Beautiful Mind Episode 13 Recap

Young O feels pain, joy, and fear in this next to last episode. 

Beautiful Mind Episode 13 Recap 


bm_ep13_1abm_ep13_1c bm_ep13_1b Dr. Oh looks at the films and realizes the images were switched, Young O’s surgery was fine. He goes to tell Young O’s father and absolve him. Dr. Oh finds Dr. Lee and post-surgery Young O surrounded by other doctors with everyone happy to see Dr. Lee become Young O’s father. Dr. Oh and Dr. Lee stare at each other. Dr. Oh commences drinking. Dr. Oh makes an impromptu announcement to the medical colleagues in the room,” it is an amazing Dr. Lee who won’t let anybody get close to him, operated on this young child’s brain and adopted him. But why did he go so far? All of you are being fooled. You don’t know what a hideous monster he is. He hides behind a mask of nobility.” Dr. Lee stands and says that Dr. Oh is drunk. Another colleague stands and says Dr. Oh is mad because Dr. Lee got the professorship instead of Dr. Oh. Dr. Lee asks his colleagues not to be angry with Dr. Oh, he’s drunk. Dr. Oh stares at Dr. Lee with unveiled hatred. Outside Dr. Lee is confronted by Dr. Oh who says “you must be smug. You repackaged medical malpractice as altruism by a great surgeon. It’s a perfect crime.” Dr. Lee replies “I did my best during that surgery. I will do my best for that child. You can threaten me all you like, but no one will believe you. You already saw our colleagues defer to me.” Livid Dr. Oh charges Dr. Lee but ends up going over the railing and falling to the ground. OMG! Now we know how he got in the wheelchair. Dr. Lee runs outside to help Dr. Oh and sees Young O staring at the unconscious man. Dr. Lee drives Young O away from the scene. Dr. Lee stops at a pay phone and requests an ambulance for Dr. Oh. As he exits the phone booth he finds Young O standing outside the car. “Young O says” father why didn’t you help him?” We all wondered why Dr. Oh hated Dr. Lee. Now we know. Dr. Oh realized the MRI images switched, which I take to mean that the MRI images designated as Young O belonged to another patient. So on that bad information Dr. Oh accused Dr. Lee of medical malpractice by injuring Young O’s frontal lobe. It’s either that or Dr. Lee did the surgery on Young O thinking the frontal lobe was injured when it wasn’t. I think it’s the former. But back to why Dr. Oh hates Dr. Lee. He was ready to tell Dr. Lee that he didn’t botched the surgery. But that green eyed monster jealousy reared its ugly head. He was jealous of the admiration that Dr. Lee’s colleagues showed him for not only completed a difficult surgery but also adopting Young O. Then when Dr. Oh went to reveal “the truth” of the botched surgery, Dr. Lee’s colleagues hushed him admonishing him for lashing out at Dr. Lee because he lost a professorship position to Dr. Lee. So you got the double shot of Dr. Lee being more respected than Dr. Oh and Dr. Lee taking a job that Dr. Oh wanted. Top that with Dr. Lee fleeing the scene and calling for medical later, instead of providing it on the spot, and you’ve got a recipe for a lifetime of hatred from Dr. Oh. There is a parallel between MIN JAE losing the professorship to another colleague, getting mad, and lashing out at Dr. Lee’s son (Young O) and Dr. Oh losing the professorship to Dr. Lee, getting mad, and lashing out at Dr. Lee. MIN JAE’s tirade had to pre-negotiated payoff of a professorship for betraying Young O. Dr. OH’s tirade only got him disapproval from his colleagues, disdain from Dr. Lee, and ended up chaining himself to a wheelchair when he took the header off the balcony. You can’t overlook the fact that Dr. Lee chose to run rather than aid Dr. Oh. Did he do that because he didn’t want his son to see him as less-than-perfect, or did he do that so he would not be associated with Dr. Oh’s accident, or was it both?

Present Day…


Just as Dr. Lee said to Dr. Oh in the past Dr. Lee says to Dr. Lee Young O (Jang Hyuk) “I did my best. I wanted to create a perfect world for you”. Young O clearly sees the fallacy of that statement and tells his father that he did everything for himself not for his son. With the statement “Your perfect world has collapsed”, Young O walks away from his father. Dr. Lee looks like he’s been sucker punched. I’m glad that Young O realized that his father put himself first.

Young O sits in his office all night. When morning comes he puts on his doctor’s code and leaves the office. It looks determined.

Young O tells his fellow surgeons that he wants mortality conference to look into the death of his latest patient. That surprises all the surgeons.

In the surgeons’ bullpen they wonder why Young O has requested the mortality conference. Will he blame them for some error? Did Young O make an error that they’re not aware of? They tell Dr. Yang that he could be in trouble for taking the ECMO from Dr. Hyun. Defensive, Dr. Yang says he was just following Young O’s orders. Everyone gets a text informing them of the mortality conference.

At the mortality conference all the surgeons are surprised to see Young O’s father stride into the room. He tells them he’s there as the surgeon not the director of the hospital. Dr. Lee asked Young O why he insisted on surgery. Young O says the surgery was the only option the patient had for survival. Dr. Lee asks why Young stopped the CPR. Young O recalls the patient asking him to stop. Lost in thought he doesn’t answer Dr. Lee. His father stands in front of him and asks answer the question. Why did you stop CPR? His father says we all know you did the best for the patient. Young O looks at his father. His father says to the other surgeons “we always look for answers but there are times when there isn’t an answer. As long as we tried our best, that’s what’s matters”. He says Young O should accept his actions. He declares mortality conference over. After everybody leaves Young O says to his father “do you know why I wanted this conference? Do you want to know why stop CPR? Because I couldn’t feel what the patient was feeling. I was afraid I’d make him reliant on life support, because of my selfishness when it was not what the patient wanted. Because I am not normal. Because your efforts to make me normal, made me this way. But you tell me to accept your efforts, because you did your best. Father there is no such exoneration”. I’m surprised that Young O doesn’t say the patient told me stop the CPR and he honored his wishes. Instead Young O claims he couldn’t feel what the patient was feeling, he’s not normal, and he didn’t want to have the patient dependent on life support when it isn’t what the patient would want. I think that’s a fairly roundabout way of saying he did with the patient wanted, and I take exception with Young O saying he did that because he couldn’t feel what the patient is feeling. I call foul on that statement. He honored the patient’s wishes.

bm_ep13_3b bm_ep13_3a
The wife of the patient tells Young O we didn’t want surgery, my husband suffered until he died, because of your stubbornness. She hands Young O a phone and says on it is a message from her husband. I call foul on her statement that we didn’t want surgery. She and her husband wanted surgery (yes she hesitated prior to the surgery but her husband insisted. They were happy until he collapsed during their outing it all went terribly wrong after that. 

Young O recalls the patient asking him to stop the treatment. It doesn’t look like he plays the message on the phone.

As he leaves his office Min Jae is there. She says he can start over, and they can start over. He starts to walk away but she puts her hand on his arm. She says “I’m relieved, if it is a brain surgery due to traumatic experience, it may be more possible. You have me. I will help you”. Young O tells her regardless of the cause the result is the same. “This is who I am. Too many patients will be put in danger because of me”. He walks away.

bm_ep13_4b bm_ep13_4a
As he drives home Young O recalls the patient telling him to stop the treatment. Young O can’t get it out of his head. He pulls over and plays the man’s message “do you remember when I said I have to live because I can’t meet leave my wife? You the first person who listened to how I felt. And you did your best to keep a promise. Thanks to you, I wasn’t alone, in my final moment. Thank you.” Holy smokes that ripped me up. Young O is affected by the man’s words. He starts to cry. That’s right folks, undeniable emotion yet again from Young O.

bm_ep13_5b bm_ep13_5aOfficer Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam) turns and sees Young O. She’s wearing a banana print top. Young O says “if it wasn’t for you nothing would’ve happened to me. If it wasn’t for you, I would’ve struggled so much to save him. It wasn’t for you; I would’ve lived in peace. As I have all these years thankful for being alone. If it wasn’t for you, I would resent someone for making me this way. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t do something stupid like have hope because of some tears. If it wasn’t for you”! Young O grasps her shoulders. “I despise you more than anyone. Please disappear from my life”. Ouch! As Young O strides away, Jin Sung runs after him and gives him a back hug. She says “whatever you say, as I hear it it’s I love you. I can’t do is you’ve asked. I can’t leave you alone”. While that was a lovely scene, Jin Sung’s declaration was a bit jarring and the fact that Young O didn’t push her away was a bit surprising. The cicadas were very distracting in the scene.

The next day Young O opens a box. He recalls the man’s final statement to him hoping Young O would like his gift and to hug his son for him.

At the christening Young O is wearing a smiley face shirt similar to one the baby has. Jin Sung finds his outfit amusing. Young O states a psychopath that can’t feel emotions, foul on that statement, and he’s not embarrassed at.

As Young O and Jin Sung walk after the christening he tries to hold her hand, but she dodges the attempt. He tries to hold her hand again but she dodges the attempt. Frustrated he asks if she’s embarrassed to be seen with him wearing the funny shirt. Then he whines that she keeps changing her mind about the food. Young O says a hotel would’ve been better. Jin Sung thinks he means for sex. Young O clarifies, a hotel would have all the choices in food she could possibly want. He strides away. She smiles. She dashes up to him, grabs his hand, and tells him everything that he says to her she hears as “I love you”. They are cute together. The writer fast forwarded their relationship to accommodate the reduced episodes. I need to get used to this.

bm_ep13_6abm_ep13_6bbm_ep13_6cThe hospital staff is stunned by Young O’s outfit. The surgeons turn in unison and do a double take on his outfit. Ha! They declare Young O was traumatized by the mortality conference. Darling the way they turn and look back in unison.

Dr. Oh tells Dr. Chae and the Chairman they are on the cusp of big money with the regenerative research. Have you ever seen three happier greedy men?

Dr. Hyun Suk Joo’s (Yoon Hyun Min) fears are realized when Dr. Oh’s funding starts to direct the tasking to money making projects, like lung regeneration. Dr. Hyun is angry and tells Dr. Chae that he values money and power over patients. Dr. Hyun accuses him of killing the former director. Dr. Chae doesn’t deny it. He’s blunt. He’s got power, and if anybody gets in his way, he’ll get rid of them. What is it that they say about absolute power? It corrupts absolutely? Dr. Hyun reveals he recorded their conversation and says this should be enough to get Dr. Chae indicted for murder. That gets Dr. Chae’s attention. Dr. Hyun declares the regenerative research will not be directed for profit anymore. Dr. Hyun says when he chose to be a good doctor, he stopped being a good person.

Dr. Oh tells Dr. Lee that he had multiple chances to make things right. Young O should’ve been taken to another doctor. Dr. Oh says when he realized his mistake regarding the films and went to tell him, Dr. Lee should not have mocked him. When he fell, Dr. Lee should not have left him. Dr. Oh says these choices brought him to the present situation. Dr. Lee gets angry and says he’s lost everything. If he hadn’t operated on Young O, he would’ve been there to be with his son in his final moments of life. Dr. Lee declare if Dr. Oh had not made the mistake, he would not have lived with the guilt, the responsibility, and would not have turned Young O into a monster. Dr. Lee tells him he put his life’s efforts into regenerative research to stop others from living with regrets like he has. Dr. Oh asks if the regenerative medicine was Dr. Lee’s way of making for his mistakes. Dr. Lee says he’ll never get an apology from him. Dr. Lee declares he will not give up.

Female doctor that Dr. Yang wants to date says that she will go out with him if he figures out her medical question. Dr. Yang stares at three films but does not see the answer. He decides he’ll ask the surgeons instead of trying to figure it out himself. The surgeons divide up into two teams to figure out the answer to the medical question. Dr. Yang is stoked that he won’t have to find the solution by himself. The two teams of surgeons are stumped. Dr. Soh claims that they cannot have Dr. Yang on their team. Who you gonna call? Young O! Young O studies the films and tells his team he doesn’t have the answer. Young O states if these aren’t real patients in this hospital, he doesn’t have to solve the problem. Dr. Yang pleads with Young O to help them figure out the solution so he can date the girl he likes. Young O responds to Dr. Yang’s pleas and stares at the films again with the surgeons right behind him. The camaraderie of the surgeons has been a fun part of the show unless they were complaining or plotting about Young O. I like Young O becoming part of their unit. I like Young O responding to Dr. Yang’s plea. Another cute moment!

Dr. Hyun tells Jin Sung that her heart is doing well according to the test results. Jin Sung is relieved. Unfortunately, there’s a problem with her lungs due to taking the heart medication. He says that when Young O treated her, her lungs filled with fluid, and the problem began. Dr. Hyun suggests another round of tests.

Jin Sung walks through the hospital in a daze. Young O asks why she’s in the hospital. Jin Sung claimed she came to see him. They both smile and laugh. Young O tells her he doesn’t like that she calls him doctor. He asks her to think of something else to call him. He grabs her hand to escort her out of the hospital. At the hospital entrance they bid each other goodbye. As Young O walks away, Jin Sung collapses to the ground.

Dr. Hyun and Young O both hover over Jin Sung. Dr. Hyun says he’ll act as Jin Sung’s doctor as he just finished a consultation with her. Young O in Dr. Hyun look at Jin Sung’s films. Dr. Hyun declares that she has pneumonia. Young O believes it will escalate. Dr. Hyun says he’ll administer antibiotics and antiviral agent. He says if this doesn’t work there’s only one solution left, a transplant.  Young O isn’t happy that Jin Sung will have to wait for a donor for a new pair of lungs.

bm_ep13_8b bm_ep13_8a
Jin Sung is not excited to learn that she’s going to have to be on the donor list for a pair of lungs. That isn’t a treatment she declares. That is waiting for bad luck to happen to someone, so she can get a pair of lungs. The doctor, who Dr. Chae talked about doing lung research with the regenerative treatment, asks Jin Sung if she be willing to do an experimental treatment.

Dr. Hyun is surprised that his colleague suggested Jin Sung be part of the clinical trials. His colleague is positive, if this works she won’t need a transplant. He asks Dr. Hyun if he has doubts about the regenerative research. He asked Dr. Hyun if he’s giving the regenerative research treatment patients without having total faith in the research.

The surgeons find Young O in the library. They assume he’s researching so Dr. Yang can answer the medical question. They share they found a link between three patients, the heart valve surgery. Wanna a bet Jin Sung is one of the patients that had heart valve surgery?

Young O startles Dr. Yang when he wakes him. He asks Dr. Yang if the medical question is really for the exam. Dr. Yang says he thinks so. Young O finds the female doctor that posed the question and asks who are the three patients? She can’t say in the open.

In Young O’s office Dr. Lee admits the three patients were from the hospital. Young O asks why she took the three patient films and posted them as a medical question? She states the three patients developed the same lesions, at the same time. After asking the question to the acting physician, she was replaced. Then she became afraid of who she could ask because she didn’t know who was involved. So she decided to make a medical question so as many people as possible would see the films. She used Dr. Yang’s crush on her. Young O says all three of the patients have a rare lesion. Dr. Lee asks if he has any idea why.

bm_ep13_9abm_ep13_9b Jin Sung asks Dr. Hyun if she has a better chance of survival if she receives the regenerative treatment. She asks if the treatment is safe. She admits that she’s hated him, doubted him, but she trusts him to tell her the truth. She tells Dr. Hyun that she wants to live.

Young O looks at the films more closely with Dr. Lee. He believes their patients of the regenerative research program led by Dr. Hyun.

Dr. Hyun calls his colleague and says they should begin the regenerative research treatment on Jin Sung. He declares he must save her.

Young O sees a medical team run into Jin Sung’s room. Jin Sung starts to spiral down. Dr. Hyun calls for the ECMO. The doctors know that she cannot take much because of her weakened heart.

Young O does research trying to figure out a solution for Jin Sung.

Young O sits by Jin Sung’s bedside. When she wakes Young O states he won’t ask if she slept well, because he knows she did not. Jin Sung counters I won’t ask if you’re worried, because I know you are. She tells Young O that she’s decided to get the regenerative treatment from Dr. Hyun. Jin Sung wonders why Young O is asking her if she trusts or doubts Dr. Hyun. While holding her hand Young O looks into Jin Sung’s eyes reminds her that she made a promise, a promise not to leave him alone. “Keep your promise. That’s all I need”.

Privately Young O hits Dr. Hyun multiple times. Dr. Hyun asks if he’s crazy. Young O asks Dr. Hyun if he’s crazy. He can’t believe the Dr. Hyun is willing to use the regenerative medicine on Jin Sung. Young O says don’t you know what that means? Young O declares that will never happen, as long as he is around. Dr. Hyun says she wants to live because of you. He takes Young O’s hands off him and says are regenerative medicine is her only hope. Young O tells Dr. Hyun that three patients developed lesions, and all three were patients of Dr. Hyun is regenerative research. He asks if Dr. Hyun still thinks regenerative research is safe. Dr. Hyun says there were no patients with negative effects. He said they’ve done everything to make the patients safe. He says he checked the data every day himself. Young O counters anyone can lie with data. He says the problem is due to people. He tells Dr. Hyun that he has a chance to make everything right. He says all three of the patients received heart valve he says Jin Sung also received the same surgery. Now he asked do you really think her only option is the regenerative medicine?

bm_ep13_11abm_ep13_11b Dr. Hyun goes to Dr. Chae about the three patients. Dr. Chae states they can just eradicate them from the data. Dr. Hyun asks if test subjects were deleted to facilitate approval for the research? Dr. Chae asks if Dr. Hyun is fishing for evidence to take them to court again. Dr. Chae reminds Dr. Hyun that he’s the one that told everyone the last stage of the clinical trials was safe. Dr. Chae says “I know you want to expose the truth, but you better think about this. Expose the truth, your license will be revoked”. Dr.Chae knows Dr. Hyun wants to be a good doctor. Dr. Hyun agrees from the beginning I wanted to be a good doctor. Dr. Chae laughs. He says Jin Sung will be the first patient for their lung research for their new funding pharmacy. He tells Dr. Hyun to make no mistakes.

Young O asked the cadre of surgeons to help him. They are excited to put themselves on the line for this. One of them quips” we are not the Power Rangers”. LOL, Young O knew every one of their names except for the last guy. He tells them they started this, they need to finish it.

bm_ep13_12a bm_ep13_12c
Jin Sung is brought into surgery. Dr. Hyun looks at her. Young O is brought into surgery. Oh my gosh is he going to donate his lungs to Jin Sung? Dr. Hyun looks at them and recalls Young O saying do you think the regenerative research is her only option? Dr. Hyun said she doesn’t have time to wait for donor. Young O says making transplant along into Jin Sung from alive patient. Back to the present Dr. Hyun asks Young O to confirm that he’s willing. He tells him that live transplants are illegal because endangers the life of the donor. He asks if Young O still wants to do it. Young O says it is illegal and dangerous. He says it has a high rate of survival for the patient. Young O says this is his favorite kind of surgery. He tells Dr. Hyun to begin. Dr. Hyun, don’t make Young O a statistic for a unsuccessful surgery.

My Thoughts 

This episode quickly distilled the plot points into final forms. The writer had to rush a couple of points to get to the cliffhanger of Young O’s sacrifice for Jin Sung. The regenerative research which had been a sideline plot point became front and center again. As we all suspected the regenerative research is not as mature as claimed. Once Young O found out that Dr. Hyun plan to use the regenerative research on Jin Sung, and he knew the regenerative research had caused lesions on patients, he could not and would not allow Jin Sung to undergo the regenerative research treatment. I was originally worried that Young O was sacrificing his life for Jin Sung but it appears that he should live through the surgery. I hope so.

Jang Hyuk’s portrayal of Young O gave us a man in love and willing to sacrifice for his woman. The writer had to hit fast-forward on their relationship to make Jin Sung officially Young O’s woman. Did anybody else enjoying the moment when Young O declined MIN JAE’s request to start again? I did. In the beginning of the episode Young O struggled with the aftermath of the patient dying and his decision to stop CPR per the patient’s request. I’m not exactly sure why Young O did not openly state the patient asked him to stop treatment. The most touching part of the episode was his patients last message to Young O. It appeared the man knew that he could not survive, and made the message to thank Young O for his efforts and absolve him of guilt from the inevitable failure. That allowed Jin Sung to reach out to him when he was at his lowest, and Young O to accept her support. I was surprised that the t-shirts for Young O and the baby were the patient’s gift to Young. I liked Young O’s interchange with Jin Sung over the food selection and the hand holding. I enjoyed Young O’s interactions with the surgeon’s to solve the riddle of the 3 patients then his request that they support his request to undergo the lung transplant.

Park So Dam as Jin Sung was front and center this episode. She refused to be cast aside by Young O. Instead she boldly told him she knew that his words meant he loved her. What a bitter pill it must be to return to the hospital as a patient. Even worse be put on the donor list for a lung. Desperate to live, in part because Young O is her man, forced her to request the regenerative treatment. Jin Sung is lucky to have Dr. Hyun and Young O fighting for her.

Yoon Hyun Min as Doctor Hyun Suk confronted Dr. Chae, another monster in this series. He calmly agreed that he killed the former director. That guy is cold and puts money first. He and the Chairman deserve each other. Dr. Hyun got confirmation that the final stage of the clinical trials did not go as well as he was lead to believe (and declared publicly at the press conference). Desperate to save Jin Sung he was willing to let her become a patient for their research. But Young O punched him in the face multiple times to get him to see there was another option…lung transplant.

Heo Jun Ho’s portrayal of Young O’s father, Lee Gun Myung, finally revealed the backstory between Dr. Oh and Dr. Lee. I believe we learned that Dr. Lee’s surgery did not injure Young O’s frontal lobe. But jealously at Dr. Lee’s success and standing had him seething with jealously. His over the rail move was his fault but Dr. Lee’s watch-and-run when Dr. Oh hit the ground was ethically wrong.

What’s my wish list for the finale episode?
* Young O lives
* Jin Sung lives
* Some kind of resolution that would expose the Chairman and Dr. Chae
* Should Young O find out his father thought he messed up Young O’s frontal lobe in the surgery and that’s why he adopted him? I’m not sure.

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25 comments on “Beautiful Mind Episode 13 Recap
  1. Prettysup says:

    Another great episode! I was initially worried that the writer would let JS receive the regenerative treatment.. Luckily there is another option. I actually went to google ‘lung transplant live donor’ immediately after watching this and learnt something new again!


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    MEDICAL MALPRACTICE—Dr. Oh (aka Dr. Wheelchair) is the one who made a diagnosis error of YO, while Dr. Lee (aka Daddy dearest) didn’t bother to seek another opinion—These two are both culpable in YO’s mistreatment: Dr. Oh for not divulging his error and Dr. Lee for “training” YO as part of his efforts to conceal his “malpractice”. Dr. Oh astutely pronounced Dr. Lee “repackaged medical malpractice as altruism”, while he cover his OWN malpractice by not revealing his diagnostic error as his “revenge” for Dr. Lee winning the coveted professorship.

    While Dr. Oh caused his own accident, Dr. Lee walked away—presumably to protect his reputation by being above suspicion, since Dr. Oh confronted Dr. Lee in front of others, or hoping Dr. Oh would die?—although to Dr. Lee’s credit he did call 119. Regardless of the motive, even little YO knew Dr. Lee should have helped! Dr. Oh has been simmering his hatred, which has now come to a full boil! Dr. Oh was too busy plotting revenge and Dr. Lee cover his butt for either of these men to consider the impact their actions had on YO! Shame on both of you for putting your own selfish ambitions above a child, our little Young Oh!

    MORTALITY CONFERENCE—Was YO trying to punish himself by calling for the mortality conference? I was almost surprised Daddy dearest stuck up for his son and close out the mortality conference. I don’t understand the Asian sense of guilt…YO was following the patient’s wishes to not be resuscitated—with plenty of witnesses. I loved seeing YO’s emotion as he watched the patient’s message. YO may not have compassionate empathy, but he is a man WITH cognitive empathy! Otherwise, he would not have recognized the patient’s desire to stop the CPR. As you noted “That’s right folks, undeniable emotion yet again from Young O”

    GREEN-EYED MIN JAE—Nice try to start over MJ, but you violated YO’s trust and he isn’t buying it.

    REGENERATIVE RESEARCH / WARRIOR HYUN SUK JOO—Greedy, grasping threesome…Looks like Dr. Hyun will be blackmailing Dr. Chae to direct the regenerative research altruistically. We shall see how that goes…will Dr. Chae put a hit on Dr. Hyun?

    When Dr. Hyun had the question posed “if he’s giving the regenerative research treatment patients without having total faith in the research”. Hmmm good for the research subjects; but not your beloved patient??? Despite Dr. Hyun’s doubts, he encourages JS to be a test subject. I am not pleased with Dr. Hyun and I was glad YO punched him out.

    Looks like Dr. Yang’s test has revealed yet another funky lesion (aka tumor) problem with the research in relationship to heart valve surgery. Turns out these test subjects were eliminated for the statistical data—deceived again by Dr. Chae. (I had a jaded statistics professor tell me, data can be manipulated to achieve the desired results, which definitely happened for this research.)

    YOUNG SUNG WI-FI CHRONICLES—You gotta love JS and how took YO blaming her for all his woes (aka feeling emotion and his response to that emotion) and declaring that he despised her with a lovely back hug and “whatever you say, as I hear it it’s I love you”, followed up by declaring she was not going to leave him alone.

    The patient’s wife did not show YO any animosity at the baby christening. What a pace for YO’s wardrobe from ALL black clothing, with the exception of his lab coat, to a lime green novelty T, shorts and fedora! The hotel buffet interchange was humorous! What do you have on your mind JS? I ❤ his attitude and him not being embarrassed! I was surprised he wore that to the hospital—it was adorable to see the doctors do a unison double take!

    I ❤ that YO took JS’s hand to walk her out of the hospital. I was hoping that YO’s department staff would have seen this PDA. 💋

    I take umbrage for the writers for making JS a police officer despite her history of heart problems and to now add lung problems—it is preposterous. In reality her health would have most likely kept her from being a police officer. At the very least her fluid accumulation around her heart problem from episodes 1-2 would have put her on disability, leave of absence or being left with a desk job.

    YO requested JS keep her promise to stay be his side. YO goes for the gusto to be the living lung donor for JS. (A living lung donation takes a lobe or portion of a single lung and requires 2 donors for 2 lungs—we will have to see if the writers stick to reality.) Donors for such a surgery can get sick, but are not in mortal danger by donating a portion of a lung. I am RELIEVED that JS is not participating in the not ready for prime time research!

    WISH LIST—I concur with your wish list, but would add that I would like to see Dr. Lee and Dr. Oh take some responsibility for their actions that messed up YO’s life.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this story ends, but I don't want it to be over. Here's hoping for a solid satisfying ending. 💋


    • kjtamuser says:

      “YO may not have compassionate empathy, but he is a man WITH cognitive empathy”
      * I like the distinction between the two.

      ” I am not pleased with Dr. Hyun and I was glad YO punched him out.”
      * Certainly YO’s anger at Dr. H willingness to use JS, demonstrated emotion!

      “I was surprised he wore that to the hospital—it was adorable to see the doctors do a unison double take!”
      * The surgeons rocked as an ensemble, the last several episodes the humor in their scenes was fun.


  3. Beez says:

    Off topic – JT, I thought you mentioned, a lonnng time ago, on a different show’s recap that you are Asian?


    • Jane Tilly says:

      I am not Asian, but I lived in Japan for 1 1/2 years. I gravitate towards all things Asian. I have acquaintances from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam and the Philippines. While I am no Asian expert; I have familiarity with several Asian cultures.


  4. Beez says:

    “…but her husband insisted. They were happy until he collapsed during their outing it all went terribly wrong after that.”
    You darn skippy, kjtamuser!

    “The cicadas were very distracting in the scene.”
    Firstly, I had to look up what a “cicada” was. lol Secondly, I’ve noticed, and admired, the fact that kdramas don’t feel the need to mute out background noise. In Hollywood, they mute the entire outdoor scene and have the actors voiceover in the studio. I think leaving the outdoor noises feels natural.

    “The writer fast forwarded their relationship to accommodate the reduced episodes. I need to get used to this”
    Yuuuup, me too. A large part began to feel like rom-com which, I love but, it felt a little too much. This show did real life humor – only what you’d find average people (or in Young Oh’s case – stunted people) enjoying. For example, the way he tried to get next to Ji Sung was his own quirkiness of not knowing how to initiate; and his interacting with Nurse Jang. That was enough humor for me. In this Ep 13, I thought these “rom-com” scenes were very cute but they felt from a different show. Dr. Yang running from YO in the t-shirt and the 5 Eagles Power Rangers reaction as well. Surprised reaction – yes. Timed reaction turn around – nah. Funny but is this my dark Beautiful Mind?

    Somebody explain to me, please – I thought Young Oh told young cutie doctor with the glasses about the research causing fungal growth and death a long time ago? But he’s acting as if he didn’t know until this ep?

    And if Ji Sung “hated” glasses cutie as she says, and she has got to distrust him since he covered up their good friend’s death – then why is she still going to him as her physician?

    Did Young Oh cause Ji Sung’s problem when he removed the fluid from her lungs? Crap, if the eps weren’t cut, I bet we could’ve seen him deal with guilt from that (and also sympathize with dad of a doctor’s best, yet error or bad results).

    A lot of times throughout this show, I felt people did things to Young Oh because they figure he won’t feel it or care so it’s okay. So if they thought of him as a real person would they even allow him to donate?

    *sigh* But what a way to say “I love you”.


    • prettysup says:


      About the cicadas – yeah PSD did mention in her instagram during the night filming that there were many insects in that park haha, now I know what she meant after watching that scene.

      And I was also wondering, I thought YO knew about the lesions caused by regenerative medicine much earlier ? Maybe we missed something.. And I dont think YO caused JS’s problem, he probably meant that when YO treated JS that time, the problem was already arising.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Beez says:

        @prettysup – as to Young Oh’s emergency treatment of Ji Sung – ohhhhh. Thanks.

        As to our missing things in this drama, I hope we get an ending that doesn’t frustrate me. If so, I won’t mind rewatching the drama to see if I missed something or if they fudged it a bit.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Jane Tilly says:

        @prettysup–I agree that YO’s emergency treatment of JS was mentioned as a time reference rather than a cause of JS’s heart lung issues.

        YO did know about the lesions being associated with the regenerative research earlier. YO and the Power Rangers pointed out in this episode that there was a huge correlation between the lesions AND those regenerative research patients who had PREVIOUSLY had heart valve surgery. Which meant JS, who had heart valve surgery 10 years ago, would likely develop the fatal lesions if she started the stem cell protocol.

        Once Dr. Hyun found out about Dr. Chae removing the three patients from the research data, distorting the results to make the stem cell protocol appear to be safe, Dr. H was no longer in favor of JS having the stem cell protocol and thus agreed to perform the lung transplant.


        • Beez says:

          @JT – this is what I don’t understand:
          “Once Dr. Hyun found out about Dr. Chae removing the three patients from the research data, distorting the results to make the stem cell protocol appear to be safe…”

          I thought that YO and Ji Sung had already determined the regeneration stem cells whatchamacallit caused the fungal tumors and the knowledge of which got Dr. Shin killed. To the point JiSung submitted the proof to Dr. Ho Suk (name? Glasses Cutie). Ho Suk destroyed the evidence after telling Ji Suk they needed to announce the drug’s problems to the world. Hence his betrayal of her. Ho Suk had also confronted Chairman Chae back then as well. So either I mistook what they were actually talking about earlier or the show basically used valuable time to rehash already shown situations?


      • Jane Tilly says:

        After Dr. Kim’s daughter died, Dr. H pushed aside his reservations about the research and decided to cover up Dr. Shin’s death, thus betraying JS. I think with JS long history with Dr. H she eventually forgave him (yep, it is a bit of one of those turn off your brain moments).

        While JS and YO uncovered a fungal tumor issue (was it 2 or 3 patients from phase 1 of the project?) early on in the series, the small number of patients compared to the total number of patients in phase 1 were probably NOT statistically significant. Besides, the writers have practically pretended that the murder of Dr. Shin and motorcycle man never happened.

        Three new patients with tumors in stem cell project phase 2 (I believe these patients were from a later phase) had a direct correlation: heart valve surgery + stem cell protocol = tumors. Being a later phase of the research, which would typically have less total number of subjects as patients in bad condition would have eliminated (literally or figurative–just wondering since we are talking about Dr. Chae) from phase 2, the increased number of patients with tumors would probably make the risk of getting a tumor higher and likely statistically significant.

        There is an illogical element at play—this is kdramaland. I don’t think I would trust Dr. H to be my doctor, even with a 10 year history.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “I’ve noticed, and admired, the fact that kdramas don’t feel the need to mute out background noise”
      * Good point. This was a case I wish the sound engineer would have lessened the background to eliminate the distraction.

      “Funny but is this my dark Beautiful Mind?”
      * Every funny moment you mentioned never would have happened in the first half of this series. And yes, this episode felt forced at times.

      “And if Ji Sung “hated” glasses cutie as she says, and she has got to distrust him since he covered up their good friend’s death – then why is she still going to him as her physician?”
      *I think JS forgave Dr. H and went to him because she still trusts him and more importantly he was her physician during her heart issues.

      “A lot of times throughout this show, I felt people did things to Young Oh because they figure he won’t feel it or care so it’s okay.”
      * That is on point analysis. I agree, YO wasn’t always afforded “full human” rights because of his disability.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        @Beez “Funny but is this my dark Beautiful Mind?” It does make me wonder why the series when from dark and foreboding, such as the hospital murders–which seem to have disappeared, to humor in the last few episodes. It could be that the darkness contributed to the low ratings in Korea and the writers were trying to turn the ratings around. There would have been more continuity in the story if there had been a few comedic relief moments from courtesy of the Power Rangers along the way.

        @ Beez “A lot of times throughout this show, I felt people did things to Young Oh because they figure he won’t feel it or care so it’s okay.” I concur with kjtamuser that YO was not afforded full human rights.

        I read Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ last weekend and not having human rights or even an ounce of courtesy towards him was one the main source of rage for the ‘monster’. This correlation between treatment Frankenstein’s monster and Young Oh in addition to the monster watching and learning from others would most likely be how this drama is ‘loosely based’ on the Frankenstein novel. I pitied Frankenstein’s monster until he made the choice to be a homicidal maniac. I pitied YO, but he had very few violent rages and none of them were even close to homicidal. This drama was truly VERY ‘loosely based’ on Frankenstein.

        It is clear the writer’s intended YO to be the monster. Dr. Lee was much like Victor Frankenstein—obsessing about ‘his creation’ and ignoring friends and family. I think several have mentioned in other recaps how there were so many characters that made monstrous choices far worse than anything the brainwashed YO ever did:
        • Dr. Lee (aka Daddy dearest) covering up his malpractice by brainwashing YO.
        • MJ for publicly declaring YO’s disorder to his colleagues and hiding the truth (YO did not have a damaged frontal lobe) once discovered.
        • Dr. Oh for not making right his diagnosis of YO’s condition, but especially for hiding this information for over 20 years to use it as blackmail against Dr. Lee.
        • The greedy Dr. Chae with his murders and falsifying research with mortal consequences.
        • The hospital chairman whose greed brushed aside any concern for the welfare of hospital patients.
        • Even our former ethics warrior Dr. Hyun for covering up Dr. Shin’s murder death and pushing the stem cell research forward before it was properly tested.


        • Beez says:

          But JT, Young Oh did have far more outbursts than your average person, especially average professional, and especially doctor. How many times did he grab folks by the throat? I don’t know about S. Korea, but in the U.S., assault charges would’ve been filed. He also would’ve had his license suspended (at least) for some of the other medical violations.


      • Jane Tilly says:

        @Beez I can not disagree with you. YO did have more outbursts than the average person, some of them were downright violent. YO would likely be charged with assault in the US and may have lost his medical license.

        I’m not trying to excuse his behavior, my point is there were many people deliberately acting monstrously in this series, without the “benefit” of being abused and brainwashed. Many, but not all, of these characters behaved worse than YO.


        • Beez says:

          @Jane Tilly – Agreed. Definitely. I think (hope),that had the series been allowed to its original length, the writers would’ve continued to shine a light on how many “sociopaths” this world has as people strive to fulfill their own agendas whether it be top corporate moneymakers or people that harm others as they jockey for position in regular jobs. On this car from the chairman and directors to the doctors and nurses.

          Young Oh was the least selfishly motivated of all the characters. I can’t leave out Nurse Jang -she did not seem to have an agenda either.


          • kjtamuser says:

            Initially YO needed to be right but he was not selfish the sometimes shocking way all the other characters were. I concur you must exclude Nurse Jang.


  5. Elizabeth says:

    People lie with their lips, but the body never lies. This is a major theme of this whole drama. It’s also a part of Young O as well. Young O’s lips may lie, but his body never lies. This is an essential key to his character and almost like a hidden picture in the drama as a whole.

    Think about it. Remember when he galloped down the escalator like a mad man and caught up with Jin Sung and said, “Wait!” and then hugged her? (end of Ep 9) Did it look like he was feeling nothing? Then he checks his heart rate and pulse, which would’ve been totally skewed by his sprint down the steps anyway, no matter how good a shape he’s in. When he said it, I thought, “You are lying.” He was lying with his lips unconsciously. Watch the rest of that scene when he leaves her and get’s back on the escalator. He looks like he’s in a daze–like he’s just crossed a line or stepped off a cliff. He’d just pushed the relationship to a new level. He was doing it automatically, but it wasn’t computing in his mind that it was happening.

    Then, the next day, there he is outside her home with the lottery ticket, waiting. It wasn’t until Jin Sung kissed him that he had the body proof, although he was aware of his own fear. People lie with their lips but their bodies never lie is a secret code for this drama and for Young O’s character. Basically in certain scenes he’s totally full of crap. This contradiction in him is the consequences of the abuse.

    This helped me understand the scene in this episode when he goes to Jin Sung. He can’t not go to her. He’s drawn to her like a magnet. Then he starts ranting about her being the cause of his current state–which is true to a degree–she is the catalyst for the change in him. But the reality is that he’s in love with her (and he chose it) and it’s catapulted him into the unknown world of emotion that he’s completely unprepared to deal with and that he doesn’t really understand (because of the abuse he weathered growing up). I think he handles it well considering – all the while rationalizing his amazing choices (donating a lung) as a best medical outcome for the patient.

    This dichotomy of who Young O is is especially apparent in Ep 14.


    • kjtamuser says:

      First of all, you write beautifully. Second, I love the thought behind your points.

      “Young O’s lips may lie, but his body never lies. This is an essential key to his character and almost like a hidden picture in the drama as a whole.”
      * Love the idea that his body is the true picture of YO but buried beneath his verbal.

      “He looks like he’s in a daze–like he’s just crossed a line or stepped off a cliff. He’d just pushed the relationship to a new level. He was doing it automatically, but it wasn’t computing in his mind that it was happening.”
      * Totally concur with your assessment that YO’s brain was out of sync with his body in that moment.

      ” People lie with their lips but their bodies never lie is a secret code for this drama and for Young O’s character. Basically in certain scenes he’s totally full of crap. This contradiction in him is the consequences of the abuse…he’s in love with her (and he chose it) and it’s catapulted him into the unknown world of emotion that he’s completely unprepared to deal with and that he doesn’t really understand (because of the abuse he weathered growing up).
      * Don’t you think JS instinctively understands what you articulated? That’s why she doesn’t get upset with him. She can “read” YO and see the truth.


  6. Drama Fan says:

    @Elizabeth Thank you so much for this. You’ve expressed what I was thinking in a concise and clear way.

    “People lie with their lips but their bodies never lie is a secret code for this drama and for Young O’s character. Basically in certain scenes he’s totally full of crap. This contradiction in him is the consequences of the abuse”.


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