenance—I knew it had to belong to JS. YO is amassing quite the JS collection—isn’t this collection evidence of his feelings for her, even if it is simply YO being curious about or intrigued by JS? ❤ The writers took advantage of our craving YO to experience emotion. They led us down a rosy path of thinking YO is growing an EQ as YO wildly chased JS through the hospital and embraced her. I share your frustration “I’ve completely given up the empathy versus emotion murkiness”.

    WE HAVE A WINNER—YO said he would call JS if he won the lottery…didn’t YO already win the lottery by meeting JS? ❤

    • kjtamuser says:

      “what a bombshell revelation of the origin of YO’s adoption! Daddy dearest caused the problem by damaging YO’s frontal lobe. Then in an effort to either avoid a malpractice suit or replace his biological son YO is adopted?! ”
      * Yes, this was a fascinating origin to the father and son. What will YO do when he finds out?

      “HSJ is practicing selective ethics and I have a feeling it will come back to bite him.”
      * That is an excellent way to put it.

      “MJ appears to be jealous of YO’s interaction with JS…What is up with MJ carrying around YO’s engagement ring? MJ made such a gallant attempt to destroy YO, personally and professionally, that wasn’t enough?”
      * Does MJ have the mindset that even though she rejected YO she doesn’t want him to move on?

      “It was great to see YO flirting in his own way “The detective in charge needs to meet the doctor in charge OFTEN”.”
      * You had to chuckle that YO learned to be more specific in his directions to JS so she wouldn’t turn to another doctor for interactions. YO flirting…I simply adore it.

      “YO said he would call JS if he won the lottery…didn’t YO already win the lottery by meeting JS?”
      * Absolutely!

      • Jane Tilly says:

        YO discovering Daddy dearest is responsible for his condition just might send him into an uncontrollable rage, unless JS is there to comfort him–then again comfort would not deter a true psychopath.

        Thanks for that perspective of MJ not wanting YO to move on–I had not considered it.

        I do love YO getting his flirt on.

        • kjtamuser says:

          I could see YO doing the “hulk” rage when he finds out his father caused his condition. Why is the wheelchair former colleague revealing all to Dr. Chae? Why does he want to destroy YO and his father?

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    Could YO or his dad be responsible for Dr. Wheelchair being in a wheelchair?

  5. Beez says:

    Despite the serious tone of the episode, kjtamuser and Jane Tilly both made me laugh.

    quoting kjta; “He pulls her to a more private location and tells her that she will need to meet the doctor in charge often he asks if she knows what he needs?” [RAWWWWWWWR. I know! I know just what he needs! *arms waving wildly in air*…*settles down to soft purrrrrrring*] “I know what he means. Young O has his flirt on for the second episode in a row” [Is that what that was? lol] “Unbeknownst to Young O and Jin Sung, Kim Min Jae (Park Se Young) overhears their conversation.” [Dog in the manger syndrome]

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Beez, your phraseology cracks me up [RAWWWWWWWR. I know! I know just what he needs! *arms waving wildly in air*…*settles down to soft purrrrrrring*] Hmmm…I am getting majorly distracted…

      You very well may be right about the Dog in the Manger Syndrome–I can see that might fit with MJ keeping YO’s ring, but does that explain her CARRYING the ring around? Carrying the ring around strikes me as a bit odd after all MJ has done in attempt to sabotage YO’s professional and personal life.

      • Beez says:

        JT – I can’t help it if Hyukie is going to stroll and strut around in all black with that jet black beautifully thick hair that looks like it could withstand me yanking on it. *sigh, I can see the intense expression on Young Oh’s face even now as he’s ticked but trying to understand why he’s intrigued…TV-14 [wait! just jumped to NC-17] going on in my head*

        • kjtamuser says:

          Don’t forget to mention the beautifully tailored suits that shows off Jang Hyuk’s well-toned physique.

          • Beez says:

            OMGoodness! Yes! And something I’ve been trying to figure out about JH ever since I watched him in Thank You. He looked so awkward to me in western clothes and I chalked it up to 1) used to seeing him in sageuk; and 2) his suits were so 70’s style with very wide leg pants.

            But I figured it out while watching BM. This 5’6″ (or thereabouts) man has HUGE, HUYUGE feet for his height! And you know what they say… 🤔😉

      • Beez says:

        JT – oh, I forgot to respond about MJ and the ring. Well of course she still wants that fine hunk of… *ahem*

        Okay, what’s it called when you’re imposing your own feelings onto someone else? Yeah. I was doing that. Sorry.

        Min Jae is a b*tch. Be hurt. Be mad. Take an inch of flesh. But since Young Oh is not at fault for not giving something he cannot possess and only striving for “normalcy” the only way he can – don’t be vindictive.

        • kjtamuser says:

          What you said.
          I’m concerned that with YO moving on that MJ is angry and potentially ready to do something dramatic again.

          • Beez says:

            I have tried to post this several times but I guess the site doesn’t like the links I had included. Gets the post: without links to pics:

            JT! HOLD THE PHONE! I WAS WRONG (maybe)! While it’s true JH said he had to wear lifts filming scenes with Oh Ji Ho,I thought I should check. Maybe he is 5’9 because here he is next to Oh Yeon Seo and Honey Lee, both wearing heels. OYS stats say 5’6″ and Honey Lee’s say 5’8″. (Google him and the two actresses names. )

            Cut it’s just hard for me to believe he us 5’9 when other actors at 6″0 seem SO much taller. (Google Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho). A pic comes up of the two of them plus DaeGil’s sidekick, the General. He is much, much shorter than the two of them.

            The only way any of that makes sense is if Oh Yeon Seo and Honey Lee have exaggerated their heights as well. But I don’t see why they would.

          • Beez says:

            @kjtamuser- Any chance you’ll be recapping Moonlight Drawn by Clouds? The first episode was VERY good. And you know how with most Kdrama you don’t know if it will be good or not until around episode 3-4. lol

            Also K2 is coming up with Ji Chang Wook finally back in Korean drama!

            Hope you have time in your recapping schedule for these.

            Just throwin’ it out there…

            • kjtamuser says:

              I had thought about it but hesitated with the girl disguises herself as a man plot. I typically get irritated with this as one or more characters can look like idiots for not figuring it out. Most recent example SOGC. I will watch the first episode and see if it grabs me.
              I will recap Chang Wook any series…he is fine!

              • Beez says:

                SOGC? Not ringing any bells for me. Series name?

                The actress is really good in this Moonlight thing. So is the Prince, but I exist that ’cause usually it’s the actresses that I just don’t usually like or dislike (except the big stars liked Shin Mi Na and Ha Ji Won, etc.). Most are like “meh”. But this girl, while she is tiny, she has presence, good facial expressions (not bland); funny; experience (I’ve never seen her before but she was (still is) a child actress. I can believe she’s a boy because she reminds me of Song Joon Ki in S-Scandal (which I can never come near spelling right).

                Ohhhhh SHINE OR GO CRAZY. It hit me just as I was about to hit send. lol.

                • kjtamuser says:

                  The actress did an excellent job in Angry Mom, a show Jane Tilly recommended. I have a hard time believing these female actresses disguised as men are not identified. I think I have a mental block against this particular plot mechanism.

                  • Beez says:

                    @kjtamuser I know exactly what you mean. S-Scandal was probably both my 3rd and my 9th kdrama. Third because I started it and Park Min Young looked like a little bird to me. I thought “Are you kidding me?” Then I watched a few more kdramas and – at that time – the men appeared to be so delicate and waif-like thin and full of make up to me (thanks to flower boy power, and I hadn’t discovered the manly actors yet (Joo Jin Mo!)), and everybody kept talking about S-Scandal is so good, that it made me pick it up again. So the male pretty-ness made me able to tolerate watching PMY as a boy and I REALLY enjoyed it. Yes, she was STILL super tiny compared to the fellas but *shrugs* …fantasy-fusion saeguek, I guess. But it was good. One of those tv shows where every single one of the actors went on to individual stardom.

                    • kjtamuser says:

                      I’m watching S-Scandal currently (I started, stopped, and I’ve started again). For whatever reason, the archery competition episodes were a bear to get through. I cannot deny the cast is top notch. PMY as a boy doesn’t completely work for me. I’m curious what I’ll feel once I’ve finished the drama.

                    • Beez says:

                      That is the same spot, the archery competition, that was a challenge for me as well. It gets much better after that. It gets much better after that.

                      Although some didn’t, I really enjoyed the ending. I felt very satisfied afterwards. Which is a lot better than that frustrated-left-a-bad-taste-in-my-mouth feeling some dramas leave you with.

                    • kjtamuser says:

                      Good to know I’m not alone in finding the archery competition difficult. I’ll press on!

                    • Beez says:

                      It may help to also keep in mind, S-Scandal was one of the early gender benders (at least to my knowledge). But whenever I watch an older show,if I keep in mind that “This was the first. This was fresh at the time. The shows I’ve seen since wouldn’t exist without this groundbreaker”. That helps me enjoy it.

                      My son and I argue over remakes because if this, especially sci-fi and anything with special effects. I can watch an older show even if the special effects are horrible by today’s standards because I can see it for what it was; and how newer shows had that show for an example and then, of course the new shows are better because they have a format to build upon (true in special effects, dialogue, plot…everything.)

                      Anyway, I hope you enjoy S-Scandal as much as I did; and I hope you write an overall review of it! 😉

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Well said, my hair pulling friend: YO is “not at fault for not giving something he cannot possess and only striving for “normalcy” the only way he can – don’t be vindictive” MJ!

      • Jane Tilly says:

        “This 5’6″ (or thereabouts) man has” … ??? Beez–I’m curious about your conclusion–I thought he looked a bit taller than that. I checked Jang Hyuk’s profile and he is 177cm tall, which is 5′ 9-10″.

        Jang Hyuk’s Chuno wardrobe was the best…plenty of opportunity to observe those well toned abs. Okay…Chuno was just the best–between the story, the acting and all the eye candy: Jang Hyuk, Oh Ji Ho, and Han Jung Soo. Borrowing an expression from Beez “RAWWWWWWWR”… so many options. Hmmm…Oh my…how am I going to keep my mind on work today?

        • Beez says:

          JT – I don’t believe any of the Korean male actors’ height stats. I’ve come to that conclusion whenever I see them stand next to someone whose height I know for sure. I’ve compared people like Lee Byun Hun to western actors or Song Seung Heon to So Ji Sub (it’s obvious SSH wears heels with lifts). And then if you see a Korean actor stand next to one of the taller Korean actresses it’s obvious as well.

          The Stuck on Hyuk site had a video of Hyukie on a talk show discussing wearing lifts to share a scene with Oh Ji Ho in Chuno (I think that is the show he was talking about).

        • Beez says:

          JT! HOLD THE PHONE! I WAS WRONG (maybe)! While it’s true JH said he had to wear lifts filming scenes with Oh Ji Ho,I thought I should check. He may be 5’9 because here he is next to Oh Yeon Seo and Honey Lee (5’6 and 5’8), both wearing heels and he’s as tall as Yeon Seo in heels.

          It’s just hard for me to see him as 5’9 when other actors at 6″0 seem SO much taller. Google “Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho”. Full length pics of them standing in gym shoes along with “General” sidekick from Chuno. (this site won’t let me post the link to this pic).

          The only way any of that makes sense is if Oh Yeon Seo and Honey Lee have exaggerated their heights as well.???

      • Jane Tilly says:

        I checked out the Chuno images as suggested. I thought Hyukie looked taller than 5′ 6″. Who cares if he wears lifts from time to time–not me! He is plenty tall for me and that physique…Mmm.

        Many Asian men to not age well–Hyukie has aged well. However, at 39 years old, it may be premature to call Hyukie “impervious to age”. Our bodies are not as kind to us once we hit 40 and then it seems like it is downhill from there. Don’t get me wrong, I hope he continues to age well.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Why do they pick the tiniest girls to pretend to be boys? I think we had this discussion before about how Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince was the only one I’ve seen that was credible as boy/man and initially she wasn’t even trying to pretend to be a boy/man, people simply assumed she was a boy/man.

        As for the eye candy in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, how can you go wrong with Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In and Micky Yoochun? I really fell ❤ for Song Joong Ki in this series and found something about Yoo Ah In to be very sexy!

        • Beez says:

          I think they’re are not a lot of established actresses (ones who they are assured of ratings) that are “tall” (i.e., 5’5 or above.) And hardly any of them have any meat on their bones. I think the actress from I heard it Through the Grapevine is an exception (as far as weight) and she looks darn good. Her name is Ko Ah-Sung (so cute). Another exception is Shin Hye-Sun because she’s petty tall.

  6. Jane Tilly says:

    Humph…*SIGHS DISILLUSIONED*…I guess we have to take everything with a grain of salt.

    • Beez says:

      I’m okay with it actually. I mean, the women are so cute and tiny and most times their heads barely make it to the guy’s shoulder even with heels on. And Hyuckie doesn’t need anything more in my opinion. Perfect height. Perfect physique. He covers every square inch those big feet of his are standing on! 🙂

  7. Beez says:

    Of course, I didn’t see my post before, but now that I finally got it to post where I can see immediately what I posted, I see at least one of the other tries finally showed up. Sorry, ktjamuser. I’m not trying to spam the site.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I don’t know why comments with links take longer to show up. It would never occur to me that you were trying to spam.

    • Drama Fan says:

      @Beez and others interested in Jang Hyuk’s height. According to himself, he is 1.74.5 cm He likes to emphasize on the .5 so please don’t forget :p He is actually average height in Korea but “short” among celebrities. I love his height! It makes him more adorable to me.

      • Beez says:

        Just right for me when I’m barefoot! 😉

        (And that’s right around where I placed him (give or take a half inch) based on comparing him to the actresses he’s played against.

  8. Holly Moon says:

    @BEEZ HOLD THE PHONE! I WAS WRONG (maybe)! While it’s true JH said he had to wear lifts filming scenes with Oh Ji Ho,I thought I should check. Maybe he is 5’9 because here he is next to Oh Yeon Seo and Honey Lee, both wearing heels. OYS stats say 5’6″ and Honey Lee’s say 5’8″

    yes he is 5’8.5″ I am 5’9″ myself and I just came back from the 20th Anniversary Fan Meet he held in Seoul on September 25th I was actually very lucky to have my seat number picked to go on stage. I stood within a couple of feet of him for most of the time, and then at the end I shook his hand and got a hug…. (I also won a shirt he wore in Jungle Juice and he autographed for me) He definitely is not less than that.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Wow! That must have been exciting!

    • Beez says:

      @Holly Moon – thanks for the up close and personal info. *sooooo jealous* 🙂

      • Holly Moon says:

        Beez, Your comment about his height stuck in my brain. I truly did not know what to expect when I got there. Years ago when Paul Newman was a super star, (early 40’s I think) I met him in person when he was campaigning for a presidential contender. He shocked me so, because I had “on 2 inch heels and so towered over him, and he was so much shorter than I thought. He was 5′ 7” If you saw him in the movie he always appeared to be at least 6′ or taller. In later years, he was not shot in the same manner, and so his real height was shown. It all has to do with camera angles, and boxes to stand on, I guess. So You could have been right about his shorter height. I was so glad to find that it wasn’t true,

        • Beez says:

          Yeah, I knew that about the older Hollywood stars. My dad, who was born in 1915,was considered very “tall, dark and handsome” during his day at 5’10”. Now that’s not very tall at all.

          As to Hyukie,have you come across any of my comments about the size of his feet? *kekekeke*

      • Holly Moon says:

        Yes, I did haha And I ‘ve got to say, it depends on the shoes he’s wearing in my opinion. I notice when he is wearing sneakers on any sort, because of rounded toe, I don’t think his feet look so big. But dress shoes with a more pointed toe do look longer on his feet. So I think two things could be the cause of that. 1) he may have a wider foot, and so needs a longer shoe to accommodate toes. and/or 2) he has a high instep which can also cause him to need a longer shoe in the dress styles. Also, as you mentioned, wide bottom pants helped camouflage the length of foot, whereas the skinny leg, short pants emphasize the foot more.

        My husband and daughter have shorter wider feet than average, and buying shoes are much harder. To get wide enough they usually have to go up as much as 2 or even 3 sizes. Also my daughter has a high instep, which means in some styles that has to be accommodated as well. Finding shoes that are sized properly can be an expensive undertaking.

        Have you seen the recent pictures of him at the MIDO Road show in Seoul.. He wore black round toed shoes with white soul Like a sneaker would have. Tied area seems to have a higher drop than normal and I have noticed that before since you have mentioned his foot size.

        And standing next to him, I did not think his feet were too big.

      • Holly Moon says:

        How would I post a pic here?

      • Holly Moon says:

        Or you could follow me on Instagram moon.holly

      • Holly Moon says:

        Ok I posted a few on Instagram, so if you look at moon.holly you will see my pics I only post him.. and you don’t need to follow me in order to see the pics. I am not a private poster. and they are at or near the most recent posts I have done.. Two full pictures where you can zero in the his feet, and one short video that after a few seconds move to include his feet.. I picked these on purpose because I believe it is easiest to see his feet size in relation to the rest of his body. Don’t kill me, I know I am slightly anal when it comes to details. I think I will go and repost pick of Hyukie wearing shirt I won, if you are interested.

        • Beez says:

          @Holly Moon – I know nothing about instagram so I went to google and typed in “holy.moon instagram”. Wow! All kinds of “pic” programs (? apps ?) came up. You are truly a Hyukie fan. Where have you been during our discussions of Beautiful Mind and The Merchant?

          Anyway, It’s 6am and I’m going to go enjoy all the pics you have of JH. Thanks.

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Oh…My…Hyukie-ness! What a plethora of Hyuk pics! Most enjoyable–thanks for sharing! ❤

  9. Holly Moon says:

    BYW Oh Ji Ho is 6 foot and those 3 inches from different camera angles can make a big difference.

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