Backstreet Rookie Episode 6

Backstreet Rookie Episode 6 Recap

The three mean girls watch Saet Byul clean up outside the convenience store. Irked at the positive social media posts, they attack her. The leader bashes Saet Byul in the back of the head. She falls to the ground. Scared the trio runs away.

The trio discuss what they’ve done as Dae Hyun walks by. He turns and looks at them. He remembers one of the girls from the bathroom incident. He rushes to the convenience store.

Dae Hyun finds Saet Byul on the ground. He urges her to wake. Saet Byul wakes and feels the back of her head. Then she clutches her stomach and falls to the ground.

At the hospital the doctor declares Saet Byul has appendicitis. The doctor says Saet Byul must have an operation. Saet Byul is dismayed while she grips her side in pain.

Dae Hyun calls his mother. She remembers that Saet Byul complained about her stomach before her shift.

The police view the CCTV of Saet Byul’s attack. Dae Hyun is sure these are the same girls that attacked his girlfriend. The police state they’ll check other CCTV nearby.

Dae Hyun’s mother calls him to report Saet Byul’s operation went well. Dae Hyun remembers how upset Yeon Joo was over the piggyback picture.

At the hospital, Dae Hyun wakes from a nightmare in which Yeon Joo shot him and he died. Saet Byul asks who hit her. Saet Byul asks about the convenience store. Dae Hyun tells her he’ll cover the hospital bills. That puts a smile on Saet Byul’s face. Saet Byul’s head doesn’t hurt anymore. Dae Hyun says her skull is like a helmet.

At the convenience store, Dae Hyun’s sister is thrilled when husband returns suitcase in hand. They stuff it full of food items. Dae Hyun enters and notices the suitcase is full. They quickly leave.

Why would I like his sister? She mooched of her mother in the previous episode and Dae Hyun this episode.

At work, Yeon Joo reads Dae Hyun’s text asking that they speak either by phone or in person.

Dae Hyun’s mother comes to the convenience store and tells him to visit Saet Byul in the hospital.

Geum Bi calls and tells Saet Byul that her sister is skipping school for the second round of auditions. Saet Byul tries to convince the nurses to let her leave for an hour. Dae Hyun arrives and tells Saet Byul that if she isn’t going to follow the rules, she should leave. He leaves.

Dal Sik struggles to create erotica per his boss’s request. Once he’s done. He heads to dance video machine to relieve his stress. Dae Hyun calls him. He passes Geum Bi and Eun Zo as he exits. Geum Bi is irked to see she’s no longer the top dancer. She declares she’ll regain her crown.

Dal Sik takes over for Dae Hyun’s mother. Geum Bi and Eun Zo arrive at the convenience store and decide to scare Saet Byul. They end up scaring Dal Sik. He yells at them that Saet Byul in the hospital. The two friends rush away to find their friend.

At the hospital, the duo rushes in Saet Byul’s room. Saet Byul orders them to calm down. She says she’s fine.

Outside the GS building, Dae Hyun calls Yeon Joo. She doesn’t respond. Yeon Joo exits the building and tells him she has other plans for the evening. She gets in the car that Director Jo drives. They drive away. Dae Hyun overhears Department Head Bae      telling a coworker that Yeon Joo might be switching to Director Jo because of the piggyback photo. He hears that Director Jo is sweet on Yeon Joo.

Dae Hyun drinks alone.

On a boat, Yeon Joo and Director Jo watch two friends get engaged.

Dae Hyun walks back to the hospital. He enters Saet Byul’s room and finds her sleeping. He tells her that he doesn’t want Yeon Joo to continue to suspect him, so he asks her to quit. He’s startled when another woman sits up. The nurse dashes in and tells Dae Hyun that Saet Byul moved a different room.

Dae Hyun heads to Saet Byul’s new room, a very nice room. Dae Hyun looks into Saet Byul’s eyes to tell her to quit and can’t do it. He tells her they’ll talk after she leaves the hospital. Saet Byul admits telling in a hospital is difficult. Dae Hyun sits down to chat. Saet Byul says when she’s discharged, she wants to eat the noodle dish they ate together once at the convenience store. Dae Hyun sighs. He leaves.

Yeon Joo looks over the water. Director Jo hugs her. She tries to pull away. Director Jo says he wants to date her. Yeon Joo says they are friends. Director Jo counters that Dae Hyun hurts her. He is steady and true.

Kang Ji Wook visits Saet Byul in the hospital. He brings flowers. She’s thrilled. She brags she’s healthy. She tries to remember what the hibiscus flower means. She thinks it is friendship. Kang Ji Wook’s manager arrives signaling that Kang Ji Wook must leave.

Dae Hyun’s mother visits Saet Byul in her room. She’s impressed with the flowers. Saet Byul bemoans she needs to wash her hair. Dae Hyun’s mother offers to help.  Saet Byul enjoys the care that Dae Hyun’s mother gives her. She thanks her. She admits she hasn’t someone to care for her for a long time. She cries. Dae Hyun’s mother declares Saet Byul has grown into a lovely woman. Saet Byul explains her rich friend is funding this room. Dae Hyun’s mother shares that she lost her best friend years ago and doesn’t know what happened to her friend all these years later.

Dae Hyun’s father remembers the former friend. He believes that she’s running an eatery in China.

Yeon Joo’s mother gets a background investigation on Dae Hyun. She’s not impressed that he manages a franchise convenience store. She decides to pay the convenience store a visit.

Yeon Joo’s mother enters the convenience store. Dae Hyun’s father is working and welcomes her. She asks if the store makes deliveries. Dae Hyun’s father agrees to make a delivery if she buys enough. She buys enough.

Dae Hyun is amazed that someone bought that much stuff. His father tells him to make this rich woman a regular customer when he delivers the items.

Dae Hyun drives to the address. He’s shocked to find he’s at Yeon Joo’s house. He doesn’t want to complete the delivery but forces himself into completing the job. He brings the boxes to the house. The maid lets him in. Yeon Joo’s mother calls to him. Dae Hyun approaches. She murmurs he is good looking. Dae Hyun introduces himself but doesn’t identity himself as her daughter’s boyfriend. Yeon Joo returns home and is shocked to find Dae Hyun. Yeon Joo’s mother tries to tip him. Dae Hyun refuses the trip. Yeon Joo’s mother presses. Dae Hyun acts the money and leaves. Yeon Joo’s mother orders everything delivered disposed of. She tells her daughter to get a grip.

Yeon Joo rushes outside but Dae Hyun is gone. She calls him. She apologizes for her mother’s actions. Dae Hyun says he’s sorry for what happened between them that they haven’t resolved. He hangs up. Yeon Joo is upset.

Yeon Joo arrives at the convenience store to find Dae Hyun’s mother working. She tells Yeon Joo that their part timer working is in the hospital. Yeon Joo rushes out. Dae Hyun’s mother realizes that was Dae Hyun’s girlfriend.

Dae Hyun ponders his situation as he stares at the water. He doesn’t hear his phone ring with a call from Yeon Joo.

Yeon Joo arrives at the hospital. She finds Saet Byul’s room. She enters. Saet Byul is surprised to see her. Saet Byul says Dae Hyun isn’t here. Yeon Joo tells Saet Byul that Dae Hyun is a really nice guy. She says after 2 years of dating, the hadn’t fought until Saet Byul came into the picture. Yeon Joo tells her to stop causing trouble for Dae Hyun and quit. Saet Byul stares in shock. Kang Ji Wook arrives. Yeon Joo leaves.

Kang Ji Wook asks if Saet Byul is okay. She asks him to take her to a movie. She loves it. Kang Ji Wook looks at her with unrequited love.

At home, Yeon Joo thinks about the situation.

Still looking at the water, Dae Hyun considers. Tears fill his eyes.

A reminder note is posted in Saet Byul’s apartment door.

Saet Byul’s sister performs for her second audition. The judges ask how she knows a classic song. Eun Byul credits her sister. The judges love it. She gets a text that Saet Byul is in the hospital. She doesn’t believe it. She calls Geum Bi and says she doesn’t believe her. Geum Bi texts the picture of the mean girls that attacked her sister. Eun Byul tells Geum Bi she knows the girls.

At the hospital, Saet Byul remembers what Dae Hyun said to her. Saet Byul bursts into the room. She declares Eun Byul is going to confront the mean girls that hit her. Saet Byul rips the IV from her arm.

Eun Byul arrives at the mean girls rooftop hangout. She tells the mean girls leader that she did well. The leader declares half of her earning are hers. Eun Byul declares she owes her for hitting her sister. She hits the mean girls leader. Eun Zo arrives to help. Three guys arrive and approach Eun Byul. Saet Byul and Geum Bi arrive. Three boys chuckle that four girls can’t take them. The mean girls trio tells them to watch out. Geum Bi, Eun Zo and Eun Byul attack the mean girls leaving Saet Byul to take on the three guys. Saet Byul dispatches the three guys. The run away. The mean girl trio runs away. Saet Byul, Geum Bi, Eun Zo, and Eun Byul celebrate. Eun Byul runs away from her sister believing it is better to talk later.

Saet Byul strolls into the hospital surprised to find Dae Hyun waiting for her. Dae Hyun chides her for leaving without doctor’s approval. He declares she should heal. Saet Byul remembers Yeon Joo’s request. Saet Byul asks Dae Hyun if he thinks she’s a bad person like he used to think. Dae Hyun admits he doesn’t think she’s a bad person. Saet Byul states she’s quitting. She claims she was waiting to quit once he revised his opinion of her. Saet Byul says even though she didn’t graduate high school, lost her parents, she isn’t a bad person. She wanted him to realize that. He does. Therefore, she can quit. She thanks him for the opportunity and wishes him well. Dae Hyun doesn’t know what to say. Saet Byul spins away. Her face tells the story that her words could not.

My Thoughts

Saet Byul decides to back off. Writer Son Geon Joo focused this episode on Dae Hyun and Yeon Joo believing that Saet Byul was the disruptive factor in their relationship. They’ve got blinders on. In life external forces can expose the cracks. Yeon Joo and Dae Hyun have issues. Dae Hyun is NOT interested romantically in Saet Byul. He has come to respect her. Saet Byul’s presence has unsettled Yeon Joo and made her jealous. Saet Byul wanted to put herself in Dae Hyun’s orbit and hope that something would evolve. But what has happened has unsettled his relationship with Yeon Joo causing Dae Hyun pain. Yeon Joo took the bull by the horns and told Saet Byul to leave. Saet Byul considered and decided she didn’t want continue to be an issue in Dae Hyun’s relationship with Yeon Joo.

Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) planned to ask Saet Byul to leave but Yeon Joo beat him to it. Dae Hyun knows that Yeon Joo is unsettled by Saet Byul. Yeon Joo is his priority. He’s seen Director Jo be there for Yeon Joo when she’s not happy with him. Dae Hyun knew he had to change things or his relationship with Yeon Joo could implode. When he asked Saet Byul to leave he was actually talking to someone else. Then he didn’t make the request. Meanwhile Yeon Joo believes Saet Byul is the catalyst of issues. To her credit, she didn’t easily eject Dae Hyun. She was hurt. She sees things from her perspective. She was not happy with her mother’s treatment of Dae Hyun. She was embarrassed with Dae Hyun took the phone call discussing convenience store orders where others could overhear. She has a wall between Dae Hyun and her family. When Yeon Joo’s mother breached that wall and insulted Dae Hyun, Yeon Joo watched it happen. Yeon Joo doesn’t accept Dae Hyun’s career path, therefore she doesn’t fully accept Dae Hyun. This couple has work to do. I’m not sure either one of them has the capacity to see the real issues in their relationship, discuss, and find a path forward.

Jung Saet Byul (Kim You Jung) was blamed for the cracks in Dae Hyun and Yeon Joo’s relationship. The blow to the head by the mean girls leader wasn’t the health issue, it was the appendicitis.  Dae Hyun was worried about Saet Byul. He scolded her when she left the hospital. None of this adds up to romance. I would like to believe that Saet Byul understands Dae Hyun doesn’t have romantic feelings about her. Saet Byul doesn’t want Dae Hyun unhappy. When Yeon Joo came to her and bluntly told her to quit the convenience store, Saet Byul considered and decided to do just that. Kang Ji Wook continues to be an interested suitor though Saet Byul is oblivious. She didn’t know the red hibiscous meant love and passion. I did enjoy the moment of mothering Dae Hyun’s mother gave her. Saet Byul’s concern for her sister is strong. She was a mama bear rushing to save her cub when she found her sister, the mean girls trio, and the 3 boys.

The fourth song of the OST is a pretty ballad titled “Sleepless Night” sung by Roth:

I rank this episode as good, 7 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Backstreet Rookie Episode 6
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I laughed out loud at Dae Hyun’s 🍭🧍‍♂️ piggyback dream … but it was also telling about how he thinks of Yeon Joo💃.

    “Why would I like his sister? She mooched of her mother in the previous episode and Dae Hyun this episode” -KJT. Moochy’s 🧳husband is an airline pilot and they are mooching off her parents❓⁉️ Is Moochy 🧳 in the story to annoy us❓⁉️

    I thought it was so sweet of Dae Hyun’s 🍭🧍‍♂️ mom, Boon Hee 👩‍🦱, to washed Saet Byul’s 🥋⭐ hair. Is mom’s 👩‍🦱 best friend and the woman Dae Hyun’s 🍭🧍‍♂️ dad, Yong Pil 🧥, and friends wondered about … Saet Byul’s 🥋⭐ mom or Yeon Joo’s mom❓⁉️

    Well, now we know why Yeon Joo 💃 kept Dae Hyun 🍭🧍‍♂️ from meeting her family, they would not accept him. It is good to know Yeon Joo 💃 recognized Dae Hyun 🍭🧍‍♂️ for the good man that he is … why can’t she accept him as he is or let him go❓⁉️ Why hasn’t Dae Hyun 🍭🧍‍♂️ ever introduced Yeon Joo 💃 to his family❓⁉️

    Despite Saet Byul’s 🥋⭐ flirting, Dae Hyun 🍭🧍‍♂️ never wavered from Yeon Joo💃 and it irritated me that Yeon Joo💃 blamed them fighting on Saet Byul🥋⭐. You’re right KJT, this couple have had issues with each other all along, they just stuffed them down and never dealt with them. Yeon Joo💃 and her family are to blame for not trusting him and making Dae Hyun 🍭🧍‍♂️ feel small. They are both at blame for not communicating with each other.

    I 💗 Saet Byul 🥋⭐ for being a mama bear with little sis Eun Byul 🎶⭐. I don’t think Eun Byul 🎶⭐ fully realizes big sis Saet Byul’s 🥋⭐ sacrifice of being a drop out so her sister could finish school. Now if Saet Byul could see that Ji Wook 🧖‍♂️🌟 likes her, it would be a while lot less messy.


    • Is Moochy 🧳 in the story to annoy us❓⁉️
      Mission accomplished.

      Is mom’s 👩‍🦱 best friend and the woman Dae Hyun’s 🍭🧍‍♂️ dad, Yong Pil 🧥, and friends wondered about … Saet Byul’s 🥋⭐ mom or Yeon Joo’s mom❓⁉️
      That’s an interesting idea and would strengthen the connection.

      I don’t think Eun Byul 🎶⭐ fully realizes big sis Saet Byul’s 🥋⭐ sacrifice of being a drop out so her sister could finish school.

      Now if Saet Byul could see that Ji Wook 🧖‍♂️🌟 likes her, it would be a while lot less messy.
      Yep, she’s got a blind spot there.

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