Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 15 Recap

Tae Joo finally remembers the truth…thank goodness. What will this show will morph into now that this story line is done (or at least appears to be done)? Will we see Robin again?

Episode 15 Recap:

Seo Jin (Hyun Bin)  and Ha Na (Han Ji Min) are plunged into darkness when the lights go out. In the darkness, Tae Joo (Sung Joo) steps forward and puts his hand over Ha Na’s mouth. Tae Joo tells Seo Jin they still have things to resolve between them.

Tae Joo ties up Seo Jin and Ha Na.

Seo Jin asks Tae Joo to release Ha Na. Not going to happen.

Seo Jin talks…a lot…about his guilt. Ha Na tells him to banish these thoughts. This is no time for self doubt.

Holy smokes, the house has 28 cameras that cannot be shut off. The police despair they cannot break into the house and attempt a rescue.

Tae Joo video calls Seo Jin’s father,  Myung Han (Lee Deok Hwa). Seo Jin’s crafty cousin, Seung Yeon (Han Sang In) is there along with good looking chauffeur. Seo Jin’s father taunts Tae Joo that he has not thought of Tae Joo during his lifetime but Tae Joo has spent a lifetime thinking about him and Seo Jin. Good point! Crafty cousin urges father to listen not lecture. Good point!

Seo Jin talks…a lot…about how he will give everything to Tae Joo if he is wrong. He needs crafty cousin to urge him to listen. Ha Na tells him they are in this together.

Tae Joo agrees to Seo Jin’s suggestion, to find out the truth from the kidnapper. The police bring him from the kidnap location to the police van. There is a big discussion between Detective Na, Seo Jin’s assistant, Young Chan (Lee Seung Jun), and Dr. Kang if the kidnapper should lie or tell the truth. Detective Na and Dr. Kang are concerned if the kidnapper admits that Tae Joo’s father was a co conspirator, he will flip out. Young Chan thinks that the kidnapper should tell the truth and let Tae Joo and Seo Jin deal with it. Why no one asks the kidnapper what the truth is…is beyond me.

ep15_4c ep15_4b ep15_4a
As directed, the kidnapper lies via video. No surprise but Tae Joo gets very smug and rubs in it. It is uncomfortable to watch him gloat over Seo Jin. The self flaggelation from Seo Jin is also uncomfortable to watch.

In a positive twist, the kidnapper’s wrist tattoo triggers Tae Joo’s memories of that day. He remembers the kidnapper telling him about his father’s part in the crime. He remembers meeting his father as the kidnapper directed only to find the accident scene and his father dead. Present day Tae Jo slumps onto the floor overcome by the memories.

ep15_6b ep15_6a
Seo Jin realizes something monumental has occurred. To his credit, Tae Joo admits his memory restoration and his father’s culpability. To his credit, Seo Jin does not taunt but is supportive. Tae Joo unties Ha Na and Seo Jin. Surprising Ha Na, Seo Jin tells her to leave, he and Tae Joo need to have a discussion. Seo Jin tells Tae Joo “Let’s go as far as we can together.”  Seo Jin and Tae Joo talk. They agree to live. They exit the house. The police take Tae Joo away.

ep15_7b ep15_7a
Seo Jin walks the streets and Ha Na follows. They sit on a bench and chat. Ha Na might make a better therapist than Dr. Kang.

I keep wondering…4 episodes left….what will be the next phase for this show?

Circus guy and Woo Jung (Hyeri) flirt.

Seo Jin and Ha Na go get food. Seo Jin’s father calls and begins with his usual bluster but after Seo Jin tells him to be real, he apologizes to his son. Seo Jin is blow away…that is the first time his father offered an apology to him.

Seo Jin and Ha Na return home. Ha Na calls her circus friend and says she is moving out tomorrow.

Ha Na goes downstairs. Seo Jin is downstairs making a tray for her. He tells her to rest well.

He turns to walk away, stops and asks “May I love you?”


* Finally Tae Joo knows the truth about his father’s actions in the kidnapping. Surprise, surprise, Tae Joo did not flip out. He and Seo Jin came to an understanding.
* This episode dragged…not the best episode of the psychological thriller phase of this series. I’m glad Tae Joo is caught…never thought it would happen. I’m glad the truth is known. I’m surprised at the subdued almost zombie like reactions from Seo Jin and Tae Joo.
* What is next for this show? If this phase of the story is done, what are they going to do for the remaining 4 episodes?
* Hyun Bin stayed as Seo Jin during the entire episode. Will we ever see Robin again? I must say Seo Jin was a bit of a chatterbox and needed to be quiet and listen to Tae Joo in the first half of the episode.
* Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na supported Seo Jin.  No mention of Robin. Her support was solely focused on Seo Jin.
* The seventh song of the OST was released 12 March 2015. It is “Hyde Jekyll” by Snuper. I like the artwork for this song. Check out the perky song which is a departure from the 6 ballads on the OST via the embedded video or the link.

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