Healer Episode 16 Recap

Healer Episode 16. Evil forces work to trap Healer who focuses on finding evidence to exonerate his father. Young Shin learns her parental secret as Moon Ho finally comes clean. The ripple effect ramifications begin.

Young Shin (Park Min Young) and Myung Hee agree to an interview. As she exits her house, Moon Shik offers Young Shin a ride. She hesitates but gets in the car.

Healer (Ji Chang Wook) tracks down a retired detective that worked his father’s case. The man tells Healer that because of Seo Joon Seok “I lost my job”.  His daughter mentions another detective, Park Dong Chul, who got fired when her father did.

Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) learns Young Shin is on her way to interview Myung Hee. Min Ja spots Young Shin’s location on the map and calls Moon Ho to let him know that Young Shin has entered someplace she does not like. If Healer finds out, it won’t be good. Where did Moon Shik take Young Shin?

Moon Shik brings Young Shin to his office. He tells her his wife knows that she cannot make the interview. Why? Because Moon Shik knows Young Shin has dangerous people around her. That’s rich coming from him! He cites Jung Hoo (Healer’s birth name) as an example. Young Shin plays dumb. Moon Shik gets the 5 friends picture out. Gosh, it’s been a while since we’ve seen that photo. In the early episodes we saw that photo multiple times an episode. Moon Shik points to Joon Seok, Jung Hoo’s father. He then points to Young Jae (Teacher) and defines him as the original Healer. He lies that Young Jae told him Jung Hoo was the current Healer.  He states that while Young Jae had honor in his dealings, Jung Hoo has crossed the ethical line. The irony of Moon Shik criticizing Healer’s ethics! Young Shin asks why he is telling her this. Moon Shik believes his brother Moon Ho is working with Healer. He wants to protect his brother from committing a criminal act and needs her help.

Moon Shik introduces her to Manager Ahn who has been investigation Healer for the last month. Manager Ahn takes Young Shin to a command center where he and his minions monitor Healer’s activities.

Moon Ho bursts into Moon Shik’s office demanding to know where Young Shin is. Moon Shik claims he only wants to give Young Shin a chance to be a successful journalist. He plans to have Jung Hoo turn himself over to the police and he’ll get him a good lawyer. Is Moon Shik thinking that right hand man can do the same stellar job defending Healer as he did for Healer’s father? Moon Ho asks why he wants to help them. In all his delusional glory, Moon Shik declares he was a friend to both their fathers.  Derisively he states Moon Ho can only offer subpar internet reporter or petty thief options to them. Moon Ho counters he is at least a friend and proceeds to laugh a little manically.

Young Shin is getting the anti-Healer brainwashing from Manager Ahn. When he states that Healer’s father murdered his friend Kil Ahn. Young Shin’s vision starts to blur and she breathes deeply. Manager Ahn’s coworker receives a call from the retired detective’s daughter stating she told Healer about Dong Chul, Ah, Dong Chul is a trap for Healer. The anti-Healer minions smile. The trap is baited.


Moon Ho finds Young Shin a bit dazed and offers to drive her home. In the parking garage she says his brother told her that Jung Hoo was Healer. Moon Shik also said that Moon Ho is working with Healer. Moon Ho confirms that statement. Young Shin wants to know why two powerful brother are concerning themselves with Healer and her. Young Shin asks about the DNA test. She knows Moon Ho hired Healer to collect her fingernail clipping. Moon Ho wryly chuckles that he did not think he’d reveal this in a parking garage. Moon Ho says “Your biological mother is alive.” Young Shin laughs in disbelief. Moon Ho continues “The woman, my sister-in-law, that you could not meet today, is your mother and your birth name is Oh Ji Ahn”. Oh snap! The birth bomb has been dropped! Young Shin’s reaction is a stunned disbelief. Moon Ho admits he was too scared to tell her the truth. He steps toward her. She steps back. She is in shock and asks that he explain it in a way she can grasp.

Healer and Min Ja agree the location of Dong Chul makes them wary.  Min Ja states this evidence dropped into his lap too easily. Healer agrees but feels he must pursue the lead. He declares he will make this trap a path. When he enters the location two people are there. They look at each other when Healer makes the request to see Dong Chul. They tell him to wait. A couple of thugs arrive. They tell Healer to come with them. Just then Young Shin calls. Healer takes the call much to the annoyance of the thugs. Young Shin says she met Moon Shik. The thugs try and move Healer. He fights them WHILE he talks to Young Shin. She says Moon Shik says that Healer is a bad guy. Healer is irritated Moon Ho let her talk to Moon Shik. In flat voice, Young Shin says that Moon Ho apologized for not telling her that her biological mother is alive. As Healer is distracted with shock, one of the thugs punch him. He tells Young Shin he’ll call her right back and proceeds to dispense with the thugs. He recommends the remaining person tell him what she knows. Just as the van empties with goons who enter the building, Healer exits. He plants a tracker on the van and tell Min Ja it was a trap.

Manager Ahn tells the goons to move to the next location. Elder wants to meet Healer today.

Young Shin ignores the incoming call from Healer and studies the materials on her mother that Moon Ho gave her. She flashes back to Moon Ho telling her that her mother was seriously injured in a car accident in 1992. He hands Young Shin the hospital records that state her mother suffers epileptic seizures that could kill her. He notes when her mother talks about her she gets upset. Young Shin doesn’t remember her mother. Her memories start as an abandoned child on a highway. Moon Ho hopes Young Shin understands why he did not share the truth. Young Shin nods intellectually she understands that her biological mother is alive and if she tells her she is her daughter, she will die. Well, that’s the extreme case Young Shin. Moon Ho explains her mother thought she was dead. She asks the big question…does Healer know? Without seeing the ramifications, Moon Ho confirms Helaer knows but has kept quiet because Moon Ho asked him to. Ahhhh, the betrayal knife just went into Young Shin! She mutters Healer was never on her side. She gathers the materials on her mother and starts to leave. Moon Ho tries to continue the conversation but she brushes him off. She can’t trust Moon Ho.  Back in the present, she reads a police report and puts the pieces together, her father, Kil Ahn, was murdered by Healer’s father, Joon Seok. Horrified she back away from the police report like it was a snake that just bit her. And it was, the bite of distrust is there. Young Shin cannot trust Moon Ho or the love of her life, Healer.

Things are chaotic at work so when Myung Hee calls about Young Shin she gets an earful that Young Shin is not there, and won’t be coming back for the rest of day. It is even suggested Young Shin just got dumped. Myung Hee calls Moon Ho and asks about Young Shin. Moon Ho says Young Shin is going through personal issues and cannot face meeting Myung Hee right now. That confuses Myung Hee. Little does she know that Moon Ho has tears in his eyes.

Healer (as Bong Soo) comes to the coffee shop. Young Shin’s father and ex-con coffee shop worker try and direct Healer to the study for a conversation but Healer does a nifty maneuver that has them holding each other while he slips up the stairs to Young Shin’s room.

Healer enters the room and hugs Young Shin consolingly.
Healer: I was worried about you. I thought you might have trouble breathing.
Healer notices Young Shin does not hug him back.
Healer: Are you angry because I didn’t tell you about your mother?
Young Shin shakes her head no.
Healer: Just get angry. I’m sorry.
YS: You didn’t do anything wrong. That’s not it.
Healer: Then what is it. Why won’t you look at me?
She says nothing. He hugs her but pulls away feeling the emotional distance from Young Shin. They both have tears on their faces. Healer sees the materials on her bed.
Healer: Moon Ho finally had the guts to tell you. Did you curse at him?
YS: I just listened.
Healer: That’s fine. I already beat him up for the both of us. Moon Ho isn’t a bad guy. I’ve hit him plenty of times and he’s never hit me back. You’ve heard about your bioloigcal mother’s illness?
YS: Yes
Healer: I met her once. She was…nice.
YS: It was okay for you to meet her?
Healer: What do you mean?
YS: It’s nothing.
She goes to the bed and gathers the papers. Healer snatches the police report.
Healer: What is this? Is this because of my father and your father?
YS: What are you talking about?
Healer: My father killing your father.
I love that Healer is being forthright rooting around to find the source of their divide!
YS: You knew?
Healer: I knew but couldn’t say anything. Because you might react like this.
YS: It has nothing to do with us.
Healer: If it has nothing to do with us then why can’t you look at me or hold me?
Did I mention that I love that Healer is being forthright to find the source of their divide?
Healer approaches Young Shin. She backs away, tears on her face. Ouch! That has got to hurt Healer.
Healer: My father is not a murderer, just a suspect. He might be innocent. I was looking for evidence to prove his innocence. I was going to tell you once I found it. Fine. I’ll continue doing that.
Healer leaves. Young Shin does not stop him.
Here’s the point where I’m a bit irritated with Young Shin. Yes, she got a huge shock today. But she’s not considering the source of the anti-Healer information…Moon Shik and his minions. Yes, the police report came from Moon Ho and cites Healer’s father. I get that. But before the police report, she was doubting Healer based on dubious sources. Maybe you see it differently, but my heart belongs to Healer. He was honest with her during this encounter and she was guarded and withdrawn. All Healer has ever done is prove he cares for her with a devotion that is rare.

Thank goodness…she comes to her senses…Young Shin comes running after Healer, grabs his lapels and declares he must find the evidence and come back. For those of you that may want to check this scene out again, it is approximately at the 36 minute mark.

Ahh, that’s what Healer needed! Healer simply says “I will”.

Young Shin redeems herself with me and makes Healer feel much better when she tells him…
YS: Even if you can’t come back.
Healer: I will
YS: I’m going to look too.
Healer: Okay.
YS: You’re coming back even if you don’t find anything, right?
Healer: I’ll find it.
Young Shin: You are not a bad person.
Healer: I know that.

They hug. Father and ex-con coffee shop worker are stunned at their open declaration.


Healer turns to leave. He stops. He returns to Young Shin and gives her a beautiful kiss. Father and ex-con coffee shop worker cannot believe their eyes. Healer looks at her meaningfully and leaves. Wow! The kiss was the cherry on top of two terrific scenes! I’m crying. Young Shin did the right thing not letting him go with his heart hurting like that. Chang Wook and Min Young knocked those two scenes out of the park. Their love is a beautiful thing to watch. It has grabbed my heart.

Another trap is set for Healer as he moves to intercept Dong Chul. They are moving in to grab Healer…but wait…Min Ja has fooled them with the tracking device Healer placed on the van. Min Ja grouses “They were seriously lacking. I’m the best!”. Yes you are Min Ja. And by the way, why don’t you show yourself to Healer? He’s bummed out that you met Young Shin but have never done the same for him.

Dong Chul immediately sees that Healer is Joon Seok’s son. Healer confirms this. Dong Chul said those men said they pay him $1M if he called when Healer showed. He stares at Healer and asks if he knows what a mess his life has been ever since he worked his father’s case. Healer doesn’t understand why a few pages of his father’s interrogation statement has caused such a stir. Did Dong Chul take his father’s statement? Dong Chul laughs and says the statement was fabricated and his father was forced to sign it. He and the other officer reported the false statement to internal affairs and found themselves fired. Healer is sorry for his troubles and asks directly, did his father commit murder? Surprised, Dong Chul tells Healer he does not understand anything. Dong Chul tells Healer he has the tape of his father’s statement. Healer asks what the man’s price is. Dong Chul tells him now he has 2 buyers and he’ll go with the highest offer. Healer tells Dong Chul the last man he knew that made a deal with Moon Shik died the next day. Healer tells the man the only deal where he’ll get to live is the one he’ll make with him. The man puts his hand in his pocket.

Young Shin brings coffee to Moon Ho’s office. He is visibly relieved saying he thought he might never see her again. She jokes she lacks the persistence to hold grudges. Ha! She wants to know if they were friends when she was young. He confirms this.  He tells her that he and her parents all worked together. She and Healer were close playmates. Healer is 1 month older than her and her birthday is tomorrow. He notes Myung Hee is undoubtedly preparing her birthday dinner as they speak. Young Shin wants to know why Moon Ho and Moon Shik are on bad terms with each other. Young Shin relays that Moon Shik said the Moon Ho and Healer were working together and prepared to do illegal activities.

Moon Shik tucks in his sleeping wife. He goes to his study and sits at the desk. He smiles at the picture of Myung Hee and himself. On the back of the frame is a listening device! He gets a call from Manager Ahn saying Dong Chul has turned his phone on and they are tracking him. Moon Shik wants to know if Healer is with him. Next we see Myung Hee listening to the conversation. She bugged her husband’s office! Holy smokes! Manager Ahn asks Moon Shik to define the priorities – retrieve Joon Seok’s interrogation tape or take care of Jung Hoo? Wow! Myung Hee hears this! Moon Shik says they must stop the tape first as Elder would be displeased if it got out.

As Young Shin and Moon Ho leave work he receives a call from Myung Hee saying Jung Hoo is in danger. He immediately tells Young Shin to call Healer. They take off for Moon Ho’s car.

Healer takes Young Shin’s call and stares daggers at Dong Chul as Young Shin explains that men are converging on his location to take him. Min Ja directs Moon Ho to park behind the church when he arrives in 12 minutes. Healer takes the battery out of Dong Chul’s phone guessing the GPS tracker is being used by Moon Shik’s men. This alerts Manager Ahn that something is wrong. Everyone is one high alert as they race to the church. Healer demands to know if the interrogation tape really exists. Dong Chul swears it is real. Healer tries to get Dong Chul to leave with him. He refuses. Healer is frustrated beyond belief. Dong Chul will not believe Moon Shik’s men will kill him after they get the interrogation tape. Healer pleads with Dong Chul to tell him if his father committed murder. Dong Chul says later, he’ll tell the truth.

Tires squeal outside the church. Show time! The bad guys are here! Healer fights a valiant fight but dumb Dong Chul runs away. A bad guy corners Dong Chul and hits him hard on the head with a metal pipe. Healer tries to pull him away but the man’s head falls on a brick with a sickening thud. Ouch! I don’t want to hear that sound again in this series!

The bad guys flee leaving Healer alone over Dong Chul’s body. The police arrive. Moon Ho and Young Shin arrive. You know if and I know it…this is not going to be good for Healer. He lifts Dong Chul’s head and blood comes away on his hand. Healer is digging his own grave of evidence against himself now. Dong Chul seems to whisper something to Healer but we can’t hear it.

We see Healer from Young Shin’s persepctive as she runs to the scene. The bloody pipe…Healer over the lifeless body…Healer stands and wipes bloody hands on his hat and face…Healer turns and sees Young Shin…they stare at each other…Moon Ho runs up…Healer takes off into the night…the police run to the scene…what does Young Shin think happened?

* This episode balanced intense emotional scenes with tense action scenes.  The ratio of bad guys to Healer during the fight scene was a bit ridiculous, but I quibble. The writer, Song Ji Na, wrote an episode that compelled our characters forward towards the showdown we know is coming. The production team must be commended as well. The cinematography, the direction and the editing worked to create another superb episode. I laughed, I cried, and I was on the edge of my seat. Well done Healer production team!
* Myung Hee surprised me when she bugged Moon Shik’s office.  And she did something about what she heard and called Moon Ho. This woman is stronger than the men in her life give her credit for. She can take the truth about Young Shin. Even if she cannot, she deserves the truth about Young Shin. Protecting Myung Hee from the truth is hurting her and causing her to live a life that is not based in truth. Shall I make a banner with the slogan “Free Myung Hee”?
* Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo, Healer, met Young Shin’s doubts head on. I am totally on his side, besotted by this character. But my brain is functioning when I watch. I did get a bit irritated when Healer had to hear the truth from Dong Chul but the nonverbal cues provided the truth. Dong Chul’s surprised reaction to Healer asking if his father murdered someone told Healer what he needed to know. No that isn’t evidence, but Dong Chul revealed the truth in that moment. I hope Dong Chul uttered the truth to Healer as he lay dying. We’ll see next episode. Healer and Young Shin’s interaction in her room that crushed him followed by the interaction in the coffee shop that restored him was simply beautiful. Both Chang Wook and Min Young delivered in those 2 scenes, my favorite of the episode.
* Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin, learned her mother is alive. I’m going to give her positive feedback for how quickly she processed the news AFTER she almost crushed Healer with her concerns about his father’s actions. I do not buy the “sins of the father” line of thinking, but this is prevalent, so be it. When she raced into the coffee shop to stop Healer from leaving, she raced back into my good graces. How supportive will she be now that she’s seen Healer over the lifeless body of Dong Chul with no bad guys to point to? Healer ran too. Will she believe his innocence or doubt him?
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho finally told Young Shin the truth.  Their scenes were well written and acted. Ji Tae is accomplished and seems to deliver emotion effortlessly. He needs to give Myung Hee the best birthday gift ever…the news her daughter is alive.

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