Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 7

No Eul finds Joon Young and refuses to leave his side. Is this the beginning of a romance?

Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 7

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) sits alone on the beautiful island overlook. He recalls the previous evening as he watched No Eul (Bae Suzy) sleep. He told the sleeping No Eul that he came all this way to take her to the island, but he’s decided to go on without her. If she were to go with him, he would probably want to stay there with her forever. If she would find him, he would probably never let her go. Realizing he can’t stare at her any longer, Joon Young leaves. That’s a romantic thought and the wistful look on Joon Young’s face tells you that he truly cares for No Eul.

uf_ep7_1b uf_ep7_1a
No Eul finds Joon Young. No Eul tells Joon Young she’s crazy to search for him so diligently. No Eul details everything that she went through to find him. Joon Young thinks to himself “one” and walks away from her. She blocks his path. She says “you’re thinking all of this is the dream right? It’s not. I’m here. I came all this way to find you”. Joon Young stares at her and thinks to himself “two”. No Eul waves her arm in front of him.  Joon Young stares at her and thinks to himself “three”. She thinks he’ll will come to his senses if she pinches him. She goes to pinch him but he grabs her arm. Joon Young tells her to leave. No Eul is surprised that he wants her to go. Joon Young repeats his request that she leave the island. Joon Young walks away from her. No Eul wonders what terrible thing she did to make him reject her. She vows never to drink again. But Joon Young hasn’t gone far and she follows him to where he stands. She apologizes for her behavior when she was drunk. Joon Young thinks to himself “four”. She apologizes not remembering her behavior when she was drunk. Joon Young thinks to himself “five”. Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) calls No Eul and asks where she’s at. She’s vague and says something came up. He is blunt and asks if she’s with Joon Young. At first she denies it but then admits it. Joon Young’s had enough at that point and walks away. No Eul explains that she must’ve done something terrible to Joon Young. She tells Ji Tae she will call him back later. I like the way this scene was shot so initially it showed it from Joon Young’s perspective. His perspective interests me more than her perspective at this point.

Ji Tae is given an envelope containing pictures showing him holding No Eul’s hand after the concert. His associate tells him that his fiancée Yoon Jung Eun (the hit-and-run driver that killed No Eul’s father) probably has these photos too. Ji Tae recalls Jung Eun asking about the concert. His associate says that Jung Eun has been investigating No Eul. That concerns Ji Tae.

On the ferry ride back to the mainland No Eul continues to claim that she doesn’t remember anything. Joon Young ignores her so she steps on his foot to gain his attention. Joon Young thinks to himself “six” and walks away from her. After disembarking from the ferry No Eul offers to buy Joon Young food. Fed up with the silent treatment from Joon Young, No Eul yells at him that he’s taking this too far. He shouldn’t be so upset about what she did or said when she was drunk. Joon Young thinks to himself “seven”. She tells him to hit her until he’s satisfied. Joon Young thinks to himself “eight”. He pokes her head and walks past her. He gets in his car and sees his manager asleep in the backseat. No Eul gets in the car. She tells him that he knows how to hold a grudge. She notes this is really all his fault and he should be the one apologizing to her. He tells her to get out. She refuses and puts a seatbelt on. Joon Young thinks to himself “nine”. Joon Young gets out of the car and tries to call a taxi but No Eul follows him. Joon Young thinks to himself “9 ½”. No Eul says that she might actually remember something, like that he gave her a piggyback. Joon Young thinks to himself “9 ½ and ½”. Then she admits to remembering throwing up on him. Joon Young thinks to himself “9 ½ and ½ and ½”. She admits that she remembers him changing her clothes. She admits that she remembers him telling her that he liked her. Joon Young flags down a taxi and gets in. The taxi drives away as she yells how come your leaving your car is here. We have the obligatory he looks at her in the side view mirror shot. For whatever reason I liked the whole idea of him counting and looking for something from her without giving her much of a response. No Eul seemed like a yappy dog in that scene, but Joon Young gave her no other option than to be the talker.

No Eul wakes the manager up and he drives them back to Seoul. No Eul still wonders what she did to him.

Joon Young remembers throwing his phone into the ocean. He asks the taxi driver to borrow his phone. The taxi driver recognizes him.

uf_ep7_2auf_ep7_2c uf_ep7_2b
Joon Young calls his mother, Shin Young Ok (Jin Kyung). He tells her he’s okay and he knows that she was worried about him. She says he must have the wrong number and hangs up on them. Joon Young’s uncle asks his mother if that was Joon Young calling. She denies it. Joon Young’s uncle grabs her phone and calls Joon Young back. Joon Young can hear his mother and his uncle arguing. His uncle tell Joon Young that his mother is upset as evidenced by her over eating. His uncle worries that Joon Young is involved with a gold digger (No Eul). His mother grabs the phone and asks how can you get involved with such a low life woman? Joon Young tells his mother he likes No Eul. Joon Young tells his mother he loves No Eul. He tells his mother he’s running away because he’s afraid he cannot control himself around No Eul.

Joon Young’s manager tells No Eul the various things Joon Young has done with her in mind. She can’t believe it. Joon Young’s manager says that even Prince charming got involved with the poor girl Cinderella, though he notes that girl had a nice personality. Ha! No Eul maintains she’s a nice person. His manager goes on to say he’s worried about Joon Young’s health. He’s acting funny. No Eul wonders what to do if Joon Young really likes her.

A gaggle of reporters wait outside Joon Young’s home. He asks the taxi driver to drive him around to the back of the house. Back in the house Joon Young gets an ache and a ringing in his head. The sun bothers him and he puts the shades down. He rubs his head where it hurts.

Ji Tae’s mother learns that Joon Young has a brain tumor that is too precariously placed to operate on. She learns Joon Young is refusing medical treatment. She learns his mother doesn’t know about Joon Young’s illness. She doesn’t seem upset by this but she doesn’t seem particularly gleeful either. I would bet that she’ll use this information to her advantage. And by the way if we could cross pollinate two shows, Young O on Beautiful Mind is a top-notch surgeon and could totally handle this tricky brain tumor.

Assemblyman Choi Hyun Joon (Joon Young’s father / Ji Tae’s father) is in a meeting with his political cronies who are trying to get him to accept a candidate that is ethically challenged. He doesn’t want to do it. Ji Tae’s fiancé’s father reminds him they all have skeletons in their closet.

Choi Ha Roo (Ji Tae’s sister / Joon Young’s half-sister) is not happy to see the anti-fan backlash against Joon Young. She wants to marry Joon Young and she’s more than willing to look over any of his small transgressions. She has used an astonishing amount of perfume in her bath.

No Eul’s brother, No Jik, calls Ji Tae but he doesn’t answer. He stops by Ji Tae’s apartment building but the manager has never heard of him. When he shows the manager a picture of Ji Tae, the manager doesn’t recognize him. Ji Tae happens to call him while he’s standing outside of his “home”. Ji Tae is startled to learn where No Eul’s brother is. Lickety-split he makes up a lie and tells No Eul’s brother that he’s moved to a different location. No Eul’s brother wants to meet but Ji Tae puts him off. Ji Tae agrees to meet him at No Eul’s brother’s workplace.

Ji Tae arrives wondering why No Eul’s brother wanted to meet with him. He tells Ji Tae that No Eul used to have a crush on Joon Young in high school. How does he know this? But of course he read her diary. No Eul refused to date Joon Young because he had dated a good friend of hers. He’s worried that if Joon Young shows interest in No Eul she will want to date him which can only lead to heart ache because they live in different worlds. So little brother is a bit of a class snob. I can’t wait to see him fall for Ha Roo who also lives in a different world. That would be poetic justice. And by the way I like this guy. Ji Tae wonders what he wants from him. It’s simple, No Eul’s brother wants Ji Tae to convince her that Joon Young is a bad choice.

uf_ep7_5b uf_ep7_5a
Joon Young struggles to deal with his physical condition and pops pain pills. When he comes downstairs he finds No Eul in his kitchen making him a meal. She burns her finger and he tends to it. She explains his manager let her in. Joon Young thinks to himself “9 ½ and ½ and ½ and ½”. He walks away leaving No Eul to eat alone. She doesn’t understand why he’s being so petty and won’t talk to her. Joon Young returns to the room and lowers all the blinds.

Reporters call Joon Young’s manager asking why the blinds went down in his house. His manager claims Joon Young is not home. His manager claims that Joon Young is traveling to get a break from his stressful life. He’s emphatic that Joon Young does not like No Eul. He lies that Joon Young is dating another actress he manages.

uf_ep7_6b uf_ep7_6a
Ji Tae has dinner with his fiancée Jung Eun. Unbeknownst to him, she ripped up the photograph of Ji Tae and No Eul prior to sitting down to dinner. Ji Tae recalls his assistant telling him Jung Eun knows about the concert and No Eul. Ji Tae offers wine, her counter offer is a demand for a kiss. Does this woman have any self-respect? As she leans in for a kiss Ji Tae tells her about No Eul. Jung Eun demands to know the nature of his relationship with No Eul. Ji Tae declines to answer that. Jung Eun is not happy with his withholding information. Jung Eun asks if Ji Tae likes No Eul. He doesn’t answer, instead he offers more wine. She demands an answer. He pours more wine. She yells at him to answer her question. Ji Tae says he likes No Eul. Jung Eun throws the wine in his face. She promises to make him regret this moment. He deserved the wine being thrown in his face. Why he was with her is still a mystery to me considering his parents said that he didn’t have to marry a woman he did not love. I’m thinking Ji Tae was stupid to tell Jung Eun all the pertinent information about No Eul then admit he liked No Eul.  Ji Tae,  you just put a big bull’s-eye/target on No Eul. Anybody that’s had thoughts that Jung Eun might hurt No Eul, this incident certainly adds fuel to the fire.

uf_ep7_7auf_ep7_7b uf_ep7_7c
Joon Young tells No Eul that reporters are all around his house and if the lights are on they will think someone’s home. Is it more suspicious to have the lights on then turn them off? Joon Young says the reporters will leave within two hours and she can go home then. No Eul tries to tell him a ghost story but it falls flat. Joon Young successfully scares her with his story. Joon Young thinks to himself “9 ½ and ½ and ½ and ½ and ½”. He turned the lights on and says it looks like she seems like a scared person. She pushes him down to the couch and gets on top of him chiding him for scaring her. Joon Young says “10”. No Eul asks what did he say? Joon Young says he counted to 10. Then he sits up, stares at her with his soulful eyes and says “I ran away as far as I could but you chose to stay by my side”. She asks what he’s saying. He gently touches her face. She looks unsure. He changes tactics and says they should eat.

No Eul asks why he’s being nice to her. No Eul asks if he’s really Joon Young’s twin brother. He needs her food and claims it’s good. He remembers her burn and goes to get medicine for her. No Eul takes his food and spits it out. He goes to the restroom and has to do the same. He returns to the room and she asks if he spit out the food because it was salty. He claims he would never spit out something she made. That’s gallant. No Eul asks why is he being nice to her. No Eul says she’s heard when a person changes their behavior that much it means they’re going to die. That makes Joon Young pause putting the bandage on her because it’s a little too close to the truth.

Ji Tae talks to No Eul’s friend who confirms that she’s with Joon Young.

uf_ep7_8b uf_ep7_8a
Ji Tae drives to Joon Young’s house and watches the reporters pack up and leave for the night. His father calls him and asks him to have a drink with him. Ji Tae reminds his father that mother doesn’t want him drinking again. Ji Tae’s father says just drink with me and this’ll be the last night I drink. Ji Tae declines saying he’s got something else that he has to do. He urges his father to go home.

Ji Tae’s father looks at the card that Joon Young’s mother’s look-alike gave him and decides to drink with her. In the private room father drinks while staring at the look-alike. She asks if he’s going to touch her and he says no. The woman asks if she looks like his ex-girlfriend. Father confirms this. The woman says you must have loved her a lot. Father says he’s done terrible things to her. The woman asks if she can like him. He tells her not to. He says he has no room for another woman in his life.

Ji Tae’s mother gets a phone call telling her that her husband went to visit the look-alike girl. She quivers with anger. She looks like someone that could do something dire to the woman she hates, Joon Young’s mother.

uf_ep7_9b uf_ep7_9a
Ji Tae rings Joon Young’s doorbell. No Eul apologizes to the dog for making him live outside because she’s allergic to dogs. She wonders whether or not she’ll be able to continue with the project with so many of Joon Young’s fans hating her. She hears the doorbell and assumes its reporters. Ji Tae demands that Joon Young send No Eul out since the reporters have gone. No Eul enters the room and asks Joon Young if it was reporters at the door. Not wanting her to know that Ji Tae is outside waiting for her, he challenges No Eul tp play rock paper scissors for the dishes. No Eul loses. Meanwhile Ji Tae stands outside the door pressing the doorbell that has been turned off. No Eul’s friend calls her and says she’s got to hear the latest about the online articles.

Joon Young walks out to Ji Tae though he’s on the other side of the wall. Ji Tae pounds on the wall. Joon Young says I’m not going to send No Eul out. He says he’s going to keep No Eul. Ji Tae says No Eul isn’t an object. Joon Young says you’re the one that gave her up when you had the opportunity to make her yours. You need to step away from her now. Ji Tae counters you need to step away from her now. Ji Tae says that Joon Young deserves her even less than he does. Ji Tae says how dare you tell No Eul that you like her after what you’ve done to her.

uf_ep7_10auf_ep7_10b No Eul steps outside and calls Joon Young. He turns to look at her and she’s obviously dressed to leave. No Eul says I hear that you’re dating someone else. I understand for diversion. Joon Young is surprised by this news. He asks who told her that. She says the web has the articles with statements from your management team. The article states that Joon Young got involved with No Eul to protect the other woman. Joon Young says it’s not true. No Eul expected him to say that. Joon Young says the article only contains lies. No Eul says because of the upside she can freely walk the streets and no one will call her a gold digger anymore. Joon Young says the article only contains lies. No Eul says she’s going to sue him for psychological abuse. She says she’s going to make some money off of this. She goes to leave but he grabs her arm to stop her. He asks her to believe him not the article. She starts to walk away and he grabs her arm again to stop her. Joon Young looks into her eyes and says “I love you”. He repeats it. She tells him to stop with the lies. He repeats that he loves her. He has tears in his eyes. She has tears in her eyes. She says her brother warned her about getting involved with him. They live in two different worlds. No Eul shakes off his hand and declares she’s crazy as tears run down her face.

Joon Young kisses her.

My Thoughts

Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) was absolutely darling with the counting. He did an admirable job trying to repel No Eul but she wouldn’t go. She obviously wasn’t ready to admit that her relentless glue like actions means she likes him. Joon Young knows he doesn’t have much time. So he speeds up the romance by declaring he loves her. Now if you were No Eul and Joon Young had spent most of this episode rejecting you would you be a little blindsided by his kiss? His brain tumor is starting to cause him more and more pain. How long will he be able to hide the truth about his illness? Are we all going to ignore that it is cruel to start a romance when he only has 3 months to live? Yes we are!

 No Eul (Bae Suzy) refused to leave Joon Young’s side even though he wasn’t nice to her. I like that No Eul would not let Joon Young shrug her off. She took every negative thing he said to her and kept by his side. Unbeknownst to her she has an enemy in Ji Tae’s fiancé (former fiancé?). The irony that this is the same woman that killed her father certainly makes the viewers speculate that she might hurt No Eul. I liked when No Eul finally caved and started admitting to Joon Young what she remembered about her previous drunken evening. The line, “I don’t remember anything because I was so drunk”, didn’t hold water with Joon Young. No Eul finally admitted what she remembered and it touched his heart. The revelation that she liked Joon Young in high school. To those that speculated on this in the comment section of these recaps, you were right. Her brother confirmed it when he reported that he had read her diary. Her brother also had no interactions with Ha Roo this episode. I was a little bummed out about that because I like this young couple or perhaps I’m overstating it to say they are a couple. There is certainly potential for these two to be a couple. I’ll probably be satisfied with their bickering if the writer elects not to move these two into romance. Finally this episode we saw that No Eul is drawn to Joon Young but she’s afraid to trust her feelings for him, they scare her.

 Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) did not lie and admitted he liked No Eul. He was cold and unfeeling during dinner with Jung Eun. I almost felt sorry for her when Ji Tae admitted that he liked No Eul. But this is the woman that killed No Eul’s father by a hit-and-run and doesn’t seem like a particularly nice person. Ji Tae’s mother also has an edge of anger directed at her husband’s former girlfriend, Joon Young’s mother. I still find it hard to believe that Joon Young’s father can’t locate Joon Young’s mother. My favorite moment between Ji Tae and Joon Young was when Joon Young told him that Ji Tae had a chance to make No Eul his girlfriend, but he blew it when he walked away from her at the concert. The fact there was a wall between them amped up the exchange. But Ji Tae unnerved Joon Young when he told him that he should be ashamed for mistreating No Eul. We know that Ji Tae knows that Joon Young was inadvertently part of the scenario that caused No Eul to be hit by a car. So now we know Ji Tae won’t hesitate to use that information against Joon Young.

 Jin Kyung (Shin Young Ok) proved she cares about Joon Young though grudgingly. I was glad to see Joon Young get that glimmer of motherly concern when his uncle told him his mother was worried about him when he went missing. Of course she denied it up and down but was sufficient for Joon Young to know that she still cared. He deserves that little crumb. She is so good at being cold and stonewalling him, it was good to see him get some positive indication about her feelings for him. When she was looking off and thinking at the restaurant, was she thinking about her ex-boyfriend/Joon Young’s father?

The sixth song of the OST is sung by our leading man, Woo Bin. Check out “ Picture In My Head” via this link or the embedded video below:

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3 comments on “Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 7
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    BUSTED—Several characters got busted during this episode. The killer fiancée is onto JT’s lies and crush on NE, the poor little murderer had to endure JT’s confession. NJ, is onto his noona’s (NE) high school crush on JY. JY saw that his mom does really care about him—she sure has a peculiar way of showing that she cares—she seems to outright detest or abhor him.

    CRAZY GLUE NO EUL—“Are we all going to ignore that it is cruel to start a romance when he only has 3 months to live? Yes we are!” Despite JY’s efforts to keep NE at bay, I believe his actions were to avoid putting NE through cruelty, she stuck to him like glue. Suzy reminds me of a young Yoon Eun Hye, sans the buck teeth. It would have been kinder to tell her the truth, but then he would likely have a party crasher at his “pity party for one”.


    • kjtamuser says:

      ” JY saw that his mom does really care about him—she sure has a peculiar way of showing that she cares—she seems to outright detest or abhor him.”
      * So true, I am struggling with this character. JY has the patience of a saint in dealing with her.

      ” I believe his actions were to avoid putting NE through cruelty, she stuck to him like glue.”
      * I’m not sure I can give JY credit for avoiding cruelty to NE, but recognize he’s in a now or never situation.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I struggle with the mom as well. For pity’s sake he became a successful pop star, probably making more money than any lawyer, let alone a prosecutor. It’s not like he turned to a life of crime–which is how she treats JY. I agree he has exercised great patience with her.

    I was referring to JY’s counting as trying to avoid bringing NE with a relationship when he only has 3 months to live. 9 1/2, 1/2, 1/2, 1/2… Admittedly it wasn’t a huge effort, but it was at least an attempt.


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