Shine or Go Crazy Episode 8 Recap

Shine or Go Crazy Episode 8 Recap. Shin Yool saves Wang So’s life and puts her own at risk. Yeo Won acts like a jealous wife and Wang Wook acts like a jealous suitor. Meanwhile Sik Ryeom plots to kill all his enemies.

Wang So (Jang Hyuk) misses Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) and visits the trading company. Thrilled Wang So is there, Shin Yool hurries to change into her guy disguise. Wang So checks out the embellishments picked for him. He likes the blue dragon that soars in the sky. Oops, when Shin Yool returns he learns the blue dragon is for Wang Wook not him. They review all the embellishments. The last one is his. Wang So asks why this style? Shin Yool heard from the others that Wang So “was similar to a mouse”. Ha! Shin Yool says that Wang So socializes with geishas and freeloads off his wife.

Wang So must defend himself, so he declares she’s got it wrong. Wang So is a great person with a super personality. He tells her that Wang So is so handsome others have been blinded by how bright he shines. He tells Shin Yool the story of meeting the white tiger the first day he was exiled to the mountain. Shin Yool revises his embellishments.

ep8_1c ep8_1d
As Wang So allows Shin Yool to use him as a fit model, he remembers Eun Chun’s admonishment to focus on revenge against those that killed his father. He stares into Shin Yool eyes.

ep8_1e ep8_1f
He abruptly leaves. She dashes after him. He tells her he won’t able to see her for a while. He tells her to be safe while he is gone. She tells him to hurry back.  “The Person I Miss” OST 2 plays in the background.

Wang So heads to Geum Sun’s establishment and feigns being drunk to meet with Cheong Ok (Na Hye Jin). He tells her he will be “asleep” until tomorrow afternoon and she must guard his privacy. He then exits into the night.

Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui) learns that Wang So got drunk and went to a room with Cheong Ok.  She also learns that last night the “man” Wang So spent time with was the assistant head of the trading company. That surprises her.

Eun Chun (Kim Roe Ha) prep the weapons for the night’s mission. When Wang So arrives Eun Chun tells him not to go, his identity has been compromised. Wang So has an alibi with Cheong Ok. He tells Eun Chun he must participate in the princes fighting competition.

Wang Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) and Se Won (Na Jong Chan) review the location of the empty temple to lure Wang So, the palace assassins and Gyu Ui. The plan is to kill them. Se Won is unfazed with an order to kill.

Wang Wook (Lim Ju Hwan) visits Shin Yool and states there is a painting in the room her mother may have stayed at an now empty temple. Excited, Shin Yool asks if they can leave immediately. Wang Wook agrees. Shin Yool switches into guy disguise for easy travel. At the temple, Shin Yool recognizes the symbol in the painting associated with her town Balhae. She muses that if her mother painted the picture the children likely represent herself and her brother.

Wang Wook leaves Wang So to have a moment alone. He goes to pick the flower Shin Yool earlier identified as an all around tonic to the healthy but able to paralyze the weak. A red assassin knocks him out from behind. The red assassin garb is cool.

Gyu Ui and Sik Ryeom’s assassins arrives at the temple. Much to Gyu Yi’s surprise, the assassins draw their swords against him. He is killed by the red assassin that knocked out Wang Wook. The red assassin takes his token and leaves Wang So’s calling card, the flag. The red assassins hide as they hear Wang So and his black assassins approach.

ep8_5a ep8_5b
Wang So and his assassins see Gyu Ui dead and their flag planted. Wang So realizes it is a trap. Ninja stars fly and they scatter to engage in hand to hand combat. Wang So ends up fighting the red assassin who is an assassin that killed his father. A good sword fight ensures.


Shin Yool realizes that Wang Wook has left her and goes looking for him. She hears the sound of fighting just outside the room. She opens the doors to see two men fighting. It is Wang So and the red assassin. Wang So is startled to see Shin Yool. The red assassin takes note of Shin Yool too. Wang So grabs Shin Yool’s wrist and they take off running. The red assassin is in hot pursuit. Wang So and the red assassin battle. The red assassin attacks Shin Yool. Wang So intervenes and earns a slash in the back from the red assassin. Ouch! I yelled out loud at that blow. Wang So and Shin Yool fall down a rocky incline. Double ouch!

Wang Wook wakes groggy due to the blow to his head. He finds Gyu Ui dead and Wang So’s flag draped over Gyu Ui. Frantic with worry he searches for Shin Yool.

Wang So and Shin Yool lie at the bottom of the incline. She wakes and realizes Wang So is injured as she finds an open wound on his arm.

Wang Wook spots the black assassins fleeing the scene and realizes the flag and their outfits have the same symbol – the three legged crow.

Shin Yool has managed to move Wang So to a cave with a stream. She turns him over and recognizes the symbol on his garb – the three legged crow – as the symbol of the palace assassins. She realizes that Wang So is more than he purported to be.

ep8_9b ep8_9c ep8_9eShe lovingly tends his arm wound. She looks at the plant she gathered earlier. This plant can hurt her weakened body. Love knows no fear and she chews the plant and performs mouth to mouth to transfer the plant juice to Wang So. He won’t swallow. Desperate, she places many leaves into her mouth. Her mouth to mouth transfer (which looks like a kiss) lingers as she transfers the plant juice.

While searching for Shin Yool Wang Wook spots the red assassin. He spots Wang Wook and flees. Wang Wook wonders who the red assassins works for. He knows the black assassins are the good palace assassins.

Wang So wakes and finds Shin Yool next to him. She is worried about him. He is worried about her. She explains she came to the temple with Wang Wook. She realizes that he must be looking for her. Then she asks Wang So if he is one of the black assassins. He hesitates but confirms he is and warns her this is a secret. She promises to keep the secret. She recommends that next time he protect himself first before he helps her.

She helps him return to the temple. “So I Love You” plays in the background. Luckily her horse walks up.  Oh no the paralysis from the plant is starting to take effect as Shin Yool’s hand is frozen. She manages to get him on the horse and tie him to her so he does not fall. Eun Chun watches them from afar.

ep8_11bep8_11d ep8_11c
Wang Wook waits for Shin Yool outside the trading company. He spots Shin Yool then, much to his displeasure, Wang So as they arrive by horse. With reluctance he helps Wang So from the horse. He blocks Shin Yool from taking Wang So inside. He offers to take Wang So to the inn. Shin Yool heads inside.

Wang Wook grabs Wang So’s wound. How Wang So manages not to scream in agony is beyond me. Wang Wook warns Wang So to leave Shin Yool alone. Another “if looks could kill” moment for Wang So. He leaves and Wang So collapses. Eun Chun rushes to Wang So’s side and take him away.

Shin Yool finds the maple leaves and gives them to her servant to boil (to alleviate the paralysis). Wang Wook enters livid that Shin Yool cares more for Wang So’s safety than her own. He declares his heart almost exploded from worry. He asks if Shin Yool met Wang So at the temple. She lies and says she met him on the way back to the trading company.  Shin Yool faints. Wang Wook catches her. Baek Myo (Kim Sun Young) declares Shin Yool is paralyzed from poison.

Se Won apologizes to Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) for not killing Wang So. He did injure Wang So so he will not be able to participate in the princes fighting competition. Plus he has spread rumors that the black assassins killed Gyu Ui. Se Won returns Gyu Ui’s token to Sik Ryeom.

Eun Chun helps Wang So who tells him that he fought with the red assassin. Wang So states he was the target and this was a trap. Wang So is determined to participate in the princes fighting competition. Eun Chun sees this as foolish. Wang So orders Eun Chun to carry out the next phase in their plan then lay low. He staggers into the courtyard of his home and collapses. Yeo Won finds him. She realizes he is hurt. She tends his wound and sees someone else took care of him earlier. She finds the half butterfly talisman. Wang So mutters Shin Yool’s guy name, Gaebong.

Baek Myo tends Shin Yool and Wang Wook sits beside her. Shin Yool mutters Wang So’s name.

When Wang So wakes, Yeo Won is there. She notes his butterfly talisman is ineffective as he was hurt badly. He wonders why she isn’t asking him how he got hurt. She wonders if he’d tell her the truth. She tells him he cannot participate in the princes fighting competition with the injury. He says he will participate and defend his family’s honor.  As he drifts back to sleep Yeo Won says she will choose the next king, no matter how the competition goes. Again, I wonder, does she care for him?

And then there were 3…furious and scared the remaining conspirators hand over their tokens to Sik Ryeom for safe keeping. Suckers! You just gave him the power to indict you whenever he pleases.

Sik Ryeom is practically giddy. He has the tokens. Wang So will not be able to fight. His immediate fantasy is Wang So dying alone near the temple. He wonders if the King is showing symptoms of the poison. So many people to kill…so little time.

The King and his assistant discuss the princes fighting competition. The King isn’t stupid because he sees that Wang Wook is the obvious choice to be king.  The assistant notes Wang Wook and the trading company assistant are close. He notes the trading company is providing the embellishments. The King focuses on making Shin Yool pay for her insolence to dare to support a competition to pick the next king. If paranoia is a side effect of the poison…it is working.

Gyu Dal, Gang Myeong, Gyeong and Baek Myo holds vigil over Shin Yool. She wakes and explains she went to the temple with Wang Wook. They asks if she saw the black assassins who are rumored to have killed and robbed Gyu Ui.  Shin Yool gets angry at the insinuation that the black assassins have no honor.

Baek Myo tells her that Wang Wook held vigil all night. Baek Myo asks in she treated Wang So with the plant. Shin Yool regrets it was not as effective as she hoped. Baek Myo asks if Wang So was worth the risk of paralysis. She is angry that Shin Yool must live with “coldness inside herself” and give her precious life energy to Wang So. Shin Yool loves him…what else can she do? Nice scene, both ladies made their points to each other.

Baek Myo later promises Wang So, she’ll stop him from getting near Shin Yool. Ah, interesting she displays sympathy with Shin Yool and hatred for Wang So moments later.

Wang So tally: enemies – everyone but Shin Yool and Eun Chun, supporters – Shin Yool and Eun Chun. Wait, that tally now increases to three!

The King’s assistant meets with Eun Chun and they confirm their mission to put Wang So on the throne.  The assistant notes the King’s mind and body is weakening. The King’s assistant wonders if Yeo Won might help Wang So in his quest to be king.

Yeo Won demands Wang Wook tell her what happened with Wang So. He surprises her claiming Wang So is the leader of the palace black assassins. He tells her about the red and black assassins. He incorrectly believes Wang So knocked him out (recall it was Se Won). Yeo Won correctly guesses the red assassins are Sik Ryeom’s men. Wang Wook says it does not matter is Wang So lives or dies. Yeo Won states it matters to her. Wang So knows Sik Ryeom’s weakness. Wang Wook asks what the weakness is. She side steps answering. She asks where he found Wang So. In front of the trading company. Yeo Won asks how long was Wang Wook going to hide that Gaebong (Shin Yool’s guy name) and the assistant head of the trading company are one in the same? Wang Wook side steps answering. Instead he shares that Wang So thinks Gaebong is a man. Yeo Won cannot believe that Wang So thinks such a feminine creature is a man and laughs with pleasure at her husband’s inability to recognize the obvious. Wang Wook vows to win the princes fighting competition. He then warns Yeo Won not to keep her cards together anyone. That is interesting. A bit of a bicker between them. I like the potential fissure between them. Excellent scene!

Shin Yool asks Gang Myeong to find Wang So and let her know if he is ok. She also wants information about the palace black assassins.

Se Won, who is a good looking man, watches the trading company and remembers Wang So protecting Shin Yool. He sees Shin Yool greet Yeo Won. Ah, the two women interested in Wang So meet again. Yeo Won asks for Wang So to pick out a ornament for her. She liked his selection from the last time. Gyu Dal enters and claims Wang So is not there any more. He was just a swordsman they took pity upon and trained. Imperiously she tells Gyu Dal to leave. He does.

ep8_20b ep8_20c
Yeo Won asks Shin Yool to explain how Wang So thinks she is a man. Shin Yool explains how it happened. Yeo Won practically giggles over her husband not realizing the truth. She notes the scrapes on Shin Yools hands and asks if she was at the temple. She admits she went with Wang Wook. Yeo Won tells Shin Yool she should have put on a spiders web to help heal the wound. Hmm, I saw her to do. Must have dissolved without leaving a trace.

Yeo Won shoots daggers at Shin Yool realizing that Shin Yool took care of Wang So.

Shin Yool realizes the Yeo Won is trying to extract information about Wang So from her.

They both glare and stare…a ladies version of a show down!

* Another solid episode. Do you consider the mouth to mouth plant extract transfer a kiss or medicinal only? Sik Ryeom has an effective henchman in Se Won. He killed Gyi Ui, framed the palace black assassins, and injured Wang So. The confrontation / discussion between Wang Wook and Yeo Won was interesting as it had an edge of steel between them. At this point, only Wang So thinks Shin Yool is a man. With so many people in the know, who will finally tell him?
* Jang Hyuk as Wang So could not be as front and center injured for parts of the episode. He is lucky that the two women in his life cared for him in his hour of need. Let’s gloss over how Shin Yool managed to get him to the cave and on the horse. I liked the confrontation with Wang Wook. The mutual loathing is front and center with Shin Yool between them. The fight between Wang So and Se Won was good. I like Se Won’s wobbly sword and have always been a fan of the sword & pole combo Wang So wielded.
* Yeon Seo’s portrayal of Shin Yool showed selfless love for Wang So when she chewed the leaves that endangered her health to help him.  Her expertise with medicine saved Wang So’s life. This is her fate…protect him…save him…inspire him. Will she ever get the chance to be with him?

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  2. Drama Fan says:

    I’m loving this drama so much!


  3. Gloria Frimpong says:

    I guess we will be seeing a love square instead of a triangle this time. Yeo won now wants to make wang so hers, meanwhile he likes shin yool. Wang wook also likes shin yool and seo won likes Yeo won. Finally some action.
    Next episode please.


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