Boy Sitter Episode 15 (Final) Recap

Boy Sitter: Episode 15 (Final):  Jian Ren needs to several nudges to pursue what he wants. Xian Ren and Hao Ren are integral to our couple having a chance. Yuan Fei makes the final decision. In the end, happiness ensues.

Divorced and still in love with each other, Wen Hua and Mei Lin, are well into their pregnancy. Wen Hua wants to marry but Mei Lin hestitates. His mother has been unkind to her in the past, primarily over the difficulties they had getting pregnant. His mother at their apartment making dinner and tells them she will no longer be an obstacle. She hands the key to the apartment back to them. She declares she will engage them when they approve it is. Mei Lin is surprised and invites her to help her get things ready for their wedding! Two sage points made by Wen Hua “we have to lose something to treasure it” and regarding Jian Ren “everyone is awake and living but you.”

Dia Bo texts Jian Ren (River Huang He). Darling texts but Jian Ren will not text back, honoring his promise to Hao Ran to stay out of Dia Bo’s life.

Dia Bo calls and Jian Ren answers concerned something may be wrong. What’s wrong Yuan Fei’s mother informs him, is that Dia Bo is adamant that he will visit Uncle Ren at his office if he does not visit Dia Bo at home. Jian Ren relents says he will stop by after work.

When he arrives Dia Bo proudly shows Jian Ren a picture he drew of them watching the meteor shower. The drawing won first place. Dia Bo gives it to Uncle Ren. They are so sweet together.

As Jian Ren prepares to leave Yuan Fei’s mother tells him that Dia Bo knows he loves him. She tells Jian Ren “one step late and you will miss the opportunity.” Jian Ren admits that he forced Yuan Fei to be a single mother because he could not handle getting married. Yuan Fei’s mother notes that Yuan Fei has chosen the path she’s walked. Little do they know that Yuan Fei can hear their conversation on the other side of the door. Just as Yuan Fei’s mother asks Jian Ren what his heart wants, Yuan Fei (Annie Chen) enters. Jian Ren explains he stopped by for the drawing Dia Bo called him about. He leaves quickly leaving his briefcase behind.

bs_ep15_5a bs_ep15_5b
Yuan Fei steps outside and thanks Jian Ren for giving her Dia Bo. Jian Ren wishes her happiness in her marriage.

Dia Bo finds Jian Ren’s briefcase. He pulls out the laptop and is surprised to see the screen saver is his picture. He happens to open the journal that Jian Ren has been writing for Dia Bo. He can’t read but he recognizes his name and his pictures sprinkled throughout the journal. Yuan Fei finds Dia Bo looking at the journal. She sends him off and peruses the journal herself. It is a lovely journal. She is touched. She frets why did Jian Ren change now?

Yuan Fei’s mother finds her crying. Yuan Fei explans that Jian Ren cares for his son. Yuan Fei knows that Hao Ran cares for Dia Bo too. Her mother asks her which caring man does she want? Yuan Fei can only cry. Her mother says she will support Yuan Fei’s decision no matter what it is.

bs_ep15_7b bs_ep15_7a
Yuan Fei resolves to find out how Jian Ren really feels about her. To that end she finds him in the office the next day and starts to discuss it. Ring, ring, Xiao Ren calls from America. Jian Ren briefly speaks to her. Yuan Fei realizes that Jian Ren is not available. He is committed to waiting for Xiao Ren’s return. When he gets off the phone, Yuan Fei tells him not to worry and leaves. She thinks “Let’s leave it like it is. We don’t have fate on our side”.

bs_ep15_8b bs_ep15_8a
Xiao Ren returns from America, all grown up. The pig tails and braids are gone. She surprises Jian Ren who is happy to see her. She displays some confidence and sass when she talks to Jian Ren. I like the change.

When Hao Ran (Sia Melvin) visits Yuan Fei and Dia Bo at their house. Dia Bo tells Hao Ran that Jian Ren came over yesterday and his mother cried after he left. Hao Ran is not happy with this news. Yuan Fei wonders why Jian Ren continues to withdraw from Dia Bo.

Hao Ran: I was the one that wanted him to give up. Dia Bo needs one father. That is me.
Yuan Fei: Why did you do that? The only reason why I did not tell Dia Bo earlier is because Jian Ren did not want to be his father. But now he sincerely loves Dia Bo. I do not have the right to end their relationship. Dia Bo has the right to know who his biological father is.
Hao Ran: Do you want Dia Bo to question why he has two fathers? Why he cannot live with his biological father? Do you want me to be an outsider while living with Dia Bo?
Yuan Fei: What are you talking about? Do you want Dia Bo to think you are his biological father?
Hao Ran: That’s correct. This way we will be a real family.
Yuan Fei: What are you talking about? Even if you trick Dia Bo when he is young, that will not guarantee that he won’t find out. You are only thinking about the present, but what about the future? Do you intend to trick Dia Bo for his entire life?
Hao Ran: When Dia Bo grows up, we would be father and son. Then if he finds out, he would not be hurt.
Yuan Fei: You are only thinking about Dia Bo. What about Jian Ren? He is the biological father but he has to act like a stranger.

bs_ep15_8g bs_ep15_8ibs_ep15_8h
Hao Ran: Why do I only think about Dia Bo while you think about Jian Ren? I am a man. For marriage and love, I had to write a contract. Why? Because I want to hide my fear. I am afraid you will never forget about Jian Ren for your entire life! To trick you, I tricked myself. That contract made me feel superior. I control everything. But it is the opposite. I am controlled by you. Everything I have done is to have you in my life. I treated Dia Bo as if he were my own. I roll with you passions and emotions. I don’t want you to see Jian Ren. I don’t want you to cry another tear over him. It makes me sad. I fear he will hurt you again. I want to blast him to outer space and separate you two.
Yuan Fei: (stunned at his admission) Hao Ran…
Hao Ran: I’m a joke. I’m a child. I don’t want you to see me like this. How jealous I am is how weak I am. How weak I am is how much I love you. When you can stop looking at Jian Ren and only look at me?

Hao Ran leaves.

Terrific conversation! That is the most honest Hao Ran has ever been. Funny that he feels weakened by love but I see strength in his honesty. His question “can you look only at me?” was perfect.

Yuan Fei and Dia Bo search for Hao Ran to apologize but he is not home or at the office.

bs_ep15_9b bs_ep15_9a
Jian Ren meets Xiao Ren for coffee. She tells him she’s met another man who is kind and caring and loves her. She apologizes for wavering but her loneless overwhelmed her and she fell in love. The man, Johnny, meets Jian Ren who tells him to take good care of Xiao Ren. She cries on Johnny’s shoulder at how gracious Jian Ren is.

Dia Bo is tired and Yuan Fei takes him home frustrated they could not find Hao Ren. When they arrive home Hao Ran is waiting on the porch. He takes the sleeping Dia Bo and Yuan Fei gives him a back hug. It is a 3 person family back hug! Yuan Fei tells Hao Ran she is touched by his honesty. She asks for just a little more time. Hao Ran agrees. He tells her once they are married “she must only look at him.”


Wen Hua’s cool brother, Weng Quig, meets Xiao Ren. He tells her what she did, freeing Jian Ren, was impressive. She thanks him for being her eyes while she was overseas. Weng Quig tells her before she left for American she was clingy and annoying. She changed and he is impressed and respects her. Showing some moxy, Xiao Ren playfully declares “I am cute aren’t I?”

It’s wedding day!

Both Wen Hua and Mei Lin call Jian Ren asking him to attend the wedding but he refuses. “Clown couple is annoying me” Jian Ren declares. LOL! He opens the door to his apartment surprised to see who ever is on the other side of the door.

Yuan Fei looks beautiful in her wedding gown. Yuan Fei’s mother tells Hao Ran and Yuan Fei that marriage is yielding and forgiveness.

bs_ep15_12b bs_ep15_12c
Xiao Ren tells Jian Ren to get the woman he loves.

At the outside ceremony, several speeches are made before the ceremony. Mei Len even pretends to go into labor hoping Jian Ren will show.

As Wen Hua carries Mei Lin away, Jian Ren appears at the stop of the steps! He makes a speech about his feelings about commitment. His parents had a bad marriage and this warped his thinking about love. He thought of love as a heavy yoke. He admits he was not brave enough to commitment to Yuan Fei in the past.

He knows he has lost his chance with her. His chance to be a husband to her and father to his cute son. He has not been brave in the past. But now he will be brave. He tells Yuan Fei that he loves her. He wants her happiness. Her tells Yuan Fei good bye. He leaves.

Hao Ran tenderly wipes Yuan Fei’s eyes. She is crying. He tell her this is her last chance to bail before they wed. He sweetly tells her “I want your happiness without any regrets.”

The last scene…
A ring is slipped on Yuan Fei’s hand. It is Jian Ren who is marrying Yuan Fei. A ring is slippped on Jian Ren’s hand.  Yuan Fei’s voiceover “As long as you aren’t stuck in regret, you can walk closer to happiness. That is the right decision.”

bs_ep15_15e bs_ep15_15f bs_ep15_15g
They kiss. They are man and wife!

bs_ep15_15h bs_ep15_15i bs_ep15_15j bs_ep15_15m
Hao Ran watches them marry. Yuan Fei’s voiceover “Hao Ran, the man I almost fell in love with, he made he successful. I thank him.”


* Decent last episode. Hao Ran was the standout performer. He was honest, mature, and gave our couple a final opportunity to get it right. Xiao Ren was also integral to our couple having an opportunity to get it right. I was impressed when she broke up with Jian Ren because it was the best thing for Jian Ren. I liked that Xio Ren evolved to a better place by the end of the series. Jian Ren took his sweet time about declaring his feelings for Yuan Fei. Hao Ran and Yuan Fei showed the most chemistry in this last episode. You could almost see them making it work. But there was never any doubt that Yuan Fei and Jian Ren loved each other. To their credit, Yuan Fei tried to make it work with Hao Ran. Jian Ren did not interfer while they were engaged, showing honor.
* Jian Ren offered an explanation why he hates marriage.  Jian Ren stated his parent’s mess of a marriage made him unable to see marriage as anything other than a trap. Jian Ren has wonderful interactions with Dia Bo. Cute kid! His honesty with Yuan Fei’s mother was nice to see.
* Yuan Fei almost married Hao Ran but Jian Ren declared his feelings in the nick of time. She still had the final choice – Jian Ren or Hao Ran? While Hao Ran was the most appealing this episode, there was no doubt that Jian Ren was the man for Yuan Fei. Now Dia Bo has the father he’s always wanted. She looked beautiful in the wedding dress.
* Hao Ran surprised me with how gracious and honest he was.  His honest conversation with Yuan Fei where he admitted he felt weak because of his love for her – awesome! That he gave Yuan Fei one more chance to pick Jian Ren – impressive! He was the standout performer of this episode.

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2 comments on “Boy Sitter Episode 15 (Final) Recap
  1. Britt says:

    Oh boy… what can I say about this show… whew. At least its finally over. I feel like this show was so disjointed. It started out with a normal premise, a woman has a child with her ex and returns to try and win him back. Well that fails because of her lies and silly games. Even though he wanted to be with her and would have if she had just spoken to him. So she lost him for no reason at all. Xiao Ren was nothing more then a device to keep the two apart. She was petty and insecure who had no original ideas or feelings other than make Jiao Ren love her. Honestly she was pathetic. Then she had a sudden lobotomy and decided oh yeah I have ideas outside of being a puppet for a man, oh never mind you can be with the mother of your child even though I kept you two apart for over a year because I’m selfish. Same with Wen Hua’s mother. She served no purpose other than to separate Mei Lin and her husband because of a baby. But everything is suddenly okay since Mei Lin gets pregnant. Its so irritating that mid series all the character except Jian Ren and Yuan Fei had complete personality changes for no reason other than to wrap up the story. I also don’t like that she leaves Hao Ren at the altar for Jian Ren. Declaring your love for someone at their wedding is not romantic. Its disrespectful and tacky. He had over a year to come to terms with his feelings and say he loved her and wanted her. The fact that he was come to her wedding and say no wait I love you be with me is so childish. Yuan Fei also should not have gone through with the wedding if she knew she was still in love with Jian Ren. If she couldn’t be a committed wife then she shouldn’t get married. I’m so disappointed in this show. The actors are so talented but they had nothing to work with but crappy dialogue and a crazy story.


    • kjtamuser says:

      You make plenty of points with merit. Disjointed it the perfect word. I was surprised that the person I felt for in the end of the series was Hao Ran! He did get the short end of the stick in the final episode. Jian Ren’s rationale for rejecting marriage because his parents had a bad one, was too pat.
      In the end, this drama focused on two attractive leads with nice hair and a darling kid. They loved each other but couldn’t admit it until someone handed them the opportunity on a silver platter.


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