Oh My Venus Episode 3 Recap

Our leading man sees our leading lady willing to work hard. Is he willing to help?

Oh My Venus Episode 3 Recap

omv_ep3_1aOur leading lady, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah), has incorrectly deduced that Kim Ji Wong (Henry) is the elusive John Kim, the famous trainer. Ji Wong and boxer Jang Joon Sung (Sung Hoon) are startled at her sureness of this wrong assumption. The men caucus in the bathroom.

omv_ep3_1b omv_ep3_1c
Joo Eun day dreams about appearing on a talk show and wowing her family, her ex-boyfriend Im Woo Sik (Jung Gyu Woon), and angering former friend, now more enemy than friend, Oh Soo Jin (Yu In Young). I must say Joo Eun looks fabulous in this day dream sequence

omv_ep3_1f omv_ep3_1d
Our leading man, Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub), decides the best path is to let Ji Wong pretend to be John Kim. Ji Wong and Jang Joon agree to play along. Young Ho tells Joo Eun all three of them are a team with Ji Wong / John Kim, the trainer, Young Ho, the doctor, and Joon Sung, support / boxer. Joo Eun believes them and can’t wait to get started.

Joo Eun tells her best friend, Lee Hyun Woo (Jo Eun Ji), that she is going to lose some weight, and this time is will stick. Hyun Woo has heard this before.

omv_ep3_2a omv_ep3_2b
Young Ho get a call from Manager Min, his home is being readied. As Young Ho rides the elevator to see his father at work he recalls Manager Min telling his father about the accident that took his mother. We see Young Ho was in a wheel chair. Hmm, did he suffer from a childhood issue that he overcame as he grew older and stronger? Was this the genesis for the trainer lifestyle? Young Ho meets with his cold father and asks to have his former job in America reinstated. His father tells him his Grandmother holds Young Ho’s destiny in the company, not his father. He tells his son life can be hard sometimes. Young Ho reminds his father, his life has had hardships. Young Ho is resigned to the situation but not happy that he is caught and unable to live freely anymore. He tells his father he’ll agree to an arranged marriage.

omv_ep3_3bomv_ep3_3aYoung Ho tells Manager Min to have his grumpy grandmother call him. That earns a smile from both of them. I love their subtle exchanges. I’m guessing Manager Min was a bit of a father figure and support person for Young Ho growing up.

omv_ep3_4aYoung Ho broods on the bridge.

Turns out Young Ho is letting Ji Wong and Joon Sung stay in his house. They are stoked.

Woo Sik teacher Soo Jin to swim and things heat up between them. Sorry, but these two are strictly filler characters and do not interest me much.

Young Ho tells Ji Wong and Joon Sung that making the training hard so Joo Eun quits is their priority. They pile on the training but Joo Eun trudges through it. The men can’t understand why Joo Eun is not losing weight. Gotta laugh when Joo Eun texts Ji Wong about her exercise progress, he’s happy she’s making the effort.

omv_ep3_6a omv_ep3_6b
Young Ho meets Joo Eun for training because Ji Wong and Joon Sung are otherwise engaged. When he gets a phone call for a blind date, Joo Eun tells Young Ho to go on, she’ll workout by herself. He tells her to keep going until she can’t.

At the movies Woo Sik gets a call from Joo Eun’s mother. Soo Jin sees the contact name, mother in law, and is immediately jealous.

Young Ho meets with the blind date lady from the previous time. He is nice. She seems ok. But there is nothing there for him.

omv_ep3_8a omv_ep3_8b
Woo Sik meets Joo Eun’s mother for dinner. When Joo Eun arrives Woo Sik is polite but gives her the eye that her mother must be told they broke up. Little does Joo Eun know but Young Ho is at the same eatery and can overhear. Joo Eun tells her mother that she and Woo Sik broke up. Her mother asks Woo Sik to take her back. Joo Eun tells her mother that won’t be happening. Her mother is not happy with Joo Eun. What did she do to lose a good guy like Woo Sik. Joo Eun’s brother and new girlfriend arrive. Joo Eun tells the girlfriend, this is family business time. They leave. Wook Sik leaves. Joo Eun’s mother demands she be taken to the bus station. Joo Eun obliges her mother. Thankfully they manage to share a laugh about things before moving on.

Young Ho can’t stop thinking about her. She must bring out his knight in shining armor reflex. Had to laugh when Ji Wong told him he loved him before Young Ho went to meet Joon Sung for late night training.

Young Ho finds Joo Eun still working out. She claims she can still do it, so she won’t stop. He gets angry and concerned for her safety because she is overdoing. He sends her home.

Soo Jin tells Joo Eun to appear on a talk show as a lawyer representing the firm. Joo Eun is not happy. She doesn’t want to appear on TV looking like she looks. She directly asks Soo Jin if this is payback. Soo Jin feigns ignorance.

The talk show goes well at first but then Joo Eun faints from the girdle. Recall the same thing happened in the first episode. Joo Eun is whisked to the hospital. Young Ho saw the talk show and appears by her side in the hospital with a bandage and a ride home for Joo Eun. Sweet! Had to laugh when he told her she had a new worst day of her life.

When Young Ho drops her off, you can see he thinking about the situation. Joo Eun thanks him for helping her and gets out. As she walks away, he grabs her arm and stops her. Young Ho tells her he is John Kim, the famous trainer. Joo Eun is stunned.

My Thoughts

* I like him better than her. Young Ho has fun friends, Manager Min, and family responsibilities he has run from but cannot avoid anymore. He seems honorable and supportive of his friends. He’s drawn to her. I’m not sure I see why. Joo Eun has a job and family responsibilities that have weighed her down, literally. She’s not the typical down trodden character, she does have some spunk. But what is her appeal to him?
* Joo Eun’s orbit now expanded to Young Ho, Joon Sung and Ji Wong. Ji Wong’s interactions with her are highlights. That is when we see her earnest desire and willingness to embrace the hard work of change. The old friendship turned rivalry with Soo Jin turned irritating. Soo Jin is evolving to be a petty mean girl who is jealous of Joo Eun’s connection with Woo Sik. I’d like to eradicate her from the show, but I’m betting she’s around for the long haul. The most positive thing is that Soo Jin’s mean actions towards Joo Eun draw Young Ho to Joo Eun. I also did not love Joo Eun’s mother or brother. Joo Eun’s world doesn’t draw me in yet.
* Young Ho continues to show a sweetness that is appealing. Young Ho’s interaction with his friends, Joon Sung and Ji Wong. I enjoy their interactions. His cold fish father is ok and Grandma is a force but only in the background right now. Only a smidge of twinkle in the eye Manager Min but I enjoyed their interaction. Young Ho continued to casually care for Joo Eun. He’s drawn to her. He shared the big secret, that he is the elusive John Kim, at the end of the episode. Can he trust her with his news? Probably not.
* I’m enjoying certain of the supporting characters. I like Joon Sung, the strong but more silent boxer, and Ji Wong, fun loving younger friend. Henry’s American accent is superb. This character steals scenes. I like Manager Min. His interactions with Young Ho are solid.

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7 comments on “Oh My Venus Episode 3 Recap
  1. Lee Poh Yoke says:

    I found Joo Eun’s interaction with Woo Sik, before the break up, cold and uninviting. Also, it seems to me that she did use her beauty and popularity in school to get what she wanted socially, including telling others what to do in that bossy manner. She is focused, hard working and honest to the extent of being ‘in your face’ but charming, she is not. Would I be her friend if she is a real person?Yes,certainly, because I would like her for all those good characteristics which I admire but I would not be taken up by her social skills and EQ.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Well said. She is not charming but does have positive qualities. Maybe with his childhood history he can’t help himself from wanting to help her.


  2. NN says:

    Thanks so much for the speedy recap! Agree with you that at this point, Young Ho’s character is much more engaging and endearing. So Ji Sub’s soulful eyes and dry wit really draws me to him and his back story is so intriguing. Though I must add that Shin Mina looks adorable as a plus size person.


    • kjtamuser says:

      I concur. Both leads are appealing. Right now he is the more interesting character. I hope her character evolves so she becomes more interesting. Appreciate your comment!


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    • Jane Tilly says:

      As acknowledged Joo Eun was Daegu’s Venus with looks to fall back on growing up–perhaps she didn’t have to work so hard to be charming–the girls on the bus in episode didn’t particularly care for her, but Hyun Woo has been her friend since at least high school.

      As for being charming…think about it…How charming would you be if you had been dumped by your long term boyfriend, found out he had likely been cheating or at best case scenario moved on very quickly after and with someone who had been a mutual friend–oh and don’t forget passed out on a plane to wake up finding your clothes cut off, after already being self conscious due to being overweight…then walking into a window in front of your ex. I don’t think I would be too charming either. Sorry for the rant, it is due to my sensitivity of relating to Joo Eun’s obesity.

      I have never found So Ji Sub to be drop dead gorgeous to look at, but there is something about him had makes him very sexy. As Young Ho I find his kindness adding to his appeal–what’s not to like: a genuinely nice guy who just happens to be sexy and a chaebol.

      The chemistry between the guys is awesome–they all something different to contribute to the bromance. Ji Woong’s perkiness is refreshing. He was the first to with Maam. By the way Henry grew up in Canada–that’s why his English is so good. It’s like Philip Lee winning an award for speaking a foreign language in Secret Garden–he grew up in America. LOL 😛


      • kjtamuser says:

        I see your point on charming. I concur that So Ji Sub is sexy without being overly handsome. Agreed the bromance chemistry is super. I love a good bromance!


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