Shine or Go Crazy Episode 16 Recap

Shine or Go Crazy Episode 16 Recap. Power was the crux of this episode. The powerful controlling, hurting, and manipulating the weaker opponents. Shin Yool comes face-to-face with the the powerful’s price – her pride, her company, and her life.

Shin Yool as Gaebong has sent Gyeong (Jung Woo Sik) ahead to the Inn to protect her. Tonight is the night she gets the antidote. Wang So (Jang Hyuk) and Eun Chun (Kim Roe Ha) divide the watch duties, Wang So takes Shin Yool and Eun Chun takes Yeo Won. Shin Yool walks down the street with Wang So following at a discrete distance. Palace guards enter the trading company and seize it. Suddenly Se Won (Na Jong Chan) astride a horse comes thundering down the street and pulls Shin Yool onto the horse! Wang So watches in disbelief. Wang So pursues via foot and rooftop. As Wang So propels himself from the rooftop to knock the rider and Shin Yool off the horse, Se Won spots him and is able to repel him. Wang So falls to the road. He watches in horror as the rider and Shin Yool disappear into the night. “Gaebong!” he yells.

The guards state the trading company is closed for fraudulent ledgers. Gyu Dal (Heo Jeong Min) is surprised by that accusation.

When Wang So arrives at the trading company he finds the guards.  Gyu Dal, Baek Myo (Kim Sun Young) and Gang Myeong (Ahn Kil Kang) are told the stockpiling of goods and the resale at a higher price and the profit made from selling the accessories after the princes fighting competition and not paying taxes has earned them this scrutiny.

Wang So bursts in the room and tells the guards to redirect their efforts to find Shin Yool who has been kidnapped. The guards smirk and give Wang So the forged letter from Shin Yool. In the letter she admits to the fraudulent ledges and leaving town to avoid prosecution.  The family denies Shin Yool wrote the letter though it is her handwriting. Too bad, so sad, is the guards response. The trading company is closed and assets are seized. But by royal command (Sik Ryeom the King’s assistant wielding his power whenever he can) if they admit wrong doing they will not be prosecuted.

Fed up with the hand of Sik Ryeom in this mess, Wang So declares none of the charges are true. He tells Gyu Dal not to sign the offered agreement to avoid prosecution. The stockpiled goods are being traded with the nation, the accessories prices were ridiculous before the trading company got involved and the profits were returned to the people so the trading company did not benefit, and finally the fraudulent ledger cannot be confirmed without Shin Yool. The guard says she has fled. Wang So declares he will find her. The guard states Sik Ryeom wants this wrapped up quickly.  Wang So invokes his power as supervisor and order Gyu Dal not to sign the contract.  He leaves the guard who wonders what they should do now, follow Wang So’s orders or Sik Ryeom’s orders?

Wang So tells Gyu Dal, Baek Myo and Gang Myeong they must be strong. Things will get ugly perhaps even torture.

ep16_2b ep16_2a
Gyeong enters the room and tells them Shin Yool ordered him to wait for her at the Inn but she never showed. Wang So declares she suspected danger and need Gyeong. They agree to search for a letter from her that will explain this.

Wang So recalls Shin Yool’s note she gave him “don’t forget the wedding from Gaebong”. He buys a clue and realizes she is referencing her wedding dress. He finds a letter in the folded red dress. She writes if letter is found something has gone wrong. Yeo Won has the antidote and is the poisoner of the King. Yeo has the bracelets that will serve as evidence she handed the poison. Yeo Won knows about their marriage in Gaebong.

Cue opening credits…

Wang So tells Eun Chun that Yeo Won supplied the poison. He gives him a to do list: 1. find out the relationship between Sik Ryeom and the rival trading company, 2. tell Cheong Ok he needs to see her, 3. find the King’s adviser Ji Mong and see if he has news.

Shin Yool’s family is worried.

Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) cackles with glee to Wang Wook (Lim Ju Hwan) that the trading company must be in chaos. All their assets will be transferred the rival trading company that he owns. Wang Wook is not happy. Sik Ryeom states he wanted to lessen Wang Wook’s burden and he could not pass this opportunity up when it was suggested to him. Wang Wook asks if his sister made the suggestion. Wang Wook tells him, he made the right choice. That is interesting! Is Wang Wook fine with Sik Ryeom being set up by Yeo Won? Wang Wook surprises Sik Ryeom when he says “I won’t be able to take you down, but I will be able to stop you.” Wow! Gloves are coming off! Sik Ryeom laughs his laugh. He asks if Wang Wook is upset about Shin Yool who looks like his 1st love Dan Young? Sik Ryeom claim he and Yeo Won hold Shin Yool’s life in their hands. Bam! He encourages Wang Wook to go see for himself.

ep16_5b ep16_5a
When he arrives at the trading company, Baek Myo tells Wang Wook that Shin Yool has been kidnapped. She tells him Wang So is looking for Shin Yool. Baek Myo tells Wang Wook that as an infant Shin Yool was dropped in icy water. Since then, she is susceptible and without her medicine it could be deadly. Baek Myo gives him the medicine that warms her body. Wang Wook vows to find her.

Wang So searches for Yeo Won but she is no where to be found. Wang Wook searches for Yeo Won but she is no where to be found. Two angry men are looking for Yeo Won.

Baek Myo gets flirty with the two guards looking over the books. One guy is all business, so that doesn’t work. He notices that of the 275 slaves purchased only 35 are currently working at the company. Where are the other 240 slaves?

Wang Wook demands Sik Ryeom tell him where Shin Yool is. Sik Ryeom taunts him then tells him Se Won has Shin Yool.  “I don’t need a King who thinks. I don’t need a King that thwarts me. We must go our separate ways”. Partnership – dissolved! Oh no…I hate to see this. Wang Wook acquiesces “I will be your puppet. I won’t think. I won’t thwart you. The real King will be you.” Sik Ryeom savors this moment. He asks if he should spare Shin Yool? He says Yeo Won said Shin Yool had to die but he said Shin Yool should live. Who will Se Won listen to? Oh…that is so cold. Sik Ryeom promises if he cannot have the trading company Shin Yool dies. Whether Shin Yool lives or dies is in Wang Wook’s hands.

Shin Yool wakes to a masked Se Won and Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui) sipping tea. Yeo Won declares today is the day the trading company is squashed. “I want you to experience what shame feels like” Yeo Won says with a smile.

Let me say that I hope that Yeo Won and Sik Ryeom turn on each other and tear each other apart. They deserve each other.

Eun Chun tells Wang So that Sik Ryeom owns the rival trading company.

Wang So asks Cheong Ok is she knows where Yeo Won held her captive. She remembers and tells Wang So the location.

Shin Yool starts to shiver. Yeo Won remembers when Shin Yool said she (Shin Yool) was a person of honor and Yeo Won would experience shame. What is shame? Not losing, or being embarrassed, or having your weakness shown to the world, it is being helpless and unable to stop what will happen to you. Yeo Won turns the knife “your employees will be on the streets in hunger, cold and pain…All because of you. Power is life. You should run away from greater power or it will devour you. You should have run from me. Your stupidity is your crime.”

Shin Yool asks if Wang So wants to become king. That gets Yeo Won’s attention. Shin Yool says that she read Wang So’s fate at the princes fighting competition. She declares Wang So needs her to become king. She and the trading company are needed. She declares that Yeo Won’s family’s power is insufficient under Sik Ryeom’s choke hold. Yeo Won yells for her silence. Oh snap, Yeo Won flips on the crazy. She is incredulous that Shin Yool dares to speak to her like that. She opens the door and tells her to leave. Se Won unsheathes his sword. Yeo Won asks if a rabbit fears being eaten by a tiger or chased by a tiger. It is being chased she states. The horror of the capture. Yeo Won says stay or go, it does not matter, her fate is death. She gives Se Won the kill her look and leaves.  Fabulous scene for Yeo Won.

Wang So searches for the location Cheong Ok described.

Wang Wook goes on horseback to get Shin Yool.

Sik Ryeom cannot believe both Wang So and Wang Wook risk their lives for Shin Yool. Talk about using someone’s weakness at a critical moment.

Se Won steps in front of Shin Yool. She recognizes the flying fish ornament. She comments he must be from Balhae…she is too.  Se Won tells her that is not enough to stop him. Shin Yool is gracious and says she is happy to meet someone else from Balhae. It reminds her of her mother and older brother…that she never met. Se Won recalls Wang Wook’s description of someone he knew from Balhae. Se Won tells her if they are dead, she will meet them soon in the after life. Shin Yool says her mother died trying to save her and her brother was killed by the Khitans en route to meet her. That gets Se Won’s attention. He flashes back to finding his mother’s attendants dead. Shin Yool knocks over a table and runs for  it. Se Won pursues her.

Of course, Wang So enters just after they’ve left. He smells the tea Yeo Won drank and recognizes the scent. He runs out yelling Gaebong.

ep16_13e ep16_13f ep16_13g
Se Won gains on the unsteady Shin Yool. He catches up to her. She sinks to her knees. She takes out the butterfly talisman. She closes her eyes preparing to die. Se Won buys a clue and asks if she was born in the Balhae palace. She nods her assent. Tears flood Se Won’s eyes. He leaves. She collapses.

Wang So finds her on the ground. He cradles her. Why is she so cold? The symbolism of their butterfly talisman touching….perfect.

ep16_13i ep16_13j
Wang Wook arrives. He kneels and offers the medicine to warm Shin Yool. Wang So allows it. Shin Yool swallow the medicine.

ep16_14a ep16_14b
Wang Wook: I told you to resolve your issues with my sister.
Wang So: Is this how you take Gaebong for yourself? Your sister kidnapped Gaebong. Sik Ryeom stole the trading company, and you helped them!
Wang Wook: My sister kidnapped her because of you. You almost killed her!
Wang So: Your sister and Sik Ryeom were poisoning the King. Did you help them?
Wang Wook: If I say I did not help them, will you believe me? Is there evidence? What prince does not want to become King?
Wang So: The King is our brother. You are willing to toss brotherhood for your own interests?

Let me say that was an excellent confrontation between the two men. They have opposite justified views per their own thinking.

Shin Yool stirs and tells them the two of them saved her. She asks about the antidote. What about her family? Wang So says the antidote was not obtained. Wang So carries Shin Yool away.

Wang Wook calls for Se Won to show himself. He asks Se Won whose side he is on – Sik Ryeom or Yeo Won or his? Did you save Shin Yool for Sik Ryeom or another reason? Se Won buys the second clue and realizes Wang Wook suspects he is Shin Yool’s brother.

The guards put the pressure on Gyu Dal to sign the contract relinquishing the trading company assets. Gyu Dal’s answering face has me laughing out loud. They threaten to arrest him. Gyu Dal does not conjure dignity with his reaction.

Wang So carries Shin Yool to the trading company. Swoon worthy! He gently puts her down and tells her to go in. He promises to return soon.

Yeo Won’s maid observes Wang So returning Shin Yool safe and sound.

Just as Gyu Dal is about to sign the contract, Shin Yool returns. She asks to see the fraudulent ledger. She declares it a fake. She declares Wang Wook will confirm her assertion. Wang Wook arrives. He’s under the thumb of Sik Ryeom. What will he do?

Sik Ryeom cleans his sword. He declares now Wang Wook must demonstrate his loyalty.

They ask Wang Wook to verify the validity of the ledger.  Wang Wook stalls and asks for tea.

He and Shin Yool sit in the VIP room with the ledger. He recalls Sik Ryeom saying if the trading company does not become his, Shin Yool will die. He asks Shin Yool if she is ok. She is. She asks him to testify to the validity of the ledger. He says he will testify.  Of course he does not indicate what he will testify.

Sik Ryeom is feeling pretty good. Wang Wook is under his control. Yeo Won’s relationship with Wang So is destroyed.

Yeo Won’s maid relates Wang So bringing Shin Yool to the trading company.

Wang Wook declares the ledger is real and not fabricated. Shin Yool faints. Wang Wook thinks “You can hate me. As long as I can protect you, nothing else matters.”

The King is delusional and directs his sword to his adviser Ji Mong.

ep16_20a ep16_20b
Been waiting for this…Wang So asks for a cup of tea from Yeo Won.
Wang So: Did you poison the king?
Yeo Won: I thought you’d ask about Shin Yool.
Wang So: Where’s the antidote?
Yeo Won: I don’t have it.
Wang So: I thought you were a human being. How could you do this? He is the King, my brother, your brother-in-law. You are a beast wearing a human mask.

Yeo Won delivers the tour de force moment of the episode…
Yeo Won: The King you want to protect, helped assassinate my half brother. The assassins that tried to kill Wang Wook were sent by your mother’s family. All the princes and princesses have to kill each other to survive. Like beasts. Didn’t you blame your father for abandoning you to the mountain? (she cries) You should have thanked him. We were raised like beasts. You were raised to be human. If you condemn me, you must condemn the King. You must condemn our father, the First King, for creating a situation where his children must kill each other to survive. If you hate the status quo, become King and change it. Become more powerful than Sik Ryeom. I want that kind of King.
Wang So: How can a King devour his brothers and rise to the throne?

ep16_21a ep16_21b
Wang So rises to leave.
Yeo Won: I tried to kill Shin Yool to save you.

* The quest for Power was the crux of this compelling episode. Shin Yool was almost squashed like a bug by Sik Ryeom and Yeo Won. Wang Wook who was close gaining some power was stripped ruthlessly by Sik Ryeom. The King is powerless due to the poison that has rendered him ineffective. Wang So cannot flip the switch to reboot the King and regain the backing of the power of the throne.
* What fascinates me about Shine or Go Crazy is that evil characters are not straightforward or all powerful or united. They work with and against each other simultaneously.
** Sik Ryeom uses and works against Wang Wook. Eliminating Shin Yool who refused to co tow was the primary objective. Sik Ryeom’s delight in putting Wang Wook under his control because of Wang Wook’s love for Shin Yool was terrible and yet fascinating.
** Wang Wook used and worked against Sik Ryeom and Yeo Won. He defied Sik Ryeom only to have his vulnerability to be deftly exploited by Sik Ryeom.
** Yeo Won in turn used Sik Ryeom to bring down Shin Yool’s company while she concentrated on ending Shin Yool’s life. She also supported and wanted to tear down Sik Ryeom.
* Se Won bought the clue that Shin Yool is his long lost sister. My favorite moment was when Wang Wook rightly pointed out that Se Won served him, Yeo Won and Sik Ryeom. He asked which one of them was his priority.
* Yeo Won was more evil and vulnerable than any other episode. She ruthlessly kidnapped Shin Yool and asked Se Wpn to kill her. Her pleasure in crushing Shin Yool’s company and life were palpable.
* Jang Hyuk as Wang So delivers a wonderful range of emotions. His character is passionate and smart. Carrying Shin Yool – swoon! The confrontation in the woods with Wang Wook was fabulous.
* Yeon Seo’s portrayal of Shin Yool was reactionary to the blindsides from Wang Wook and Ye Won.  She gained a brother this episode but does not know it. His faith in Wang Wook telling the truth about the falsified ledgers was understandable but misguided.
* No new songs released for the OST. The 4th song was released 17 February 2015. I’m ready for a new tune!


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15 comments on “Shine or Go Crazy Episode 16 Recap
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  2. Nao says:

    That last scene between yeo won and wang so–oh my goodness!!! She was amazing. Even though I hate what she does, I can’t seem to hate her because she is so complex. I also love how the alliances are constantly shifting and re-forming. Makes you keep guessing.

  3. Wang Sik Ryeom gets on my nerves. I hope the scriptwriters are preparing a sufficiently painful and humiliating end for him.

  4. pohyoke says:

    Somehow, the story reminds me of the Lord of the Ring..when Frodo set out to destroy the ring with Sam and with Gollum dogging his every step and Sauron manipulating the strings of the players. One of the key point that came across to me in that story was the kindness, compassion and courage of Frodo. At one point he spared Gollum’s life simply out of pity and compassion for the wretched creature, and somehow in the end, Gollum was key to the destruction of the ring and evil. It is good that Shin Yool remained fair, kind and brave willing to take risks to save her people and man and trying to be fair even to her enemies. But who or what is the ring that rules them all..the antidote? Se Won?

    • kjtamuser says:

      I enjoy your thoughtful comments. I think the ring is the throne. What will save them from the thirst for power via the throne? Hmm…The antidote is only temporary. I thought Wang Wook would use the antidote last episode to escape Sik Ryeom’s grasp and free Shin Yool. But he did not, does that mean the allure of the throne is stronger than his love for Shin Yool? Se Won is an unknown. Which way he will bend – Shin Yool or Yeo Won?
      For me in this story…the fact that I cannot surmise the trajectory of this story is a positive. As long as the writer delivers the caliber story we are enjoying now, I hope to be satisfied in the end.

      • pohyoke says:

        I think ( and I am probably wrong) that tactically, Wang Wook may be in as good a position as Wang So, if not better.
        1.Wang Wook has the red assassins vs Wang So’s black Ninjas(Q. Will they kill Sik Ryeom if so ordered by Wang Wook?)
        2. Wang Wook knows more secrets than Wang So, which he can use to his advantage.
        3. Wang Wook with Se Won can easily take on Wang So in a fight
        4. Wang Wook has the antidote, if indeed Wang So did not manage to find it whilst madly searching his room. And Wang So has Shin Yool and her brains?

        If Wang Wook and Wang So join forces, they will be unbeatable. Wang Wook’s feelings towards Shin Yool seems to be based on wanting to make up for his past inability to protect his beloved because very often he talked about protecting her.

        They are all such interesting personalities. And like you, I am waiting for another OST, whose voice(s) seem to fit Wang So or Shin Yool.

        • kjtamuser says:

          For all your reasons, I agree that Wang Wook could be powerful if he chooses. Was his his acquiescence to Sik Ryeom (which was difficult to watch) only temporary? Could love for Shin Yool would make him choose to join forces with Wang So to protect her? I can’t wait to find out.

      • pohyoke says:

        Is it the mirror with the names that is Sik Ryeom’s weakness, that can stop him in his tracks? If found, then will Sik Ryeom go down naming all his accomplices including Yeo Won, the supplier of poisons? is that the ‘ring’ once discovered will bring down the prevalent evil in that kingdom at that time?

  5. meltedd says:

    Haha, as someone watching both JHM and SOGC, how do you feel about seeing Wang Sik Ryeom and Seojin’s dad from Monday through Thursday? He just moves from medieval cave to modern day office lol.

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