I Hear Your Voice Episode 12 Recap

EPISODE 12: “A study in memory”
I keep thinking that I Hear Your Voice is the little show that can: be romantic, be suspenseful, be touching. Episode 12 titled “A study in memory” is a turning point for Su Ha, our resident amnesiac.

What I liked about this episode:
* Hye Sung likes Su Ha but she’s keeping it to herself, telling herself that once he gets his memory back, he is out of her life. But she can not stop helping Su Ha. Hye Sung turns to Kwan Woo requesting that he be Su Ha’s lawyer. Hye Sung is sensitive enough to know she’s asking a big favor of Kwan Woo. But she must ask, for she knows Kwan Woo is the best lawyer to represent Su Ha. Kwan Woo, ever the gentleman, agrees to take the case hoping Hye Sung will get over her obsession with Su Ha. Nice touch when Kwan Woo reads the original Mom Murderer trial transcripts and imagines himself in the courtroom as Hye Sung makes her declaration and Su Ha’s adoration began.
* Lawyer Shin trying Hye Sung’s think things through in the revolving door technique. It didn’t work, poor man got dizzy. Hye Sung saying “Hey, that’s my thing” (using the revolving door to ponder and sort problems out).
* Su Ha faithfully writing down everything he remembers on sticky notes to organize his past. As a personal fan of sticky notes I was digging it.
ep12_7 ep12_6
* The drinking dinner at the outside cafe. It was great to see our controlled lady lawyers pound some soju and loosen up – a bit. They both admitted past mistakes and their connection to each other. It was a well done scene weaving flashbacks we’d seen before but with new insights. Like the flashback of frenemy Do Yeon’s father revealing that he knew his daughter was lying years ago. Or the flashback that Hye Won had lied about the murder scene photo on her cell phone that had elicited Mom Murder’s outrage and confession. Do Yeon’s father and Hye Sung discussing the blurry cell phone murder scene photo that he called “shooting him with a blank”. Those were brilliant bits of new info.
* Kwan Woo and frenemy Do Yeon both determining the Mom Murder is alive and the case against Su Ha must be dropped. Mom Murderer strikes again killing fruit stand lady.
* Finally Su Ha’s poor head practically exploded as he remembered EVERYTHING, his past, that he did NOT kill Mom Murderer but walked away from the temptation, that Mom Murderer told him Su Ha’s father killed his wife (if true that is a big reveal), his love for Su Ha, and his telepathy returned as well. And what concerned him in that moment? That Hye Sung was in danger because Mom Murderer isn’t dead. On the flip side Hye Sung is stoked that Mom Murderer is alive because she was concerned about Su Ha. These two love-struck kids, only concerned for other. We end the episode with the awesome back hug. That particular scene is the image that Viki displays on my Chromecast before I cast Viki shows to my TV. I’ve wondered when I’d see the episode with this “iconic” image. It was a nice moment and great ending to this episode.

I Hear Your Voice
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