It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 5 Recap

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 5 “Rapunzel and the Cursed Castle” 

Riding a motorcycle in the rain Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) searches for and finds Writer Ko Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji). He stops and gets off his motorcycle. Kang Tae walks to Moon Young. They stare into each other’s eyes.  Kang Tae wraps his coat around Moon Young. She collapses and leans into him. Kang Tae holds her. Moon Young tells him he’s warm. She says she’s hungry. She smiles.

These are two attractive actors.

Kang Tae drives Moon Young to a hotel where he intends to get her a room so she can warm up. Moon Young is interested in various ways to warm up and approves. In the lobby the night clerk wants to know if the room is by the hour or all night. He offers various options that make Kang Tae uncomfortable. Moon Young declares she wants to stay. Kang Tae suggests a taxi. Moon Young admits she has neither wallet or phone. Kang Tae chides Moon Young for her foolish behavior. She smiles. The night clerk smiles.

Moon Young backs Kang Tae into the wall asking if he was worried about her. She throws his harsh words back in his face, noting she couldn’t possibly understand his feelings. Kang Tae struggles to articulate. He declares he wants a room. Moon Young is pleased that Kang Tae dashed out without grabbing his wallet or phone. She teases him men tend to be rash. Ha!

LOL, the desk clerk enjoyed that show.

Kang Tae takes Moon Young to his apartment. She finds his small apartment fascinating. Kang Tae gives her dry clothes. Moon Young asks where his brother is. Kang Tae states Sang Tae is downstairs. He orders her not to engage his brother. Moon Young counters that Sang Tae should make such a choice. Kang Tae asks what he’s feeling. Moon Young has no idea. Kang Tae marches Moon Young to a display of human emotions. He tells her to study and learn. Moon Young doesn’t want to noting she’s not autistic. Kang Tae counters that she’s not a zombie kid who eats humans but really wants warmth. Recall the Zombie Kid is Moon Young’s latest book. Kang Tae presses his hand to her face and lets her feel his warmth. Moon Young declares the zombie kid only wanted food not warmth. She snaps she wants food and goes to change.

But inside the bathroom Moon Young holds her hand to where Kang Tae put his.

Downstairs in Jae Soo’s apartment, Moon Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se) (Kang Tae’s brother) repeatedly hits his head against a wall remembering Kang Tae’s harsh word. Sang Tae arrives and apologizes for what he said. He distracts his brother with the news that he was slapped and swollen. Sang Tae can’t see the swollen checks. Kang Tae smiles. Sang Tae smacks him for lying.

Jo Jae Soo (Kang Tae’s friend) and Joo Ri’s mother are ready to have dinner with Kang Tae. He’s forced to ask if she wouldn’t might packing up dinner for him so he can eat upstairs.

Moon Young and Kang Tae eat dinner. Moon Young is impressed with the yummy food.

They are cute!

At the psychiatric hospital, the lights are out. A dozing orderly senses a humming woman’s ghostly presence pass him. He turns on his flashlight and is startled when Nurse Nam Joo Ri exits a patient’s room. The lights come back on. She teases with him stories of a ghost. It unnerves the orderly. Joo Ri smiles.

Head Nurse Park Haeng Ja listens to Joo Ri’s report about Moon Young’s father’s vitals. Joo Ri asks why a father would try and strangle his daughter. Joo Ri suggests he did it protect himself. Head Nurse Park points out that Joo Ri hid that she and Moon Young knew each other in the past.  She notes the two women don’t seem to like each other.

Flashback…a young Joo Ri asks Moon Young to be her friend. Sometime later, an upset Joo Ri asks to Moon Young to leave and not come back.

Head Nurse Park recommends that Joo Ri not let her personal feelings taint his professional relationship with Moon Young’s father.

Kang Tae cleans up after supper. Moon Young lays out her sleeping mat. She enjoys watching Kang Tae in the kitchen. Kang Tae says it’s time for her to leave. Moon Young says no. Kang Tae tries to force her to leave. Refusing, Moon Young calls to Sang Tae. Kang Tae stops her. Kang Tae hears Jae Soo coming up the stairs to the rooftop apartment. Kang Tae dashes outside and stops Jae Soo. Kang Tae slams the door shut and states he’s eaten urging Jae Soo to go downstairs and eat his supper. When Kang Tae tries to enter the apartment, Moon Young refuses to open the door. Instead she opens a window to negotiate an overnight stay. She likens them to Romeo and Juliet. They differ on their interpretation of the classic tale. Kang Tae calls Jae Soo and lies there is a leak he needs to fix. He asks Jae Soo keep Sang Tae overnight. Jae Soo agrees. Moon Young notes Kang Tae is a good liar.

Lying on their sleeping pallets, Moon Young asks Kang Tae why he became a caregiver and why he lies so effectively. Kang Tae admits that Sang Tae stares at his face intently to gauge his mood and hiding his feelings is second nature. Kang Tae states his brother’s feelings are what matter even if he has to fake his own.

Jae Soo tries to sleep while Sang Tae listens to his show and repeats the dialogue word for word.

Moon Young asks if Kang Tae faked his feelings when he was a boy. Kang Tae claims not to know. Moon Young asks about the woman Kang Tae liked and compared her to. Kang Tae says he doesn’t miss her and wants to forget about her. Moon Young asks if woman was a pain. Kang Tae counters that he was a jerk to her.

Flashback…a young Moon Young throws a young Kang Tae a float so he doesn’t drown in the icy water. Later he runs when she rips a butterfly.

Kang Tae admits he has been running ever since he ran away from her. Moon Young admits Kang Tae coming for her was a romantic gesture. She falls asleep. Kang Tae watches her sleep.

At the psychiatric hospital, the ghostly woman strangles psychiatric hospital’s father. The vital monitors go crazy. His roommates see no one and call for the nurses.

Moon Young tries to move close to Kang Tae while she sleeps. He moves her pallet to another part of the room.

Sang Tae wakes to Jae Soo’s snoring.

The next morning, Moon Young stares at the human emotions display while Kang Tae sleeps.

Joo Ri arrives home and her mother greets her. She knows her daughter must be tired from the graveyard shift. Joo Ri grabs the milk for Kang Tae and dashes upstairs. She dismayed to find Moon Young on the porch. Moon Young quips about Joo Ri’s side hustle milk delivery. Moon Young realizes that Joo Ri suggested Kang Tae leave there. Joo Ri confirms that and adds she also told Kang Tae about the job.  Joo Ri notes Kang Tae made the decision to come live and work here. Moon Young narrows her eyes with displeasure. She asks if Joo Ri has told Kang Tae that she loves him. Moon Young mimics a passionate declaration that she gave Kang Tae. They warn each other to back off. Joo Ri declares that Moon Young wouldn’t know love if it bit her. Moon Young counters that Joo Ri pretends to be nice but she’s anything but. Moon Young declares that’s why Joo Ri had no friends in school. It’s too much for Joo Ri. She slaps Moon Young. The hairpulling and screaming begins.

Kang Tae appears and order them to stop. He forces Moon Young to loosen her grip on Joo Ri’s hair. Jae Soo, Joo Ri’s mother, and Sang Tae rush upstairs.

Kang Tae pulls a livid Moon Young away. She says Joo Ri started it. Kang Tae doesn’t care. Kang Tae tells her go home. Moon Young wants him to come live with her. Kang Tae refuses stating she doesn’t own him. Moon Young asks how much he heard. Kang Tae states from the declaration of love. He puts money for a taxi in Moon Young’s hand and walks away. Moon Young throws the money to the ground, her anger directed at Joo Ri.

Kang Tae apologizes to Sang Tae about lying about the plumbing issue. Sang Tae is irked that Kang Tae let Moon Young borrow his clothes not Sang Tae’s clothes. Kang Tae promises if Moon Young comes over again, she can wear his clothes. Sang Tae specifies the outfit. Kang Tae agrees.


Joo Ri’s mother brings food and comfort. Joo Ri’s mother asks if Moon Young is her former friend. Joo Ri says they were never friends. Joo Ri cries that Kang Tae is more passionate about Moon Young. He complains he’s polite to her. Joo Ri’s mother assures Joo Ri she’ll get her shot at Kang Tae. Her mother says everyone in the neighborhood knows that Joo Ri likes Kang Tae. She urges her daughter to be honest about her feelings with Kang Tae.

Publisher Lee Sang In learns from subordinate Yoo Seung Jae things have taken a turn for the worse. The critic recorded his encounter with Moon Young and wants a large compensation. The financial books aren’t good and vendors are clamoring for overdue payments. Publisher Lee faints. Seung Jae slaps him awake. Publisher Lee asks Seung Jae if she hikes. Seung Jae confirms this.

Jae Soo and Kang Tae drink together. Jae Soo asks if Kang Tae slept with, is dating, or likes Moon Young. Jae Soo wants to know why Kang Tae went after Moon Young in the rain. He reminds Kang Tae that the first encounter with Moon Young involved a knife and a permanent scar on his hand. Jae Soo declares crazy people aren’t logical. He worries that Moon Young will hurt Kang Tae worse next time. Kang Tae agrees he should avoid Moon Young. He admits things are blurring – the butterflies, Sang Tae, and Moon Young. He asks Jae Soo to remind him when he steps out of line.

Good scene. Kang Tae is conflicted.

Moon Young stares at the shirt Kang Tae let her borrow. Irked by the money to leave, she jumps on it. Then she remembers Kang Tae holding his hand to her face. She doesn’t understand why he runs hot and cold.

Kang Tae returns home tipsy. He snuggles next to a sleeping Sang Tae. He asks who Sang Tae likes more him or Kang Tae. He tells his sleeping brother that he’s the more important person to him. Sang Tae smiles.

The next morning, Publisher Lee and Seung Jae arrive at Moon Young’s house. With tears in his eyes, Publisher Lee declares they are in trouble. Seung Jae has tears in her eyes because Publisher Lee tricked her into coming. Publisher Lee explains the coffers are empty are paying off the debts and employees. Seung Jae points out she wasn’t paid. Publisher Lee declares Moon Young will save them. Moon Young says this is his fault and tells him to leave. Publisher Lee begs reminding her how long they’ve worked together. Moon Young says someone else will be moving in with her.

At the psychiatric hospital, the patients and workers have their morning workout. One female patient notices Joo Ri watching Kang Tae. The female patient asks to speak privately with Kang Tae. She tells him she has a daughter who would be perfect for him. Kang Tae politely agrees to think about it and excuses himself.

Sang Tae can’t decide on the right paint color for the first stroke of his mural. Director Oh Ji Wang sees this, takes a paint brush with green paint, and puts several strokes on the wall. Sang Tae isn’t happy. He takes the paint brush from Director Oh and swipes his face with green paint. Director Oh runs, Seung Jae chases him, the patients wonder if they are really the crazy ones.

Moon Young arrives in Director Oh’s office and asks why he called her. He apologizes for her father’s behavior. Moon Young notes that isn’t something Director Oh can apologize for. Director Oh suggests she strangle him. Moon Young isn’t impressed and leaves.

Joo Ri asks the patient that has seen the female ghost. Another patient calls that patient crazy and slaps Joo Ri.

Joo Ri goes to the rooftop and finds Kang Tae. They look at the sea. She reminds him that he once comforted her when a patient slapped her at the hospital they used to work at. Kang Tae notes he offered to let her slap him and she did. Joo Ri asks if they are close friends. Kang Tae asks if she wants to slap him. Joo Ri asks if he’s rejecting her. Kang Tae tells her not to waste her time on him. She asks if he’s leaving. Kang Tae says nothing. Joo Ri says she can like him with or without his approval. She asks him not to leave or she’ll feel pathetic and sad. She asks him to live at her house until he moves on. Kang Tae agrees. Little do they know that Moon Young is listening to their conversation.

Joo Ri has no chance and Kang Tae politely told her that.

Sang Tae covers Director Oh’s paint strokes. Moon Young stands next to him. She asks if he’d like to have fun with him. Sang Tae says yes.

Kang Tae calls his brother but there is no response.

Moon Young drives Sang Tae to her house. He peppers her with questions and she answers them all.

Kang Tae finds the mural but no Sang Tae. He’s told that Sang Tae left with Moon Young.

At Moon Young’s house, Sang Tae looks around thrilled to be there. Moon Young asks if he likes the house. Sang Tae confirms this. Moon Young asks if he’d like to live here. Sang Tae confirms this. Moon Young hands an illustration contract to Sang Tae and states if he signs this, he can live here.

Kang Tae looks at the scar on his hand. He remembers getting that scar. He calls Moon Young. She confirms Sang Tae is with her. Kang Tae reminds her he warned her to stay away from his brother. Moon Young states she was bored and Sang Tae was interested in hanging out. We see a tipsy Sang Tae’s head is on the table, the contract next to him. Moon Young says they are at the cursed castle. Kang Tae says he knows where the castle is. She asks how he knows that. Kang Tae admits that she saved him once and he ran away. Moon Young asks if he knew who she was all along. Kang Tae says he’ll be there soon.

Kang Tae walks up to the house. He arrives at the gate, now overgrown.

Moon Young asks if Sang Tae wants to hear a story. He does. Moon Young tells the tale of a little girl that lived in a cursed castle. The mother told the daughter she was too special to mix with others. The mother told the daughter she couldn’t leave the castle. The little girl prayed for a prince to save her. She waited every day.

Flashback…a young Moon Young stands on the balcony hoping her prince will come. A young Kang Tae picks flowers for Moon Young. He approaches the gate. Moon Young sees him. She’s thrilled and rushes downstairs. But her mother is waiting for her. When Moon Young goes to the gate, Kang Tae smiles and offers the flowers. Moon Young takes the flowers, throws them to the ground and stomps on them. She tells Kang Tae to leave. Disheartened, Kang Tae leaves.

Kang Tae stares at the house. He opens the gate and walks toward it. Moon Young watches him approach from the balcony she waited at all those years ago. They lock eyes.

My Thoughts

The pull between Moon Young and Kang Tae isn’t one sided. Writer Jo Yong focused on Kang Tae’s desire to pursue AND reject Moon Young.  He has done this from the first episode but his flip-flops are more frequent. Moon Young’s frustration with Kang Tae is well founded. He gives her mixed signals. Her desire has strengthened. She used Kang Tae’s Achilles heel, Sang Tae, to lure Kang Tae to her home. Their shared past was acknowledged by Kang Tae. Moon Young appeared to know but had kept a poker face. Moon Young’s mother appears to have forced Moon Young to stymie normal relationships. This episode’s fairy tale was brought to life perfectly by the production team in a flashback and present day. In the past, Kang Tae and Moon Young were stuck on opposite sides of the gate. In the present, Kang Tae opened the gate and strode towards Moon Young who waited for him.

Moon Kang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) has a push pull relationship with Moon Young. Though Moon Young pulled petals from flowers to make binary choices, Kang Tae virtually does this as he swings between his heart, that desires Moon Young, and his head, who warns him Moon Young will hurt him. His conversation with Jae Soo was revealing. Intellectually his list of reasons to stay away from Moon Young are solid, but as her pull increases the reasons fade. Joo Ri took her mother’s advice and admitted her feelings. Kang Tae told her not to waste her time. He was clear and kind. Joo Ri decided she would keep liking him and let him know this. She has no chance. Kang Tae’s priority is Sang Tae. What will he do when he finds a tipsy Sang Tae has signed an illustration contract that stipulates living in the castle with Moon Young?

Writer Ko Moon Young (Seo Ye Ji) is getting closer to Kang Tae. Moon Young had quality time with Kang Tae this episode. Their interaction in the hotel lobby was wonderful. Moon Young’s confident sexual nature is fun. Jung Sang Hoon’s guest role as the hotel clerk well played. He was just as riveted by Moon Young and Kang Tae’s interaction as the viewers were. We saw two short flashbacks of Joo Ri and Moon Young’s childhood friendship. The first Joo Ri asks Moon Young to be her friend, and the second when Joo Ri asks Moon Young to leave her alone. Now they are rivals for Kang Tae. Moon Young has no competition in Joo Ri, but her jealousy doesn’t allow her to realize that. I want more details about Moon Young’s mother. The psychiatric hospital’s ghost appears to Moon Young’s mother who tried to virtually strangle Moon Young’s father while he slept. Moon Young’s mother stopped Moon Young from accepting Kang Tae. Moon Young literally ground his flowers and young heart with her foot.

Moon Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se) (Kang Tae’s brother) accepted Kang Tae’s apologies. Sang Tae is linear with strong patterns of behavior. But he has charm. Sang Tae’s request that Moon Young borrow his clothes next time she stayed made me smile. Sang Tae chasing Director Oh around the psychiatric hospital was amusing. While Sang Tae’s adoration of Moon Young serves her purposes, she truly enjoys him. I can see why.

The third song of the OST is titled “My Tale” and sung by Park Won:

I rank this episode as almost terrific, 8.5 on a 10-point scale.

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11 comments on “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Episode 5 Recap
  1. Snow Flower says:

    The scene at Bates Motel (ha!) was hilarious and emotional at the same time. I liked how he held her hand and touched her face.
    The rooftop scene was another comic highlight of the episode.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Snow Flower says:

    Yes, and horror too. These are elements that do not always mix well together, and yet this show is doing it so effortlessly. A sign of true greatness.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. DramaDazed says:

    The motel clerk munching popcorn while watching the interplay, as if at a movie, made me lol.

    Holding her hand while touching her face reminded me of him teaching her the Butterfly hug… each are ways to start loving yourself, something that is necessary before you can really love someone else. I wonder if Kang Tae loves himself. I am not sure yet.

    The peripherals of the Ghost(s), the Director, the other hospital denizens, the family, fades with the shine of the Moon Kang relationship. I am interested in 2face JuRi and if or how she connects (and what the mother did) to the childhood break between our OTP.

    Am enjoying the series with you kjt and snow.

    Liked by 1 person

    • each are ways to start loving yourself, something that is necessary before you can really love someone else. I wonder if Kang Tae loves himself. I am not sure yet.
      Interesting question, does Kang Tae love himself? His life has focused around caring for his brother. He’s never had the opportunity to explore a life for himself. Does he deny himself love because of his caregiving role? I read where “Male caregivers deny feeling stressed and angry about caregiving responsibilities”.

      Glad you are enjoying this series too!

      Liked by 2 people

    • Jane Tilly says:

      “I wonder if Kang Tae loves himself. I am not sure yet.” -DD. Excellent point DD, you cannot love someone if you don’t love yourself. Moon Young is messed up … BIG TIME … she needs to stabilize her own life before inviting someone into that life.

      I don’t think JuRi had any hand in Gang Tae running away from Moon Young when they were young. Moon Young was bizarre and scary in the past and now. I’m not sure if Gang Tae recognized her from his past when he first came across her in the present, but no doubt he does now, but his first instinct was to stay clear of waking nightmare known as Moon Young.

      I suspect JuRi has liked Gang Tae since they were young and part of his dislike of Moon Young is related to mysterious writer’s grip on Gang Tae past and present. ✳JuRi, Gang Tae is just not into you!✳

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Jane Tilly says:

    I REALLY DISLIKE 👎 Moon Young manipulating Sang Tae to get Gang Tae to live in her house … after eavesdropping on JuRi’s confession. To me this is not much different than luring a child with a puppy and kidnapping him. While Sang Tae is not being physically or sexually abused, I think he is being emotionally abused. Would a contract signed by a developmentally disabled man be legal❓⁉️ I have a soft spot for children, the disabled, elderly, animals and butterflies. I really H8 seeing anyone (or thing) being manipulated or abused.

    I have to agree with Beez’s realistic summation last episode that Ganag Tae already has enough on his plate and does not need a sociopath stalking him and manipulating his disabled brother.

    That said, this is Kdramaland so I suppose Gang Tae and Moon Young will fantastically (or magically) help each other overcome their traumas and fall in love … hmmm … while the series does seem to have alot of innovation and is filmed BEAUTIFULLY, but the “love story” doesn’t seem all that fresh and innovative. It’s like a Goth version of Boys Over Flowers, with Moon Young as Goo Jun Pyo … complete with an evil phantom mother. Gang Tae as an orphaned Geum Jan Di, who is her brother’s guardian and best friend Ga Eul is Jae Soo. Nice, boring guy Ji Hoo is played by JuRi. Shall we call it “Goth Chicks over Butterflies”❓⁉️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jane Tilly says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m overall enjoying the series, I have a BIG problem with Sang Tae being manipulated.

      Liked by 1 person

    • DramaDazed says:

      Laughing at the ‘Goth BOF’ link…good one JT. Funny that my friend was watching an episode of it today. Craptastic, I believe it’s called.🤣

      I don’t think of myself as insensitive but I could be wrong, lol… maybe I am overly romantic. I >like the idea that MY and GT might help each other overcome their traumas…how else does that happen other than Love – which is always fantastical, magical, or otherwise inexplicable in my experience. 😉 In Drama vs Real Life, I’m opting for KDramas. 🎬

      As for the manipulation of Sang Tae, so far I haven’t seen MY be anything but kind and accepting of him exactly as he is . She seems to give him full respect, something people who are different don’t often get. Really, MY appears to me as a prettier, much better dressed, Sang Tae. Jmo always. I’m taking snows comment and going to wait and see.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Snow Flower says:

    Jane T, I was also concerned about MY manipulating ST into signing a contract just to get to KT. The terms of the contract are revealed in the next episode and they are not what I expected!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Jane Tilly says:

    I hope you are right … haven’t gotten there yet …

    Liked by 1 person

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