Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 7 Recap

Finally a connection between Seo Jin and the assailant that makes him relevant. The shell around Seo Jin’s heart is beginning to crack. Sorry Robin, I am rooting for Seo Jin.

Episode 7 Recap:

Seo Jin (Hyun Bin) and Robin (Hyun Bin) (his alternate personality) video argue…it is actually entertaining to watch Seo Jin argue with a video from Robin. I’ll take more scenes like this! Robin makes Seo Jin see his actions in a different light, beyond paying back Robin, they have hurt Ha Na. Robin effectively argues that Seo Jin’s silence to Ha Na’s confession embarrassed and saddened her. Robin warns Seo Jin not to mess with Ha Na’s feelings again.

ep7_8b ep7_8a
Seo Jin asks Ha Na (Han Ji Min) if she was rejected. What girl would admit that? Ha Na admits nothing and asks what Robin told him. Seo Jin denies knowledge. He tells her Robin is not a good person. “Takes one to know one” is Ha Na’s reaction.

ep7_9b ep7_9a
Seo Jin is concerned about Ha Na and asks his assistant, Young Chan (Lee Seung Jun), how do you cheer up a woman that has been rejected? Option 1 – find another man, is rejected by Seo Jin. Option 2 – alcohol, Seo Jin recalls that alcohol aided the confession so that is rejected too. Option 3 – work, this option Seo Jin understands and embraces.

To cheer up Ha Na, Seo Jin reviews and approves her proposal for the new act. He even approves new costumes and a head line opportunity for the troop. Ah, our Seo Jin is caring about Ha Na and by extension, others.

Seo Jin’s father Koo Myung Han (Lee Deok Hwa) realizes Seo Jin is interested in Ha Na. He is not happy. He shouts at the assistant and chauffeur that if Robin and Seo Jnn both like Ha Na there will be trouble.

At the rehearsal location, Father tells Seo Jin to get rid of the circus. Showing backbone, Seo Jin refuses his father’s order stating he was elected by the shareholders and answers to them not his father. It is great watching Seo Jin claim his personal power. Seo Jin says he is making an effort to care. Everyone is impressed with Seo Jin’s declaration.

In the office, Father and Seo Jin discuss his support of the circus. Father questions if Seo Jin is aware of his true feelings? In that moment, I believe that Seo Jin’s father cares about him. Seo Jin succinctly explains that being good to the circus is the least they can do for Ha Na’s support in finding Dr. Kang.

Seo Jin admits to his assistant that he’s more at ease with himself because of Ha Na. His assistant asks if Seo Jin is sure of his feelings for Ha Na. This seems to be the question of the episode. His assistant makes the mistake of comparing Seo Jin’s behavior to Robin’s. That is not well received by Seo Jin.

Woo Jung (Hyeri) and circus guy tell Ha Na that Seo Jin likes her.

Seo Jin is sporting a cool shirt. Loving the white stripes on the single arm.

At home, Ha Na tells Seo Jin that she wants respect, not compensation for her work. She tells him not to let the circus members get their hopes up if he plans reverse his position like he has done in the past. She heads to her room. Boldly, Seo Jin knocks and enters her room. He tells Ha Na her proposal had merit and he approved it. It was that simple. “Don’t sell yourself short” is Seo Jin’s sentiment. I love it!

Detective Na and Yoon Tae Joo (Sung Joo) search the assailant’s apartment. Tae Jo finds a journal with a picture of the assailant as a boy at Wonderland.

Woo Jung tells Robin that Seo Jin must like Ha Na with all that he’s doing for her and the circus.

Robin follows Ha Na to a convenience store and spies on her. Unfortunately for Robin, Ha Na spots him in the mirror and asks what he is doing. He follows her out of the store and asks for her forgiveness. He promises not to mess with her feelings. She pondering his request and slowly crosses the street. Robin follows.

The police tell Robin that he jaywalked and ask for his name and identity card. Robin does not have an identity card. The police bring Robin to the station. When the assistant arrives he convinces Ha Na to leave and he handles smoothing things out with the police. As the assistant and Robin exit the police station, Ha Na overhears them discuss his like for Ha Na. That surprises her. Ha Na overhears that Seo Jin deleted her texts from Robin’s phone. That angers her. She interrupts their conversation and tell Robin to talk to Seo Jin.

Later Robin and Ha Na use puppets to express their feelings. Robin has the puppets kiss. He then kisses Ha Na.

ep7_19b ep7_19a
The police are questioning Dr. Kang’s assailant. Tae Joo, Seo Jin and Ha Na watch from the other side of the mirror. The assailant, calls himself Soo Hyun. He waves into the mirror and tells Seo Jin that they were once friends as boys. Seo Jin is startled but flashes back to playing with him as a boy in Wonderland. The assailant relates that he and Seo Jin were kidnapped from Wonderland. The kidnapper expected big money from Seo Jin’s father. But he refused to pay the kidnapper anything. Seo Jin and Soo Hyun managed to boost Seo Jin to a window while the kidnapper was out. Unfortunately Seo Jin did not have the upper body strength to pull Soo Hyun to safety. When the kidnapper returned, Seo Jin was trying to pull Soo Hyun to safety (shades of the bridge and pulling Ha Na to safety) but could not. Seo Jin was forced to release his friend and flee to save himself.


The memory is too much for Seo Jin and his heart rate spikes and he has difficulty breathing. Ha Na reaches out to help him but he pushes her away. He finds solitude in a stairwell and tries to regain his composure. Ha Na searches and finds Seo Jin. Desperate for her calming effect, Seo Jin hugs Ha Na. Startled, she stands there but feels his overwhelming need and hugs him back.

* More progress for Seo Jin as the shell around his heart beings to crack for Ha Na.   So glad the assailant turns out to be Seo Jin’s childhood friend. That immediately makes this character relevant. Before he had seemed like some creepy dude with no connection to our main characters. Interesting how everyone sees Seo Jin caring for Ha Na. His father is concerned that Robin and Seo Jin will like the same woman and troubles will ensue. Sorry to tell you father, that is exactly what is happening.
* Hyun Bin as Seo Jin is opening his heart to Ha Na.  I love watching Seo Jin become open and kind to Ha Na. Even she did not know what to do with Seo Jin’s kindness. Robin did an excellent job getting Seo Jin to see hurting Robin had hurt Ha Na. Robin’s feelings toward Ha Na are understandable but do not resonate with me like Seo Jin.
* Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na had less to do this episode as the object of Seo Jin’s affections. Their interaction at the house was the best of the episode. She told him she wanted respect and left him standing there. He went after her and told her he did respect her and her work, why couldn’t she take his actions towards the circus troop on face value?
* The fourth song of the OST was released 12 February. ‘Wonderful World’ by J Rabbit is a perky song. Brief article about the song (link). Listen via the embedded video below or link.


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