Vampire Prosecutor Episode 8 Recap

EPISODE 8: “Moon”

This episode’s murder had some interesting twists with a resolution that was almost too pat.

What interested me were the interactions between our CSI team.

Detective Soon Bum interviews the art supply owner.  He tells Soon Bum that his brains are chaotic like an intersection without a traffic signal. He goes on to say he’ll explain his point so a signal free person like Soon Bum can understand. The art supply owner has the credit card receipts of the suspect Mrs. Kim much to relief of Soon Bum who kisses the art supply owner on the check with joy. The art supply owner quips that the detective should come out of the closet.

Liked how Vampire Prosecutor had unexpected backup from Jung In and admired how she disabled a thug with a knife.

Vampire Prosecutor later asks Jung In how she had gangster access (she went to her previously unseen gangster dad for help locating the suspect). She retorts she tell her secrets when he tells his – touche!

Everyone meets for a drink at club Lion (vampire bar) where our drinking buddy vampire Mr La listens to Soon Bum explain to Jung In the art of 2 cars capturing another car. Vampire Prosecutor joins telling them do not do that or something could happen that you can never undo (he remembers his car chase that ended with being turned into a vampire).

v84 v85
The prosecutor Yoon Ji Hee that bested him in episode 4 calls him from a pay phone frantic that she is being hunted like the others. It looks like the big bad vampire may be ready to accost her at the end of the episode. If so, then the good news is drinking buddy vampire Mr La is in the bar so the big bad vampire is NOT him.

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