Backstreet Rookie Episode 5

Backstreet Rookie Episode 5 Recap

Jung Saet Byul (Kim You Jung) arrives at the convenience store to find Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) holding the part time sign. He rips it up. He tells her she’s the best employee of the month. He’s thrilled. He declares he has a generous heart. Saet Byul chuckles. She asks why he became the manager of a convenience store. Dae Hyun shares he used to work at the main office. But a spirit told him to quit and open a convenience store. Saet Byul laughs and calls him a liar. Dae Hyun smiles and says his reasons are a secret. Saet Byul asks for a ride on his shoulders. Dae Hyun declines. She asks for a piggyback ride. Dae Hyun declines. Instead he gives her pink roses with a sweet smile. Saet Byul is floored. She declares the pink rose is her favorite. She thinks it is a declaration of love. She’s happy. She still wants the piggyback ride. They negotiate a 3 second ride. Saet Byul gets on and won’t get off. Dae Hyun spins her as Yoo Yeon Joo (Dae Hyun’s girlfriend) enters the store. The smiles are wiped from everyone’s faces. Yeon Joo asks if she’s interrupting. Saet Byul quickly gets off. Dae Hyun explains he was congratulating Saet Byul on being employee of the month. Yeon Joo suggests they congratulate Saet Byul properly and invite her to dinner. Dae Hyun objects stating someone must mind the store. Then Han Dal Sik (Dae Hyun’s friend) enters.

At the fancy eatery, Yeon Joo takes the lead in ordering the win. Dae Hyun declares she’s the expert. Saet Byul has nothing to add. Yeon Joo toasts Saet Byul’s award. Saet Byul downs the wine in a single gulp. Yeon Joo claims she wants Saet Byul to continue working at the store. Saet Byul counters she works hard at the store and at everything she wants. Both ladies glare.  Yeon Joo admits she misunderstood the incident. Saet Byul is irked Yeon Joo won’t apologize. After dinner, Dae Hyun gets a call that requires to discuss the convenience store order with the supplier. Yeon Joo steps away. When Dae Hyun is done she urges him to go the store to sort out the details. Director Jo Seung Joon appears and offers to drive Yeon Joo home. She accepts. Dae Hyun isn’t happy to see Yeon Joo leave with Director Jo.

She tells him he shouldn’t let his girlfriend get a ride with another man. They dash to the bus. They bicker as they ride the bus. Saet Byul moves to another seat.

Director Jo drives Yeon Joo home. She says goodnight. He asks what’s wrong. Yeon Joo says she has a lot on her mind. She shares the relationships don’t always go as expect. She enters the house. Director Jo can only agree because he likes Yeon Joo but she’s involved with Dae Hyun.

Dae Hyun and Saet Byul deal with the issue then Dae Hyun leaves Saet Byul to handle the convenience store.

Dal Sik and Dae Hyun bond over ideas for the convenience store.

Saet Byul calls Jung Eun Byul (Saet Byul’s sister)  to see if the package has arrived. She lies she’s at home. She really working on the girl group with while the mean girl’s critique.

Dae Hyun thinks back over the evening.

The next morning Dae Hyun surprises Yeon Joo outside her home to give her a ride to work. He apologizes for last night. He admits she could have decked him for his actions. She suggests he pull over. Good humor is restored.

Saet Byul gets home happy to see the package is there. It’s a dress.

At the convenience store, a staffer arrives to confirm the interview. She asks that the everyone be ready when the crew arrives.

Saet Byul and Eun Byul have breakfast. Saet Byul reminds her sister after she graduates school, she’ll move out and get a job. Eun Byul tells her to stop nagging. Eun Byul takes Saet Byul’s new dress. Saet Byul is not happy.

Dae Hyun’s mother and sister shop for something to wear for the interview. Dae Hyun’s mother is dismayed when her daughter stiffs her with the bill for her blouse.

At the convenience store, Dae Hyun’s mother isn’t happy with her daughter. Dae Hyun’s father finds the sweater Dae Hyun was going to give to Yeon Joo’s father and puts it on. Saet Byul arrives. The crew arrives to do the interview. They are taken aback when the entire family is there. They say there are there to interview Saet Byul only. The interview goes well though there is prompting by Dae Hyun and his family. Dae Hyun’s family encourages Dae Hyun to give Saet Byul a piggyback so they can be in a group photo. Dae Hyun refuses. Yelling ensues.  Dal Sik arrives. The reporter assures Dae Hyun that the piggyback ride photo won’t be seen by many as they are a small publication. Dae Hyun asks if the headquarters team will see the photo. The reporter assures him, it won’t be seen. The photograph is taken.

Dae Hyun calls Yeon Joo and lets her know the interview went well. Saet Byul and Dae Hyun bicker via hand signals during the call. Dae Hyun brags he may open up other convenience store.

I like it when they communicate with hand signals, it shows their connection.

The headquarter team celebrates when a deal Yeon Joo worked comes through. Director Jo suggests a team dinner. Everyone agrees.

Saet Byul tell Dae Hyun she has a guy friend that is a celebrity. He doesn’t believe her. Saet Byul claims she knows Kang Ji Wook. He doesn’t believe her. Dae Hyun suggests she invite him to a gathering. Saet Byul calls but there’s no answer.

Unable to reach her sister Saet Byul calls Hwang Geum Bi (Saet Byul’s friend). She tells Saet Byul her sister didn’t come to school. Saet Byul is surprised.

Saet Byul suspects her sister is doing things behind her back. The astrology app warns her that someone will disappoint her today.

Kang Ji Wook does the action scene.  When he checks his phone, he sees Saet Byul called.  That puts a smile on his face.

Geum Bi learns Eun Byul skipped school for an audition.

Eun Byul auditions while wearing Saet Byul’s new dress. She’s thrilled to pass the first round. She calls her friend who admits that Geum Bi knows she skipped school for the audition. Eun Byul is NOT happy. She believes Saet Byul is sure to find out what she’s done. Her fears comes true when Saet Byul arrives. Eun Byul runs. Saet Byul chases. Eun Byul runs to school and passes the line. She tells Saet Byul the audition went well and she believes she’s got a chance. She dashes into the school.

Flashback…Saet Byul and Eun Byul are at their father’s memorial service. When they live with their aunt, she complains they are leeches. Saet Byul and Eun Byul move out. Saet Byul assures her sister she’ll make enough money to support them. Saet Byul works part time jobs to provide for herself and her sister.

Kang Ji Wook tries on different outfits to find the right one. He texts Saet Byul that he’s on his way to the convenience store. That puts a smile on her face.

Saet Byul arrives at the store. Dae Hyun teases her about knowing Kang Ji Wook. Saet Byul is in back when Kang Ji Wook enters the store. Dae Hyun is amazed. He gushes that he loved Kang Ji Wook’s last movie. Kang Ji Wook says he’s there to meet someone. Saet Byul enters the room. Dae Hyun is surprised Saet Byul really knows Kang Ji Wook. Dae Hyun introduces himself. Saet Byul urges him to leave. Dae Hyun invites him to the team dinner. Kang Ji Wook agrees to come.

Dae Hyun calls Yeon Joo to tell her that Kang Ji Wook is there. He invites her to the team dinner. Yeon Joo says she’s already at her team’s dinner. She shares on the day he took care of her car; she closed a deal with a major client, and they are celebrating. Dae Hyun congratulates her. She thanks him for helping on that day. Smiles all around.

Kang Ji Wook asks Saet Byul about her father. She shares he was killed 3 years ago in a car accident. She shares she and her sister live together. He’s concerned. Dal Sik arrives and tells Saet Byul it is time to leave for the team dinner.

Dal Sik learns his latest comic isn’t getting the hits because it is more romance than erotica. He’s chided to man up. Dal Sik admits he’s a virgin. He’s encouraged to use his imagination. When a customer from Nigeria enters, he and Dal Sik bond.

The team dinner is underway. Dae Hyun admits that he can hardly believe that Saet Byul knows Kang Ji Wook. They bicker. Dae Hyun shares he’s dating Yeon Joo. That doesn’t make Saet Byul happy. Everyone wants to know when the photo and article will be uploaded. Dae Hyun is dismayed to see his family was cropped out leaving only himself and Saet Byul. He calls the reporter who informs him the photo will be featured on the company website. Dae Hyun exits and calls Yeon Joo.

At the GS team dinner, Department Head Bae sees the picture and share it with the team. Yeon Joo is NOT happy.

Dae Hyun learns everyone at the GS team dinner saw the photo. He leaves.

Saet Byul asks Kang Ji Wook if he’s having fun. He assures her he is. But his manager arrives and shows him the photo that Dae Hyun’s sister uploaded of the team dinner. He tells Kang Ji Wook that he can’t allow photos like that. Saet Byul tells Kang Ji Wook to leave as the dinner is wrapping up. Kang Ji Wook apologizes and leaves.

Dae Hyun arrives at the GS team dinner. He sees Yeon Joo is gone. He dashes out to find her.

At the convenience store, Saet Byul thanks Dal Sik for covering the store. He leaves. Saet Byul isn’t feeling great.

Dae Hyun waits at Yeon Joo’s house. He sees the taxi drop off Yeon Joo and Director Jo follows.

A drunk Yeon Joo asks Director Jo to give her a piggyback. Dae Hyun watches Dae Hyun give Yeon Joo a piggyback. She tells him this is her first piggyback. She hugs him. When she gets off. Director Jo takes her hand. But the maid interrupts the moment. Dae Hyun sighs.

Inside Yeon Joo asks her mother why she didn’t get piggyback rides when she was young. She complains about Dae Hyun giving someone else a piggyback. She complains about Dae Hyun working at the convenience store instead of the headquarter. Yeon Joo’s mother asks Director Jo what her daughter is complaining about. She asks if she’s dating some called Dae Hyun. Director Jo says that information should come from Yeon Joo. Dae Hyun leaves.

Someone observes Saet Byul cleaning the outside tables. It’s the mean girl who blindsides Saet Byul with a blow to the back of her head with a plank of wood. Saet Byul falls to the ground.

My Thoughts

Both women realize they want Dae Hyun. Writer Son Geon Joo focused this episode on Saet Byul and Yeon Joo letting each other know they have an inside track with Dae Hyun. The triangle pulls on the women. This episode could have been titled “piggyback”. Yeon Joo longed for piggybacks and to see her rival receive two from Dae Hyun didn’t sit well. Is Director Jo the better fit for Yeon Joo? Dae Hyun’s allegiance is to his girlfriend Yeon Joo. He hasn’t indicated he sees Saet Byul in a romantic way.

Choi Dae Hyun (Ji Chang Wook) got caught twice giving Saet Byul a piggyback. Dae Hyun piggybacks Saet Byul in the front of the episode. Yeon Joo walks in on them. She counters with taking Saet Byul to a fancy eatery, where Saet Byul was not comfortable. Dae Hyun piggybacks Saet Byul in the second half of the episode. Yeon Joo finds out at a team dinner. She gets tipsy and demands Director Jo give her a piggyback, her first. Little did she know Dae Hyun was watching. Dae Hyun continues to give Yeon Joo the power in the relationship which is irksome. Director Jo has unrequited feelings for Yeon Joo. Dae Hyun’s family and friend Dal Sik teetered towards silly.

Jung Saet Byul (Kim You Jung) proved she knew Kang Ji Wook. We learned a bit more backstory. When their father died, Saet Byul and Eun Byul lived with their aunt who wasn’t happy to have two additional mouths to feed. Saet Byul and Eun Byul left, forcing Saet Byul to become the primary breadwinner. Now Eun Byul is reaching for her dream of becoming a singer. Why she’s involved with the mean girls doesn’t make sense. What does she get out of the mean girl leader telling her what to do? Saet Byul is clueless the Kang Ji Wook likes her. He seems like a nice guy. The question is Dae Hyun the right man for Saet Byul?

Ji Chang Wook has a YouTube channel. Here’s a video of behind the scenes of episode 1:

I rank this episode as good, 7 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Backstreet Rookie Episode 5
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    “This episode could have been titled “piggyback”.” -KJT I wrote down the exact same thing before I even read your recap❣

    I have some empathy for Yeon Joo, but she is not honest in her communication with Dae Hyun … Dae Hyun lives to please her, but if she doesn’t let him know what she wants, how can she be so disappointed❓⁉️ It does annoy me that he lets Yeon Joo have all the power in the relationship, especially when she has been so stingy about including him in her life and keeping him from her family … she is limiting their relationship. Yeon Joo doesn’t seem to look at Director Jo as a man, but they are better suited for each other in terms of knowing each other well and being in the same social status.

    “The question is Dae Hyun the right man for Saet Byul?” -KJT. At this point in time, Dae Hyun is committed to Yeon Joo, so Ji Wook seems like a much better match for Saet Byul.

    I’m finding Dae Hyun’s family to be annoying, es pecially his greedy sister … although they are not nearly as annoying as Ji Chang Wook’s family in “Melting Me Softly”. ✳ SHUDDERING ✳


    • Dae Hyun lives to please her, but if she doesn’t let him know what she wants, how can she be so disappointed
      Excellent point.

      I’m finding Dae Hyun’s family to be annoying, especially his greedy sister … although they are not nearly as annoying as Ji Chang Wook’s family in “Melting Me Softly”. ✳ SHUDDERING ✳
      Ji Chang Wook’s characters are losing in the family lottery. It doesn’t help the characters he portrays when scenes with the character’s family are tedious.

      Liked by 1 person

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