Healer Episode 15 Recap

Healer Episode 15.  Superior episode that starts with a wonderful 9 minutes of couple bonding. Everyone works to identify, trap, capture and exposure the cop that poisoned Teacher. 


We start the episode with Healer (Ji Chang Wook) trying to eject Young Shin (Park Min Young) from his apartment. She refuses to go instead hugging him and then kissing him. He can’t help it, he melts into the kiss. This is his fantasy come true. But wait it gets better. The next morning Healer watches Young Shin sleep. When she turns away he maneuvers her so she turns back into him and curls into him. Healer is happy, our Healer is happy. When Young Shin wakes Healer is there watching her. Embarrassed she ducks under the covers. Healer joins her. He cannot bear not to be touching her, kissing her, being with her.

He is bummed when she leaves on the bus. He surprises her when he gets on and takes her to the back for a 1 stop ride. When he gets off the bus, he looks so happy, she looks so happy. Love is grand watching these two! This was the perfect scene for “When You Hold Me Tight” OST Part 2. Healer has fallen head over heels in love. He is besotted. I absolutely love it! This segment was fabulous. Healer loves her and must have physical contact to validate the reality of their love. It was charming in an earnest way that I don’t remember seeing quite like this before. Anyone else find this 9 minute segment unique and lovely?

Healer tells Min Ja that he must be real when he’s with Young Shin. He declares he is heading out to the find the real him.

Healer surprises Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) with a 6 pack of beer. Healer tells him that Young Shin came and found him. She knows who he is. He’s unsure of how much to tell her. Moon Ho agrees it is tough. Should Healer tell Young Shin about his father or Young Shin’s mother? Moon Ho says he has had a difficult telling Myung Hee about Young Shin. But enough pleasantries, time to get down to business.

Healer wants revenge for Teacher and the world to know his father was falsely accused. When should Healer tell Young Shin her mother is alive? Moon Ho believes Myung Hee’s health must not be in danger. Isn’t that like saying you can never tell her?

Healer wants to know if Moon Ho has a plan. Moon Ho says he wants to use the method Healer’s father used. That intrigues Healer. He asks their chances for success. Moon Ho says working together they have 50/50 odds. I like that Moon Ho wasn’t over confident.

Healer admits he likes Young Shin. He smiles. Moon Ho smiles. I smile too.

Moon Ho’s voice over occurs while Moon Shik and right hand man (Secretary Oh) mourn Teacher. It almost seems inappropriate for Moon Shik to act sad that Teacher is dead based on how Teacher felt about him. We learn that right hand does the dirty work for Moon Shik. This allows Moon Shik to live as a gentleman with nothing to be ashamed of. Delusional, thy name is Moon Shik. Moon Ho thinks Moon Shik actually believes his acts are justifiable.  Is it just me or does Moon Shik come off a little unbalanced as he strokes Teacher’s photograph?

Healer takes Teacher’s cremated remains and leaves a substitute for the mourning Moon Shik who wanted his good friend to have the best funeral money can buy. I love that Healer took control of Teacher’s remains. Now that is honoring the dead! Healer promises to spread Teacher’s ashes somewhere nice…maybe the South Pacific.

They have the questions for the one-on-one interview Moon Shik will be giving. Jong Soo tells the team he put his life on the line to obtain the questions. Ha! Moon Ho has Jong Soo to confirm he told the people that they are planning an event to mark Moon Shik’s interview.  Moon Ho tells Young Shin he hired a freelancer to help with interviewing cyber detective Dong Won. Moon Ho also announces to the team that Bong Soo is on leave until further notice.

Young Shin waits for the freelancer, dancing a bit to pass the time. She spots Healer. He walks up to her an introduces himself as Seo Jung Hoo (his birth name) the freelancer that needs her help. He just needs to follow her into the police station. She asks him to repeat his name. Seo Jung Hoo born December 1987. She tries his name out. He apologizes for taking so long to properly introduce himself. She’s happy to finally meet him. But that doesn’t get him out of a couple of playful kicks and hits. “Eternal Love” OST 1 plays in the background.

They arrive at the police station. Young Shin is concerned that Healer needs to wear a disguise to enter a police station. Healer clips a barrette with a microphone in her hair. When she talks, he can hear her. She tries it out and asks if Bong Soo is ever coming back? Healer thinks the volume is too low so she takes the barrette off and speaks directly into it. She misses Bong Soo. Ouch! The volume is too loud. She whines that she misses Bong Soo as she leaves the car. So cute!

Healer follows her into the police station sporting a baseball cap. The officer directs her to the 3rd floor. Healer follows. He tells her just be a reporter. She promises to do her best. He walks away but returns to tell her if she gets in trouble…Young Shin cuts him off. They are in a police station…she is fine. He leaves and heads to the 4th floor per Min Ja’s direction.

Young Shin meets with cyber detective and they agree to swap information. But she must wait a minute. His department’s computer system is separating from the servers. You know what that means. The computers are accessible only inside the police station. No external access. No access for Min Ja. She is not happy. She rants a bit to Healer. Young Shin is startled, her first time listening to Min Ja. Healer urges her to calm down. Min Ja tells Healer to “make a police computer theirs” before the server switch occurs. Young Shin smiles enjoying their work banter. Unfortunately the computers are no longer accessible to the web. No web access would be no fun! Min Ja guesses cyber detective’s computer still has external access. Healer hesitates, Young Shin is talking with cyber detective Dong Won. Young Shin shocks Healer when she admits to cyber detective that she has met Healer. He stops in his tracks. Does he really think Young Shin would betray him? Young Shin pretends that Healer just walked by. Cyber detective leaves the office with her pursuing Healer. Young Shin throws her hat on cyber detective’s computer before she leaves. As they pass Healer in the hall, Young Shin motions him to look for her hat. It works! Healer finds the hat and Min Ja takes over Dong Won’s computer.

Outside the police station Young Shin apologizes for chasing the man she had a crush on. Disappointed Dong Won then realizes he left his office unattended. As he runs in the police station, Healer walks out. As he passes Young Shin, he asks if she realizes that she aided and abetted criminal activity. She wonders how she ended up with a boyfriend like this. With a big grin, she declares “this was too much fun”! LOL! She runs back in the building. Healer gets a goofy grin on his face because she called him her “boyfriend”. They are darling!

Right hand man tells Moon Shik that Seo Jung Hoo’s story of living in Russia checks out on paper but there is photographic proof he worked at Moon Ho’s newspaper before the date he returned from Russia. Moon Shik wonders if he could be Healer. Right hand man has more important news. He produces a recording of the telephone call between Young Shin and Myung Hee. Moon Shik muses that Jung Hoo and Young Shin have not learned how to adapt to society and need to be taught. I don’t know what that means, but it cannot be good.

Healer frets to Min Ja about Young Shin being in the police station. He wants to retrieve her. Min Ja wants him to focus.

Cop taking money from right hand man receives a text with a photo of him walking away from right hand man. Healer breaks into the cop’s apartment. He sees a family photo but the cop appears to live alone.  Healer searches the apartment and finds a zip lock bag with fake ids and a vial. Ah, the vial of poison that killed Teacher! As the cop drives to his apartment he is sent a photo of his family. That gets him riled up.

Moon Ho calls cyber detective Dong Won. He notes he probably knows more about Healer than Young Shin does. Moon Ho sends cyber detective incriminating evidence on cop taking money from right hand man. That gets his attention! He grabs his posse of cops and heads out to arrest the cop. Young Shin and Jong Soo follow. Moon Ho got them access to report the arrest.

Cop taking money from right hand man searches his apartment and finds his hard drive has been removed from his computer and his zip lock is gone. Desperate he calls right hand man. They get cut off. He goes to pack. Healer is waiting and asks why does a man fleeing take time to pack?

Cyber detective and his posse of cops arrive at the apartment building with Young Shin and Jong Soo behind them. As they search for his apartment they find a series post-it notes with arrows pointing to keys to the apartment. LOL! Cyber detective find the evidence from the zip lock spread out nice and neat on the table. A cop finds another post-it note with an arrow on a more evidence. They find the cop taking money from right hand man in the bedroom. He was nicely bound, practically a present for the cops. The only thing missing was a bow on his head. Cyber detective laughs at the gift he was just given. The cop is taken into custody.

As Young Shin watches the police drive away, Healer comes up behind her and asks if she has the time as he removes the microphone barrette. Young Shin grabs the barrette and asks Min Ja not to teach him such horrible lines. Ha! Jong Soo turns around and Young Shin is gone. Left behind again he mutters.

Moon Ho and the team report the story of Teacher. How he was imprisoned for being part of an underground radio station. How he was recently killed in police custody during an interrogation. How a cop was just arrested the man that murdered Teacher.  The evidence of the poison is shown. The evidence of the phone call to right hand man is heard. Moon Ho reveals that right hand man works for mayoral candidate Moon Shik. Evidence of Moon Shik and right hand man entering Double S where Teacher was held captive is shown.

Moon Shik watching the broadcast and realizes…he goes upstairs and finds his wife Myung Hee also watching the broadcast. She is stunned Teacher is dead. Moon Shik gives the excuse he did not know what the shock of the news would do to her health. I note this is the same excuse Moon Ho uses to avoid telling Myung Hee that Young Shin is her daughter. Myung Hee asks Moon Shik to leave her alone. She wheels over to him. She means it. He leaves. He turns. She shuts the door in his face. That was satisfying!

Moon Ho ends the broadcast saying that he won’t be able to tells the stories of the forgotten every time but he wanted to share the story of one such person.  Nicely done Moon Ho!

Healer and Young Shin watch the broadcast cuddled on the couch. She confirms the man was his Teacher, knew his father, and was a good man. Healer says he was a perverted old man. That makes Young Shin smile. She tells him he has good people around him. She remarks she is the best person in his life. Healer recalls memories of Teacher. This time there is less pain associated with the memories. He smiles a little. The camera pulls back. The box with Teacher’s remains comes into focus. That was a lovely scene.

Moon Ho smiles at the expected call from his brother. Moon Shik tells him he enjoyed the broadcast. Moon Ho promises there is more to come. Moon Shik brags his friends have power and will never dessert him. Moon Ho tells him that right hand man has just arrived at the police station for questioning. Moon Shik is unfazed. He’ll get right hand man out of this mess with ease. Moon Shik obliquely threatens the “kids”, Young Shin and Healer. He tells Moon Ho he should not have involved them. He states they’ve declared war on each other. Moon Shik laughs his laugh and smiles his smile.

The next morning Healer calls Young Shin but gets a busy signal. Why? Because Myung Hee calls Young Shin and agrees to be interviewed! Excellent!

She dashes out of her apartment eager for the interview. A man shows her to a car. A car with Moon Shik in the back seat. Oh no! He confirms his wife just called her for an interview. He offers to drive Young Shin to his house. She hesitates. He insists. She gets in. He asks if she drives. She admits she has a fear of driving. She think it stems for a childhood trauma. She remembers trucks whizzing near her on a road. Ah, the night Moon Shik elected not to find her. Moon Shik tells the driver to take them home. The episode ends.

* I simply do not think this couple could be any cuter. They are darling! You must have two invested actors to get a terrific couple. Chang Wook and Min Young are bringing it. The first 9 minutes of this episode was wonderful to watch the couple bloom. I loved it!
* The writer, Song Ji Na, continued to deal with the grief and loss of Teacher’s death.
 I liked the choice to find and capture the police officer that poisoned Teacher. I liked the choice to have Moon Ho give a compelling news story on the unreported death of Teacher. I liked the choice to have Healer remember Teacher with more fondness than grief. The only missing person was Min Ja and her satisfaction at getting the cop that killed Healer. This writer is making smart choices. The plot is moving, the characters are evolving,  you feel the show down coming. It will be a life or death show down.
* Myung Hee continues to pull away from Moon Shik.  I shouldn’t admit this, but I enjoy when she pulls away from him. Moon Shik really is delusional. He does not see things clearly. His vision of himself is particuarly skewed. His threats about Young Shin and Healer…I believe he would do whatever he thought was necessary to protect his life and especially his life with this wife.
* Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo, Healer, was starved for physical contact from Young Shin. Chang Wook’s need to keep in direct contact with Young Shin felt strong but not desperate. Difficult line to walk there. Their caper at the police station was fun. The smile on his face after hearing her call him her boyfriend was delightful. I especially loved when Healer retrieved Teacher’s remains right under Moon Shik’s nose.
* Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin, hit the jackpot.  She and Healer are officially a couple. I love the way she understands his need to touch her but is able to push back for personal space. She totally enjoyed being undercover with Healer and Min Ja at the police station and contributed to making the mission a success.
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho delivered a terrific broadcast that ended with a touching tribute to his friend, Teacher. His interactions with Healer were excellent. His interactions with Young Shin are terrific. I like that Moon Ho has NOT become the master mind plotting every move they will make against Moon Shik, but he has a plan. His first strike against Moon Shik was good. BUT his brother can and does get under his skin. Their phone call was not pure triumph for Moon Ho. Moon Shik sees that Healer and Young Shin are Moon Ho’s achielles heel and threatening them got Moon Ho’s attention. How ironic that Moon Shik told Myung Hee that he did not want to tell her about Teacher’s death because he was afraid it would be bad for her health. That is the same reasoning Moon Ho gave Healer for not telling Myung Hee about Young Shin, her daughter, being alive. Face it guys, she has the right to know…tell her!
* The fifth part of the OST has been released. Because of You” by JUST was released 26 January. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below:

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5 comments on “Healer Episode 15 Recap
  1. pohyoke says:

    I guess we live vicariously through the two beautiful leads. Who would not want a boyfriend (or even a son or brother) like Healer who is ever so charming and shy, smart, protective willing to risk life and limb for you, loving you to bits? Or be a girl like Young Shin who is beautiful, courageous, smart and make an incredibly good looking couple with Healer, besides being such an invaluable partner to her man? Who has never been lonely and does not want to be loved like the way these two love each other? I am almost afraid to see anything that would break up their relationship..it would be too cruel. We just evil to be removed from their world so that they can live the dream that we dream..


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  3. Dawn says:

    I loved watching the Healer. Loved the storyline, twists and turns throughout the series. And the funny bits were great. Well done everyone. The actors were just amazing. Thank you from Australia


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