Oh My Venus Episode 5 Recap

Our couple edges towards physical awareness of each other…let’s enjoy it!

Oh My Venus Episode 5 Recap

In our leading lady’s apartment, the doorbell rings. Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) asks who it is but gets no response. She opens the front door. It’s creepy guy. He enters and tells her not to be afraid. Too late for that! He tosses the umbrella she holds up and it wedges the door open. He thinks she knows him. She’s clueless and afraid. She utters her magic phrase to summon Young Ho “please save me”. Like a genie from a bottle, Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub), our leading man, bursts into the apartment. Young Ho makes sure Joo Eun is okay then punches the guy. As Young Ho leads Joo Eun to his car, Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon) is in his car watching. Hmm, seems like Woo Sik can’t let go of Joo Eun. Former friend now annoying enemy Oh Soo Jin (Yu In Young) sits and waits in vain for Woo Sik. I have no sympathy for her.




At the police station, Joo Eun gets no sympathy. The police rudely ask “How could someone that looks like you have a stalker?” It is her word against his. She tells the police they are being harsh with the victim (her) not the criminal (him). Frustrated she leaves. Young Ho leaves with her equally frustrated. She tells him without solid proof, the stalker will only get a fine or citation. Woo Sik watches Young Ho drive Joo Eun away. Hmm, he followed them to police station, that is more than casual interest. Joo Eun lies to Young Ho to drop her off at a friend’s house. She then proceeds to a motel. Young Ho stops her before she can check in. He says he may regret it but he can’t let her stay in an impersonal motel room. He takes her to his place provides a spare bedroom. Joo Eun astutely notes that Young Ho likes to save folks and she’s kept him busy lately. It’s sweet the bedding is from his own bed.

Oh no, Young Ho’s knee is hurting. In flashback we see him running up the stairs to her apartment and in the scuffle with the stalker it was twisted.


The next morning boxer Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon) and his manager Kim Ji Wong (Henry) are surprised Joo Eun is there. She grouses a bit at the healthy lite meal offered. They don’t believe her phone’s wallpaper image of herself when she was young is really Joo Eun.

Knee still hurting, Young Ho calls Manager Min. Immediately concerned, Manager Min tells Young Ho he’ll arrange an appointment with the doctor.


Flashback of Joo Eun setting Soo Jin with a college boy. The boy is mean to her and claims the setup was done because Joo Eun pities Soo Jin. She believes those lies. In the present day, Soo Jin flexes her managerial muscle and forces Joo Eun to take a case she does not want. I have to laugh when Joo Eun stands by the plant Ji Wong got her to provide “fresh air”.



Joon Sung is planning to compete in a weight class that will provide stiff competition rather than the weight class he actually falls into with limited competition. Commercial actress Yi Jin visits Joon Sung after his match. I have to laugh when Ji Wong recognizes her even with the big sunglasses. Joon Sung has agreed to the commercial but is donating his salary to charity. When Joon Sung tells her that she doesn’t interest him, she asks if he is gay.


Young Ho’s mother, her brother and Young Ho’s younger brother have lunch. Young Ho’s father is noticeably absent. Manager Min shows for dinner with Young Ho. He leaves as he was expecting his blind date. He ends up at the same coffee place that Joo Eun is at. I have to laugh when she notes he gets flowers from someone and she gets flowers from a stalker. He takes her to meet his ideal woman, buff tough fighter. Joo Eun suits up to spar. He want to teach her self-defense in the form of jiu jitsu. Ah, that is sweet! He has her try and attack him. It happens, the unexpected kiss when she falls onto his lips. Kdrama staple, the “accidental kiss”. Joo Eun flips her over and he straddles her. Goodness, he is yummy. He tells her that was too much physical contact and this is her first warning. He has her tighten her legs around him. He tells her to release him and she pitches him forward into her. They stare into each others eyes. She gets flustered. He calmly tells her to release him.

In the car he tells her that strong women are sexy. He asks if she wants to know his ideal type because of their kiss. She steers the conversation away from the kiss. She states that she lost some weight. He calls her Veunus. He can do no wrong in my book!

In bed, she thinks about their kiss.

In bed, he thinks about their kiss.


The next morning Young Ho and Manager Min go to see the doctor. I enjoy their bantering about flowers.


Joo Eun frets the Young Ho may have gone to America. When he calls her she lies she is drinking wine. He turns on video chat and can see she’s working out. They banter about missing each other and having feelings for each other. He wants her to make a video of her exercising. She wonders if he is in America to see his former girlfriend. He is evasive and hangs up. He’ll be gone several days.

He is actually in a hospital room. The doctor will arrive tomorrow per Manager Min.


Young Ho has an MRI the next morning. Later he watches the video of Joo Eun working out. He goes through stress tests. He enjoys watching her workout video. The doctor tells Young Ho and Manager Min that he is ok. Young Ho is relieved and tears comes to his eyes. Manager Min is visibly relieved too. Gosh, I’m happy about that as well. Flashback to the trauma of the childhood surgeries. The doctor tells him the pain and fear is in his head not in his knee. The doctor complements him on his rehabilitation and knockout body. Young Ho wants to rest after the stress of the day. Manager Min takes him to a hotel. Young Ho texts Joo Eun her workout routine and crashes in the bed. Manager Min brings him food and a flower. Ok, I’m kind crushing on Manager Min. The next evening when Manager Min brings food again, Young Ho tucks a flower in his jacket pocket. These two are darling.


screenshot_2015-11-30-21-46-09.pngYoung Ho drives to where Joo Eun is working out. Her back is to him. She’s balancing on one foot. When he speaks, he startles her and she falls into him. He looks at Joo Eun. No glasses and she’s lost weight. He stares at her. He sees her dimple. He touches is gently and says he hasn’t seen this before.

My Thoughts

* Our couple started to notice each other. The accidental kiss was a standard kdrama tactic and done ok. The best part was the moment after the kiss when he flipped her to the ground and he straddled her. When she pushed him into her…yep…there was some heat between them.
* Joo Eun working hard and the payoff is starting. I was a bit disappointed that stalker guy got off easily. As a lawyer she knew that there was little to be done, but the fact that she walked away so easily bugged me. She’s pragmatic and realized it was hopeless. This may be more my issue, the sequence of events. Woo Sik took the direct approach and told stalker to back off. He was convincing. The best part about Joo Eun is that she is earnest and straightforward (though she does pull back when she feels uncomfortable). She’s not playing games. I like that quite a bit. I’m still not interested in her brother or friend.
Soo Jin – I don’t care about Soo Jin. She’s angry about the past and bothers Joo Eun in the present. She’s jealous of Woo Sik’s continued attention of Joo Eun.
* Young Ho is the glue of this show. Love his relationship with Manager Min who has been father like support for Young Ho for many years. Their mutual relief when the doctor told him the knee was fine was lovely. His chemistry with Joo Eun is growing. He is the driver in their relationship as he has the power. But does he? As he is drawn more and more to Joo Eun, will the balance of power shift? Good thing I enjoy watching him because he’s the center of the show. A lesser actor would not have the same impact So Ji Sub does.
* Joon Sung and Ji Wong are fun to watch. I liked that Joon Sung agreed to make the commercial with the starlet then donated his salary much to her irritation. I’m not sure she’s interesting, but since she’s interacting with Joon Sung, I’m watching. It bears repeating, Ji Wong is the perfect funny man for this show.

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5 comments on “Oh My Venus Episode 5 Recap
  1. NN says:

    Thanks again for the speedy recap. Always look forward to reading your posts after watching the latest episode. I like how supporting characters like Joon Sung are not one dimensional and also have intriguing back stories – like why he donated his CF income to a home for unwedded mothers.


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  3. Jane Tilly says:

    There are so many great characters in this drama with great chemistry: Joo Eun & the boys, Young Ho & Joo Eun, Dir. Min & Young Ho, Joon Sung & Ji Woong…oh the bromances!


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