Oh My Venus Episode 6 Recap

Our leading lady charms our leading man and he responds with a romantic moment.

Oh My Venus Episode 6 Recap

omv_ep6_1aOur leading man Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) returns from his multi day trip and finds our leading lady, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah), diligently working out. She’s balancing on one foot. He startles her and she falls into him. On the floor, he sees that she’s lost weight in her face. Her dimple flashes. He touches is gently and says he hasn’t seen this before. He hauls her up noticing she’s wearing makeup. She gets flustered and he smiles. He admits that hearing her voice is nice. Love it!

In his room, Young Ho reviews the doctor’s report. His knee is fine. He has beaten his childhood illness, it is not reoccurring.

Joo Eun has made Young Ho a meal and set it out using the umbrella meal shield. He’s never seen the umbrella meal shield and is touched she was thoughtful to make him a meal. He declines the meal because it doesn’t fit in his diet and she reminds him that home cooked meals mean warm and flavor. Ah, now she’s teaching him. Love it!

omv_ep6_2aShe suggests a massage. He imagines a hulking man touching her body. He’ll do the massage. He puts her in the massage chair – ha! When he stops the machine he gets into her personal space and unnerves her. She thinks about their accidental kiss.

omv_ep6_3aKim Ji Wong (Henry) is stoked Young Ho is back. He brags that Joo Eun is turning out to be Venus. Young Ho asks where boxer Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon) is. Ji Wong says he’s have a private moment. Ji Wong makes me smile!

omv_ep6_4a omv_ep6_4bJoon Sung is actually watching a woman make her way from the store to her house. He recalls his mother’s refusal to meet him as an adult. He leaves unaware that the man of the house declares she’s late and he will beat her.

omv_ep6_5a omv_ep6_5b omv_ep6_5cThe next morning it is weigh in time. Joon Sung, Ji Wong, and Joo Eun appear at Young Ho’s bedside. Joo Eun steps on the scale. She has lost 15 kilos (33 pounds). They are so thrilled. It is darling, like they won a game show! The three of them have terrific chemistry now. As her reward the day is declared Joo Eun day. They must do as she says for the entire day. Young Ho isn’t overly thrilled but she’s worked so hard, he caves.

First up, sweet coffee. She wants Young Ho to feel some freedom and sweetness. Ji Wong tells Young Ho that Joo Eun has become Rocky. I’m smiling!

Reporters are tracking the identify of John Kim.

Former friend now annoying enemy Oh Soo Jin (Yu In Young) flexes her power at work.

omv_ep6_7a omv_ep6_7b
Joo Eun texts Ji Wong and tells him they must rest and relax “corpse it”. Joon Sung has a new hairdo. Dark and short.The guys “corpse it”.

Joo Eun declares next they must have a romantic movie and emote. Only Young Ho struggles with this.

Joo Eun declares they must nap deeply. Young Ho embraces this.

omv_ep6_8a omv_ep6_8bJoo Eun tells her best friend, Lee Hyun Woo (Jo Eun Ji), that Young Ho may be sexy but he is rude. Hyun Woo tells her that reporters found where John Kim lived in America but his identity is still unknown. That gets Joo Eun’s attention.

omv_ep6_9a omv_ep6_9b omv_ep6_9c omv_ep6_9dJoo Eun calls the guys. No healthy eating. Tonight they dine out! Ji Wong and Joon Sung dive in but Young Ho hesitates. She feeds him while Ji wong and Joon Sung hold him. They have take a selfie at the table.

omv_ep6_10b omv_ep6_10cIm Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon) gets a call to go the police station. When Soo Jin sees him enter his car in the parking lot (she is in the parking lot too), she calls him. Woo Sik lies he is in the office. Soo Jin follows him. At the police station, we learn that Joo Eun’s stalker is pressing charges against Woo Sik for his threats which he recorded on his cell phone. The stalker claims that he had to go to the hospital for injuries he received from Woo Sik. Soo Jin appears and acts as his lawyer. She calls Joo Eun to be a witness for Woo Sik. The police call Young Ho to be a witness too. He overhears Soo Jin tell the police that Woo Sik and Joo Eun dated for 15 years and are each other’s first loves, so naturally they are still involved in each other’s lives.

omv_ep6_11a omv_ep6_11bOutside the police station Woo Sik apologizes for involving himself. He warns Joo Eun that Young Ho is more than he seems. She tells him they are no longer their former selves. He’s now and executive and she’s now a lawyer. Time to move on. She leaves. Nice scene for Joo Eun. She looks great with the pink fur collar.

omv_ep6_12aYoung Ho thinks about Joo Eun and Woo Sik’s former relationship. He calls Manager Min to handle the police case. Woo Sik meets Young Ho outside the police station and introduces himself as the executive in the company. Young Ho states he’s unsure whether he will join the company or not. Young Ho leaves to find Joo Eun remarking she does not like to be cold.

omv_ep6_13aFlashback of Woo Sik being nice to Soo Jin. In the present she worries she’s losing him to Joo Eun. The scene with the former and present Soo Jin was nicely done.

Young Ho takes Joo Eun from the police station. She makes him stop for a coffee. Her last sweet of the day.

Manager Min (and his men) handle the police situation.

Joo Eun assumes something is wrong with car when she spots a tow driver talking to Young Ho. It starts to rain.

omv_ep6_14aThen IT happens. What is IT? The moment when Young Ho sees Joo Eun and realizes she brings something special to his life. Something he’s lived without. Something he doesn’t want to leave his life.

omv_ep6_14b omv_ep6_14cShe brings his coffee. She chides him that his knockout body doesn’t know how to enjoy life. Sweetly she tells him today, her day of activities, was a gift to him, to show him the fun of life. Nice! He is touched that she offered him the gift of pursuing personal happiness. Joo Eun wanted to lighten his heavy load for one day. They stare at each other. Uncomfortable, Joo Eun steps outside.

Young Ho watches her, thinks about her, wants her.

omv_ep6_15a omv_ep6_15b omv_ep6_15c omv_ep6_15dHe walks to her and they banter a bit. He touches her face. She wonders if he is sincere. He asks if he she really doesn’t know his thoughts. He tells her that he isn’t messing with her. Her body belongs to him…therefore she cannot say no to this…and he kisses her.

My Thoughts

The chemistry and heat between our leads continues to ratchet up. Joo Eun mattered this episode as more than someone to save or make then. Terrific episode for her.
* Best episode for Joo Eun. She sparkled this episode. She was strong working out. She felt the pull to Young Ho. Joon Sung, Ji Wong, and Joo Eun were a team and cute together. She loosened Young Ho up. She helped him see, his spartin lifestyle could use a little zip. He acted on that with a kiss.
Soo Jin and Woo Sik are trapped in the past while moving in the present. She’s jealous of Woo Sik’s continued caring of Joo Eun. Woo Sik realized he had to step away. Joo Eun’s conversation with him outside the police station had them both as equals. She was not at a disadvantage with him which was wonderful to see.
* Young Ho realized that Joo Eun is more than a damsel in distress. It was refreshing to see him regard her as a woman with merit, not just a woman to fix. The chemistry between Joon Sung, Ji Wong, and Young Ho is outstanding. They interact well and provide solid comedic moments.
* Joon Sung and Ji Wong enhance this show. They aren’t just sidebar characters. I’m interested in Joon Sung’s desire to meet his mother. Ji Wong is enjoyable and I’m loving the English phrases interspersed throughout the dialog.

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12 comments on “Oh My Venus Episode 6 Recap
  1. NN says:

    Thanks again for another good speedy recap! I wonder if Joon Sung’s birth mother is also Joo Eun’s best friend, Lee Hyun Woo’s nanny. Recall in Episode 5 that she also seemed abuse.


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  3. 563wgs says:

    DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO SELLS THE JACKET SHE’S WEARING? IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL! the one with the pink fur! please let me know! thank u ❤


  4. Beez says:

    I do wish that JE’s introducing JH to the sweeter things in life included more than just food. After all,her new regime is moving away from seeking comfort and satisfaction in food.

    Showcasing some other extracurricular activities like parks, bowling, anything would’ve been nice. (Unless,it’s meant to show she has no other pleasures herself and so he introduces her to some other satisfying and fulfilling activities whenever she has food cravings…) *wink wink*


    • kjtamuser says:

      Food is her pleasure and likely does represent the sweeter things in her life…now. Maybe we’ll see a more varied set of sweet things be established as the series progresses.


  5. embear says:

    Where is the jacket with the pink fur from? anyone?!


      • Beez says:

        Funny,my first thought when I saw it was “what is the costume department thinking?” and “Didn’t she just have a tiny carry on luggage? Where is she producing all these coats from?” lol

        But then, I have those thoughts for at least one episode of every drama that I watch. Most times, I appreciate the costume department pushing the envelope but sometimes I think “somebody needs to fire the costume department!” (Usually it’ll be something worn by a cheoboel mother but sometimes it’s even the male lead (i.e. Robin’s (Hyun Bin)’s super oversize jacket in Jekyl,Hyde & Me was a hot mess)).

        I know fashion is very subjective. I’m just expressing where it hits me.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Jane Tilly says:

    Fashion is subjective, I love that Korean’s are so fashion forward and seeing the costume designers having so much fun. Even when I think something is a fail, i am glad to see the effort.

    I thought the pink fur lined jacket was cute, while my unni thought it was hideous (I think her issue was color–she’s not too adventurous) –we clearly don’t have the same taste.

    Many of Gong Hyo Jin as Gong Sil in The Master’s Sun outfits were very frumpy. Especially when she decided to wear something “more alluring”. I am not able to add a picture but go to episode 17 around 54 minutes. While this was actually a decent outfit, it is in no way “alluring”…but then again it could be a subtitle issue…


    • Beez says:

      I soooo agree. I wonder if that’s the actress’ preference because everything I’ve seen her in I thought exactly that same word – “frumpy”. (I haven’t seen all of her series though so maybe that’s not always her style, just all that I’ve seen.


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