I Hear Your Voice Episode 8 Recap

EPISODE 8: “For whom is this life”
I didn’t want to watch this episode. I have been putting it off. Why? Because at the end of the last episode murder seemed the only conclusion for Hye Sung’s devoted and forthright mom. I figured this episode would put me through an emotional wringer.
I was afraid that I’d be right that…

* Hye Sung’s Mom was indeed murdered – correct
* Mom Murderer would have some sob story to get people to believe he wasn’t a murderer – correct
* Mom Murderer would enjoy mentally torturing Hye Sung and Su Ha – correct
* Hye Sung would do something ethically wrong to get revenge on Mom Murderer – not as bad as I thought
* Mom Murderer would be acquitted – looks like it will go that way
* Su Ha would garner justice for Hye Sung, even if it means throwing away his own life – it might go that way

But this episode gave me more and had balance among the angst:

* Su Ha sharing Hye Sung’s Mom’s last phone call and confirming she was murdered, awful for Hye Sung to know the truth but better not always wondering what really happened. It was a powerful scene when she finally cried knowing the truth and Su Ha shared her pain.
* Kwan Woo forced to represent Mom Murderer was cruel but effective. He did an great job for his client all the while knowing he was shredding Hye Sung’s heart.
* Hye Sung blaming Su Ha because of her being a witness against Mom Murderer ten years ago. Good storytelling having Su Ha’s father and Hye Sung’s mother both murdered by the same man –  that’s a shared experience no one would want.
* I liked Hye Sung’s rant to Lawyer Shin that victims have no voice, an excellent point and indictment of a justice system.
* I hated that she lied admitting about the fireworks incident was her fault to get help putting Mom Murderer away. Unfortunately that help will likely be insufficient.
* Su Ha prepping and fixing things in Hye Sung’s apartment before he left (moved out) was touching. So when Su Ha is not there, he’s still caring for her.
* Su Ha finally getting to go the aquarium, 4th time is the charm.
* Su Ha telling Hye Sung to reach out to Kwan Woo because she really likes him. Another example of Su Ha putting her needs first.
* Su Ha planting a kiss on Hye Sung to let her know his feeling for her before leaving

I Hear Your Voice
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