Chicago Typewriter Episode 13 Recap

The past and present swirl around our trio…

Chicago Typewriter Episode 13 Recap 

Writer Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) and Jeon Seol (Lim Soo Jung) stand in the middle of the street. Jeon Seol marvels. Se Joo recognizes it. They hear the police coming. Se Joo tells Jeon Seol to run. They run down the street. At a street corner, they stop look up and see past Jeon Seol shooting the police! OMG!!! They stare in shock.

Present, Se Joo’s House… Jin O (Ko Gyung Pyo) spies the gold pocket watch on the table. He picks it up. He remembers being shot and falling on top of the typewriter. His blood drips into the typewriter and on the table. He wonders why he has past Se Joo’s pocket watch.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

1930… Se Joo and Jeon Seol have people run through them. They realize they are like Jin O, ghosts that people cannot see. Cool!

Past Jeon Seol comes out of hiding dressed in a lovely dress. Past Baek Tae Min (Kwak Si Yang) startles her asking why she’s out so late. She lies that she was coming home from a friend’s house, got caught up in the melee and hid in the alley. He urges her to go home. She asks for his escort.

Jeon Seol and Se Joo step out. Jeon Seol can’t believe there is a past Tae Min. Se Joo tells Jeon Seol that past Tae Min is an informant for the Japanese but he doesn’t know details yet. Jeon Seol worries that her past persona is not aware of Tae Min’s true identity. They follow.

At the main road, past Jeon Seol tells past Tae Min that she’ll return to Carpe Diem on her own. She explains being escorted by a customer will get her in trouble. He watches her walk away.

Jeon Seol and Se Joo decide to split up. She’ll follow past Jeon Seol and he’ll follow past Tae Min. They agree to meet in 1 hour.

Past Tae Min is angry the raid didn’t capture everyone. He demands his men find evidence of the sniper. Tae Min reports the failed raid to his Japanese superior who gets angry, throws tea in his face, and demands the resistance members be caught and soon. Past Tae Min assures him that he’s set a trap that will catch the resistance leaders. Listening to the conversation, Se Joo wonders what the trap is.

Se Joo watches past Tae Min what for his informant. The man comes out of the shadows. It’s past Jin O.

If the obvious is the truth and not a red herring, this is big. It explains who Jeon Seol shot and why. Of course, I’d prefer that Jin O not be a traitor. I’d prefer Jeon Seol not shoot Jin O. There is still much to learn. Somehow, I don’t think I know everything to make any conclusions yet.

Jeon Seol watches Past Jeon Seol hurry into Carpe Diem with the door held open by a worried Madame. Jeon Seol recognizes her mother is Madame. Excellent!

The gathered resistance members discuss how the police found them easily and knew their escape route. Madame says the escape route was obvious. They wonder if there is a spy in their midst. Listening to the conversation, Jeon Seol wonders who the spy is. Se Joo startles her. She tells him their comrades (love that she includes them) are discussing a spy among them.

They hear footsteps. It’s past Se Joo walking towards them. Past Jeon Seol trains a gun on past Se Joo. He tells her to shoot or let him in. Another man lets past Se Joo in referencing him as the doctor.

How weird would that be to watch your past persona walk towards you? What a fabulous opening sequence. The good guys and bad guys are apparently known to us but not completely known to their observers. Well done Writer Jin!

Present, Se Joo’s House…
Se Joo and Jeon Seol wake. Se Joo asks why Jin O brought them back. Jin O explains his spirit was disturbed. Jin O tells them they went where their past spirits needed them to go. He asks if they learned anything new. Se Joo explains this time he was a ghost. Jin O explains he was a ghost before but didn’t know if. Once again, Jin O asks if they learned anything new.

Jeon Seol stares at Se Joo and wonders if her mother’s admission of being in her past life and warning against Se Joo, makes her mother the spy in the organization.

Se Joo stares at Jin O and wonders if past Tae Min was getting help from past Jin O to catch the resistance leaders.

Jin O stares at Jeon Seol and wonders if she’s the one that shot and killed him.

Se Joo reminds all three of them per their writer’s contract they MUST share the memories and not keep secrets from each other. They don’t confess. Se Joo realizes they never signed the writer’s contract, so it isn’t binding. They all sigh in relief. Jeon Seol says they are too tired to write tonight. They all quickly agree. Se Joo says they’ll sign the writer’s contract next time they meet and begin. They all quickly agree.

Excellent! They don’t want to hurt each other by admitting what they learned so they agreed to the delay like it was a lifeline.

Se Joo walks Jeon Seol out saying it is a relief that she didn’t kill him in the past. They smile.

In her own room, Jeon Seol wonders who she killed if it wasn’t past Se Joo. Her hands tremble with the memory of firing the fatal shot.

Jin O holds the gold pocket watch and wonders if Jeon Seol killed him. He wonders what happened that would bring that to pass. His arm hurts. He sees a crack with a sliver of light coming from underneath his skin.

Se Joo wonders if he should tell Jin O that he saw his past persona meet with past Tae Min. He goes to the writer’s lair and doesn’t find Jin O but finds the note he typed asking to be returned to Chicago.

The next morning, Se Joo practices asking Jin O why he wants to return to Chicago. LOL, he practices on the stuffed dog that Jin O loves!

At breakfast, Se Joo stares at Jin O who can’t help but notice. Se Joo muddles his inquiry. Publisher Gal Ji Seok (Jo Woo Jin) shows up and thinks the extra place is for him. Publisher Gal tells Se Joo that he needs to tighten the focus of his novel Chicago Typewriter. Se Joo declares he’ll write the novel as he sees fit. He reminds Publisher Gal that he’s just coming out of a writer’s slump that nearly debilitated him. Irked, Publisher Gal asks if writing something the public will be disappointed in is the right choice. Se Joo is unfazed. Publisher Gal mutters that Se Joo always does what he wants anyhow. Publisher Gal is touched that Se Joo set a place for him at the breakfast table. Tears fill his eyes. Se Joo panics at the emotional reaction. Publisher Gal says things are different between them. Se Joo acts surprised. Secretary Kang chimes in that Se Joo has changed. She tears up at how little he needs her now. Se Joo can’t believe it.

At Chef Ricardo’s eatery… To stem the tears, Se Joo has bought them expensive gifts. That turns their frowns upside down. The blackmailer/motorcyclist overhears them discuss whether they should be candid in the press about the motorcyclist almost running down Se Joo. She falters putting glasses on the table. Chef Ricardo rushes forward and shoos her away. He offers a free dessert. He stares at Se Joo and grouses the 80-year-old probably won’t want any. Ha!

At Chef Ricardo’s eatery… Ma Bang Jin (Yang Jin Sung) reminds Jeon Seol she wants an introduction to Jin O. Jeon Seol says she’s unable to do so, even if she wanted to. Bang Jin doesn’t understand why. Jeon Seol asks what Bang Jin thinks about ghosts. Irked, Bang Jin says if Jeon Seol won’t introduce her, that’s okay, but be open about it. She strides away.

Jin O looks at the crack in his arm and wonders what it is.

Bang Wool’s house… Jin O visits Bang Wool (communicating by typing on her laptop) and asks why he has developed a crack in his skin. Bang Wool tells him it means destruction. Either his time as a ghost is almost done or he got involved in human affairs he shouldn’t have. Bang Wool tells Jin O that his strength will ebb away, fast or slow depending on how he uses his personal energy. One day, he will self-destruct. Acting like a human has cost him. Jin O is stunned.

Jin O walks outside dazed. Bang Jin sees him and rushes up happy to see him. Bang Jin mentions her mother isn’t wild on him and Jeon Seol implied he is a ghost. She asks who Jin O is. Bang Wool appears and tells her daughter that this man is not for her. This man is a ghost. Bang Jin can’t believe. Jin O face tells her it is true. Then Jin O tells her he was going to tell her that he was a ghost. Bang Jin sinks to the ground and cries.

Jin O walks and considers all that he has yet to do. He doesn’t want to self-destruct.

Se Joo’s House… Se Joo is impressed when Jin O opens the front door and walks through it. They drink beer. Se Joo slides the note he typed asking to be returned to Chicago. He asks why Jin O wants to return to Chicago. Jin O says the note was merely him practicing typing. Se Joo decides to believe him. Jin O asks if he’d miss him. Se Joo drinks more beer, gathers his courage, and tells Jin O he saw his past persona meet with past Tae Min after a major raid. Jin O remembers what happened…

1930… Jin O takes the invitations to an exclusive party from Tae Min who tells him he’ll be able to mingle the expand his network by attending the party. Tae Min says the second ticket is for Se Joo. Jin O says that he’ll be there. Tae Min stares at him with a malevolent look in his eye.

Jin O gives Se Joo the invitations which pleases him. He knows the rich and powerful aiding the Japanese occupation will be there to mingle. Jin O believes stilling the money raised at the event will help the resistance. Se Joo declares it will be a symbolic moment to show the country that the resistance is alive and well. Jin O tells Se Joo this is a trap. Se Joo agrees and declares they should pretend to fall into the trap. He has a note delivered to Tae Min stating their prey will be at the party. Se Joo says they’ll continue to play their counter event. Because of the spy in their own organization, the police will be focused on catching them at the party, providing the perfect moment for a surprise counter attack. Se Joo tells Jin O that they will be the only ones to know the whole picture. Jin O agrees.

Only having Jin O and Se Joo know the truth, leaves the door open for misinterpretation by others, like Jeon Seol believing that Jin O is a spy among them.

Se Joo’s House… Se Joo is impressed they knew Tae Min was a spy from the beginning. Jin O admits that Tae Min’s evil aura warranted a background check. Se Joo asks what happened next. Tae Min admits to not knowing. His memory ends when they executed the counter event. Se Joo is relieved that Jin O wasn’t the spy. Se Joo admits people he trusted in his present life have betrayed him. Se Joo didn’t want his friend to be added to the list of those that betrayed him. Se Joo asks what happens once the memories are done and the novel is written. He asks if Jin O will go to heaven. Jin O asks why he’s interested. Se Joo admits hanging out with Jin O works for him. Jin O teases that Se Joo will age while he’ll stay this age forever. Se Joo says he’s envious. Jin O knows he’s just lied and he will vanish one day.

Nice moment that revealed they are true friends. I’m glad Se Joo put his worries on the table. Betrayal is a driver in his life. Jin O lying makes sense to me.

Tae Min doesn’t appreciate when the blackmailer shows up in his class, and he tells her afterward. He reminds her that he has leverage on her. She tells him that she has leverage on him. She muses that he must feel insignificant next to a real talent like Se Joo. She guesses that Tae Min must want Se Joo dead. His eyes reveal the desire to eliminate Se Joo permanently. She knows her desire to avenge her brother death is matched by Tae Min’s desire to rid himself of Se Joo’s presence in his life.

I know I shouldn’t like this blackmailer out to hurt Se Joo, but I love her cool, calm, way she rattles Tae Min’s cage.

Secretary Kang tells Se Joo they’ve received a video of the motorcycle almost hit and run. When Se Joo and Jin O view the video, Se Joo realizes he wasn’t the target, Jeon Seol was. Jin O realizes the motorcyclist isn’t a man, but a woman. Se Joo leaves to find Jeon Seol.

Se Joo’s protective warrior alarm sounds loud and clear.

Jeon Seol realizes a motorcycle is stalking her. She panics and runs across the road. Se Joo’s car blocks the motorcycle from hitting Jeon Seol and flees. Se Joo and Jin O rush to Jeon Seol’s side. She’s relieved they came to her rescue. Se Joo hugs her fiercely. He and Jin O stare down the road where the motorcycle went.

Jeon Seol is surprised to learn she’s the target, not Se Joo. Jin O believes her attacker won’t stop until they succeed. Jeon Seol points out she could have been killed if that was the goal. She promises to be careful. Se Joo says the safest place for Jeon Seol it here in his house. Se Joo says protecting her is his responsibility. Se Joo vows to catch the person behind these attacks. Jin O tells Jeon Seol saying with them is the best decision.

Jeon Seol settles in the guest bedroom. Se Joo visits giving her a sweatshirt to sleep in. Jin O visits giving her undergarments. Se Joo visits giving her pajama bottoms. Jin O visits giving her water. Se Joo visits with a robe for her. Jin O visits with a flashlight. Jeon Seol falls into bed drained from all the attention.

Cute, cute, cute! Being pursued by two men is exhausting!

After catching Jin O leaving Jeon Seol’s room, Se Joo drags him to his bedroom and tells him that no independent pursuit of Jeon Seol is allowed while she’s living in the house. Se Joo ties a string between his wrist and Jin O’s ankle so neither of them can violate the “no trespass on Jeon Seol” policy. LOL! But when Jin O’s stomach grumbles, they head to the kitchen.

Both men and Jeon Seol are surprised to find themselves in the kitchen for a late-night snack. After consuming ramen, Jeon Seol is relaxed, satiated, and happy. Jin O and Jeon Seol ask Se Joo what was the happiest moment of his life. He considered and shares that winning his first writer’s contest was a dream come true. Se Joo asks Jin O what was the happiest moment in his life. Jin O declares this is his happiest moment. He explains, the three of them are together again, Korea is free, and they are worry free. He eloquently speaks of their former resistance fighters and their shared vision.

1930… Jin O speaks on behalf of their leader (Se Joo) to the resistance fighters. With Se Joo in the audience, Jin O reads Se Joo’s words “The anger and suffering during Korea’s occupation are the first steps to finding freedom. Your efforts will shape this country’s future. Your love for Korea is your fuel. We will overcome the obstacles and stay focused in our fight. We shall overcome. Our country will once again be free. Our citizens will be free again. Each of will do our part to secure the future freedom for our families and our country”. Everyone is inspired by the beautiful words.

They all drink and celebrate their shared purpose. They speak to what they’ll do once Korea is once again free. They discuss back filling for the man whose wife is having a baby. They are all surprised when he shows up, flushed with the joy of being a new a parent. He tells his fellow fighters that the need to secure an independent country is even more important now that he’s a proud papa. Awk! Tears! Se Joo, who operates under the guise as the doctor for the resistance, offers to prescribe medicine for the new mother. He leaves to write the prescription.

In the office area, Jin O finds Se Joo serious and pensive. He notes Se Joo is always like that prior to a planned action. Se Joo chokes up wondering who among their fellow fighters will live and die tomorrow night. Awk! Tears! Se Joo knows he’s the one that puts them in danger with guns in their hands. He admits to hating himself for what has to be done. Jin O reminds him this is part of the fight. Se Joo is sure Tae Min believes Jin O could be the leader. He tells Jin O to take Jeon Seol and flee to China. Jin O respectfully declines. He asks Se Joo what he’ll do once the country to free again. Se Joo shrugs and suggests they fish together. Jin O asks if Se Joo where reincarnated when Korea was free, what profession would he choose.

Se Joo finds Jeon Seol outside Carpe Diem pensive. She tells him they don’t have to avoid each other. Jeon Seol says she has her feelings under control. She knows his love must be given to the fight for independence. Jeon Seol looks into Se Joo’s eyes and says if they are reincarnated, he’ll have to see her as a woman and potential romantic partner. Awk! Tears! She tells him not to hide behind a wall or suffer alone. She asks for his promise to explore that life fully and be honest with her. Se Joo asks why she’s focusing on their next life. He tells her to return to safely tomorrow per their leader’s orders. He steps next to her. The moment is rife with love and longing. He grazes her hand with his as he steps away and into the night. She cries. I cry too.

My Thoughts

The resistance grabbed my heart. The emotion behind the resistance was eloquently stated in this episode. From the individual’s words, to Jin O’s delivery of Se Joo’s stirring words, one thing stood out. Each of us wants the freedom to live as we wish in this world, no matter the time or place we exist in.

This was another perfect mix of present and past moments. I’m more attached to these characters, to their cause and their destiny. I continue fear that Writer Jin won’t, and perhaps can’t, deliver a happy ending to our trio of friends. If they don’t all survive in the past or present, I want to remember this episode, when they were happy together in both the past and present and as they entered the final act of this series. Only three episodes to go.

Three isn’t a crowd in this series. You’d think that one of them (Jin O) would be the odd man out. But Writer Jin crafts importance to all three. Our trio of actors play off each other perfectly. The multi-visit to Jeon Seol’s bedroom was darling.

Tae Min is ready to spring the trap to capture Jin O and Se Joo.  He’s right either way, these two are the soul of the resistance. In the present I relished the blackmailer’s ability to get under his skin. She revealed his desire to have Se Joo dead. We guessed it was there, Tae Min confirmed it.

Jin O (Ko Gyung Pyo) will vanish at the end of this series. Call me crazy, but it’s almost a relief. Jin O’s ghost status puts him in a state of limbo where he can’t live a full life. Knowing it will end for him, and I’m guessing after he does something to save Jeon Seol and/or Se Joo, so he can move to the next stage of existence works for me.

Jeon Seol (Lim Soo Jung) loved Se Joo in the past and present. It’s simple, she loves him. He loves her. In the past, he couldn’t/wouldn’t admit it to avoid distracting her. In the present the depth of feeling between them continues to grow at a satisfying rate. At the end of the episode, when Jeon Seol asked for Se Joo’s promise to live a happy full life in the future and to allow her to be a romantic interest, some of that has happened. That moment was charged with passion and longing. I like Jeon Seol. I like Soo Sung’s portrayal of Jeon Seol.

Writer Han Se Joo (Yoo Ah In) captured the essence of the resistance. Jin O spoke his words and Se Joo took over at the end (to the viewing audience) allowing us to feel Se Joo’s passion and commitment to freeing his country. His struggle with knowing his choices would lead to the death of some of his fellow fighters touched me. Yoo Ah In’s choked out Se Joo’s pain so I felt it. I wished no one would die. But like Se Joo knew, not all will come back alive. In the present, I loved when Se Joo went into warrior mode and protected Jeon Seol. I loved when Se Joo protected Jeon Seol from Jin O. I continue to enjoy the comedic timing and fun that Gyung Pyo and Yoo An In inject into their scenes together. They are a joy to watch.

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12 comments on “Chicago Typewriter Episode 13 Recap
  1. Beez says:

    Your thoughts are my thoughts, kjt. Well said. I was in tears at the exact same spots.

    I liked the scene where Seo joo’s publisher and secretary/housemaid need reassurance from him and while it was cute, I wish the solution wasn’t having him buy them
    expensive presents
    (the man has trust issues after all). Although he doesn’t seem to doubt either of them and it’s more like they’re the ones needing reassurance… still.

    I wonder if Bang ‘s reaction is soley due to the futility of loving a ghost (c’mon, they’ve spent no time together other than a few meetings outside her door where he obviously pines for Seoul; she barely found out his name) or is her reaction due more to the knowledge that she’s inherited her mother’s “gift”?


    • or is her reaction due more to the knowledge that she’s inherited her mother’s “gift”?
      But does Bang Jin realize that the she has special abilities? She seems clueless.

      Glad the moments that resonated with me, resonated with you. I can feel a bittersweet ending coming our way.


  2. Jane Tilly says:

    KJT, gr8⃣ recap! While I appreciate the comradery of the writer “partners” keeping secrets of their past lives from each other to protect each other, it is lying by omission. Indications point to Jin Oh as the traitor, with Seol killing him. I don’t want to believe it; I 🙏 hope the truth is different. Madam Jang, Seol’s modern day mom, looks like another possible candidate within the resistance fighters. Given the omissions, I am concerned about the comradery of our trio continuing, although Jin Oh seemed to work through realizing Seol and Se Joo have feelings 💗 for each other.

    Publisher Gal and Secretary Kang being assuaged about their concerns regarding Se Joo with expensive watches ⌚ left me nauseated. As Se Joo’s business and financial caretakers haven’t they seen Se Joo struggling with his writing 📝 and personal life? Rather than seeking out how they could help Se Joo, they seemed to be only concerned about Se Joo’s money 💰 making ability and generosity; their greed disgusts me.

    Poor Bang Jin fell for 👻 Jin Oh – not much hope for that relationship, especially since Jin Oh’s heart ♥ belongs to Seol. With the growing crack on his arm, Jin Oh knows his days are numbered 📅, likely shortened by him acting like a human, but didn’t bother to inform his compatriots of his imminent demise.

    I concur with KJT in regards to the blackmailing motorcyclist 🏍 being dangerous for our OTP, but 💗 “her cool, calm, way she rattles Tae Min’s cage.” Is the blackmailing motorcyclist 🏍 targeting 🎯 Seol or Se Joo⁉ When the blackmailing motorcyclist 🏍 tried to hurt Seol, was is it to hurt her or Se Joo by going after the one he 💗⁉. Both of them were involved in her brother getting busted or his stalking 🔭 and attempted murder of Se Joo. The crazy man committed suicide as revenge against Se Joo (to make him suffer with Asian guilt?). The cray-cray blackmailing motorcyclist 🏍, consumed with vengeance, is only ruining her own life.

    I 💗 the safety of Seol being at Se Joo’s house, but the competition for her attention would have been EXHAUSTING‼ I enjoyed playful rivalry!


  3. Jane Tilly says:

    I’m watching Chicago Typewriter again with my eonni. The comradery between our modern day trio in this episode REALLY stood out to me. They were in a free Korea 🇰🇷, no longer occupied by the Japanese 🇯🇵, enjoying each other’s companionship. It was delightful to see the two men vying for Jeon Seol’s attention (and affections). The BEST of times, the calm before the storm …


    • Beez says:

      JT- you should’ve TOLD me you were doing a re-watch! Any excuse for me to revisit Chicago Typewriter.

      KJT – you’ve GOT to let us know when you return to Six Flying Dragons!


      • Jane Tilly says:

        미안 미안, what was I thinking … We will probably finish next Tuesday or Wednesday, can you marathon and catch up❓⁉️

        I’m still waiting to the time period for us to all watch Chuno with some recaps from KJT. We will have to wait for the next Kdrama famine, we’ve been enjoying a feast🍖🍝🍛🥘🍰 lately❗


        • I do plan to do a Chuno recap. Maybe when the recap load lightens. I don’t want to commit until I can commit.


          • Beez says:

            When you do get around to it, if real life is in the way, don’t forget – you can always do your short caps, just an outline of each episode and cap the parts that stood out to you since I’m sure the Crew will come in discussing our favorite parts of each episode. If I recall that’s how you did “Look Out!”. I KNOW DramaFan and probably prettysup will join us.


        • Beez says:

          Nah. I’m moving (again). Arranging & supervising plumbers, a/c repair, trying to find a good cleaning service before I move in. (Can you believe companies like Molly Maids have told me they don’t handle rust or lime stains in bathrooms?)

          Anyway,I can’t do any binge watching right now. I can barely keep up with the 3 I’m watching with you guys right now amid I’ve with me barely paying attention to The Wok. lol


      • Not enough hours in the day right now for Six Flying Dragons. I want to get back to it. I thoroughly enjoyed the initial episodes.


    • Beez says:

      *Next thing I know you folks will be telling me you’re on episode 20 of CHUNO without me!* SMH & grumbling


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