The Merchant Gaekju Episode 17 Recap

Will Bong Sam have to pay for the missing rice with his life?

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 17 Recap


Bong Sam (Jang Hyuk) pushes So Rye (Park Eun Hye) (his sister though he does not know this) away from him. Sung Joo isn’t pleased with the inconsiderate treatment. So Rye asks if he can forgive. Bong Sam’s murky answer is Sung Joo can be killed at any time for stealing the rice and he will die if the 200 bags of stolen rice isn’t returned. But the rice cannot be returned, it has already been distributed to starving people. Bong Sam strides away angry that he’s in a terrible position. So Rye watches her brother go with tears falling down her face.

Sung Joo decides they must find out how much of the rice can be regathered. So Rye promises she’ll make the rice. How?

Trusted Deuk Gae is given the task of buying the rice with the money So Rye gives him.

mg_ep17_2a mg_ep17_2b
Sung Joo wants to know why she’s doing all this to save Bong Sam, who hates her and almost killed her. She’s making retribution. He asks if she’s Bong Sam’s sister. Bingo! She tries to deny it. Does Sung Joo believe her lies?

So Gae (Yu Oh Seong) finds Bong Sam and asks if he found Sung Joo. Bong Sam lies that Sung Joo is not a bandit. So Gae wonders how they can replace the stolen rice within the 4 day window they’ve got. Bong Sam says the rice won’t be found and leaves.

Sung Joo advises So Rye to tell Bong Sam who she is. She begs Sung Joo to let her help Bong Sam behind the scenes. Sung Joo won’t accept her request. Family should not hide from each other. If she doesn’t tell Bong Sam, he will. She frets that Bong Sam will suffer if he learns the truth.

mg_ep17_3a mg_ep17_3b
Bong Sam and Sun Dol ask merchants if rice has been sold to them recently. Sung Joo’s assistant bumps into Bong Sam and hands him a note which asks him to meet and he’ll get the replacement rice.   Gol Dae is thrilled. Sun Dol tells him not to take the rice.  He thinks So Gae, who will inspect the rice, cannot be trusted. Bong Sam, who still is unaware that So Gae is not to be trusted, declares So Gae is a dear friend from youth and completely trustworthy. Dude, you are going to eat those words one day.

They meet the bandits and hope they can get the rice on the boat without the authorities finding out. Bong Sam is rude to So Rye telling her to hide herself. Sung Joo tells Bong Sam that she was the one that bought the rice. Bong Sam mocks her for wanting his apology or thanks. She cries. He tells her to disappear. Sung Joo can’t take it and tells Bong Sam this woman is So Rye his sister. Bong Sam laughs. Impossible. Sung Joo is adamant. So Gae spots So Rye and knows. He changes the plan. They now will kill everyone including the woman. So Gae loves to cross the line, again and again.

mg_ep17_4a mg_ep17_4b mg_ep17_4d
Bong Sam stares at So Rye. He finally sees his sister. He reaches out a hand. Then he turns and sits down. Sung Joo says the siblings need a moment of privacy. So Rye apologizes for abandoning him. She asks him to look at her. They both are crying. They hug. Finally the reunion occurs.

So Gae and his minions get ready to fire on the unsuspecting group. Deuk Gae recognizes the odor of gun powder. Sung Joo sounds the alarm. Run! The guns fire. The pursuit begins. Gol Dae is hit by an arrow in the leg.

mg_ep17_5a mg_ep17_5b
So Gae and his men catch up. He barks that everyone in front of them aligned themselves with bandits and must be killed. Deuk Gae fights the men single handily. That ends with Deuk Gae skewered with arrows and gunshots. Down goes Goodman. I liked Deuk Gae. For a quiet character he had a fierce edge. So Rye screams his name. So Gae, thinks of himself, and orders his men to reengage. The fighting melay begins. Sung Joo drags So Rye away. Bong Sam enters the fray. Sung Joo gets an arrow in his back, but his continues to drag so Rye to safety. Sun Dol watches, So Gae watches, how will the fight turn out?

The next morning So Gae reports to Hak Joon’s brother, Bo Hyun, that the bandits and those that worked with them have been captured. Ok, so the fight did not go Bong Sam’s way. Bo Hyun is pleased.

mg_ep17_6a mg_ep17_6b
The punishment is underway for the 2000 rice bags stolen. Bong Sam counters it was only 200 rice bags. So Gae overrides his claim with the lie that 2000 bags of rice were stolen by the bandits. They are beaten repeatedly to elicit the “truth”.

Everyone wasn’t captured by So Gae and his men. Sung Joo and some of his bandits are breaking camp to flee. It is only a matter of time before they are hunted down. So Rye doesn’t want to leave Bong Sam. Sun Dol arrives and says that Bong Sam and Gol Dae will be put to death soon.

So Gae advises Bong Sam that he had no choice but to steal the 2000 bags. Bo Hyun would kill him otherwise. He lectures Bong Sam that everything in this world can be bought. Their fathers are examples. So Gae is matter of fact. In this fight, I won and you lost. Head Merchant lost and Bo Hyun won. Bong Sam says he perpetuated a fraud. So Gae laughs, much of business is fraud. Bong Sam calls him rotten. So Gae hits him yelling 2000 sacks.

Sun Dol explains that So Gae claims 2000 bags of rice were stolen. Sung Joo realizes So Gae set this all in motion to cover his thievery. So Rye asks Sun Dol if he can ride a horse. She gives the ledger to Sun Dol to give to Bo Hyun. Not sure I’d trust Sun Dol to relay this crucial document, but her choices are slim.

mg_ep17_7b mg_ep17_7a
Bong Sam asks So Gae if he knew who So Rye was when Bong Sam threw her into the river. Is anyone surprised when So Gae lies? He was supposed to marry So Rye. He could never hurt her. Bong Sam vows to kill So Gae if he finds out he is lying. So Gae says this is all Bong Sam’s fault for not reporting Sung Joo when he found him. So Gae declares Bong Sam’s feelings cloud his judgement. Bong Sam repeats that So Gae will die if he is lying about So Rye. So Gae sheds crocodile tears.

The judge is not excited about giving a death sentence until he finds out that Bo Hyun needs a harsh judgement. So Gae promises to extract a confession out of Bong Sam.

The ledgers will prove Bo Hyun’s embezzlement. Sun Dol promises to deliver it so it will stop Bong Sam’s execution.

mg_ep17_8b mg_ep17_8c mg_ep17_8d
The Mead Merchant continues his workouts. So Sa (Han Chae Ah) tells him to slow down. The Head Merchant tells her he has to stay fit for his future son. Bo Hyun appears upset they are in trouble. He claims Bong Sam worked with bandits and stole the rice. So Sa is stunned. The Head Merchant is surprised and not happy. He speaks privately to Bo Hyun. The Head Merchant doesn’t believe Bo Hyun’s words but cannot stop the execution.

So Sa’s maid, Wol, believes Bong Sam is being framed. So Sa believes she must beg for mercy. That is certain death for the baby Wol cautions.

mg_ep17_9a mg_ep17_9b
The Head Merchant is not happy after his conversation with Bo Hyun. He visits So Sa and tells her not to speak without considering the impact of their words. She wants to speak but he leaves without allowing her to.

The Head Merchant surprises Bo Hyun when he recommends that Bong Sam should die.

Mae Wol (aka Gae Dong (Kim Min Jung)) learns that Bong Sam is accused of stealing rice. She can’t believe it.

Bong Sam and Gol Dae refuse to confess to actions they did not commit. The torture continues. So Gae wishes they’d confess, this is taking too long for his liking.

mg_ep17_10a mg_ep17_10b
Gol Dae admits that he is ready to confess so he wants Bong Sam to kill him now. That is surprisingly touching. Bong Sam refuses. Gol Dae can’t hurt others with his confession. Bong Sam promises he won’t die. If you had told me Gol Dae’s tears would get me, I would not have believed it.

mg_ep17_11a mg_ep17_11b
Sun Dol arrives and flings himself at Bo Hyun’s feet. Bo Hyun assumes So Gae sent him. He is stunned when he reads the note that Sung Joo wrote that states his brother Hak Joon’s mistress was Bong Sam’s sister. He is furious that So Rye now threatens him with the embezzlement ledgers. Sun Dol promises the remaining ledgers will be sent to the authorities if Bong Sam dies. Bo Gyun is sick of everyone trying of save Bong Sam. Sun Dol then produces the promissory note (remember the note from long ago?), Hak Joon produced. Sun Dol says that note is the price for Bong Sam’s life.

mg_ep17_12a mg_ep17_12b
Sun Dol and Mae Wol stare at each other. She shakes her head willing him not to recognize her. She finds Bo Byun’s story funny. She tells him that he is slated for good things. He doesn’t believe it. He wants her advice. She advises him to grab the money. Hmm, similar advice that So Rye gave Hak Joon. She believes the Head Merchant will kill Bong Sam. So why not pardon him and take the money? The lure of cash beguiles Bo Hyun.

So Sa is upset. She’s pregnant and in love with Bong Sam who is close to execution. The man that saved her, loved her, and put her in his heart.

Mae Wol is upset and worried about Bong Sam.

Bong Sam wishes So Rye is safe and away from this mess.

At Deuk Gae’s grave marker, So Rye apologizes to her faithful servant. Sung Joo says tonight Bong Sam must confess or die. Sung Joo suggests he turn himself in. So Rye says that won’t work. She decides to meet with So Gae to buy time until Sun Dol returns.

mg_ep17_15a mg_ep17_15b mg_ep17_15c mg_ep17_15d
So Gae tells Bong Sam it is now or never – confess or die. Dangling his friends lives as a lure, So Gae states if Bong Sam confesses he acted alone, the others will not die. So Gae is given the abacus from So Rye. Bong Sam recognizes it. So Gae has Bong Sam dragged away as he yells why did So Rye send this?

mg_ep17_16a mg_ep17_16b mg_ep17_16c mg_ep17_16d
So Gae meets with So Rye. He throws the abacus at her feet. She asks if he wants money. He doesn’t want her money. He thinks if he took that deal he’d die like Hak Joon. She asks if he missed her. So Gae says he doesn’t love her. She claims to miss him and touches his face. So Gae tells her he can’t save Bong Sam. She tells him, they can talk about Bong Sam…later. She kisses him. She hugs him. She prepares to stab him with her her hair pin.

My Thoughts

Our three leads finally understand who is friend and who is foe. Bong Sam finally learned that the woman he tossed off the cliff was his long lost sister. He finally bought a clue that So Gae was only concerned with himself and lying was second nature. So Rye finally confirmed she was Bong Sam’s sister when Sung Joo outed her to Bong Sam. So Gae finally was unmasked to Bong Sam and had So Rye in his arms. So Sa reeled from the news that Bong Sam was accused of a crime whose punishment is likely death. Mae Wol reeled from the news that Bong Sam was accused of a crime whose punishment is likely death.

* Bong Sam learned his trusted brother So Gae could not be trusted. So Gae pulled Bong Sam’s strings until this episode when he saw that So Gae’s professions of honesty and trust worthiness were lies. Bong Sam is willing to kill So Gae for his part in So Rye’s cliff dive. That’s good because So Gae has been willing to kill Bong Sam for most of this series if it meant advancing his own personal agenda. I was glad to see our siblings finally reunite. She cried, he cried, then they were separated as So Gae’s minions attacked to kill.

* So Gae lies without fail when it advances his own agenda.  So Gae is not your typical super evil villain. He’s man on a single cause, advance himself. Ridding himself of obstacles in his path are completely justified. So Rye – expendable. Bong Sam – a pawn to be blamed for his stealing actions. He recognizes the bonus, kill the children of the man who killed his father, but that isn’t his primary objective. A super evil villain would focus on the sibling’s death equally with his own rise to power. You have to be impressed with So Gae’s ability to quickly shift gears and rework his plans when unexpected events arise.

* So Sa feels stuck. The Head Merchant is telling everyone that baby is his. The Head Merchant would love Bong Sam to die. But is So Sa really stuck? Would the Head Merchant really kill her if she ran away?

* Gae Dong / Mae Wol tried So Rye’s trick. To save Bong Sam, she lured Hak Joon’s brother with a similar argument that So Rye used on Hak Joon, take the money and leave the punishment to another. She wants Bong Sam dead, but does she? Or does she only want his death on her terms? She charged So Gae to squash Bong Sam and he’s doing that well. This is a case of be careful what you wish for.

* So Rye confirmed she was Bong Sam’s sister. Thank you Sung Joo. You figured it out and you didn’t let her wimp out and continue hide the truth from Bong Sam. So Rye also had the embezzlement ledgers to manipulate Hak Joon’s brother with. Her emissary, Sun Dol, had a hard time delivering the message but he got the job done. So Rye also realized that killing So Gae might be necessary to save Bong Sam. She was willing to do that.

Dol Gae’s confession that he couldn’t take the torture much longer was surprisingly touching. This big lug of a character has not been my favorite but he scored with his honest admission that he was about to crack and say anything to stop the torture. He sincerely wanted Bong Sam to end his life so he wouldn’t betray his friend. This was a lovely moment under awful circumstances for both men. Their friendship and respect was evident.


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53 comments on “The Merchant Gaekju Episode 17 Recap
  1. prettysup says:

    The reunion scene between Bong Sam and his sister left me in tears, even after rewatching that scene 3 times. The way BS cried – it was clearly that of a younger brother yearning for his elder sister type of crying. You can feel the years of him missing and looking for her. I have already watched ep 19 but I wont spoil it for you here, just want to say that there are different ways of cryings. Top class acting by Jang Hyuk here

    • Drama Fan says:

      What a coincidence! I was just talking about the different ways of crying he shows 🙂 He definitely showed a whole variety on Ep 19 😦

  2. Drama Fan says:

    I don’t think Gaedong wants Bongsam dead at all. She wants him “broken” so she can grab him but not dead. My favorite scene in this episode was the sibling’s reunion. I like it when Jang Hyuk cries silently like he did when he sat down. It moves me much more than loud crying :p My second favorite scene was the one with his friend.

    • prettysup says:

      Yeah i also dont think MW wants BS dead – she just wanted SG to break his wings (whatever that means lol), and she even threatened SG not to kill BS.

      • Drama Fan says:

        I think she wants him weak and vulnerable, but not just to punish him but also deep down what she desires is for Bongsam to come to her. She is nuts! But if she kills him now what will she obsess about? She needs him alive for that :p

      • Jane Tilly says:

        Psychotic Mae Wol wants Bong Sam’s wings broken so he cannot fly away from the psycho. I have a feeling she won’t be so fond of So Gae if/when she discovers he wants Bong Sam dead. Note to Mae Wol: breaking someone’s spirit isn’t going to motivate Bong Sam or anyone else to fall in love, it may cause resentment and hate…I just sayin’…

  3. Drama Fan says:

    I believe that SoSa could get anything out of the Head Merchant while she is pregnant. He won’t hurt her.

    • prettysup says:

      Sometimes I cannot decide whether I love or hate that Head Merchant. He can be so nasty but yet he shows humanity. I wonder is he going to end up as BS’s teacher in the future?

      • Drama Fan says:

        I actually like the Head Merchant more than dislike him and I totally can see him on Bongsam’s side in the future. It’s a cutthroat world he lives in and in order to become the greatest merchant he obviously can’t be a softy but I see his humanity too. He is also at that age where he probably has learned from his past mistakes. He seems to value Bongsam’s spirit and intelligence too, despite all.

        • kjtamuser says:

          Bong Sam being the baby’s father may make it difficult. In the end I think the Merchant will need an ally. If Bong Sam knows the baby is his, and the Merchant wants to transfer his empire to the baby, then Bong Sam and the Merchant would have a reason to stand together against So Gae, et all

      • Drama Fan says:

        Btw Im watching this actor play Jang Hyuk’s father in Midas. I love their rapport. I know the actors get along pretty well too. He is always saying nice things about Hyukie (he even calls him that) If you haven’t checked Midas out I recommend it. It’s a very addicting drama and the acting is very subtle which I find really different compared to other kdramas.

      • prettysup says:

        Oh yah u are right, that is Lee Deok Hwa who plays JH’s father in Midas. Yeah he seems to like JH a lot, he even held his hand during the ceremony when both of them were announced as the National security ambassadors some time ago. I have tried to watch Midas but found it too slow going for my liking. Perhaps I should try it again?

      • kjtamuser says:

        With Bong Sam as the baby’s father, does that make the Head Merchant’s acceptance of Bong Sam more or less likely?

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  5. Beez says:

    Why don’t I care about anybody in this drama?
    (I did care about Dol Gae this episode though.)

    I am a total sap usually. I used to cry at the drop of a hat (or anytime any character cries) but East of Eden (one of my first Kdramas) cured me of the waterworks after marathoning it and characters sobbing almost non-stop. But I still care…a lot… I’m just out of tears.

    But this show,despite JH, just hadn’t grabbed me. Is it because we’ve never spent any amount of time with any one character? Or just not developing them enough?

    Is anybody else feeling this same “missing something”? Or is it just me?

    (Of course I’ll finish watching it because I’m dogmatic (obsessed) and want to see all of JH’s projects.)

    • prettysup says:

      Sorry cant agree with u on this lol.. Although I love JH, I dont love all his shows eg I dont like FTLY, Midas or Robbers and I didnt manage to finish watching those. But I love this Gaekju – the acting, the characters, the story. Eagerly waiting for each Wed and Thur to see BS’s story!

      • AidaZen says:

        I couldn’t finish FTLY either! I was so sure I was the only one not caught up with his romance with the ‘snail’ heroine haha! On a serious note, I do like Merchant and all its ups and downs. So much backstory especially with some unexpected characters surprising us. I mean who gives out a whole Gaekju to save a pal’s life? (Sun Dol, is he a mystery chaebol, lol)

        This drama would be more fun if I could get faster subs. But these take weeks! While dramas like Oh My Venus come out within a few hours. I love that show too, but nothing like a good Sageuk to mix things up each week right?

        • Beez says:

          For me,the only thing hard about FTLY was the female lead (who I was okay with on the Taiwan version). But the fun of that show was spotting the little tributes to JH’s past roles.That was a hoot.

          • AidaZen says:

            Sorry to say, I’m really not a Jang Na Ra fan. That was my 1st of her dramas and even with Jang Hyuk in play, I still couldn’t finish it.

            • kjtamuser says:

              Her shining moment was when she saved him in Episode 18. Awesome! I love it when the girl saves the guy.

              • AidaZen says:

                OK, I didn’t get to ep. 18. But it’s one of the many dramas I need to complete soon. I’m shy of like 4-5 episodes on most of them. Eg Jekyll Hyde Me, Pinocchio to name two.

                • kjtamuser says:

                  I am in the same position with you are all surrounded. Always interesting that dramas can grab one person but not another.

                  • Beez says:

                    My not getting this show is probably a result of my own shallowness. Of course JH should be taking on all types of roles to showcase his range as an actor, but I mostly want to see him be a “hot blooded” alpha male so I can squee and gush. lol

          • kjtamuser says:

            I didn’t understand all the tributes as I haven’t seen everything Jang Hyuk has been in. Shout out to Drama Fan who clarified many of those tributes that I didn’t get.

        • kjtamuser says:

          Maybe the writer will run with your idea of Sun Dol being a mystery chaebol! He has intense eyes (yes the eyeliner does help!).

          • AidaZen says:

            I was wondering during why his eyes were like that… Lol also, I’m betting he is Mae Wol’s brother – or is that already known?

    • Drama Fan says:

      I understand your feeling. Even though I like most of the characters and I’m not bored I’m not as inmersed on this drama as I’ve been on others, including of course other JH dramas. I feel the drama itself is actually good at what it does. Ive heard its also capturing the spirit of the novel well but it has been in general a sort of acquired taste for me. Interestingly Prettysup was mentioning how she didn’t love Midas. That drama gets generally mixed reviews but Im on the side of those who find it exciting and addicting. I marathoned almost all of it during the episode. There was only one ep where they went too “stock trading” happy on us and I had to yell stoooop lol but anyway yeah I find it quite dynamic. The only JH drama I found dreadful is Iris2 but Im sure we can find people who loved it :p

      • Drama Fan says:

        I meant to say, I marathoned Midas during the weekend lol Im tired folks! Forgive me typos :p

      • prettysup says:

        @Drama Fan , actually I love Iris 2, haha….

      • Beez says:

        HaHa, those two are on my list to see. I’m excited about Iris2 despite the bad reviews because I love to see JH in action and I’m assuming I’ll get to see some martial arts moves in Iris2.

        • Drama Fan says:

          @Beez Yes there’s action but that was a drama where I couldn’t care for any character. It made me question my JangHyukism and all. Yes, a big crisis in my life lol

          • Beez says:

            @DramaFan Oh Noooooes! But I think I’ll still be “Stuck on Hyuk”. After all, I made it through the horrible (but eventually adorable) con man in Robbers; the oh-so-sad-and-pitiful doctor in Thank You; the I-don’t-know-what-to-think about Searching For The Elephant; the horrible, bratty, nothing-going-for-him-but-money character (in bell bottoms no less) in Successful Story of a Bright Girl; the kinda-sorta-but-not-really cheating on his wife in Innocent Thing… so I think I’ll still be Hyuk Struck after Iris2. 😉

            • Drama Fan says:

              I don’t know! I ended up loving all those guys you mentioned 😀 although his Robbers character is loathsomeeeee but never boring. See? I think boring is the one thing I can’t forgive. It takes a special skill to have an actor like Jang Hyuk and make him boring ugh! Don’t remind me of those Iris2 writers! They had a stellar cast! Budget and I hear enough time! And they came up with…that. Anyway Im curious now. Who is your fave Hyuk character/work/drama?

              • Beez says:

                Chuno! He’s everything! Rich but sensitive lord (chaeboel) who gave it all up to endlessly search for his first love; action star; Clint Eastwood-style cool anti-hero with a hidden heart of gold; the grief he displayed upon realizing he found and lost his love at the same time *siiiiiigggggh*

              • kjtamuser says:

                You are right. Boring is the worst thing a writer can do to a character!

    • kjtamuser says:

      I think you put it well when you said “we’ve never spent any amount of time with any one character”. There is distance but as the story progresses the characters are becoming more real and less like chess pieces the writer is moving around the board.

  6. Prettysup says:

    Heard it’s in the talks now that Gaekju may be extending 4 episodes due to good ratings. Hope it comes true!

  7. AidaZen says:

    This is one of my fave shows on now and I’m enjoying ALL the characters and intrigues. It’s hard not to tear up each episode. First with happiness then sadness, especially with Bong Sam’s sister.

    • prettysup says:

      Haha looks like we have the same taste, I always thought I was the odd one out for not liking FTLY. And yeah the subs are really too slow for this, but luckily for me the Chinese subs come out very fast so I usually watch it with Chinese subs first then a second time later with the English subs coz my Chinese is not so good and I dont understand some stuffs.

      • AidaZen says:

        It’s really tough waiting a week or two for subs. The drama is so good, wonder why the subs aren’t a priority. Oh well, will keep hunting for some good subbing sites!

        • Beez says:

          I mentioned here before that has this (and all other shows up) with the English subs immediately. They post it raw on the same day it airs in Korea and the subs are done between 12-24 hours.

      • prettysup says:

        @Beez I typed and it directed me to, is that the same as what you were referring to? But it doest not have the English sub for ep19 yet, which was aired one week ago.

        • Beez says:

          @prettysup – yes, that’s it. Maybe because the saguek translating is more difficult they’re a bit behind, but they are always before Viki and DramaFever with episodes and with subs.

    • kjtamuser says:

      It draws me in more each week. This is a long series and I think the writer is being deliberate with his plot moves.

  8. Nao says:

    I agree that Gaekju is more of an acquired taste. I love JH in it because his acting is awesome but so many characters and plot lines plus slow subs makes it hard to sustain the momentum for me. But I will keep watching. My favorite two JH characters are Gun from FTLY and daegil from Chuno. Midas and Tazza are both on my lists for after Gaekju 🙂

  9. Jane Tilly says:

    Loved JH in Chuno and FTLY (although his laugh got a little annoying)!

    It looks like So Rye is going to become a serial hair pin killer. Although I have my doubts of her success, evil villains don’t seem to die easily, I think it is too early for So Gae’s demise, and I do hope he gets his own eventually…I just hope So Rye isn’t the one who ends up dead! Can’t wait to catch another episode!

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