Would I Date Him? Another Miss Oh

This time on Would I Date Him? I reflect upon the leading man of Another Miss Oh. Full disclosure, I’m an Eric fan. I will watch a drama because Eric is in it. I’m not commenting on Eric, I’m commenting on the character he portrays.

Our candidate:
Park Do Kyung portrayed by Eric from the series Another Miss Oh.

His Background: Sound Expert. He’s withdrawn from emotional entanglements because he was jilted at the alter by his finance named Oh Hae Young. When he hears Oh Hae Young is remarrying, he asks a powerful man to destroy her finance. When Do Kyung learns the destroyed couple did NOT include his Oh Hae Young, he realizes the revenge was on two people that did not deserve it. Add this tidbit…Do Kyung is having premonitions that center around a woman. Who is the woman in his premonitions? Oh Hae Young, from the wrongly destroyed couple who has the same name as his former finance, which led to the mix-up.

Pluses: Passionate and Loyal to his family/friends. Once Do Kyung decided that Oh Hae Young was the woman he was wanted, he went after her. Who wouldn’t want to be kidnapped from their desk job for a road trip? This couple had ups and downs, but Do Kyung proved himself worthy. Oh Hae Young was like a moth to Do Kyung’s flame. Do Kyung’s passion was demonstrated in deep hugs and fabulous kisses.

Minuses:  Afraid of commitment, he hurt our leading lady while he sorted this out. Initially Do Kyung did NOT want to get involved but his premonitions about and the unrelenting force of Oh Hae Young could not be ignored. Even so, he hurt her heart when he pulled her to him then pushed her away. Also his family and friends did not have much appeal.

Would I date him? Yes. Do Kyung ticks all the boxes of an appealing man to date – good looks, kind & passionate heart and intelligence. I would be remiss if I did not mention…he does have a killer smile!

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7 comments on “Would I Date Him? Another Miss Oh
  1. hariaharia says:

    Would you really date Park Do-kyung even with Eric’s looks? This is a remarkable feat indeed!
    The man had more issues than the usual heroes in dramaland. His family was the bigger one as far as I’m concerned. He lost his ability to connect with people at a very young age, after that hideous accident of his father and his mother’s embarrassing behavior. The rest of his siblings also suffered throughout their adult lives which indicates that this particular family was far too dysfunctional.
    Hae-young may have had the “remedy” but she was probably the only one since she dominated his premonitions as well as his private space.
    Would I date a good-looking, smart PDK that looks like Eric? Sure, for a couple of times.
    Would I stick around to heal his emotional wounds, his family relationships and so on? I don’t think so! Too much drama comes along with this man (and a makjang daily one on the top of everything else, lol)…


    • kjtamuser says:

      I have the benefit of asking if I would date him AFTER he’s transformed and conquered his demons. I agree his family is not optimal, most notably his mother who is self-centered to a frightening degree. At the end of the drama Do Kyung was all-in with Hae Young, supporting her while they faced their families together and building a life together, accepting each other and their family baggage. Plus his heart was kind to Hae Young. Kindness gets me everytime. So yes, I’d date him.

      Good to hear from you hariaharia. I still love your Gravatar image.

      Liked by 1 person

      • hariaharia says:

        The “benefit of asking” cracked me up! That’s a good one, LOL…
        I tend to stay away from people who seem to belong to the Psychiatrist’s couch IRL however charming they may look. On the other hand, I admit this particular “virtue” is what makes a novel’s or a drama’s character so appealing. And yes, DK’s kindness under his façade is simply irresistible.
        So, I get it, girlfriend 😉
        August usually is my leisure time and I get to check often my favorite blog.
        Both my Gravatar and I thank you for your on-going love, cara . That’s mutual *waving*


        • kjtamuser says:

          Understand about the caution with the Psychiatrist’s couch, but I tend to think those that ask for help handle things better than those that don’t. Look at DK versus the rest of his family.

          Waving back at you.😃


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    I would date him in a heartbeat! His mother (and siblings to a lesser degree) would be an issue for a long term relationship. Our Hae Young would be a bigger issue–I don’t think that girl will EVER let him go!


  3. Sahara says:

    Park Do Kyung is a rare character in drama land. He’s kinda super introvert but actually really caring and sweet. Despite his good looks, he’s dependable (see how he becomes a shoulder for his family). And he has this cool aura that makes me understand why Oh Hae Young so crazy about him. And the guy knows how to kiss. Well, it’s Eric but still, he knows how to satisfy his lady that’s why Oh Hae Young can’t wait to spend night with him lol.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Sahara, I agree with every one of you points. I was thinking about this couple today and musing how refreshing they were and what an interesting story the writer told. And Eric…what can I say…anything he’s in I’ll watch.


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