Shine or Go Crazy Episode 15 Recap

Shine or Go Crazy Episode 15 Recap.Another good episode. The ladies tangle, the guys tangle, and a long lost brother is revealed. The King’s adviser is shocked when he realizes Shin Yool could be the woman he prophesied for Wang So. Move over Yeo Won!

ep15_1b ep15_1a
Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) puts the poison scrapped from the scrolls into water which turns cloudy. Then she puts the bracelet with the gem, geumhwasuk, into the water. The initially pale gem turns black as the poison is absorbed leaving the water clear. Shin Yool declares she is ready.

Per Yeo Won’s request Shin Yool visits…this scene it totally worth seeing again…

Shin Yool: You called?
Yeo Won: Please sit down.
Yeo Won: (after sipping her tea) I told you to end it. Why do you still persist?
Shin Yool: I met with him because he is the supervisor of the move to the west.
Yeo Won: He was So So the swordsman and now he is supervisor. Do you want to be with him that desperately?
Yeo Won: Leave. Shut down your trading company and leave. That is the only way you and your company can survive.
Shin Yool: (holds her tea exposing her wrist that has two bracelets with the gem, geumhwasuk) If I drink this tea, will I leave this place dead or alive?
Shin Yool drinks the tea with the bracelets fully exposed.
Shin Yool: I guess I won’t be leaving this place dead…the tea smells very good.

Yeo Won smiles in appreciate at Shin Yool’s brazenness. My reaction…you go girl!
Yeo Won: Where did you get that bracelet?
Shin Yool: Geumhwasuk. One bracelet has gems filled with poison, and the other does not yet. Did you know the King was poisoned? (BAM!) This bracelet has absorbed poison used on the King. The white poison from India, cannot be found easily. The one that handles the poison must wear geumhwasuk. The only ones with pale geumhwasuk are probably you and me (holy smokes!). I just got one yesterday.
Yeo Won: What do you want to say?
Young Shin: Cover it up.
Yeo Won: What?
Young Shin: Wang So and my marriage in Gaebong (Young Shin…you are smart and bold!). In return, I will cover up the origins of the King’s poison. Of course, you must give me the antidote too. How about we bury both issues forever?
Yeo Won: You are clever. Does this mean you are not afraid of death?
Shin Yool: Everyone will die. I will die, you will die, the King will die. What’s important…
Yeo Won: (interrupts) It’s how you die that is more important.
Shin Yool: No. It’s more important what is in your heart when you die. Will you die with honor that you’ve kept all your life? Will you die with deep shame even if no one knows?
Yeo Won grips the tea cup in anger. Shin Yool sees this. They say the hands betray emotion when the face does not.
Shin Yool: I will give you one day.
Yeo Won: Do you think I will make such a deal with a girl like you?
Shin Yool: If I don’t receive the antidote by tomorrow, I will tell Wang So about who and how the King’s poison was made. I must be going. 

Let me say my esteem for Shin Yool soared in that scene. The confrontation was well written and acted. What a great scene!

Cue opening credits…

Wang So (Jang Hyuk), Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa), and Wang Wook (Lim Ju Hwan) leave the meeting. Sik Ryeom hopes that Wang So will differ to Wang Wook in all matter of moving to the west. Wang So counters that the King has yet to approve. Irrirated, Sik Ryeom snaps with the King indisposed, as the administer, his orders are royal orders. Wang So states he will ask the King personally. Sik Ryeom tells him not to be shocked when he sees the King’s condition.

ep15_4b ep15_4a
The King is trembling and delusional, not a good combination, shocking Wang So and the King’s adviser. When Wang So speaks to the King gently he drops his sword. When Wang So picks up the sword, the King yells an assassin is present.  Showing support for his brother, Wang So yells saying this is the King’s residence. He shoos the evil away. He hugs his brother who weeps.

ep15_5b ep15_5a
Later Wang So asks when the King got so bad. The adviser, Ji Mong, states the King took a turn for the worse a few days ago. Wang So notes that Sik Ryeom has taken control of the cabinet, like he expected the King’s downturn. Ji Mong declares Sik Ryeom cannot have control too long. They must find the antidote.

ep15_6b ep15_6a
The doctor tells Wang So he cannot find an antidote to the poison. Wang So yells his job was to find the antidote. The doctor claims it is impossible. The doctor states the calming tea will cease to be effective.

ep15_7b ep15_7a
Wang So visits Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui). She is pleased to see him. He gets right to the point. A friend has been poisoned. He asks her to make an antidote. She asks why he thinks she could make an antidote. He states the medicine she made him proves she has the skills to make an antidote. She claim limited knowledge about poison. He says it is up to her. He leaves.

The good club of Wang So, Eun Chun and Ji Mong meet…
Eun Chun (Kim Roe Ha) asks Wang So what’s happened with Cheong Ok? She is now running the brothel.  Wang So states she is merely following the orders he gave her. Flashback to Wang So ordering Cheong Ok to become a spy. He is confident once Yeo Won has the 2 bronze pieces she will obtain the 3 bronze pieces from Sik Ryeom no matter what. Once Yeo Won has all 5 pieces, steal them. Eun Chul states finding the warrior that taught Wang Wook to fight has been difficult. Wang So states the antidote is impossible to make. Wang So stuns Eun Chun and Ji Mong when he casually states that Yeo Won provided the poison. Ji Mong, the silly man, declares that Wang So should trust his wife not Shin Yool.

The evil club meets…
Sik Ryeom is giddy with anticipation that he will soon have the King’s power. He tells Wang Wook to get Shin Yool to agree to their plan. Wang Wook smiles, probably thinking that is easier said than done. Wang Wook stares at Sik Ryeom as he leaves the room. Is his chafing at taking his orders?

Back to the good club…
Wang So defends Shin Yool detailing all she has done for him. Ji Mong persists that a relationship of only a couple of months cannot be trusted. Wang So counters he has known her for 5 years. More stunned looks from Eun Chun and Ji Mong. Frustrated, Wang So is adamant the antidote is the only thing that matters. Eun Chun and Ji Mong puzzle how Wang So knows Shin Yool. Ji Mong states the trading company used to be in Gaebong. Eun Chun states they visited Gaebong years ago and Wang So disappeared for 1 day. Could it be they met then?

ep15_10b ep15_10a
Inspiration strikes Wang Wook who tells Se Won (Na Jong Chan) that the black assassins’ hideout must be in the capital.  He notices the flying fish ornament on Se Won’s sword. He recalls Shin Yool saying her mother’s artwork had a flying fish a symbol of Balhae. Se Won states he had a mother and young sister (WOW! Are you thinking what I’m thinking?) and assumes they are dead. Wang Wook says he has a friend that with a mother and older brother lost to her but she assumes they are alive.

ep15_11bep15_11d ep15_11c
Shin Yool frets whether or not Yeo Won will agree to her terms. Gyu Dal (Heo Jeong Min) tells her Wang So waits in the store room for her. When she enters, Wang So hugs her and sweetly tells her he can breathe now that he is holding her. She asks if he has found the antidote. Not easy to find he says. He has another plan in motion. Just being with her lifts his spirits. Ah, young love, just being in the same room is intoxicating.

ep15_11f ep15_11g
She knows he is in pain over his brother. She hesitates then tells him she may be able to get the antidote tomorrow. Wang So is surprised. He asks details. She tells him she knows someone familiar with poisons. He tells her he will go with her tomorrow. She states the person may not be comfortable with that. He is concerned. She reassures him. She will let him know once she knows.

Yeo Won considers what to do. She goes to her secret hiding place and discovers the antidote missing. Cheong Ok is summoned. Her report on the black assassins details their fruitless search for the poisoner and the antidote. Cheong Ok is dismissed. Yeo Won puzzles, who could have stolen the antidote. Not Sik Ryerom, he does not realize that she is working against him. She guesses…could it be?

Wang Wook find hers at the family home. The pleasantries done, Yeo Won asks if he took the antidote. I am loving the directness of our characters! She is disappointed in his change in attitude. He asks her to leave (love it!). She offers him this advice “a strong weapon like that should only used once and at the critical moment.” Decent advice from a angry sister.

Wang Wook recalls finding the antidote in Yeo Won’s secret hiding place. He declare to himself he will use the antidote when it matters the most. I am loving this more focused Wang Wook.

Yeo Won may be down, but she is not out. She tells her maid to get her a forger and stamp maker.

ep15_13c ep15_13b ep15_13a
Se Won and Yeo Won meet and exchange pleasantries. Hurt obvious, Se Won says he heard she slept with Wang So. Yeo Won steps to him and fingers the flying fish ornament on his sword that she gave him. She asks what he thinks she did. Answering a question with question, classic. She asks if he is still her shadow. With feeling, he declares as long as she needs him. That is swoon worthy from Se Won. I didn’t know he had that much feeling in him. What does a Yeo Won do with that kind of declaration? She asks her besotted guardian to kill her enemy Shin Yool.

ep15_14b ep15_14a
Wang So watches his brother sleep. The King wakes and tells him to endure being supervisor of the move to the west. He apologizes for not being able to help much. He falls asleep again. Silently Wang So asks his brother to live one more day, to arrest Sik Ryeom with, to be the King. Once things are settled he can leave with his beloved. Nice thought, but I doubt it will work out that way.

Se Won asks Wang Wook if he can accompany him to the trading company. Wang Wook asks if Sik Ryeom is sending him as a spy. Wang Wook notes that Se Won will see Wang So. Se Won is unconcerned. Wang So does not know what he looks like.

As predicted, Wang So, Wang Wook and Se Won meet outside the trading company. Wang Wook states Seo Won is attendant. Wang So is amused Wang Wook brought an attendant to a business meeting. When the men walk by Baek Myo (Kim Sun Young) and Gang Myeong (Ahn Kil Kang), Gang Myeong has a reaction to Se Won. He has Baek Myo who the man is. She does know but notices he is handsome. You got that right Baek Myo! Gang Myeong comments the man seems familiar.

Se Won lays eyes on Shin Yool. She lays eyes on him. Nope, no recognition between them. Wang Wook introduces him as his attendant. Se Won tells Wang Wook he will wait for him. Wang Wook and Se Won head to the VIP room. Gyeong (Jung Woo Sik) steps forward. Strong and silent type man #1 – Gyeong meet strong and silent type man #2 – Se Won. Gyeong walks away and Se Won watches him go.

Wang So passes Se Won and pauses. He asks why he is not attending Wang Wook. Se Won tells him to proceed inside.

Wang Wook tells Wang So per royal order military mobilization is established. All men 16 to 60 will lose their job and be pressed into service to support the move to the West. Not happy, Wang So states Sik Ryeom may have the power but only the King can give a royal order. Wang So flatly says the only way he will obey Wang Wook is if he were King. Wang Wook thinks that day is coming soon. To break the tension Shin Yool suggests refreshments.

Se Won snoops around the trading company. He enters Shin Yool’s private quarter and leave something on the table.

ep15_19b ep15_19a
Shin Yool, Wang Wook, and Wang So sit down. The guys dispute ownership of the drink. Shin Yool says don’t mind her, she’s handling her own glass. She starts pounding the drink. The guys stare. Gyu Dal, Baek Myo and Gang Myeong watch her consume. Gyu Dal notes history is made over drinks.  The guys start sniping about the military mobilization. Shin Yool interrupts them. Does that mean no one, skilled or unskilled labor gets paid? Wang Wook confirms.  Shin Yool says the trading company is leaving the project. She must pay as she’s promised. Wang So agrees.  Shin Yool states she will not sell any of the raw material needed. Wang So agrees. Wang Wook says you are drunk, we’ll talk again. Shin Yool states when you give me what I want, we’ll talk again. She leaves stumbling a bit. As her family helps her away, she stops and we see she is not drunk at all, this is a tactic in her repertoire. She mutters this negotiation is not going to be easy.

In her quarter, Shin Yool finds the note that Se Won left. It instructs her to come to the Inn that night if she wants the antidote.

The guys talk. Wang So says Sik Ryeom’s plan must bend. Wang Wook says Shin Yool must bend. Wang So tells him Shin Yool will not bend, so he better. Wang So appeals to Wang Wook’s sense of family to support the King. Wang Wook sees this as manipulation. Realizing they see the world differently, and the gap cannot be bridged, Wang So leaves.

Shin Yool intercepts Wang So and tells him the antidote will be delivered that evening. She asks him to come to the store room that evening. She hands him and note and leaves. The note reads “Don’t forget about the wedding at Gaebong”.

Yeo Won’s maid provide her an original letter from Shin Yool and a forged letter along with forged ledgers.

Yeo Won goes to see Sik Ryeom. He snipes Wang So has changed for the better under her influence. Yeo Won snipes that Wang Wook has changed for the better under his influence.  Pleasantries complete, Sik Ryeom asks why she came. Yeo Won says she has a present that will make his trouble with the trading company disappear. She hands him the forged document. She states if he takes over the company, all the assets become his. She asks if he will share the trading company with her. She offers the forged ledger. She tells him, leave everything to her.

Wang Wook implores Baek Myo to change Shin Yool mind. Baek Myo will try but can make to promises. She asks if he was heard news from the Buddhist temples about Mundam, Shin Yool’s mother. Wang Wook asks for Shin Yool’s older brother’s name, so he can look for him too.  Baek Myo says the brother’s name was Ho Yool. She notes her was probably killed by Khitans.

ep15_22b ep15_22a
After a long day at the trading company Wang Wook finds Seo Won waiting for him. He invites him for a drink. Se Won asks Wang Wook if he likes Shin Yool. Wang Wook smiles at how perceptive Se Won is. Wang Wook asks what is troubling Se Won. Wang Wook then asks how Se Won came to be separated from his mother and sister. Se Won shares he was en route to see them but was attacked by Khitans and left to die. Wang Wook remembers Baek Myo’s words. He suspects Se Won is Shin Yool’s brother. He asks if his birth name was Ho Yool. Se Won does not remember but does not believe that was his birth name. That seems to satisfy Wang Wook. He asks Se Won how he came to know Sik Ryeom. Se Won was wandering and stole food from Sik Ryeom, who took him in. Wang Wook asks if Se Won wants to meet his family. Se Won does not see the point anymore.  He only has one desire. Wang Wook states to stay by Yeo Won’s side. Nice conversation between them. Se Won could be considered chatty in that conversation!

In the evil lair…
Sik Ryeom asks Wang Wook if he will be ready to announce the military mobilization in 4 days. Wang Wook must finish negotiations with the trading company. This irritates Sik Ryeom. Wang Wook tells him they need the raw materials the trading company has to make the move to the west work. Recalling Yeo Won’s suggestion they jointly take over the trading company, Sik Ryeom relaxes and tells Wang Wook, he will wait for the negotiations.

ep15_23c ep15_23b ep15_23a
Baek Myo tries to persuade Shin Yool to bend. Gyu Dal burst in and says the “big eyed” adviser from the palace is there to see her. Ji Mong tells Shin Yool he knows about 5 years ago. Upset, she kneels and tells Ji Mong that Wang So did nothing wrong, it was her fault. Not understanding, Ji Mong stares in confusion. Shin Yool spills the beans about the marriage. Ji Mong is stunned. He asks if she knows marriage must be by royal command or death is the penalty. Shin Yool admits she found this out recently. Ji Mong is adamant she must leave the country. She pleads for time. He tells her no, she must leave. Ji Mong recalls Wang So list of good thinks Shin Yool has done for him. Realizing the Shin Yool may be important to Wang So’s destiny, he asks Shin Yool if she has a star. He reveals the star on her wrist. Ji Mong realizes the Shin Yool may be the star under Polaris from his prophecy. He does not want to believe it. He tells her to provide her birthday and day of the marriage. She does. Ji Mong does not fall out of his chair but is stunned. Young Shin is another woman born under Polaris. Is this the woman he prophesied or is Yeo Won? He bows to Shin Yool. He tells her Wang So was born to be King. He asks for her help to lead Wang So to the throne.

That night Gyeong heads to the Inn per Shin Yool’s request. He will protect Shin Yool when she arrives.

Eun Chun and Wang So watch the trading company. Wang So states Shin Yool said she would receive the antidote that evening. Wang So knows something is not right. Wang So wonder who is providing the antidote when the physicians could not make one? Eun Chun guesses the provider of the poison. Wang So believes that is Yeo Won. Wang So instructs Eun Chun to watch Yeo Won. He will watch Shin Yool. He vows that if the poisoner is Yeo Won he will not forgive her.

Se Won waits outside ready to play his part that evening.

Sik Ryeom stares at the letter and ledger Yeo Won gave him and considers his options.

Yeo Won sips tea and smiles. Will she lure Sik Ryeom into her trap?

Shin Yool dresses in guy disguise as Gaebong and leaves for the inn.

Wang So watches and follows her.

ep15_26b ep15_26a
Armed guards enter the trading company and tells everyone they must get on their knees and submit. Guy Dal, Baek Myo and Gang Myeong attempts to resist are fruitless. Looks like Sik Ryeom decides to take over the trading company.

ep15_25d ep15_25e ep15_25f
Shin Yool walks down the street with Wang So following at a discrete distance. Suddenly Se Won astride a horse comes thundering down the street and pulls Shin Yool onto the horse! Wang So watches in disbelief.

ep15_25gep15_25h  ep15_25i
Wang So pursues via foot and rooftop. As Wang So propels himself from the rooftop to knock the rider and Shin Yool off the horse, Se Won spots him and is able to repel him. Wang So falls to the road. He watches in horror as the rider and Shin Yool disappear into the night. “Gaebong!” he yells.

* This show is kicking it! Surprising how strong episodes 9 – 15 have been. Consider the initial episodes 2 – 8 where Wang So was clueless for too long about Shin Yool’s gender. Besides that extended plot point, those initial episodes set up the chess board for the game that is unfolding now. I am so pleased that each character is smart and uses their brain. Everyone has a angle. Everyone is jockeying for position. I am intrigued by the possibilities and impressed that the writer (Hyun Go Woon) is penning episodes rich with confrontations and reveals that propel the story in interesting and unexpected ways. I do not know what will happen next and I love it!
1. The opening scene between Shin Yool and Yeo Won…fabulous! The ladies threw down! Shin Yool offered Yeo Won the chance to save herself IF she would agree to bury the unauthorized marriage between Shin Yool and Wang So. The price of the antidote seemed reasonable to me.
2. I was worried that Wang So’s request to Yeo Won to create an antidote would blow her potential deal with Shin Yool. That was overcome by events.
3. Se Won potentially is Shin Yool long lost brother. I like this twist. I like that Wang Wook figured it out or did he? I like increasing Se Won’s status from silent henchman to family member. The irony of Yeo Won, the woman he loves, ordering him to kill the her enemy, the sister he never knew, is a wonderful plot point.
4. Yeo Won’s willingness acquiesce to Shin Yool’s terms were thwarted by Wang Wook. Yeo Won struggled with the decision only to find out that her dear brother had pilfered the antidote for his own plans. Loved the confrontation between them and Wang Wook’s cool response to her pleas. Even so, Yeo Won offered Wang Wook good advice to use the advantage well. I like Wang Wook’s driving goal to become King. From his point of view, when the current King dies, Sik Ryeon backs him, and he finally is King. Why would he want the antidote to save the current King?
5. Yeo Won refused to give up without a fight. She went to Sik Ryeom with forged documentation and suggested a hostile takeover of the trading company. I like her thinking of an alternative way to gain an advantage. I like Sik Ryeom hesitating and thinking about trusting Yeo Won’s offer. He did not blindly believe her.
6. The King’s adviser realizing that he might have identified the wrong woman as Wang So’s destiny…awesome! Tricky thing about prophecies, they are vague enough that there is room for interpretation. Is Yeo Won or Shin Yool the prophesied woman for Wang So?
* Jang Hyuk as Wang So as had a lovely moment with Shin Yool in the storeroom. Who wouldn’t be flattered by the man they love telling them that simply seeing them brightened their day? Wang So’s tender watch of the sleeping King was touching. Wang So’s negotiating with Wang Wook is slow going. I liked how he tried to appeal to Wang Wook’s sense of fmaily but to no avail. I thought Wang So’s pursuit of Se Won and Shin Yool was decent. Did Jang Hyuk really leap from the rooftop or was that a stuntman? You felt the horror at his helplessness watching his precious Shin Yool ride away into the night.
* Yeon Seo’s portrayal of Shin Yool made me admire ❤️ this strong smart woman even more.  I am secretly loving watching the men complain about how tough Shin Yool is when it comes to business. I openly adored her confrontation with Yeo Won. She killed that scene. What will she think if Se Won is really her brother?

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7 comments on “Shine or Go Crazy Episode 15 Recap
  1. Nao says:

    This show just keeps getting better and better! LOVED the store room scene between wang so and shin Yool. The only weak point is Se Won. He may be good looking but he can’t act! So wooden and expressionless all the time.


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  3. meltedd says:

    That was Janghyuk leaping from the rooftop. MBC uploaded the BTS video on the drama’s site, and it looks painful even with the mattress:( They showed him jumping multiple times bc they had to time it with Sewon’s horse passing by.


    • kjtamuser says:

      Thanks for letting me know. I know he prefers to do his own stunts. This one seemed difficult!


      • meltedd says:

        There’s another BTS where SY and WS are about to embrace in her room but Baekmyo comes in to disturb them, and WS has to dive under the table. They captioned it as an unexpected action scene. JH has to drop on his back and slide under the table repeatedly, while avoiding the table legs. I think he suggests some of these things for comedic effect but it looks so painful the stuff he does for the sake of the drama. See also: scene where he walks into a room of half naked girls and they chase him through the bar(?).


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