I Hear Your Voice Episode 10 Recap

EPISODE 10: “Why am I lost searching for painful memories”
This episode showcased the strengths of the show…characters that care for each other, work to do the right thing, and mesh together beautifully due to a rich story.

What I liked about Episode 10:
* Hye Sung fights for Su Ha‘s rights at the police station and his freedom in preparing for the trial. Su Ha wonders who she is and why does she fight for him with this passion? Why does she care about him?
* Our paraglegal was sneaky getting Kwan Woo to return to practicing law and to be Hye Sung’s co-counsel by hiking with him and casually discussing the case making Kwan Woo want to help Hye Sung. He even brought a large stack of material in his backpack. No wonder he was winded. Paralegal’s joy when Kwan Woo returned to the office was darling.
* The gang is back and working together on Su Ha’s defense. Great to see Lawyer Shin, Kwan Woo, and Hye Sung stragegise, brain storm, and prepare for this trial like a team. You are reminded that all three of them are good lawyers and co-workers like this make the day go better. Kwan Woo and Hye Sung do have chemistry but you can clearly see she is not into Kwan Woo romantically though he hopes after the trial she will consider restarting their romantic relationship.
* Frenemy, Choong Ki, visits Su Ha in the jail, bringing his diary thinking it might jog his memory. So cute when the guard won’t let Su Ha have the diary so Choong Ki has to read it so him. And since visits only last 10 minutes, Choong Ki has to come back everyday to read more of the diary to him. Sung Bin is NOT happy when she cannot visit Su Ha who can only have 1 visitor a day and Choong Ki is taking that slot. Sung Bin is looking fabulous with her hair and clothes. Choong Ki tells her to get over Su Ha, who is not that into her. Sung Bin tells him she KNOWS Su Ha does not think of her romantically. I believe I just saw an opportunity for Choong Ki to pursue Sung Bin romantically. Will he take it?
* Frenemy, Do Yeon, visits Hye Sung at the office and offers a deal. Plead guilty and 10 years will be the sentence OR take your chances a trial where the minimum sentence will be 20 years. Do Yeon is open with Hye Sung that she feels guilty about Mom Murdered being acquitted. Loved how Lawyer Shin eavesdropped on their conference by listening at the door. Hye Sung balked when Lawyer Shin advised her that during the jury trial she would need to compliment the prosecutor. During the trial when Hye Sung politely praised Do Yeon and you could practically see both women mentally cringing.
* Su Ha starts to get flashbacks of the night in the fishing spot with Mom Murderer. It shakes him up but he does not tell any one he was starting to remember. One good memory returned to Su Ha…when he kissed Hye Sung at the aquarium.
* Kwan Woo and Hye Sung turn the trial on its ear by suggesting that Mom Murderer is alive NOT dead and has framed Su Ha. Can they prove it?

I Hear Your Voice
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