Beautiful Mind Episode 7 Recap

Characters learn about or display empathy during this episode.

Beautiful Mind Episode 7 Recap 



Youthful Young O watches new parents cooing at their baby in the hospital. His father tells him that’s what a family is. He tells Young O that he must live like that one day. Young O stares at the family and says to his father “you always tell me if I follow your directions I can live a normal life. But one day can I feel? Not faking it but really feeling”. His father sidesteps giving him an answer. Young O stares at the family then walks away with his father. Nice opening scene, it was short but had an emotional punch. The young actor that plays Young O is doing a lovely job. Young O just wants to be normal and feel. Sometimes I’m wondering if the writer is interchanges not feeling empathy and not feeling emotions. Young O feels emotions but cannot feel empathy. 

Present Day…

The chairman watches the news report that says the hospital was reorganizing and he will be stepping down to help with reorganization. He tells his assistant he needs to see Mr. Kim (the politician) straightaway. Ask me if I care if the chairman loses his job. The chairman asks Mr. Kim to speed along the stem cell treatment approval. Even with Dr. Chae’s assurance that the trials are going well, Mr. Kim asked the obvious question, what’s the rush? The chairman responds in the only way that matters to him…this is big money. Mr. Kim responds as any politician would to the lure of cash…he promises approval within the week. Dr. Chae assures the chairman everything will go well. The chairman says it has to, Young O is gone, there are no more obstacles to our research. That’s a revealing statement that Young O was considered an obstacle to their money making secret research.

Dr. Hyun Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min) is concerned that the research is wrong and asks his colleague what he would think of lesions and tumors as a side effect of their research. They both think the same thing…this is a side effect of stem cell research. Their unease must be because the stem cell research is not yet illegal. Dr. Hyun’s colleague refuses to believe this. He’s given his life for this job. He leaves. Dr. Chae enters the room and tells Dr. Hyun that what he needs to lock in his brain is that the second stage research was perfect. The third stage research accomplished something amazing. Dr. Hyun is not as stoked as Dr. Chae is. Dr. Chae says he’s okay with Dr. Hyun’s doubts, because he will never be able to prove them. Dr. Hyun glares at Dr. Chae then leaves.

Dr. Hyun thinks about Young O’s revelation that the two hearts had lesions.

bm_ep7_3b bm_ep7_3a

The other doctors including Kim Min Jae (Park Se Young) overhear Dr. Hyun ask for Young O’s contact information. Min Jae says that doesn’t matter he will never practice medicine in this hospital or any other. Dr. Hyun asks what she’s talking about. With a smirk Min Jae informs him that Young O has been banned from practicing medicine. His faith in his perfection is shattered. The nurse said it well; Min Jae is cruel. I can think of some other words to add but will not at this time.

Dr. Hyun catches up with Min Jae asking for the information. As she walks into her new office with the plaque declaring her assistant professor she tells him the hospital was the best place Young O could hide. She’s sorry, but she can’t help Dr. Hyun.

bm_ep7_4a bm_ep7_4b

Dr. Lee Young O (Jang Hyuk) wakes in a strange room. Outside Officer Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam), her mother and brother are doing laundry on the patio. Jin Sung’s Brother asks if she’s dating the doctor she brought home. She tells him they are not dating. Her brother teases her that she’s never been kissed, held the guy’s hand, so it’s obvious why she still single. Playfully Jin Sung sprays her brother with the hose. Her brother runs around the patio to avoid the water and Young O gets a blast of cold water when he walks onto the patio. Jin Sung apologizes and hands him a towel. Jin Sung placates her mother. Jin Sung’s brother spots a lady in a wheelchair by the water. Jin Sung’s mother assumes that Jin Sung and Young O have slept together and therefore will be getting married. Jin Sung is horrified by this incorrect assumption. Her brother brings the lady in the wheelchair and asks Young O to examine her. Young O recalls his father’s cruel words about him never wanting his son to become a doctor because he was a monster. Young O reads the lady’s nonverbals while Jin Sung’s mother and brother wait with baited breath. Young O walks away without saying anything.

The neighbor stops by to pick up the lady in the wheelchair. She does not treat the lady in the wheelchair kindly. Jin Sung’s brother tells the neighbor he’s going to call the police on her she doesn’t treat the lady in the wheelchair nicely. The neighbor says it’s none of his business and wheels the lady away.


Jin Sung apologizes to ask for what his brother asked of him. She explains that they just wanted to help their neighbor. Young O asks if she brought him to this seaside village to show him how loving and caring people treat each other. Jin Sung tells him that she wanted to bring him to a place where he could rest and everyone would see him as a normal guy. She only wanted to help him. Young O doesn’t see it that way. He thinks that she is proving that she is superior to him by what she’s doing. He says she’s taking pride in the fact that she has normal emotions. Jin Sung calmly says you must be really angry with yourself right? She says that he’s angry that he was afraid and ran away from a patient. He chuckles and says this is why people can never really help each other. Someone’s weakness becomes something to attack by another person. He looks at the lady in the wheelchair and says or some people are burdens that others would throw away if they had the chance to do it without anyone seeing it. He tells her to take back the request for help. Oh no,the lady in the wheelchair plunges into the ocean. He calmly says the lady made her choice. Jin Sung runs to her and shouts at him you want to make a bet? She jumps into the ocean she pulls the lady in the wheelchair out of the ocean. Young O brings her a towel and asked why she risked her life. Jin Sung says she wanted to show him that in her world the neighbor isn’t a bad person, so bad that she’d kill the lady in the wheelchair. Jin Sung asks why he didn’t treat her if he wasn’t afraid?

The ambulance with the heart for a transplant is stuck in traffic. Dr. Yang is unconcerned until he learns the surgeon is a pretty female doctor. With that he grabs the cooler with the heart and runs through the streets to get it to the hospital on time.


The patient that is receiving the heart transplant talks to the doctors in route to the surgery and confides that while riding a roller coaster would be fun,today is about getting the heart transplant and having to stop worrying about whether the transplant is the dream would come true. The doctor assures her the surgery will go well and she’ll be able to ride a roller coaster 100 times.

Outside the oprrating room Dr. Yang tells the female doctor that it’s because of him that she even has a heart to do the transplant with. He tells her she owes him a meal or a drink. She’s unimpressed and says her patient has suffered four years waiting for that heart and now he wants to take credit? She tells him shame on you. Dr. Yang is not happy. That that didn’t go the way he wanted.


Dr. Hyun asks Young O’s father for the contact information. Young O’s father asks if his son did anything wrong. Dr. Hyun says that Young O made him feel ashamed. Young O’s father wants the details. Dr. Hyun says he can only discuss it with Young O. His father claims he’s looking for his son just like Dr. Hyun is. He promises to tell Dr. Hyun when Young O returns. But he presses for the reason why Dr. Hyun is looking for Young O. Dr. Hyun thanks him for his help. As he leaves Dr. Hyun turns and asks Young O’s father if has regrets, regrets that he threw away his son to be true to his principles. Ouch that is a major slam! Dr. Hyun, you just went up a notch! Young O’s father tells Dr. Hyun he must be very concerned indeed. Dr. Hyun leaves. Young O’s father calls somebody and asks if he’s located Young O yet.


Young O goes to the hospital to see how the lady in the wheelchair is doing. The doctor assumes Young O is there as her guardian. Instead Young O begins to examine the lady.

Jin Sung’s mother and brother wonder if the neighbor tried to kill the lady in the wheelchair.

Jin Sung goes to the neighbor’s home. She enters without permission. She finds that the home is a bit of a mess. She finds a box of money.


Back to the hospital where Young O examines the woman. He notices she has thin hair, dry skin, and recent weight gain. He notices paralysis and loss of mobility. He asked the lady of her mother-in-law pushed her in the water. The lady’s eyes get big. She can’t seem to answer. Young O remembers Min Jae telling him the classic signs of fear. He turns and sees Jin Sung. Jin Sung’s mother calls her and says the neighbor is at the police station admitting to pushing the lady into the ocean. Jin Sung tells Young O that the neighbor just turned herself into the police. Young O says he was correct. He won their bet. Just like he thought he would. He chuckles. The doctor comes in to start the patient on an IV. Young O looks at the medical chart. He tells the doctor the patient did not suffer a stroke. He tells the doctor she is suffering from a specific disease I’ve never heard of. He advises the doctor about the treatment that is needed. He notes the patient is going to recover slowly. The doctor asks Young O who he is. Young O tells the doctor that how he spoke to him thinking that he was a guardian, was incorrect. The lady goes into some kind of shock and starts shaking. The doctor is startled but Young O remains calm. Jin Sung is concerned, the doctor freaks out and says he’s just graduated and he doesn’t know what to do. He runs away looking for an ambulance. Young O stares at the woman…he knows there’s something else. He searches his brain. He backs away. He leaves the room.

bm_ep7_9b bm_ep7_9a

The heart transplant is underway. Oh rats, the new heart has issues. They can’t insert it in the patient. That’s a bummer. The surgeon suggests that they put the new heart in and treat the infection that it has after the surgery. Dr. Hyun yells at the surgeon that won’t work and you know it. The surgeon tells her that without this heart the patient may die waiting for the next one. Dr. Hyun counters with the obvious if you pull the working heart she shall definitely die. With tears in her eyes the surgeon aborts the heart transplant. The patient wakes up after surgery. She thanks the surgeon for a successful surgery. The surgeon runs out crying. She passes by the parents who are crying as Dr. Hyun has given them the news. It was actually quite a touching scene when the patient woke up and thanked the doctor. My heart went out to the patient, I certainly had empathy for her.

Dr. Hyun finds the upset surgeon. She cries, how can I go on fighting this fight that I may never win? Dr. Hyun tells her it’s better to fight the fight to the end. Dr. Yang sees the surgeon crying. He borrows a handkerchief. He sees her sobbing. He wants to go forward to comfort her, but he is afraid. He stands there, and watches her cry, paralyzed by fear.


Dr. Yang is in Doctor Kim’s daughter’s hospital room. He tells Dr. Hyun that he feels terrible that the surgery didn’t work out. Dr. Hyun tells him everybody knew that you would get the professorship. Dr. Yang says he can’t release energy and anger over this situation. He gets tears in his eyes. He says he misses Dr. Kim. He leaves the room. Is Dr. Hyun the priest for everybody’s confessions this episode? Dr. Chae finds Dr. Hyun and says he heard about the unsuccessful heart transplant. He offers somewhat comforting words. Dr. Hyun stands and says how much more this do I have to listen to? Dr. Chae asks him if he really needs to find Young O. Dr. Chae tells him once they get the approval, everyone will be able to succeed in regenerative medicine. At that point heart transplants will no longer be needed, because they’ll just be able to regenerate the heart. Dr. Hyun tells Dr. Chae that he’s a scumbag. Ouch, what is it with the slams from Dr. Hyun this episode? I’m enjoying them!

Jin Sung finds Young O looking out at the sea. She asked if he’s okay. He tells her he really lost the bet this time. He said he couldn’t diagnose the patient properly. I couldn’t read the patient’s mind. He asks if Jin Sung is satisfied. Jin Sung says it wasn’t the neighbor that pushed the lady into the sea. Jin Sung presses a flyer for new wheelchairs into Young O’s hand. The neighbor was working hard to make the money to get a new wheelchair. She says she wasn’t trying to rid of her daughter-in-law she was trying to give her a better life. Jin Sung asks if Young O ever had a moment when he needed somebody even if they wouldn’t have been any help to you? Young O stares at her. He turns and walks away definitely thinking about what she said.

bm_ep7_11abm_ep7_11b bm_ep7_11c

He goes back to the hospital and looks at the still shaking patient. Young O says it wasn’t the neighbor that pushed her into the sea. The new attending doctor says it looks like the patient is suffering from cerebral hemorrhage. He asks Young O if he’s the guardian. Young O says it’s not a stroke, it’s not cerebral hemorrhage, but rather the patient needs immunosuppressants. The doctor asks who he is. The doctor counters all her same symptoms are indicators of stroke. Young O argues that she fell into the sea, so it’s not a cerebral problem. He says she jumped into the sea by herself, it was her choice. By looking at the woman’s toes he’s able to tell that she launched herself while she was hallucinating that she was on fire. The doctor asks the right question, how do you know she was hallucinating that she was on fire, she can’t even speak. Young O says it wasn’t about the symptoms, I tried to read the patient’s mind. I tried to see her as a human being. Jin Sung smiles when he utters those words. Young O says these are similar symptoms to stroke, but she was hallucinating. That prove she doesn’t have a stroke. He names the disease she has. The doctor asks are you saying my diagnosis was incorrect? I believe we all know the answer is yes doctor, your diagnosis was incorrect. Also is an interesting that this is the very thing that Young O can’t stand, to be wrong. And he is belittled for it. But here’s the local doctor not wanting to hear that his diagnosis is incorrect. What we just learned is nobody wants to be wrong, the pursuit for a perception of perfection is important. Young O asked the other doctor where the immunosuppressants are. He asks do you want to kill her? The attending doctor tells the newbie doctor that if he helps Young O and the patient dies, it’s off to military camp for him. Jin Sung intervenes and says she’s a police officer. She quotes the law that says that you cannot interfere with an emergency medical team treating a patient. She declares to both attending doctors this is an emergency situation and Young O has the right to treat her. Young O again demands to know where the immunosuppressants are. Newbie doctor glances at the cabinet with the immunosuppressants. The other doctor gets upset as Young O fills a vial and injects the patient. The other doctor can’t believe he did that. He yells, you know what you just did? The woman stops shaking. Newbie doctor is stunned, attending doctor is stunned, and the lady regains consciousness. She speaks and asks for her mother-in-law. Jin Sung is stunned. Young O leans over the woman and says I was right, I was right. He looks at Jin Sung, to the patient, and to the heavens. He’s got tears in his eyes.

Jin Sung’s mother asked the neighbor why she turned herself in. The woman admits she was afraid her daughter-in-law did run away from her. She said if she goes away then the government will have to look after her. She asks if her daughter-in-law really asked for her when she woke up.


The lady asked the newbie doctor who was that doctor that saved me? Her mother-in-law comes to the hospital room. She sits up and stares at her mother-in-law. She clasps her hand. They clasp each other’s hands. They both smile and cry. Gosh that’s really touching and such a simple scene. Even the newbie doctor has some tears.


Jin Sung tells Young O she won the bet. But she says you also believed in the neighbor’s sincerity. So your diagnosis was accurate. Young O asks if she brought him there to tell him that. Young O tells her the human body never lies. He tells her the world of medicine he resides in his perfect logic is unmarred by emotions. He says that’s why he loves medicine. She steps close to him and says really? Young O says you asked me earlier if there was ever somebody that I needed desperately, although they wouldn’t be any help to me. He says yes there was. He says but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. And he looks at her pointedly and walks away. She gets a smile on her face. Newbie doctor runs up and says the patient is asking for him. Newbie doctor asks if he’s a real doctor and which hospital Young O works for. Young O looks at him and says he is Dr. Lee Young O. He smiles a little smile.  Awesome way to end the episode! Nothing better than Jang Hyuk smiling. That puts a smile on my face.

My Thoughts

It was refreshing to get out of the hospital this episode. The whole tenor of this episode was different, and I really enjoyed the difference. Young O found a moment where his identity of a doctor was tested, he failed, then he persevered, and succeeded. Jin Sung quietly supported him without getting preachy. She did gently nudge him to see more than he was seeing. There was pretty good action at the main hospital too. Dr. Hyun really turned into the moral compass this episode. Besides that we learned that legal approval for the stem cell research was the goal of the chairman by asking Mr. Kim to legalize the research the hospital was already doing. Then there was the case of the heart transplant surgery that failed because the heart was not viable. That was touching and allowed for the argument to be made that the stem cell regenerative research would eliminate the need for organ transplant. I can certainly see where that would be a great advancement. This episode felt like everyone was getting schooled in empathy for others.

Jang Hyuk’s portrayal of Young O delved into questioning his abilities as a doctor. One of the things that has been consistent about Young O throughout the series is his need to be right. Min Jae  had a great line when she said that Young O’s image of his perfection got shattered. We saw that played out this episode. Jang Hyuk did not give us a cocky confident doctor. Instead he gave us a man that was afraid to engage. But with the encouragement of Jin Sung, he did engage. My hats off to the writer for making this interesting. In a simple kdrama Young O would engage and save the day. But not this episode. Young O engaged, and failed, and got up, engaged again, and succeeded, all the while re-branding his identity as a doctor, not a monster. It certainly was telling that Young O recalled his father’s words calling him a monster when he doubted himself. How about that interaction between Jin Sung and Young O? It was gentle, her interactions with him. Young did not 100% trust in her motivation. And why would Young O completely trust her at this point? Who hasn’t used and abused him in this series? Even Jin Sung did when she wrongly arrested him based on his father’s machinations. So that makes it even more interesting doesn’t it? Now he has to trust somebody that did him wrong. I have to end with the fabulous semi smile Jang Hyuk gifted us with at the end of the episode. Love it!

Park So Dam as Jin Sung had her best episode of the series. She didn’t cower when Young O didn’t agree with her, didn’t believe in her, and refused to engage per her recommendations. Instead she consistently nudged him to engage with the lady in the wheelchair. I liked how she investigated the neighbor’s house and found the money and realized that she was trying to get a new wheelchair for her daughter. Even the explanation of why the neighbor confessed to the police was believable because she knew that if she went to prison, the government would have to take care of her daughter-in-law and she would not be left destitute. I liked the interchange between Park So Dam and Jang Hyuk. Their interactions were subtle. The whole plot point where each claimed to have won the bet several times, that was not done with overt ego but with subtly and in the last round with humor from Young O! There’s still no romance between these two, and that is the appropriate place to be. I don’t think that Young O could develop romantic feelings for a woman that he did not implicitly trust. Whether or not this series takes this twosome into romance, depends on trust. This series can work without romance but I wouldn’t mind some.

Yoon Hyun Min as Doctor Hyun Suk became the moral compass in the hospital. Frankly his interactions with Young O’s father and Dr. Chae were surprising. He got excellent slams on each of these doctors, I loved that. Dr. Hyun has been nebulous until this episode. This was the first episode that you believed he was a good guy. He’s been doing this secret research just like everybody else. Nonetheless, it’s like the murky part of Dr. Hyung got stripped away and what was exposed was a good person. Is that really who Dr. Hyun is?

Heo Jun Ho’s portrayal of Young O’s father, Lee Gun Myung, is starting to make it clear that he is a foe not friend to Young O. I could replay Dr. Hyun’s slam on him in a repetitive loop, it was that good. As I said last episode since he called Young O a monster, this character has really bothered me. Will he have the chance to evolve and see his son with an open mind?

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32 comments on “Beautiful Mind Episode 7 Recap
  1. prettysup says:

    Wow you are fast! Episode 7 was really great, cant wait to see how LYO is going to return to the hospital and go against the corrupted ones there!


  2. Prettysup says:

    Btw the one in Dr Kim’s daughter’s room is not Dr Yang. It is Dr Hong, another doctor. They do look alike though.


  3. Otunba Fatimoh says:

    Wow,wat a great n intrestin episode,cnt wait for d nxt episode am so curious abt wat wil appen nxt.


  4. Jane Tilly says:

    SUPER SUSPICIOUS SECRETIVE RESEARCH—Is Dr. CSH the head researcher of the top secret stem cell regenerative research with side effects of lesions and tumors or is there another mastermind? While I think the medical aim of the research is a worthy cause, the potential money it could produce seems to be the goal of the folks in charge. It seems that greedy Dr. CSH and the chairman while fully aware of the side effect issues are still going full force to get the next phase of the research approved by Korea’s FDA equivalent with the help of a greedy politician. Loved your description of “the lure of cash” used to quickly convince the politician to be their collaborator. I think it is significant that these greedy schemers stated “Young O was considered an obstacle to their money making secret research.”

    ETHICS WARRIOR HYUN SUK JOO—Dr. HSJ seemed to be the hero of this episode as he seems to be the only doctor left in the hospital who is concerned about ethics, even though he is keeping quiet about the research side effects. His concern about the research is driving him to locate YO, but everyone keeps giving him the run around, except Daddy Dearest—who is apparently looking for him also. I also enjoyed Warrior HSJ’s smack downs of Dr. CSH and Daddy Dearest—I wonder if he will have to “pay” for those remarks later.

    Warrior HSJ and other hospital staff were a bit stunned by MJ statement that YO “will never practice medicine in this hospital or any other”. I think she was especially “cruel” as she seemed to be smug about destroying YO’s career by her shattering YO’s image of perfection. MJ lost her victim status in my eyes when she vindictively and publically announced YO’s psychological condition at the mortality conference.

    Ethics are defended once again as Warrior HSJ keeps the surgeon from performing the heart transplant with a heart that has an infection—I get the feeling the surgeon would have gone through with the transplant if our steady Dr. Hyun wasn’t present. You posed a good question: who is Dr. Hyun? Is he good, bad or both?

    SEASIDE RESPITE—Meanwhile YO is recouping at JS’s family home. He got a healthy dose of family life with JS’s brother and mom, including getting sprayed with water! Initially he observes the wheelchair patient, but does not attempt to diagnose her—seems that MJ may have been right about YO losing faith in his abilities. I do love JS’s optimistic attitude about granny’s innocence, even though she looked as guilty as sin, and challenging YO to diagnose and help the patient. While he initially walked away, he returned with JS’s challenge—JS’s nudging seemed to provide the exact motivation YO needed to restore his confidence.

    Medical notes: Hashimoto’s encephalopathy is related to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis—both were diagnosed by YO and both are autoimmune diseases, where antibodies attack your own body. The thyroiditis causes the thin hair, dry skin, weight gain, lethargy and can affect concentration and memory, while the encephalopathy is one that alters brain function and caused this patient’s main problems, concentration and memory issues, tremors and muscle jerks, aphasia (inability to speak), paralysis and psychosis (seeing herself on fire). Only in drama land can someone have such an immediate and full recovery from a spectacular medical episode (near drowning, seizures, etc.).

    DOCTOR LEE YOUNG OH—It was “refreshing to get out of the hospital”. I like the dynamics between YO and JS—trust and friendship (at least I believe) are being built. I concur “This series can work without romance but I wouldn’t mind some” and YO would not “develop romantic feelings for a woman that he did not implicitly trust”. We’ll have to wait and see…

    I ❤ your terminology describing YO’s struggle this episode as “re-branding his identity as a doctor, not a monster”. I can’t wait to see the looks on the faces of MJ and Daddy Dearest when YO DOES practice medicine—‘cuz the smile on his face tells us he will.

    The flashback exhibited YO’s desire to be “normal”. I want to know what types of games Daddy Dearest has been playing with YO? What is Daddy Dearest’s motivation for adopting YO and training him to act “normal”? In the flashbacks Daddy Dearest seems to be benevolent, with an edge of “you are not normal”…I can’t recall if he called YO a monster in the flashbacks. We need to start having Daddy Dearest’s layers be peeled away so we can figure out what his motivation and the goal of his end game.


    • kjtamuser says:

      “ETHICS WARRIOR HYUN SUK JOO—Dr. HSJ seemed to be the hero of this episode as he seems to be the only doctor left in the hospital who is concerned about ethics”
      * So true. Is there any doctor at the hospital that isn’t a self centered jerk?

      “I do love JS’s optimistic attitude about granny’s innocence, even though she looked as guilty as sin, and challenging YO to diagnose and help the patient.”
      * Well said. JS’s positive attitude must for foreign and refreshing to YO. Look at who else YO has in his life…a negative sourpuss father and a traitorous ex-finance. Yikes!

      “Only in drama land can someone have such an immediate and full recovery from a spectacular medical episode (near drowning, seizures, etc.)”
      * Ain’t that right!

      “We need to start having Daddy Dearest’s layers be peeled away so we can figure out what his motivation and the goal of his end game.”
      * End game is a good phrase. I just can’t see YO’s father as a having any love for YO with the dreadful way he treats him.


    • Beez says:

      @JT – thanks for the info about Hashimoto’s encephalopathy. I was thinking “well is the show going into fantasy now? Because how could he’d know exactly what her hallucination was?”

      I’m so glad to know they’re taking us, the audience, seriously with real, and not made up, diseases.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Beez says:

    Thus was one really good recap.

    You know, even if it wasn’t delectable Jang Hyuk playing Young Oh,but some other non-sexy actor, I’d take Young Oh over that narcicistic Dr. Yang any day of the week! To not care anything about the patient, but then suddenly care because you hope to impress/date the surgeon. Ugh. Foo on you!

    Usually I hate people who just have to be right all the time. But poor Young Oh. That’s all he can hold onto. All he has of himself to hold on to. No sense of self. No sense of “this is who I am” to clutch on to. The parts of ourselves that we feel proud of…”well, I’d never do that.” He can’t say that because if it suits him, he might. I think that’s what he was saying Jin Sung was doing – looking down on him with her humanity, at his lack of it.

    She better grab that man. She can make him do whatever she wants by taking a page out of Pop Monster’s book – *super secret whispery voice* “if you do this, everyone will think you’re normal”. Poor Young Oh. Poor Jin Sung if she falls for him. But at least she’ll be able to grip his hair. *grunt…c’mere*


    • kjtamuser says:

      What a great way to put it…”No sense of “this is who I am” to clutch on to. The parts of ourselves that we feel proud of…”well, I’d never do that.” He can’t say that because if it suits him, he might.” You make a good point, he might do anything, if it suits him.

      LOL…”But at least she’ll be able to grip his hair. *grunt…c’mere*”


  6. Jane Tilly says:

    I don’t think JS is someone who would play games (taking a page out of Pop Monster’s book). It is hard to imagine this story having a ‘happy ending’. Like Beez says “Poor Young Oh” –does he have a chance for a ‘normal’ life? Seems like YO developing a relationship with JS would be his best bet…but then “Poor Jin Sung if she falls for him”. Could you fall in love with someone who cannot empathize? I think it would feel somewhat like a one-sided relationship but at least JS will have the consolation prize “she’ll be able to grip his hair. *grunt…c’mere* ” We’ll have to see how the writers play this out. Like I said a few episodes ago…this will make an interesting edition of “Would I Date Him?”


    • Beez says:

      JT, earlier you mentioned Min Jae “lost her victim status” in your eyes. I never gave her the benefit of considering her a victim. (Of course, this is coming from my cynical, jaded over half a century-old, viewpoint), that has “seen it all” in relationships – so Min Jae has a right to feel very hurt and very disappointed to find out Young Oh doesn’t feel love for her because he can’t. He “CAN’T” being the key word. Give her 20 years and a couple of real “victimhoods” later after guys who are head over heels decide they like that feeling and really give her a taste of victimhood by trading her in on a younger model and she’ll be wishing for ol’ rock steady Young Oh and —

      Oh. Wait. *ahem* *cough* *slaps self back to reality*

      Nevermind. *I’m okay. Really*



      • kjtamuser says:

        I agree that Min Jae isn’t a victim here. She was in a relationship with YO. Per the flashback in episode 6, she found out the truth about YO and stayed in the relationship, though I imagine her outlook and goals for the relationship changed at that point.

        Min Jae was a victim when her boss the professor used Min Jae’s research over the years, removed her name on the paper she helped write, and chose the other candidate.


        • Beez says:

          Exactly! But then she turned around and victimized someone else, who trusted her.

          More and more,I think this show is asking if most people aren’t sociopaths. Jin Sung is about the only character that might not be.


          • kjtamuser says:

            I agree that the writer seems to be pointing out that everyone that complains about YO’s issues have their own set of issues that are as troublesome but without a stigma in society.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Right now I’d say that I could not fall in love with someone that could not empathize. Caring for the well being of those you love, sensing / empathizing at what they are going through, is crucial. You need to be able to do that for those you love, and you need it in return. If you don’t get it, then your well being is being short changed.


  7. Jane Tilly says:

    In Kdramaland you see so many M&A marriages that don’t have love, that having a loveless marriage with someone who tries to accommodate you doesn’t seem like such a bad thing—but a psychopath…hmm…but he is sooo fine…Oh. Wait. *ahem* *cough* *slaps self back to reality*

    Oh course, it would be ideal to have the head over heel + rock steady. That kind of relationship has been elusive for me—but I know it is possible—I know several women who have those kinds of marriages.


    • Beez says:

      JT, everytime I thought a knew a perfect couple, it eventually imploded into “WHAT? HE/SHE DID WHAAAAT? I didn’t know she/he would do such a thing!”

      Which usually involved cheating.

      I’ve only known a handful of people who had the real thing. I’m talking 50 years plus.

      Can we Joan Rivers’ talk here?: Those few couples were all virgins when they got married. My GUESS is when you’ve nothing to compare it to, sex with your one and only is like Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream. You don’t know there’s Chocolate Chocolate Chip Vanilla Oreo Butter Pecan Hagan Daaz waiting to add stinky Moose Tracks and muck up your smooth relationship into a Rocky Road.*shrugs at me corny-cheesiness but y’all should know me by now*

      One thing I know for SURE about those couples,they were always courteous and polite to each other.

      I can remember my aunt (who she and my uncle lived upstairs from us so if it had been a fake front, we would’ve heard it through the pipes) – but my aunt telling me and her grandkids who were visiting us, that she never passed gas in front of my uncle…EVER. And we tweens died laughing right in her face! *excuse me while I ROTFL as I reminisce*

      Well, the laugh’s on us because SHE’s the one that had the 75-year-plus marriage until death (and we all have had the moose track laden rocky roads). And as soon as she died, he left a few months later although nothing was wrong with his health. A true love story.

      But they were so polite, courteous,considerate and playful with each other. It was beautiful.

      Anyway, I’ve noticed the same pattern of courtesy (not to the extreme if no farting) with the very few successful couples that I know.

      Unfortunately, courtesy is a lost art, in general.


      • kjtamuser says:

        You lay out an interesting point. Courtesy and Kindness are important in relationships, with significant others, with family, with friends, etc. I agree that Courtesy does seem like an lost art. But Kindness is crucial too. You can be courteous but not really care. Kindness shows you care. That’s why I put Courtesy and Kindness together.


        • Beez says:

          Good point. I guess that’s why Min Jae couldn’t accept Young Oh – no true kindness.

          Part of me feels like “Good riddance. Good thing he found out about her character now.” Another part wonders, is she really a bad person or just a stupid one who thought “it doesn’t matter what I do to him because he won’t feel hurt by it”. So maybe she wouldn’t have done this to someone considered normal?

          (Not that I think it’s acceptable behavior for any reason. Just wondering what she was thinking. I hope the show goes deep enough to tell us.)


    • kjtamuser says:

      Compelling men are just that…compelling..they can be good, bad, or in between…and if you are willing to take the risk you’ll jump in.

      “head over heel + rock steady”…difficult to find and maintain…but those that have kind of relationship are lucky.


  8. Jane Tilly says:

    I agree courtesy is an almost lost art that needs to be cultivated in our society. Sounds like your aunt and uncle had a true love story ❤ ! Glad you got to reminisce AND roll on the floor! 😛

    I do believe my happily married friends/family members probably have not had any comparisons. Fidelity is vital for a successful marriage! My parents had true love story too. They were very courteous and sweet with each other…they remained happily married for over 55 years when my mom died. My other happily married friends and family members have been going strong for 20-30+ years.


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