Beautiful Mind Episode 8 Recap

Young O rises again.

Beautiful Mind Episode 8 Recap 


Hyun Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min) (this may be before he was a doctor) is playing basketball with a friend. The friend collapses. Dr. Hyun goes to his father’s house enraged that the methanol the factory uses caused his friend to collapse. His father is unconcerned and states the factory did nothing wrong. Instead of giving his friend compensation, his father states if his friend makes his illness public, he will sue his friend. Suk Joo realizes his father’s attitude is repulsive. He declares he will never sit at the table again. His father yells at him that life is a battlefield, those with warm hearts die first. His father approaches him and tells him that he is just like him. Suk Joo recoils and says “I will never be like you. I will do everything I can do to be different than you”. He storms out of his father’s home. That added background to Suk Joo. I had no idea the Suk Joo was the son of a rich factory owner. Isn’t it interesting that his father appeared to be without empathy for his friend?

Present Day…

The Chairman’s father is brought into emergency. He flips out demanding to know why his father is there. Dr. Chae and the other doctors stare at him.

bm_ep8_2b bm_ep8_2a

Dr. Lee Young O (Jang Hyuk) is working out on the treadmill next to an attractive woman. He asks her how long she’s been a member of the gym. She thinks he’s flirting and invites him “make a bet” and duel for dinner via the treadmill. As she starts running, he gets off the treadmill and walks away. She goes after him and says “hey what’s going on”? In his blunt manner Young O says “I’m not curious about you enough to run more on the treadmill. I’m done with my workout”. He tells her not to use the phrase “make a bet”, it doesn’t suit her.” He walks away. The woman looks like she could go nuclear mad at any second. I loved how blunt Young O was with this poor woman that thought she’d hooked a good-looking guy but no she just hooked insults. And of course, it is darling that Young O considers “make a bet” Jin Sang’s exclusive phrase.


You just have to laugh when Young O makes an overt illegal move in front of Officer Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam) who is working her traffic beat. She catches up with the car and is surprised to find that Young O is the driver. Young O nonchalantly gets out of the car in leans back looking cool with his shades Jin Sung is surprised that he’s in her part of town during the day. She also notes that it is not like him to get caught so easily. FYI, Jin Sung that’s because he wanted to get caught… and by you. Young O walks around her and says so you think I came to your area this time a day just so you would catch me? Yes, Young O, that’s exactly what she thinks and it is what I think too. Darling the way he walks around her. She tells him she thought that he would be at work at the hospital. Again walking around her he tells her that he’s not going to try and work hard to get back in at the hospital. Why would he? Young O tells her that if she wants to know what he’s thinking she only need call, and he uses the hand signal for call me. LOL! Simply darling! Jin Sung’s counter move is to call Young O as he sits in his car. LOL! Simply darling! Young O asks what she’s doing? Jin Sung pretends to look confused and says but you told me to call. Then he asks have you eaten yet? Their interaction was darling. I could watch scenes like that all day.

Dr. Chae gathers all the doctors to discuss what’s wrong with the Chairman’s father. None of the tests show an issue. Min Jae notes an area of concern but her boss talks over her and declares an alternative idea. He assures Dr. Chae that with proper medicine, all will be well.

bm_ep8_3b bm_ep8_3a

When Dr. Chae tells the Chairman that proper medicine will do the trick, the Chairman is concerned and worried that his father won’t wake up. Dr. Chae tries to make a joke but the Chairman isn’t laughing with him. The bottom line is if his father doesn’t wake up he may not become a successor. Dr. Chae assures the Chairman everything will be fine, his father will recover, the FDA will approve their regenerative work too.

Jin Sung talks about the serial killer at the hospital. She believes motorcycle man’s doctor is if the killer or the mastermind at the hospital. Young O tells her everybody’s trying to close this case yet you want to reopen it. The hospital is big and powerful, you may not win against them. Jin Sung gets a bottle of soju. She tells Young O that the ex-director promised to have a bottle with her once everything was resolved. But she can never share that drink, because he was murdered. She says once she exposes the truth, she’ll be able to drink and enjoy it again. Young O tells her that the world doesn’t care about the truth. Jin Sung says she will give the world another chance. She puts the bottlecap down on the table. He recalls her asking if he had found her bottlecap ring in his car. We also see him putting the bottlecap ring in his desk. Young O suggests they make a bet. He’s offers a flash drive with the secret that the ex-director wanted to expose. Before Jin Sung can take the flash drive, Young O tells her that she’ll need somebody with medical expertise to help her decipher the information. He emphasizes she’ll need to communicate that person every day, by calling them or meeting for lunch. As she accepts his terms she goes to take the flash drive and he moves it several times so she can’t grab it. Jin Sung tells Young O she surprised that he won’t return to the hospital. He tells her he didn’t say he won’t return to the hospital. He’s waiting for them to call him. I like the playfulness between the two of them in this scene. You can see that Young O wants to spend time with her and this investigation will get him what he wants. Another good scene between these two.


At the hospital Min Jae’s boss’s medicine isn’t working as he thought it would. Min Jae tells him flat out that his diagnosis was wrong. She recommends the tests get rerun. This makes her boss angry. Every test has been run, come back without issues so but they don’t know what’s happening with this patient. She believes it is a tumor. She says she’ll inform the lead physician if he won’t. The boss gets very angry and yells at her believing that she is trying to take his place in the chain of command. Meanwhile the patient’s monitor beeps wildly. They declare it’s an insulin issue.

The Chairman’s brother calls him demanding to know what’s going on with father. The Chairman assures him their father will get through this. But that’s not exactly what the brother wants. He tells the Chairman “I know you want him dead so you can be the successor”. The Chairman tells his brother he will save father, then I’ll be the successor. I guess love does not come into the equation with either one of these brothers. He calls his brother a nag. His assistant starts to worry at his bluntness. He shows his assistant that his brother hung up a while ago. LOL!


Min Jae goes to Dr. Hyun to discuss the Chairman’s father’s condition. She tells him she’s one of the few doctors that wants to the best care for the patient, not to position themselves politically. She tells Dr. Hyun that he understands fighting against this respect, discrimination, and oppression. She asks Dr. Hyun for help treating the Chairman’s father.

Min Jae’s boss apologizes to Dr. Chae. To the team of doctors Dr. Chae demands that they do something. One of the doctors says it’s impossible to make a diagnosis. Min Jae suggests that the Chairman’s father may have lung cancer. She notes a high level of a certain something. She suggests the tumor is hiding so it wasn’t shown in other tests. Dr. Chae says what if we operate in your wrong and there’s no tumor? Min Jae says she’ll take the responsibility for the diagnosis and the operation. Dr. Hyun says that this may be their only option to determine if Min Jae’s diagnosis is correct or not.

The Chairman is worried to they’re going to try and remove the tumor without doing a full-blown operation. Dr. Hyun is the medical person doing this procedure.

Young O’s father, Dr. Chae, and the Chairman watch the operation.

Dr. Chae tells Dr. Hyun she can’t believe that he was so proactive about the Chairman’s father’s care. There is some definite negativity between those two gentlemen.

Dr. Hyun locates the tumor. He removes the tumor. Everyone is relieved.

bm_ep8_6b bm_ep8_6a

In flashback Dr. Hyun tells Dr. Chae he’s always been consistent the patient’s life comes first. They stare at each other across the operating room.

Young O hears the news report that the Chairman’s father’s surgery went well however his successor is still a big question. He tells the tailor of the shop the Chairman frequents, he’s willing to pay for fame.

Dr. Chae complements Dr. Hyun is surgery.

Just like the Chairman hoped for, his cantankerous father is back and demands to know when he can be released from the hospital. His father asks if he’s going around bragging about how he saved his life. I guess the father knows the son. His father calls him useless. His father tries to get out of bed but collapses.

Dr. Hyun tells Dr. Chae that they may have removed the tumor but they potentially failed at the treating the real problem. They are interrupted when a nurse barges and telling them the Chairman’s father has collapsed. Is Dr. Hyun playing some kind of game here? What does he hope to gain?

bm_ep8_7b bm_ep8_7a

Dr. Hyun examines the patient while everyone stands around confused that the surgery didn’t do the trick. Young O’s father notes that the symptoms that the patient is showing has nothing to do with a failed surgery. This is another problem. Min Jae suggests another insulin shock which may cause brain damage. Dr. Hyun says they only have one option left, they need to call in their ace diagnostic surgeon, Young O. Ah, that’s his game. Interesting that Dr. Hyun telegraphed last episode that he believed in Young O and now he has used this opportunity to force the hospital’s hand to get Young O back. Nicely done! You can practically hear the collective gasp of the doctors. Dr. Chae says we don’t need him. His father notes that Young O has been banished and cannot return to the hospital. The Chairman demands do you want that psychopath to treat my father? Chairman’s father continues to decline. Min Jae says they have to do something and they don’t have much time. Dr. Hyun notes that Young O would take a completely different approach. Dr. Hyun says they need to call him before it’s too late. The Chairman is freaking out, “is this my only option”? Young O’s father says he’s too dangerous. Dr. Hyun says but he can save the patient’s life. The Chairman let learns that his brother is arrived at the airport and is coming to the hospital. The Chairman declares Young O must be brought in now! There is only one person in this room happy about it, and it’s Dr. Hyun. I am now a fan of Dr. Hyun thank you very much you have gone up many notches in my book.

Young O strides through the hospital corridors confident. Young O’s father remembers Young O saying that he would return to the hospital because the hospital would need him. He pounds his fist on the chair. Daddy dearest is not happy.

Young O meets the Chairman in his office. At least he has the good sense to be honest and says I’m not happy to see you, but we need your skills. The Chairman doesn’t understand why Young O wanted to meet with him first before he saw his father. Young O clarifies he didn’t just want to meet the Chairman, he wanted to meet his brother too. The Chairman wants Young O to share the diagnosis before his brother arrives. Young O looks at his watch and tells the Chairman we can tell everybody you were the one that didn’t make the meeting. As he walks away, the Chairman relents.


In their father’s hospital room Young O meets with the two brothers. He states they are killing his father. He asks both brothers why they didn’t tell the doctors about the changes in their own bodies? Specifically why didn’t you share the heredity disease that you have? He says because you’re hiding this critical piece of information the doctors can’t make the correct diagnosis. Young O says they have to confess the truth now, to save their father’s life. The brothers asked confused like they don’t know what Young O is talking about. Young O tells them they’re running out of time. He looks at his watch again and does the shake. You know I love it when he shakes his watch. Young O says their silence guarantees their father will pass away. He says their pride will kill their father. The Chairman’s brother stands and says you can’t treat my father anymore because news about a hereditary disease would kill stock prices. It’s always about money. The brother says he’ll take their father to the states for treatment. He leaves the room. Young O says your brother just made his choice. He chose to let your father die. He wants to be successor. Young O says the Chairman’s in a different position. Young O says he knows the Chairman wants to save his father desperately. Why? Because the father needs to be alive to reshape the Chairman’s future. Young O says tell me. He counts to five. He does the countdown with his fingers. He wiggles his fingers at the end of five. The Chairman walks away and looks at his father. Young O says the Chairman told him the answer because he could not look at his fingers. He tells the Chairman he’s turning into a woman. He asks if that’s true. The Chairman denies it. The Chairman says I’m a woman? That makes no sense. Young O states his father will die. He tells the Chairman he will live as a woman and die as a woman. This is a twist I did not expect! Young O says I respect your decision. The beepers go off. The Chairman says please save my father. The Chairman asked what Young O wants. Young O says he only cares about saving this patient. But he also needs to return to the hospital in his original position. The Chairman says sure we can talk about that after I save your father. Young O says don’t you get, if I treat him, he’ll live. The Chairman stares at him. What a terrific scene! The tension was ratcheted up with every interaction. I was completely surprised by the you’re turning into a woman statement. I adore watching Young O be powerful and masterful.


Young O runs tests on the Chairman and concludes that his father’s issue would never have been found if it weren’t for the Chairman’s own issues. The Chairman asks what we’ve been wondering. How did you figure this out? Young O explains that he learned the Chairman never showered at his gym (that’s why Young O was working out at that gym) and that the Chairman’s chest measurements are increasing at his tailor (that why Young O went to that tailor).  Also the Chairman’s peripheral vision is compromised which Young O learned when the Chairman did not see the countdown fingers. Young O says he can fix the pituitary issue simultaneously when he operates and the Chairman and his father.  The Chairman asks about his brother. Young O says his brother does not have the condition. Why did Young O questioned both of them? Young O needed to make the Chairman comfortable with confessing the truth to Young O. I love Young O’s master manipulation of the Chairman who screwed him by taking Min Jae’s information and using it against Young O. The Chairman gets angry that Young O manipulated him. Young O sits the Chairman in a chair and tells him he is willing to get what he wants by any means necessary. You’d think the Chairman would respect that. Young O quotes others “I don’t care about anyone because I lack empathy. I’m a psychopath.” Young O leaves the Chairman speechless when he takes a selfie of the two of them. That was over the top and perfect!! Another great scene!

bm_ep8_10b bm_ep8_10a

Young O tells his father he wants him to do the surgery. Then he won’t need to be insubordinate to reinstate him. But rather it will be because of the concern for the patient that forced Young O’s reinstatement. Young O reminds his father that he told him he’d return to the hospital and no one could stop him. I love that Young O’s father could say nothing and do nothing. He could only acquiesce to his son’s demands. Another great scene!

Young O’s father performs the surgery. After the surgery his father tells Young O that he was right. He only did this surgery because he had to save the patient’s life. He admonishes Young O to never use a patient again to achieve his personal gain. He promises his son he’ll never be able to do this again. I’m forced to agree with Young O’s father that using a patient for personal gain is the wrong thing to do. However Young O’s father repeatedly manipulated situations against his own son, using hospital patients and other situations to oust Young O. So Young O’s father has used the outcome of situations to manipulate Young O while Young O created an opportunity through a medical situation to get what he wanted. I see this as variations of the same theme.

Chairman wakes up from his surgery and sees his father looking at him. His father says I hear that you have the same disease I do. His father says thanks to you they were able to do the diagnosis and operate. He motions his son over. The Chairman approaches his father’s bed and takes his hand. His father motions him closer. His father says this is why he’ll never approval of him. This was a moneymaking opportunity. He tells the Chairman to tell his brother to start a business to deal with this kind of disease. The Chairman pulls away in horror realizing that he just saved the devil. Dr. Chae walks up and asks if the Chairman is feeling better. The Chairman states that as soon as the FDA approves their research they will announce the commercialization of it. The Chairman’s gotta one up daddy. The Chairman says before his father dies he prove himself to him. Do I feel sorry for the Chairman that his father is a bigger scumbag than he is? Part of me does, part of me doesn’t.


Dr. Hyun and Jin Sung meet. She takes the flash drive contents to Dr. Hyun. She asks if this is enough to reopen the murders at the hospital. Dr. Hyun says it’s not enough. He recommends leaking the information to the public and forcing the official explanation from the hospital. Jin Sung says then the police can reopen the case. She gives Dr. Hyun the flash drive.

Dr. Hyun visits the research area. His friend is excited when he tells him that the third stage trials don’t show everything they had hoped but there is definite evidence of cell regeneration. His friend says once this is approved it can be used immediately for treatments. His friend is excited their dream will come true. Dr. Hyun feigns happiness and leaves.

Dr. Kim’s daughter is in distress. The medical team works on her. She flat lines. Dr. Hyun performs CPR.

Min Jae asks Young O if she should congratulate him on his return to the hospital. She says she thought that his days as a doctor were over. She thought without being able to read body signals he would not be effective. She asks what’s different now? Young O says nothing but holds out his hand. Jin Sung calls Young O.


Jin Sung tells him because of him the case may be reopened and she’ll be able to show him a world that cares. Young O walks by the room where Dr. Kim’s daughter has flatlined. Young O says he hopes that Jin Sung will win this bet. Despite Dr. Hyun’s efforts, Dr. Kim’s daughter dies. Dr. Hyun is distraught.

Alone in his office Dr. Hyun recalls Dr. Kim telling him that he was sanctimonious and righteous but even he couldn’t save her daughter. She told him that he had no right to judge her actions she took to save her daughter. He recalls the ex-director hoping that there would be a day when surgeons wouldn’t be necessary. He recalls a young Jin Sung hugging him from behind telling him that he’s a good person. He leans against the wall undefeated man. Another good scene!

bm_ep8_13c bm_ep8_13b bm_ep8_13a

At the press conference Dr. Hyun announces that the hospital has succeeded in regenerating cells. The press question him. Dr. Hyun assures them the clinical trials were successful. Young O watches the press conference. Jin Sung sees the press conference on TV and rushes to Dr. Hyun. She tells him that she wanted to investigate and find the murderer of the ex-director. She was willing to work with Young O. Dr. Hyun looks back and sees Young O watching their confrontation. Dr. Hyun looks at her and lies that the X director’s death was an accident. Dr. Hyun says Dr. Kim’s actions with the root cause of everything that happened in the hospital. He leaves the room.


Jin Sung realizes her hero has feet of clay. Young O claps. Jin Sung says he won the bet. Young O grabs her arm spins her around him and tells her that he’s not interested in what she’s thinking or feeling. He tells her he can empathize with her. He tells her from now on he no longer exists. He says she can cry as much as she wants in front of him. He makes her sit down. He sits down next to her. She cries. Young O sits next to her and lets her cry.

My Thoughts

This was my favorite episode of the series. So many interesting things happened in this episode often encapsulated in top notch scenes. Young O returned to the hospital as he promised his father that he would. The mystery of what the Chairman’s father’s disease was solved. For much of this episode Dr. Hyun look like a knight in shining armor, the beacon for all things good. Then Dr. Kim’s daughter died, he learned that the third stage of the clinical trials did indeed show cell regeneration. And that forced him to make the decision that regenerating cells was more important than the shady ethics of the research itself. The interactions between Jin Sung and Young O were excellent this episode. I prefer my heroes strong versus battered and bruised. Young O is risen from the ashes that the single episode downturn gave him and came back full force. The other part that I really enjoyed about this episode were O’s the moments of humor that the writer interjected. They were many amusing moments. Also the Chairman’s medical issue completely surprised me. I thought that was a bold choice, though it was rectified rather easily with a single surgery. Overall I thought this episode had a balance. Good didn’t win every battle but didn’t lose every battle either.

Jang Hyuk’s portrayal of Young O delved into expanding his relationship with Jin Sung. It was completely darling when he did the illegal and she ran down his car. He got a lunch out it. I loved it when he walked around her twice and strutted his stuff. Jang Hyuk hit a home run this episode. We saw the strengths of Young O. We saw him desire to be closer to Jin Sung. I’m on board with the path this character is taking.

Park So Dam as Jin Sung almost got flirty with Young O. This character is obviously the good character. Young O was drawn to her. In the end she took the evidence to Dr Hyun and he betrayed her by declaring the clinical trials proved to cell regeneration was a viable technology. I’m not saying this character is stupid. But she’s not as smart as Young O. None of the characters are as smart as Young O. But sometimes she seems almost too simple.

Yoon Hyun Min as Doctor Hyun Suk helped bring Young O back to the hospital. His morality seemed to be strong until he faced the death of Dr. Kim’s daughter. Recall he’s the guardian of after Dr. Kim died. Then he faced the truth, Dr. Kim’s daughter died and perhaps Dr. Hyun thought that if the regenerative cells were more commonplace and a normal treatment option,

Heo Jun Ho’s portrayal of Young O’s father, Lee Gun Myung, found him cornered by Young O’s manipulations. I don’t disagree with Young O’s father’s declaration that Young O should not use patients health as a way to get what he wants. Pot meet kettle.

The first song of the OST is the ballad “Dirt” by Bernard Park. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below:

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11 comments on “Beautiful Mind Episode 8 Recap
  1. prettysup says:

    I really pity Dr Hyun in this episode, it was such a tough decision he got to make. Although it is not right, but I really empathise with him. And JS too, it is so sad her belief in humankind was shattered in this episode.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I like the empathy you have for Dr. H, that’s the focus of the series. I was disappointed in Dr. H’s choice, but the death of a child is gut wrenching. I also felt sad for JS, her hero failed her.


  2. Holly Moon says:

    I really liked the playfulness of Young Oh this episode with Jin Sung. I think though that he wanted her to call him to go over what was on the thumb drive. Just like he wanted her to call him earlier. He is showing interest in her and he wants her to show interest in him.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Great word, playfulness. Certainly when YO drove his car into her working area, he wanted to see her. I agree that YO wanted JS to call him to review the contents of the hard drive. I made the assumption she would do that but instead she turned to Dr. Hyun. Thanks for the comment.


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    GENDER DISEASE— I found it interesting that when the sons were asked about a hereditary disease, the hospital chairman son stated that he didn’t have a disease and “I love sports and working out”, which indicates he knew exactly what YO was truly asking. This gender disease threw me for a loop—I have never heard of such a thing. I don’t know why, but my inquisitive side compels me to investigate. When I looked up “Heterogeneous FIPA” it refers to aggressive pituitary gland tumor that is hereditary, no mention of gender changes—wouldn’t this ‘disease’ have to make a DNA change or spontaneous growth on female organs to accomplish gender change? I could see a pituitary tumor potentially causing breasts to grow—if this were a real disease surely we would have seen an episode featuring it on “House”. I also love that YO shakes his watch “TIC TOC” indicating time is running out to make a decision.

    The conglomerate chairman treats his hospital chairman son like crap—despite his son’s actions saved his life! I do pity the hospital chairman—this upbringing is probably what made him such an S.O.B. YO played his cards right to secure his hospital position and the chairman’s confidence to do the surgery. Ditto on your statement: “I love Young O’s master manipulation of the Chairman who screwed him by taking Min Jae’s information and using it against Young O”.

    WARRIOR? HYUN SUK JOO—Dr. HSJ started off the episode continuing to be a warrior for ethics in the opening flash back—claiming he will never be like his father, but changed his tune before the episode was over, much to the JS’s consternation and disenchantment. Dr. HSJ was an operating room hero to do the noninvasive lung surgery. Further complications brought the opportunity for YO to make a triumphant return to the hospital, much to Daddy dearest’s angst.

    Little Ji An’s death caused HSJ to turned his back on his ethics and to push the research through despite the life threatening side effects. As you stated “the death of a child is gut wrenching”, it may seem callous of me, but Ji An is NOT going to brought back by proceeding to the next phase of the research without regard to the life threatening side effects. DO IT THE RIGHT WAY DOC! I believe Dr. HSJ is not motivated by greed, but rather by the hope that the research will lead to organ regeneration and ultimately eliminate waiting for organ transplants and subsequently save lives—too bad GREED seems to be the primary motivation for Dr. CSH and the hospital chairman to steamroll to the next phase. How many of the physicians involved in this research are aware of the life threatening side effects? This damning knowledge would make them culpable for the mortal consequences. Dr. HSJ has noble aspirations, but how many people will lose their lives by prematurely pushing the research to the next phase?

    DADDY DEAREST’S DICHOTOMY—At times Daddy dearest’s actions and statements, such as “using a patient for personal gain is the wrong thing to do”, indicate he is using a moral compass; on the other hand Daddy dearest blows away that perception by “repeatedly manipulated situations against his own son”. “Pot meet kettle” is a spot on analogy for Daddy dearest’s admonition to YO.

    Most of the characters in this drama seem to be using manipulation to get what they want—the repeated theme you mentioned—in real life most people do this to some degree; it is just that these character’s situations and/or choices make the manipulations (which seem to focus on ethics) just a bit more dramatic with mortal consequences.

    YOUNG SUNG COUPLE—OK they are not a couple…yet. The interactions between these two were such a fun change of pace from the life threatening aspects of this medical drama. I had not considered YO’s advice to the gym flirt to not use “make a bet” as it was JS’s exclusive phrase—good call out! Clearly, YO made illegal traffic maneuvers to get JS’s attention and ask her out for lunch. I like the chemistry these two have—@Holly Moon’s use of “playfulness” is very apropos. I surprised myself by not really noticing the age difference between them—it goes to show age is just a number.

    YO’s clapping in the last scene seems mean, except he is the man without empathy. I thought YO demonstrated empathy towards JS in his own way in the last scene. He was as sweet as he is ABLE to be supportive of her disappointment and despondency of Dr. HSJ’s choice to side with the research project. I thought this was a sweet ending.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Manipulation is abundant in this series.

      I agreed with @Holly Moon’s comment that YO wanted JS to consult him about the contents of the flash drive. In the end, YO got more than he could hope for when JS turned to Dr. Hyun instead of him. JS and Dr. Hyun bonded. For JS it verified that Dr. Hyun was the knight in shining armor she’s cared for years. But then Dr. Hyun reversed his position and crushed JS’s perception of him. This effectively clears the path for YO become closer to JS. If the writer wants to explore a relationship between them, there is opportunity now.

      “I believe Dr. HSJ is not motivated by greed, but rather by the hope that the research will lead to organ regeneration and ultimately eliminate waiting for organ transplants and subsequently save lives—too bad GREED seems to be the primary motivation for Dr. CSH and the hospital chairman to steamroll to the next phase.”
      * Well said. In his grief, Dr. Hyun sold out the now for the hope that the future would be better with organ regeneration. But Dr. Hyun knows there are side effects and this research is not ready for prime time plus Dr. Chae & the Chairman put profit first. Have I mentioned I would not want to work with most of the characters in this show?

      “He was as sweet as he is ABLE to be supportive of her disappointment and despondency of Dr. HSJ’s choice to side with the research project. I thought this was a sweet ending.”
      * You prompted me to think it was even better than YO did NOT put his arm around JS and offer contact comfort but rather quiet “I’m here” comfort. The contact comfort would seem calculated. Wouldn’t you qualify the “I’m here” comfort that as courteous and sweet/kind?

      Appreciate the Heterogeneous FIPA comment, my google search yielded medical sites that did not enlighten me.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        I concur that “I would not want to work with most of the characters in this show”. I don’t think I would want to be treated by most of them either; YO or HSJ would be the exceptions.

        YO clearly feels comfortable or maybe call it ‘safe’ being himself around JS—she doesn’t seem to judge him for his psychological condition, let alone call him a monster—like his dad and others have. It is probably exhausting trying to appear ‘normal’ all the time—you know how tiring it is to be on your best behavior for certain people in your own life. YO is creating opportunities to spend time with her. Hence the flirtatious traffic stop followed by lunch. So whether JS was oblivious to YO’s subtle hint to help her or JS simply had HSJ on her mind, JS turned to HSJ. But as you so aptly summed up HSJ “crushed JS’s perception of him” when he turned to the dark side, thus “effectively clears the path for YO become closer to JS.” I like the “Young Sung” couple, even without any romance! ❤

        Good point on calling out that contact comfort would have been contrived at this point. YO was acting as his authentic self and not trying to do the “normal” or expected thing. I wholeheartedly agree that his quiet comfort of giving her a space to grieve was courteous, kind AND sweet. I would also add protective…which makes me wonder if spending time with JS has sparked the seeds of empathy in YO.


  4. A.D.DO! says:

    The flirtatious ‘traffic stop’ scene is my favorite so far. The ‘call me’ sign a classic JANG HYUK move…and JS is definitely interested since she has him on her speed dial!
    The ep. 9 preview is intriguing with him running into her arms and the big hug! Can you imagine how great this could be if the writers take it there? 0-90 mph in one episode…can’t even hope!


    • kjtamuser says:

      You are so right…the ‘call me’ sign was darling and throughout the scene YO had his flirt “on”. JS might not have fully appreciated it, but the rest of us did!


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July 2016

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