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Great Seducer Episodes 3-4

Great Seducer Episode 3 Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo Do Hwan) and Choi Soo Ji (Mun Ka Young) are reeling from the shock from the announced engagement of Shi Hyun’s father and Soo Ji’s mother. Soo Ji’s jerk ex-boyfriend won’t shut

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Mystery Queen 2 Episode 3

Mystery Queen 2 Episode 3 Detective Ha Wan Seung (Kwon Sang Woo) tries to beat the massive flames in his apartment. Realizing the futility, he escapes by jumping out the bedroom window. Yoo Seol Ok (Choi Gang Hee) gets a

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Hwayugi Episode 3 Recap

Hwayugi Episode 3 Recap Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) watches the spirits circle her. Sun Mi yells Oh Gong’s name. Son Oh Gong (Lee Seung Gi) appears from the sky and disperses the spirits. He chides her for the

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Money Flower Episodes 3-4

My Thoughts: Money Flower Episodes 3-4 Cast of Characters with Nutshell Details Kang Pil Joo (Jang Hyuk) suffers from “be careful what you wish for” as his plan for romance between Mo Hyun and Boo Cheon works better than expected.

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Revolutionary Love Episode 3 Recap

Revolutionary Love Episode 3 Byun Hyuk (Choi Si Won) is thrilled that Baek Joon (Kang So Ra) has arrived to help him. She counters that saying she’s there for the money. She flashes back to her despondent father telling her

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Mad Dog Episode 3 Recap

Mad Dog Episode 3 “1 vs 4” Kim Min Joon (Woo Do Hwan) dares Choi Kang Woo (Yoo Ji Tae) to bet family. Kang Woo tells him to leave. Min Joon tells Kang Woo 2 years ago, they almost met.

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Save Me Episode 3

My Thoughts — Save Me— Episode 3 Nutshell Summary: Grief struck by suicide of their only son (Im Sang Jin), who was brutally bullied at school, the Im family mourns. Recall previously Mother Im started to lose it at the hospital

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