Shine or Go Crazy Episode 3 Recap

Shine or Go Crazy Episode 3 Recap.   A blow to the 5 conspirators that killed Wang So’s father, King Wang Gun, is decisively delivered. Our heroes have brains! Shin Yool has initial interactions with Yeo Won and Wang Wook. Our couple gets to spend quality time together. Too bad one of them does not know who the other is. 

Wang So (Jang Hyuk) practices his sword fighting while wearing the butterfly talisman that Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) gave him.  The fact he practices blindfolded is cool. The fact that Jang Hyuk does not use a stunt double is awesome. Eun Chun (Kim Roe Ha) has a strong lead on the ninja assassins that poisoned the King. He determined they stayed at Kim Jong Sik’s home. Wang So declares this is what they’ve waited for.

Shin Yool is a successful merchant and Baek Myo (Kim Sun Young) still watches over her like a mother hen. When she spots Wang So in the crowd she distracts Shin Yool so she is not looking when he walks past. They do not see each other! Camera trickery at the end of episode 2 when I thought they spotted each other. Let’s call that Near Miss #1. It couldn’t be that easy right?

A servant, Gil Bok (Shin Seung Hwan) tells Wang So that his wife wants him to come home. He’s not interested and walks away. Ha!

Baek Myo tells Gang Myeong (Ahn Kil Kang) that she spotted one night fake bridegroom (Wang So). She nags him to keep his mouth shut about this around Shin Yool.

ep3_6 ep3_7
Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui) and Wang So meet. She notes it has been 1 month since she last saw him. He shrugs saying it is always that way with them. She tells him he must come to the Buddhist ceremony. He states he will attend. She nods and walks away. Did you feel any warmth in that encounter? I did not. It was icy.

ep3_9 ep3_8
Outside the temple Shin Yool and her brother Yang Gyu Dal (Heo Jeong Min) are selling beads for prayer. When Yeo Won asks why the beads are necessary, Gyu Dal gets tongue tied. Shin Yool steps in a gives a smooth sales pitch. Yeo Won has a reaction to Shin Yool. Does she know her? She invites Shin Yool for tea. Wang So stops by to see his wife but sees the 2 pairs of female shoes and elects not to disturb his wife.  Yeo Won tells Shin Yool she wants a person. Shin Yool states her trading company only handles goods not people. The icy stare from Yeo Won and the music cue me that Shin Yool has irritated Yeo Won with her response. Yeo Won states “you are so much like her, but different.” Is she speaking of Shin Yool’s mother?

ep3_11 ep3_10
Wang Wook (Lim Ju Hwan) and Wang So encounter each other. Wang So admits he misses his father (deceased King Wang Gun). The warmth is not there between these two either. I like the way Jang Hyuk looked to the heavens before saying he missed his father. Nice touch.

ep3_13 ep3_12
King Jeongjong (Ryu Seung Soo) enters the Buddhist temple and offers kinds greeting to  Yeo Won and Wang So. Wang Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) arrives late but is not particularly apologetic. The King is not excited to see him. Kim Jong Sik (Ahn Seok Hwan) ups the King’s discomfort by suggesting that Sik Ryeom and the King dot the Buddha together. Let’s put it like this, certain folks in the audience enjoy the power play (Sik Ryeom, Jong Sik, Mok Won, etc.) and certain folks are appalled at the insolence (Je Gong). The King elects to be gracious and allows Sik Ryeom to join him. But Sik Ryeom pushes the King even further when he asks for additional funds for the war. The gall to ask for cash during a ceremony surprised me. The King folds like a deck of cards and agrees to support Sik Ryeom.

After the ceremony Wang So privately shoots daggers at Jong Sik. Sik Ryeom barely acknowledges Wang So’s stare and nod. The political factions are evident!

Shin Yool gets chilled and her brother sends her home. Wang So blazes down the road just missing spotting her as she turns off on a side path. Let’s call that Near Miss #2.

By a stream Wang Wook observes Shin Yool unable to reach a leaf floating past. When she spies a flower across the stream, her eyes light up. She crosses the stream. Wang Wook seems to have a memory of her. A dream? A past experience? She reaches for the flower but cannot grab it. She extends her stance and starts to fall into the stream but Wang Wook grabs her and holds her upright. She is surprised it is not her guard. She thanks Wang Wook for saving her. He gallantly picks the flower she had reached for in vain. She eats the flower! LOL! Wang Wook is speechless. Shin Yool explains the flower is good for treating chills. Ah, Wang Wook gets it (and so do I). She offers him the root which has health benefits as well. He declines. She acknowledges him as the King’s brother. Wang Wook is surprised she knows who he is. With a bit of sass she articulates his sash and sword hand were tips but the fact that she saw him at the ceremony was the clincher. I like her! Wang Wook thinks the same words Yeo Won did “you are so much like her, but different.” Is he speaking of Shin Yool’s mother? Wang Wook goes downstream and retrieves her shoe. When he turns back to give it to her, she is gone. He promises himself he’ll return the shoe to her.

ep3_20 ep3_21
Wang So and his ninja attack Jong Sik’s home. Jong Sik is furious they dared to attack his house. Wang So and Eun Chun question Jong Sik about his co conspirators in the death of the King. Jong Sik states since he’s going to die, he won’t die as a traitor. Wang So reveals his face. He tells Jong Sik to remember his face as he goes to the other side. He slashes and kills Jong Sik. As Jong Sik slumps over the token falls from his neck. Recall in episode 2 each of the 5 co conspirators took a token to protect themselves. One down, four to go! I liked Wang So’s decisive action. Jong Sik helped kill his father, he deserved to die.

News of Jong Sik’s death spreads. Sik Ryeom orders Se Won (Na Jong Chan) retrieve the token from Jong Sik’s home.  Se Won searches Jong Sik’s body but the token is gone. Se Won spies a red flag that Wang So left behind. I believe this is Wang So’s calling card. I’m digging it! Sik Ryeom is furious at the flag and the missing token. Even better when the bad guys get angry! Sik Ryeom realizes he’s seen the symbol on the flag. He grabs the former King’s sword. The symbol is engraved on the blade. Excellent, he knows loyalists to the former King are behind this.

Wang So and Eun Chul try and ascertain who Jong Sik’s co conspirators are. Eun Chul shows Wang So the token he retrieved from Jong Sik. Wang So guesses Sik Ryeom and the other powerful men of the west could be the co conspirators.

The four remaining conspirators meet. Sik Ryeom tells them that the former King’s ninjas are the one that killed Jong Sik.  Sik Ryeom wonders who is leading the former King’s ninjas.

ep3_27 ep3_28
Wang So tells a joke to the King and they both laugh. I love the way Jang Hyuk commits to his character in moments like that. It feels genuine.

Sik Ryeom arrives and Wang So says he will go, much to the King’s unease. The King does not want to be alone with the guy. Sik Ryeom tells Wang So to stay. He shows the King the sword he received from the former King and it’s symbol. The King states he has never seen the symbol.

ep3_30 ep3_29
Wang Wook stares at Shin Yool’s shoes regretting that he did not get her name before she left. Hmm, that throws me. He statement “you are so much like her, but different” made me think he knew Shin Yool and her mother. Yeo Won visits and spies the single shoe. Wang Wook declares it is a symbol of luck he got at the Buddhist ceremony. Yeo Won says she’s found the woman for Wang Wook. He is agreeable to meet her. Yeo Won promises that he’ll be surprised once he meets her.

Shin Yool dressed in men’s clothing prepares to leave to business. I can imagine being a man is easier for any business transactions.

Gaze with me at the beauty of Jang Hyuk.

Wang So recalls the King wondering about the symbol and being told it was the symbol of the King’s protectors. The King’s eyes light up with hope. Maybe there is some one out there that would help protect him. He asks Wang So to find the King’s protectors. The King states maybe just maybe he may have supporters. As Wang So recalls this encounter his heart aches for his brother, who feels alone, but really has his support. With regret he realizes the time is not right for him to reveal himself to the King.

Eun Chul tells Wang So a group of ninja assassins are being organized. Wang So wants to know who is organizing the ninjas. Eun Chun recommends he stay for a couple of days while he checks things out. Wang So asks if Eun Chun distributed Jong Sik’s salt. Eun Chun quips he did as he had to follow Jong Sik’s last wish. Ha!

ep3_40 ep3_41ep3_43ep3_42ep3_45 ep3_44   
Wang So and Shin Yool converge at a slave market. Both are not happy with the selling of humans. The slaver trader offers Shin Yool a woman and her son to purchase. She looks up into the crowd and to her astonishment she sees Wang So. He does not recognize her because she is dressed like a man. She orders her guard to buy the woman and son. Did I mention I like her? She blocks his exit. He does not recognize her. She looks him over. Is he good with a sword. Playing along, Wang So says he is good with a sword. She pokes his chest – firm. She pokes his butt – firm. She asks him to spin around for him. He complies. She asks to see his teeth. He complies. She tells him she wants to buy him. He says he already has an owner. She is upset. He’s a slave to another. She is almost run over by a horse (just like episode 1) and Wang So pushes her to safety. She stares at him longingly. She offers to buy him from his owner. He tells her the King is his owner. She thinks he’s joking. She gets flirty which makes him back away. He’s not into guys. She tells him his memory is bad. She gives him cash for saving her. He acts indignant for a second then is pleased. She leaves.

Wang So tells Eun Chun that he won’t be able to get rid of his guard tonight. Eun Chun recommends he bring his guard Gil Bok. No one will suspect what he’s really doing if his guard is with him.

ep3_48ep3_49  ep3_52ep3_53
Gil Bok cannot get a room, so they will have to share. Shin Yool is waiting for Wang So as she created this moment by purchasing the available rooms. Wang So is surprised to see the man from the slave trade. Gil Bok asks to share the room with Shin Yool’s guard. They are surprised to see each other. Shin Yool’s guard realizes Shin Yool is alone in the other room with Wang So. He knocks on their door and inquires if all is well. Wang So confirms all is well. They’ll only have to share the room for one night. Her guard is not happy and offers Wang So his room. Wang So accepts. Shin Yool is not happy and orders her guard to not give up his room. Thwarted, her guard leaves. Wang So and Shin Yool decide to drink. Wang So wonders why he received so much silver? She was repaying his saving her life. Why didn’t she buy the woman slave and her son? She’s not interested in changing the world just money.  Wang So says she looks like a woman but talks like a man.He thinks of his brother asking for his help. She asks why he is no longer having fun. She recommends whatever the problem, weigh the pros and cons and choose the path that benefits him the most. He realizes his brother must wait for his help the time is not right. He and Shin Yool pound the alcohol. Shin Yool gets drunk. She gets a bit frisky which Wang So deflects. They lie about their names. He mentions his time in her former city was misery. She gets miffed that marrying her was misery. She asks if he is married. He confirms he has been married twice. Shin Yool is not happy with that response. He asks if she if married. She confirms she was married once, but maybe it wasn’t real. She drinks again unhappy that her fantasy of his availability is dashed. She finished the alcohol. She pushes him to a small corner of the bed. He sleeps sitting up. When she wakes she watches him sleep. She thinks of their happiness on their single night of marriage. Then she remembers he has married another woman. Their marriage contract is over she says to herself.

* There were more daylight scenes! The night scenes were well lit. Thank you production team! Colors really popped in the scenes. Cinematography is good.
* The political aspects of the story moved along nicely. Wang So’s utilization of the palace ninjas for revenge on Jong Sik was excellent. Wang So’s elimination of Jong Sik made sense. The clue of the tokens could lead them to the other 4 conspirators. Leaving the King’s flag at the scene was terrific. I look forward to each conspirator getting eliminated until only Sik Ryeom remains.
* Wang Wook and Yeo Won both thinking “you are so much like her, but different” intrigues me. Who are they referring to? I was surprised when Yeo Won spoke positively about Shin Yool to Wang Wook. From her icy stares, I did not think that she approved of her. Wang Wook has a softer look and had decent chemistry with Shin Yool in their meeting by the stream. Who isn’t drawn to the Cinderella aspect of Wang Wook wanting to find Shin Yool by the slipper she left behind?
* What I did not totally love, and I can’t believe I’m going to say it, was the interaction between Shin Yool and Wang So in the room. First and foremost that scene was too long. Recapping this series, I’ve noticed all the scenes are short. The editor must have a task putting these episodes together as they are comprised of so many short scenes. The scene was 10 minutes. Their interaction was lessened by him not knowing who she was. Jang Hyuk and Yeon Son did the scene well but could not maintain a riveting scene for 10 minutes. To be clear, that is due to the writer not the actors.
* Jang Hyuk as Wang So tugged on my heart when he felt the his brother’s need for support but could not respond. It makes sense that Wang So wants to help but cannot. His advantage is anonymity.  I like that Wang So is smart enough to see it and heed it. Wang So is not reckless and only ruled by emotions. Wang So’s interactions with Yeo Won were placid, bored and civil. Not a great marriage. On the plus side, Yeo Won is not mooning over Wang So. She’s married, they don’t actually like each other, so be it. The relationship I like the best is his bromance/mentor relationship with Eun Chun. They’ve got a spark, a humor, and a respect that works for me. Our couple work, but until Wang So knows who Shin Yool is, the emotional power of their scenes will be on simmer not boil.
* Yeon Seo portrayal of Shin Yool is positive and I like this character. I liked her moxy with Yeo Won. I buy her reasoning that disguising herself as a man made her job easier. Her initial interaction with Wang Wook had a sweetness. I liked that she bought the slave and her son. I liked that she bought the rooms to force Wang So to share with her. Now that she knows that Wang So is married, will she explore a relationship with Wang Wook? She is an honorable character. I cannot see her throwing honor away to build a relationship with married Wang So.
* The second song of the OST has been released. “The Person I Miss” by Song Ji Eun of Secret was released 27 January. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below:


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3 comments on “Shine or Go Crazy Episode 3 Recap
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  2. Jang Hyuk says:

    I really wish that So So and Gae Bong would be together. Will they? Can’t wait for episode 4!

  3. ricky says:

    The current emperor is so afraid of his uncle, knowing that he is a puppet king is weighing on his mind. I hope he overcomes that fear before the throne is taken away. We can guess where the story is going; he either abdicates or dies. If it’s one or the other, I hope he chooses to go out with honor and dignity.

    Although visibly dejected, I don’t think Shin Yool realizes Wang So doesn’t know what she looks like. She was always covered in a veil when they were together, even when he saved her the first time. I hope the misunderstanding is cleared soon.

    The story is great so far. I am really enjoying this drama. Thanks for the recaps!

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