Suspicious Partner Episode 10 Recap

Suspicious Partner Episode 10 “Yes, but I’d like to talk in person” (part 2) Recap

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) has left the home of No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) were she was staying temporarily. He feels the loss of her bright presence in his house and his life.

Ji Wook gives Lawyer Byeon Young Hee (Lee Deok Hwa) his formal resignation letter. Lawyer Byeon asks if Ji Wook will strike out and start his own firm. Ji Wook confirms this. Lawyer Byeon wants to invest. Ji Wook says he won’t take dirty money. Lawyer Byeon notes someone that didn’t know could take that wrong.

Ji Wook grabs Assistant Jang (Jang Hyuk Jin) and informs him he’s starting his own firm and wants someone just like him to join him. Assistant Jang asks if that is a job offer. Ji Wook says no. Ha!

I missed in the Assistant Jang in last episode. He amps up this series in a different but equally important way. It would be awesome if Ji Wook, Bong Hee, and Assistant Jang all worked in the same firm! Fingers crossed….

Ji Wook converts part of his house into his office.

Lawyer Byeon tells Lawyer Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) that he’s quitting to help Ji Wook start his new firm.

While Bong Hee teaches martial arts class, she is distracted by memories of Ji Wook expressing his concern and care for her. After class Ji Wook surprises her when he stops by.

Ji Wook asks Bong Hee is she’s giving up on being a lawyer. For the time being, she must. Ji Wook asks why Bong Hee is rejecting his offer of a job. Surprised, Bong Hee asks if that offer was a drunken request. Ji Wook says it was and still is an offer of employment. Bong Hee stares in his eyes to make sure he’s serious. Bong Hee is impressed he remembers making the initial offer. She wonders if he remembers being poised over her on his bed. Ji Wook claims not to remember anything else. Bong Hee considers his offer then refuses it stating she won’t be a leech on him again.

As she turns to walk away, Ji Wook stops her. Ji Wook says her forthright nature is appealing.  He urges her to reconsider his sincere offer. As he strides away he congratulates himself on being uber-cool.

Ji Wook is right, he was uber-cool in that exchange. Bong Hee rejected the offer but Ji Wook effectively made her think twice. I know I want her to accept. Will she?

Bong Hee wrestles with herself – take the job and fall back into Ji Wook’s orbit or continue on her current path. She packs her belongs and rushes out to find a taxi. Ji Wook is waiting! He looks at his watch noting the short timeframe of 7 minutes it took for her to cave. Ha! They are both pleased with the situation. Ji Wook tells Bong Hee she’ll also be bait for the murderer that they will catch together. She smiles pleased that he’s committed to keeping that promise too.

When they arrive at Ji Wook’s house they are surprised to find Assistant Jang, Lawyer Byeon, and Lawyer Ji waiting for them. Lawyer Byeon is surprised a murderer will be working for the firm. Everyone gets riled up until Ji Wook yells in frustration that he’ll work by himself. Lawyer Ji promises to stay by Ji Wook’s side. To which, Ji Wook promptly throws him out.

Back in her bedroom, Bong Hee celebrates her good fortune.

Ji Wook doesn’t answer when Bong Hee asks if Lawyer Ji will be working with them.

Going out for a night walk, Ji Wook finds Lawyer Ji waiting for him. Ji Wook agrees to discuss the matter one time. As Lawyer Ji reminisces about their childhood antics, Ji Wook redirects him to the present. Then a trio of male students throw a cigarette at their feet. Lawyer Ji admonishes then. Ji Wook follows suit. When both men stand to face the students, they see the imposing physical presence. They decide retreat is the better part of valor. But then two more students arrive effectively sandwiching them. Ji Wook and Lawyer Ji discuss the lack of CCTV, that they can’t hurt the students beyond 3 weeks of hospitalization, and still try and flee. But their escape is blocked by even more students. The fight breaks out though it isn’t a manly-man fight.

After the fight, Ji Wook and Lawyer Ji lay on the ground subdued. Lawyer Ji thinks the words he wants to tell Ji Wook. That he liked Cha Yoo Jung (Nara) first. But when he found Yoo Jung declaring her affection for Ji Wook, he stepped aside. It was hard being the third wheel. Finally, he acted on his feelings for Yoo Jung and she responded. But Ji Wook found them. When Lawyer Ji offers his explanation, he keeps it simple. He can’t justify his actions. Ji Wook says he’ll never forgive him. He walks away. Lawyer Ji says he knows. Ji Wook looks back at his lifetime friend and admits to himself he’ll never cut them completely out of his life, because they were his rock, his center, for most of his life.

As expected, Lawyer Ji is the man Yoo Jung cheated with. I like Lawyer Ji, but his actions deserve censure by Ji Wook.

When Ji Wook gets home he’s unsuccessful at hiding his bruised face. He claims the fight was 30 to 2. Thankfully this gives Bong Hee an opportunity to tend to Ji Wook, leading to sweet looks between them. When Ji Wook sleeps on the couch, Bong Hee muses he sleeps deeply for insomniac.

Their chemistry is apparent and enjoyable to watch.

Lawyer Byeon and Assistant Jang plot how to convince Ji Wook to hire Lawyer Ji. Ji Wook allows Lawyer Byeon to hire Lawyer Ji much to his surprise.

As Bong Hee watching the news report on the murderer’s latest victim, a chef, she’s sad she’ll never see the handsome chef grace the TV screens again. Lawyer Ji and Ji Wook scoff at the chef’s looks.

The murderer smiles knowing he framed a man for the murder of the chef. Bong Hee wonders if the arrested suspect was frame just like she was. Ji Wook states the arrested suspect will be their first client.

My Thoughts

This show is riddled with filler scenes to meet the necessary length for an episode. Suspicious Partner episodes zip by quickly. The fight scene is a perfect example of filler. Yes, it bonded Ji Wook and Lawyer Ji but they were poised to have the heart to heart anyhow. What I’m conveying is that Writer Kwon doesn’t densely pack plot into these episodes. Recently I’ve enjoyed rich, intricately plotted shows (Goblin and Tunnel come to mind). In comparison, Suspicious Partner is lacking. That doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying this series for what it is. But what Suspicious Partner is a show that excels when it focuses on fully fun and is okay otherwise. I love Ji Chang Wook, I’m watching for Ji Chang Wook. I’ve fallen for the character of Bong Hee, but Writer Kwon isn’t delivering a compelling plot in the first half and second half of these split 60 minute episodes. Therefore, my reactions swings from okay to enjoyable.

Production comment, the cinematographer loves the “through the glass” shot. Yesterday’s episode and today’s episode featured the blurry to clear camera shot.

Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) moves back into Bong Hee’s house and new firm. I’m happy about that.

No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) can’t forgive Lawyer Ji for sleeping with his former girlfriend, Yoo Jung. I don’t blame him. I’m glad he convinced Bong Hee to return to his life, home and firm.


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10 comments on “Suspicious Partner Episode 10 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    That fight was hilarious. I love that they didn’t make use of JCW’s prowess at action scenes but instead went for an every guy type brawl. lol And Noh Ji wook throwing Lawyer Ji at the boys and taking off running was funny too.

    I thought the fight was a perfect set up for bonding between the two, but ultimately, Ji Wook wasn’t going for it (and I’m glad). I’m surprised he tolerates Lawyer Ji as much as he does. Even though the trio’s lost friendship IS very sad. Kudos to the actors because normally I wouldn’t care how sad cheaters are cause they cheated and ruined everything.

    I know you, kjt, mentioned the lighting and blurring shots before but I didn’t mind them. But now, I’ve begun to find the through the glass shots annoying.

    • I liked that the fight contained “fight like girl elements” which made it light and fun.

      The through the glass shots shouldn’t block me from seeing the characters fully, but it does. I appreciate creativity in camera angles. I don’t appreciate when it take away from a scene rather than enhances it.

  2. Jane Tilly says:

    Finally we got the backstory between Ji Wook and Eun Hyuk, who was confirmed ✔ to be the cheater who stepped out with Ji Wook’s former cheating girlfriend. I concur with Beez that kudos 👏 go to Choi Tae Joon for making us feel like commiserating with his cheating character, Eun Hyuk, and ji Chang Wook for helping us understand why his character, Ji Wook, can excise ✂ Eun Hyuk from his life.

    The fight between the former bromance boys 👬 and the high schoolers are was hilarious‼. It reminded me of a similar scene in “A Gentleman’s Dignity”. I’ll bet Ji Chang Wook had a blast 🎇 deviating from his usual fighting prowess to “fighting like a girl” 👧. I was thinking they needed Bong Hee’s black belt skills to kick butt 🍑. I 💗 the TLC 🤕 the wounded Ji Wook received from Bong Hee on his return 🏠.

    Looks like Ji Wook is finished filling out the roster for his law ⚖ firm. 🖍 me 🎊surprised🎉 Lawyer Byeon came along; I thought that since he recruited Ji Wook to his firm, that he was a founding partner in that firm. I think he mentioned he was unhappy 😞.

    It’s time ⏳ for getting some backstory on the 🍭-faced murderer.

    • Jane Tilly says:

      The fight in “A Gentleman’s Dignity” was lead by Kim Woo Bin, playing a high school punk. This reminded me I just read Kim Woo Bin just announced he has nasopharynx cancer, to avoid rumors; talk about art imitating life…. Kim Woo Bin’s character in “Uncontrollably Fond” was a hallyu star diagnosed with cancer. In the series rumors spread before he could tell his family. From the little bit I have read, it was caught early, but YIKES‼ 😨

      • Beez says:

        @JT. Yup. I’m keeping Woo Bin and Yoo Ah in in my prayers. Although, I believe Woo Bin’s cancer is far more serious than that which Yoo Ah in has been diagnosed.

      • Kim Woo Bin’s character in “Uncontrollably Fond” was a hallyu star diagnosed with cancer. In the series rumors spread before he could tell his family. From the little bit I have read, it was caught early, but YIKES‼
        I found the coincidence interesting as well.

    • Beez says:

      Is that a ripe little peach emoji standing in for butts? lol

      I think, but I wish they would officially say, that Lawyer Byeon was friends with Ji Wook’s dad. I’m assuming this only because Ji Wook’s mom was very comfortable in the way that she spoke to him. But he could be her brother or neither brother-in-law (or nothing) for all we know. I don’t like when they leave us to assume relationships past the first couple of episodes of any show (unless it is an important reveal to the story. Like the mystery of Lawyer Ji was okay in context of the story) but I see no point in not telling us ergo Lawyer Byeon is.

  3. imberreader says:

    “Everything’s a mess.” Are you talking about your fridge/house or your feelings, Ji Wook? (Probably both.) Loved how he remembered the time spent with her, showed their emotional skinship. Is that a term? Well, it feels like it should be one.

    Ji Wook shows he’s a cool dork again with Chief Jang’s ‘not scouting scene’. (Did anyone notice way back he had transoformer’s figure in his bedroom?)

    I feel like the scene where he changed up his house was interesting hint at how as soon as Bong Hee comes in his life, things change. When she arrived after the two and half years, she noted nothing had changed in his house, (but it had, in his life after they met, before becoming stagnant again) and now that he wants her back in his life, he changed up the house and life. Like… I’m probably overthinking it, but it’s interesting way to look at it.

    I liked that Bong Hee did find a job and worked it with a compassion, with the kids. That’s her fighting spirit and kindness rolled in one big, nice ball. Of course, it’s not her dream job and for that I can appreciate it all the more, as someone who is in same situation – working in a job that slowly kills me inside, but putting my best effort in it ’cause otherwise I’m about to be homeless. ( I definitely day dream in seconds I have free to breathe, too. … Sometimes it ends about just as good as it did with the kid punching her.)

    ALSO HIS SMILE while he’s pretty sure she won’t see it. Booiii.

    When she says “I’ll just inconvenience you”, he turns his head with expression “But I miss you!! What inconvenience”, hahah. He looks really dejected at her rejection, to be honest. Even if he pulls off such a cool act soon afterward. Still, I do understand where she’s coming from, too.

    That small smile after the 7 minutes, tho!! AND THE HOSTAGE LINE.

    Puppy was obviously overwhelmed with all the people in his house, d’aww.

    And their luck with that brawl, haha.

    I didn’t really get if Lawyer Ji said his explanation out loud or NOT, like, the kdrama could have made that clearer….

    Still, I feel like the moment he walked away was such a clear point that Ji Wook is incredibly loyal. He truly is consistent. His love and loyalty never goes away, once you have it, you die with it. And I just really feel for him in that aspect, and in some ways, the whole messed up friend trio. I don’t defend Lawyer Ji or the ex, just… I kinda go like “damn” about the whole thing and want to give Ji Wook a hug because he’s such a precious puppy.

    His embarrassment for being beat up and just hiding from Bong Hee is like the cutest (also her line “I waited to see your face all this time!). He looks so vulnerable, and he is, in that night, emotionally and physically. He still lets her in and then those sleeping scenes (including one in preview). Just… melting.

    Also a lol at their mutual ‘meh’ about Bong Hee liking the chief. The bonding’s coming back, possibly because there’s a girl in the trio again as in their childhood so it’s familiar dynamics.

    And you’re right, there’s lot of filler and this is not ‘the best series ever’, but lovely light, but not all light, watch. Very good return to kdramas for me so far.

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