Healer Episode 20 Recap

Healer Episode 20.  Healer works to get out of the trap Elder has put him in. The path is dangerous. Everyone plays their part. In the end, Healer, who started this series a loner, is surrounded by friends who help save him.

The final episode begins with Healer (Ji Chang Wook) making a video recording. Healer’s neck is covered by his jacket, a consistent style throughout the series that mystifies me. “Eternal Love” by Michael Learns to Rock, Healer OST 1 plays in the background.
Healer: Yes I’m Healer. You don’t need to know my real name.
Healer: What’s my job? I’m a night courier. I’m the best in the business.
Healer: Was this job my dream? What kind of question is that?  This job…I was only going to work until I could buy an island in the South Pacific. I had the island picked out. It is still available. I met a girl. I completely lost my mind. So I changed my dream (especially after what Teacher said to me) to be with my girl, raise children, and live like other people.  I thought it would be easy. But they won’t leave us alone. You know what angers me the most? When they go after my people.

Now we are back where we left off. Manager Ahn and his goons are trashing Min Ja’s place. She removed the hard drives so Manager Ahn does not have anything to work with. Good job Min Ja! The rice roll she made just before Healer called and told her to evacuate…Double S President takes a bite of it and offers it to Double S goon leader. Ha!

ep20_7f ep20_7e
Jong Soo drops Young Shin (Park Min Young)  off at her house.  She wonders why the coffee shop is closed. Father and ex-convict coffee shop worker are bound and gagged. Manager Ahn’s goons appear and try and grab Young Shin. Healer appears and dispenses with the goons easily. As Healer neutralizes the goons he introduces himself to her father using his given name, Jun Seok. He makes sure Young Shin has her eyes closed when he hits the goons. He recommends they call the police and claim it was a robbery but not to mention his presence. The perky “When You Hold Me Tight” by Yael Meyer OST 2 plays in the background.

Young Shin’s father if his name is Bong Soo. Healer tells him it is not. Father asks if Young Shin is in danger. Healer must admit that right now she is. Well, what father is going to be excited by that response? Father demands that Healer explain the situation. Healer starts to explain and Young Shin breaks in a says both their fathers were reporters and killed uncovering corruption. Healer confirms. The corrupt men have continued unchecked. Healer confirms. So now they are fighting the corrupt men to stop them. Healer confirms. The corrupt men are threatening Healer by threatening Young Shin. Healer confirms. So cute the way that support each other through the conversation. Young Shin shined in that scene.

Healer recommends that he take Young Shin and put her in a safe house. Father is not excited about that! His daughter off with a guy he does not know? Healer tells Min Ja the safe house is a no go. Father and ex-con coffee shop worker are surprised by Healer’s sidebar conversation with Min Ja. Healer states they will buy or rent the house next door during this time so this can be considered a safe house.

ep20_7c ep20_7b ep20_7a
Before Healer leaves, he says he needs 5 seconds with Young Shin. He hugs her. She tells him to be safe and hurry back. LOL ex-con coffee shop worker counts down the 5 seconds on his fingers. Healer sweeps back into the room and it looks like he will kiss Young Shin (just like he did in episode 16) but thinks better of it with her father in the room. Instead he lamely tells her to eat well and leaves. That scene was all kinds of cute!

Myung Hee looks out the windows. Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) tells her the nurse will arrive soon. Before he leaves he tells her he has something to tell her tonight. I am guessing it is that Young Shin is her daughter.

ep20_9b ep20_9a
As he heads to work he receives a tip on Elder. The tipster is a girl that happens to be in a car in the parking lot. He heads to the car. When she appears to faint he gets in to help. A photographer snaps pictures that appear to be compromising. The girl flees obviously hired to trap Moon Ho in that situation. Moon Ho chases the photographer who appears to get away until Dae Yong appears. She quickly dispenses with the photographer and removes the memory card as Moon Ho catches up. Dae Yong drags the photographer off. Min Ja surprises Moon Ho by chiding him for not suspecting that was a trap. Min Ja states that reputation is everything and this kind of incident would definitely harm his reputation. Moon Ho is in awe of her while she prattles on schooling him. Min Ja gives him the video that scared rabbit client had from LA. Finally she recommends that he not go to work.

Outside the office, protesters have signs about distortion and that the newspaper should close it’s doors. Poor editor Jang is mistaken for Moon Ho and the protesters swarm him. Inside the newspaper Healer retrieves a flash drive much to the surprise of his co workers. He says it contains the Russian recording Manager Ahn was interested in. Healer listens to the recording. Simultaneously at the coffee shop, Young Shin, Min Ja and Moon Ho listen to the recording. Healer’s coworkers cannot point their finger on how he is different, but he is.  Healer wishes them well and leaves. They wonder if that was farewell.

Return to the videotape session with Healer:
Healer: Favorite coworker? I do not memorize people’s names. After the job, they are gone from my memory. I get a job. I do the job. After the job, I drink a beer at home.
Healer: Most difficult job? He smiles. I had to find this girl (you see Young Shin). I had no interest but she chased after me. She was fearless. But I hurt her. She can’t breathe with violence around her.  Her life is complicated with me in it. She is in pain and hurt often. She even almost died. But she laughs a lot. Healer looks into the camera and tells Young Shin you are naturally a person that laughs a lot.
OST 6, “I Will Protect You” sung by Chang Wook plays in the background.
Ok, I get this sinking feeling. Is he making a goodbye video?

Moon Ho puts the flash drive with the infamous LA video in his computer. Concerned by the contents Young Shin asks where Healer is. Min Ja tells her he is waiting for good news.  Healer waits on a rooftop. Cyber detective Dong Won call Min Ja on the cell phone she gave him. Oh no, he tells Min Ja there were no fingerprints on the metal pipe used to kill Dong Chul. The fingerprints Healer obtained are worthless, there is nothing to match them against. Healer is not exonerated from Dong Chul’s murder. Dong Won sees that Healer’s confession tape was just sent to the police.

ep20_11b ep20_11c
Min Ja is bummed, Young Shin is bummed, Healer is bummed too. Min Ja tells him there will be search for him if he does not turn himself in.  Healer is frustrated the easy path did not work out. He declares they must come up with a plan B. Min Ja tells Healer that Young Shin is in the room and has heard everything.  “You” by Ben OST 4 plays in the background. Young Shin is crying.  She wipes away the tears and suggests that catching “that old man”, Elder, should solve the problem. But if not, they should run away together.  Healer does not like that idea. What about her father and her mother? Young Shin tells him her father will understand and her mother does not know who she is. She will start researching places they can run away to. Healer does not respond. She calls to him. Healer does not respond. Healer thinks to himself, what kind of man asks his woman to become a fugitive? Wow! There is a depressing vibe going on. I miss my cute couple.

Moon Ho brings Myung Hee into the coffee shop. Immediately you know, she knows who Young Shin is. She holds out her hands to Young Shin. There isn’t a dry eye in the house. I’m crying too. The subtlety of the moment surprises me. I would have thought the writer would have done a big reveal and reunion.

ep20_13b ep20_13a
Later Young Shin’s father shows Myung photo albums of Young Shin’s childhood. Myung Hee marvels that he was able to raise Young Shin to be cheerful after the tough start she had.

Young Shin thinks to Healer. When you are scared you isolate yourself right? What are you doing and why are you alone?

I just have to take a moment and say the tone and pacing of this episode is very different from what I expected. The characters’ introspection is a bit gloomy.

Healer takes a cell phone out of the package he took from the newspaper earlier that day.

ep20_14b ep20_14a
Right hand man leaves Moon Shik’s study. Healer enters Moon Shik’s study. Moon Shik is drunk and talking about missing Myung Hee the woman he has loved for 30 years. Healer does not know who Moon Shik is talking to. But we do. Kil Ahn (Young Shin’ father and Myung Hee’s first husband) tells Moon Shik that he gave Myung Hee authentic love.  Moon Shik notices Healer and declares he is Kil Ahn and he is talking to Moon Shik. Kil Ahn notes that Healer looks like his father. Moon Shik states it is all surface no substance. Right hand man enters the room. Healer asks how long Moon Shik has been like this. Right hand man states he is ok during the day but gets drunk at night.

Outside the study Healer shows right hand man the cell phone he took from him earlier. As Healer waves the phone above right hand man’s head he slips a tracking and listening device into his jacket pocket. Healer tells right hand man that he has a package from Russia that Elder might be interested in.

Off like a shot, right hand man takes Healer to see Elder. As a bonus, Manager Ahn is there too. It is a meeting of the “let’s get Healer” members. Healer messes with right hand man just enough to distract him and retrieves the tracking and listening device. Healer plants the tracking and listening device under the bar as he sits to talk to Elder. That is clever, Healer.

Elder asks about the Russian package. Healer asks if Elder will stop the murder charges and eliminate the video confession. Elder counters he needs the Russian package first. Healer gets up to leave. Elder asks what was in the package. Healer holds up a cell phone. He says this cell phone with a single video of people being sick. Elder tells Healer if he came under his care, the murder charge would be dropped, the confession tape would be gone, those he love would be safe. Healer sits back down and admits he is having a hard time. He is okay with people coming after him but when his woman is involved, he is not happy. Elder says he needs the package. Healer hands over the cell phone. Manager Ahn confirms the video. Elder asks Healer if he intercepted Moon Ho’s package. Healer confirms this.

Dae Yong delivers the real cell phone to Moon Ho, Young Shin and Min Ja.

ep20_15b ep20_15aep20_15c
Healer is in the window sill when Young Shin enters her bedroom. They smile at each other and head out for a late night drive. As they drive the streets Healer holds Young Shin’s hand. She thinks that when she holds Healer’s hand everything feels like it will be okay.  On the roof top they cuddle. Healer think about the question of his favorite things – high up places, first snowfall, her hands and hair. Healer thinks about things he does not like – everything that keeps him from his favorite things.

Min Ja finds Moon Ho’s presence while she works annoying. Her bickering stops when Moon Ho receives a phone call from the woman that left the tip on the cell phone, Jae Yoon. She is coming to Korea and wants to meet Moon Ho at the airport. She does not have a visa so it will be an airport only conversation. Manager Ahn tells Double S President, Goon Leader, and Healer that Jae Yoon is a biochemist who is bringing a sample to Korea.

Another break from me…I thought the writer would not embrace Healer undercover working for Elder (but actually working against Elder) after the last episode. I was expecting the fabulous foursome joyously plotting and trapping Healer and Moon Shik. Bear with me, I’m adjusting my expectations.

LOL when Double S President tries to slap Healer who ducks and the slap lands on Double S goon Leader instead. Healer quips “great teamwork”.

Manager Ahn tells Elder that Jae Yoon is coming to Korea today. Elder says he does not need to see her, he only wants the sample.

Dae Yong listens to Elder get verbal push back from his buddies who are not excited about the publicity he has been getting lately.

Young Shin and Moon Ho want to interview Jae Yoon at the airport. Min Ja warns them that Elder’s men will be in full force at the airport. Healer “working” for Elder will not be able to help them. Moon Ho decides the interview must be live. Moon Ho believes the camera and live airing will stop Elder. Min Ja moans that working with civilians has a price.

Min Ja surprises cyber detective Dong Won in the men’s bathroom. Dong Won sees the video from the cell phone and is outraged that a small village was used as test subjects for experiments. She urges Dong Won to bring the police to the airport. Dong Won wants confirmation that Jung Hoo is Healer and they work together. Min Ja’s counter offer is 7 hackers identified. She says that hacker Manager Ahn will be at the airport. Dong Won asks her to at least tell him if Healer is a good person or a bad person. Her answer? A spoonful of ice cream.

At the airport, Manager Ahn tells Healer (Healer is recording the conversation) – find Jae Yoon, confirm and obtain the sample, and kill Jae Yoon. Healer won’t have to do the killing himself. Manager Ahn points out to the hired hit man that will take care of the killing.

It is odd seeing Healer as part of the Double S good squad. Dong Won and his police buddies watch Healer enter the airport with the Double S goons.

Now we come to the ending scene of episode 19. Young Shin walks through the airport. Healer joins her. Moon Ho joins them. Finally Min Ja joins them.

Yes I’m feeling much better about this now. I’m such a sucker to get concerned when things were moody but there it is.

They all put in matching ear pieces. The gang is back together!

Moon Ho sits down to wait. With his back to Manager Ahn, Healer warns Moon Ho they cannot be too friendly. Healer says if this Plan B does not work, he will have to create a Plan C. Moon Ho frets this is dangerous and maybe they need to think this through. Healer counters that Moon Ho thinks too much and he needs to jump into life. Healer calls Moon Ho “uncle”. Moon Ho is surprised and touched. So sweet!

Min Ja reports the plane should be landing shortly. Young Shin blocks the women’s restroom as closed for maintenance and sets up for the interview. Healer and Moon Ho wait.

Moon Ho receives the call from Jae Yoon. Manager Ahn directs Healer to move close to Moon Ho so he can overhear the conversation. Moon Ho tells Jae Yoon she will recognize him once she sees him because he is so famous. But the phone call is a ruse. Young Shin is really talking to Jae Yoon and directs her to come to the 2nd floor bathroom.

Jae Yoon exits customs. She spots Moon Ho who directs her with his thumb to go around. Moon Ho picks an unsuspecting woman and greets her as Jae Yoon. The surprised woman is led away by Moon Ho and the goon squad follows. Jae Yoon heads in the opposite direction.

The woman tells Moon Ho she is not Jae Yoon. The goons scatter and Manager Ahn is not happy.

Jae Yoon enters the bathroom where she finds Young Shin waiting. She gives Young Shin the last remaining bacteria sample. She gives Young Shin a flash drive with the research.  Young Shin requests an interview acknowledging the danger. Jae Yoon asks if the interview will help.

Meanwhile Healer has changed to all black complete with his chin covering turtleneck and black hat. Let the good times roll!

ep20_18b ep20_118a
The live interview begins from the airport. Moon Ho introduces the interview. The Double S goons are frantically searching for them. The video from the cell phone is played while Moon Ho notes that there is concern the village sickness was a result of an experiment of a research team. Jae Yoon states the research was to amplify the bacteria and it’s harmful effects on humans. Why Young Shin asks? Jae Young states to scare the public and put control of water in the hands of private companies.

The goons rally around Manager Ahn who directs them to search every woman’s bathroom in the airport. Manager Ahn tells Healer that if he does not stop the broadcast it will be over for him.

Healer bursts into the bathroom and begins searching the bag. He gives Young Shin the video recording. Young Shin aims the cameras at him and asks that they stop this. On cue, Moon Ho asks what is happening.  Darling non verbal exchange between Young Shin and Healer as he grabs Jae Yoon. Young Shin does not like Healer exposing himself like this. Healer tells Jae Yoon to scream. He does not have to ask twice. Jae Yoon screams as Healer drags her out of the bathroom. Young Shin takes the camera and videotapes the scene.

Manager Ahn and the goons run up. Healer turns to the camera, fully exposing himself and Jae Yoon to the viewing audience. He turns to Manager Ahn and tosses him the sample. Manager Ahn points to Young Shin’s camera and tells the goons to confiscate it.

Things get messy (as intended). Healer pushes Double S Goon Leader into the police. He pushes back. The goons and the police start to mix it up. Moon Ho takes the camera from Young Shin. Jae Yoon turns to run. Young Shin goes after her. Jae Yoon is heading for the hit man! Healer sees the hit man and runs after Young Shin.

The police try and stop Healer. He knocks them down and draws a gun on the hit man who holds up the deadly syringe.  A shot rings out.

Somber music plays.

ep20_19b ep20_19c
Healer has been shot. Slow motion reactions of Young Shin, Moon Ho and Healer.  Dong Chun holds the gun that shot Healer.  Healer looks dazed then he falls down blood on the ground.

Now my nightmare is coming true. I hate, hate, hate, when the hero dies.

Do I think Healer is dead? No I do not. But this was an effective scare for me.

Producer Kang reports that a man was shot to death at the airport. Manger Ahn and the goons are lead away by police. Jae Yoon is identified as a whistle blower and admits she was scared but had to come forward with the truth. Elder is identified as hiring an assassin. The LA video shows Elder meeting with the research scientist that ran the experiment on the village.  Bong Soo is identified as the murdered man but his picture is not Healer’s.

Now we get the perky music and see that Healer planted the blood pack in his outfit. He practices how he when feign being his by a bullet. We relieve the climatic encounter when Healer pulls the gun on the hit man and Dong Chun shoots him. As Moon Ho kneels by Healer’s body, Healer lifts his head to look around. Moon Ho pushes his head down and winks, yes I said winks, at Dong Chun.

A little Photoshop from Min Ja remove Healer’s image from the wanted poster and inserts Bong Soo’s image instead.

ep20_19g ep20_19f
When Producer Kang exits the newsroom, Moon Ho is there with 2 coffees.  She looks into Moon Ho’s eyes. Will she take the peace offering of the coffee? Like you have to ask. She takes the coffee. Moon Ho puts his arm around her and they walk away together.

ep20_20b ep20_20a
Our darling couple are back together. They kiss.

Young Shin voice over: The things I like: the sound of his camera shutter, his large hands, his smiling eyes, his big embraces.

ep20_20c ep20_20e
It is night, they are on the roof top all smiles, drinking beer, and loving life and each other. They kiss.

Young Shin voice over: Things I do not like – everything that keeps me from my favorite things.

Appropriately, “Eternal Love” by Michael Learns to Rock, OST 1, plays in the background.

* The tone of this episode was threw me. I can be literal when I watch things. In the back of my mind I worry that a writer will wreck a series in the finale…it happens. Now it is clear that they were working together while apart, but my fear made me blind during part of the episode. That made the first time viewing this episode less enjoyable. Watching it again I’d have a completely different viewing experience.
* Would I have chosen a different path than the writer did? Yes I would. The entire tone of this series has been fun and the finale’s tone was different. So I missed the essence of the series for a portion of the finale.
* Did the writer do a good job with the finale? Absolutely. Moments from the entire series were tied in beautifully. The attention to detail this writer has was fabulous.
* Am I satisfied with where all the characters ended up? Yes. I’m good with what I know and what I don’t know.
* What were your favorite things about Healer and Chang Wook’s performance? Healer was genuine and open in his communications and feelings as he fell in love with Young Shin. I loved his straightforward manner throughout the entire series. No games, no lying (only minor), he was genuine. Chang Wook’s performance worked on every level.
* What were your favorite things about Chae Young Shin and Park Min Young’s performance? Young Shin was smart, sassy, sexy and sensitive. Min Young’s performance has heartfelt. I bought her performance hook line and sinker. I believed Young Shin cared for Healer with an earnest honesty that was lovely to watch. Her love and support for her man…perfect.
* What were your favorite things about Kim Moon Ho and Yoo Ji Tae’s performance? I loved the ambiguities of Moon Ho. He was conflicted and stifled by his life choices. His evolution was equally interesting. Is Producer Kang is the woman I’d match Moon Ho with? Probably not but she came through for him in the end and she did care for him.
* What about Min Ja? She was fabulous. Grumpy and totally supportive (even when cash was not part of the bargain).
* What about Myung Hee? I liked how she came to the realization that Moon Shik was not a good man and bad for her. I liked that she had the strength to leave him.
* What about Moon Shik and right hand man? I said last recap that Moon Shik had to die. He did not die. I am perfectly fine with that. I liked right hand man’s quirky fastidious nature, it made me laugh.
* Final thoughts? I will write a series review but in a nutshell…
a. Healer was an excellent drama start to finish. The two leads that captured me in a special way. I loved this couple. They loved each other. They did not play games, lie, or commit the normal drama actions that separate couples.
b. My love for Healer is well documented in these 20 recaps. I adored this character.
c. The behind the scenes star was the writer, Song Ji Na, who crafted episode after episode of solid drama with humor, emotion, mystery, and a good versus evil struggle that worked.
d. The cast was superb. This was an ensemble effort. The actors delivered performances that brought the writing to life.

Asian drama fan. I watch and blog dramas on https://kjtamusings.wordpress.com/.

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