Shine or Go Crazy Episode 14 Recap

Shine or Go Crazy Episode 14 Recap. Yeo Won is unmasked. Her power and her ruthlessness are exposed for key characters to see. Sik Ryeom is on the edge of his seat in anticipation of the King’s imminent demise and control of the future king, Wang Wook. Shin Yool goes head-to-head with Yeo Won. Who will be the winner of that showdown?

Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) confirms the King was poisoned from the poison scrapping from the scroll.

ep14_1aSo (Jang Hyuk) informs the King he has been poisoned through the scrolls. The King declares Sik Ryeom is the mastermind. The King looks at his trembling hands. On bended knee, as the leader of the black assassins, Wang So asks the King for permission to punish Sik Ryeom. He vows to help him lead the right way. The King runs to the throne, unsheathes the sword, and runs at Wang So with the sword raised and ready to strike. The King screams that Wang So is deceiving him. Wang So stands up and calls to his brother. He asks to be the sword that punishes the King’s enemies. He swears on their father’s name his allegiance is to the King. Emotionally drained, the King lowers his sword and asks “what’s your plan?”

ep14_2b ep14_2a
The plan involves lying to Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) that the leader of the black assassins never showed up so they must be thieves and arrested.  Sik Ryeom basically tells the King “I told you so”. Switching topics, they discuss the move to the west. Wang Wook is the coordinator. Sik Ryeom asks for help from the palace. The King offers a supervisor. Visibly surprised, Sik Ryeom gapes at the King. The King states the supervisor will provide work and housing for the people and oversight for the palace. The King tells Sik Ryeom he only needs to catch the black assassins. Sik Ryeom leaves wondering how he lost the upper hand in that conversation.

ep14_3c ep14_3b
As Sik Ryeom rides through town everyone is bowed and differential. Then he spies Wang So. He stops and tells Wang So he looks like an average guy not a prince. Wang So laughs and invites him to share a drink.

Bad news if you are a commoner having a drink, Sik Ryeom’s advance men kick everyone out to guarantee privacy and no mingling. That visibly irritates Wang So. Jang Hyuk’s jaw clench told me exactly his opinion.

Wang So asks Sik Ryeom how he could tell the King he was the leader of the black assassins. Bam! Sik Ryeom declares by the King’s orders he will arrest every black assassin there is. Wang So asks if Sik Ryeom knows that his father was poisoined. Sik Ryeom counters it was old age. Wang So says you’ve done so many things in secret, he cannot be naive. He states he feels indebted and will pay off his debt one day soon. Understanding what is being said, Sik Ryeom tells Wang So there is no rush, you hurry, you might die. Wang So laughs his laugh.

Let me say that Jang Hyuk looked fabulous in this scene.

ep14_5b ep14_5a
Wang So and Eun Chun (Kim Roe Ha) order the black assassins to leave no stone unturned to find the poison from India and antidote. He tells the black assassins they will be hunted for arrest so they better on guard at all times.

In the dark evil lair, Sik Ryeom tells Wang Wook (Lim Ju Hwan) and Se Won (Na Jong Chan) the King will appoint a supervisor to oversee the palace interests. Either by woman, drink, or dollars, Wang Wook must neutralize the yet unnamed supervisor. Wang Wook is impressed the King has a strategy. Sik Ryeom is not impressed. Makes me think of Lao Tzu, ‘There is no greater danger than underestimating your opponent.’ He claims the King will be dead from poison soon. Wang Wook is shocked at this news. It won’t be long now, Sik Ryeom declares, the King’s blood vessels are popping, spreading the poison quickly in his body.

Wang Wook recalls Sik Ryeom asking his sister Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui) what was the biggest obstacle to him becoming King. Sik Ryeom challenged Yeo Won to find a way to eliminate the King.

Wang Wook meets with Shin Yool regarding the move to the west. Wang  Wook says the palace is sending a supervisor so their unity will be tested. Shin Yool replies if needed, she and the company will part ways with Wang Wook.


Guess who the supervisor is….to Shin Yool’s surprise and Wang Wook’s dismay…Wang So enters the room. I’m betting you were not surprised.

The verbally volleying begins. Wang So wants in on the details. Wang Wook orders Shin Yool to get documents together. He tells Wang So that he directs Shin Yool. As they go over the plans Wang So asks why only the skilled trade people are paid. Wang Wook notes that labor is required for each citizen age 16-60 or they must pay the $500/5 year penalty.  Wang So states this is archaic and must be revised.

ep14_8d ep14_8c
Wang So tells Wang Wook he must be working with Sik Ryeom. Wang Wook wants to know who Wang So is working with. Flying solo is Wang So’s reply. Wang Wook notes that Wang So’s plan requires nobleman of ability. That requires all the current nobleman to die. Wang Wook advises Wang So to watch himself, act as the supervisor or he could get hurt. Wang So chuckles. Wang Wook states Shin Yool could get hurt and it would all be Wang So’s fault. Wang So gives Wang Wook a hard stare and asks what he means. Wang Wook is forthright and tells him to resolve things with his wife or Shin Yool will be hurt.

Nice scene! Both men are oblique and direct. I am not a big Wang Wook fan, but he is giving Wang So good advice. He knows his sister strikes to eliminate obstacles. He cares for Shin Yool and does not want her hurt. Wang So’s continued interactions with Shin Yool will bother Yeo Won and there will be consequences.

ep14_9aep14_9c ep14_9b
Our couple meet but do not speak. They each are aware they are being watched by Yeo Won’s men.

Sweet clueless Gyu Dal (Heo Jeong Min) frets that they are not together when they obviously care for each other.

ep14_10a ep14_10b ep14_10c
Sik Ryeom is not surprised or pleased when Wang Wook tells him Wang So is the palace appointed supervisor. Nothing worse than the King and Wang So working together. Guess who stops by…Wang So. He asks Sik Ryeom for documents on the move to the west. Sik Ryeom tells him that Wang Wook can provide those. Wang So insults Wang Wook by saying he would feel better getting the documents from Sik Ryeom. Even Wang Wook smiles at that dig. Sik Ryeom tells him the move to the west will be a prority topic at the next cabinet meeting. They agree they’ll meet again there. Wang So leaves. Sik Ryeom vows that soon Wang So will cry tears of blood. Fun and games no more, things are getting serious.

Wang So tells the black assassins they have to split up. Eun Chun, Cheong Ok, and Wang So will use the current hide out and the rest must find a new hideout.

Gang Myeong (Ahn Kil Kang) has located the gem, geumhwasuk. Shin Yool is excited. She explains the one that handles the poison must wear the gem to neutralize the poison. Ahh, I mistakenly thought the gem was the poison in solid form. Even better, if someone has handled the poison the gem turns green. She and Gang Myeong want to buy the gem but the merchant is hesitant because of the connection to the poison the gem has. Shin Yool explains she wants to catch someone using the poison with the gem.

Cheong Ok finds evidence of poison in tea. Yeo Won’s maid and two burly guards enter to apprehend her. She is able to fight and eliminate one guard but succumbs to chloroform (or it’s equivalent) by the other guard.

Eun Chun tells Wang So that the day the secretary that poisoned the scrolls was killed, his associate disappeared. Eun Chun frets that Cheong Ok is missing. Wang So is concerned.

Yep, things are getting more serious now…

ep14_13c ep14_13b
Cheong Ok is being tortured and her sister is there. That’s tough, her sister is her Achilles heel. Yeo Won’s maid tells Cheong Ok to confess what she already knows. Cheong Ok confesses she is a black assassin. Yeo Won’s maid is not done with her. She demands to know about the bronze mirror. If she doesn’t tell her, she and her sister will die.

ep14_13e ep14_13d
Yeo Won plays good cop to her maid’s bad cop. She apologizes to Cheong Ok for the mistreatment. She makes her tea. She sympathizes. She tells her that Sik Ryeom wants the bronze mirror pieces. She implores Cheong Ok to tell all. Cheong Ok spills the black assassins have 2 bronze mirror pieces, Sik Ryeom has the other 3. Cheong Ok states the bronze mirror represents the pact between 5 men to kill the first King. Yeo Won is shocked that 5 consipired to kill the first King. Cheong Ok names the men.  Yeo Won utters “it is not just Sik Ryeom’s weakness but his lifeline”. You got that right Yeo Won. If this is made public, Sik Ryeom is a dead man.

Yeo Won orders her maid to bring Cheong Ok’s sister. She offers the girl tea to drink. This cannot be good. Yeo Won admonishes the girls to think before they drink something a stranger gives them. She informs them they will be dead within 12 hours from the poison tea they just ingested. To her credit she precisely explains the process of their death if they were wondering how it would occur. Yeo Won offers Cheong Ok an opportunity to drink the antidote and live. Cheong Ok asks what she must do. Deliver the black assassins’ 2 bronze mirror pieces.

I’ve got to say that Yeo Won has style and finesse when she is evil. I know I will hate her when she turns directly against Shin Yool but for now, I have to respect her suave evil ways.

ep14_14b ep14_14a
Wang So wonders if Wang Wook is behind the poison. Yeo Won enters his room and give him medicine to clear his mind. Wang So asks if she made it herself. Yeo Won confirms.  Starting to buy  a clue, Wang So recalls that Yeo Won acted as a doctor when he was recovering from his wound. He realizes she must be skilled. He acts if she has met Shin Yool. Yeo Won confirms. She tells him that Shin Yool was the one she asked to define the date for the marital consummation. That surprises Wang So! He asks her to clarify. Yeo Won says his mother recommended Shin Yool pick the date.  Oh the irony, Wang So’s girlfriend selected the date he and his wife would become intimate for the first time.

Business meeting number two does not go well. Wang So suggests the nobelman pay a tax since they will not be offering their labor for free. Wang Wook gets angry and declares his response mirrors what Sik Ryeon would say. Wang So counters that his words are like royal orders.  Shin Yool declares if they keep arguing the trading company will leave this opportunity behind. She asks if that is what they want. Both men are mad and they go in opposite directions after the meeting.

Gyu Dal asks Wang So to accompany him to the storage room. He claims he has something from Gaebong. That gets Wang So’s attention. It also leaves him locked in the storage room alone. LOL! Gyu Dal has maturity of a teenage boy. Wang So gets some aggression out with his threats. I’m thinking this is therapeutic. When he stops yelling he recognizes the store room as the one that Shin Yool saw he had the butterfly talisman.

Now to acquire the second party…Gyu Dal gets Shin Yool to dash into the storage room. He locks her in.

Wang So laughs to himself at Gyu Dal’s scheming.

Gyu Dal laughs to himself at his own successful scheming. He declares himself a good brother. I love Gyu Dal’s heart. He truly cares about his sister.

ep14_17a ep14_17b
Shin Yool and Wang So look at each other.
Shin Yool: My brother has done something unnecessary.
Wang So: I have something to ask you. You must tells the truth. Is the person that threatened you Yeo Won?
Shin Yool: No. Why did you become supervisor?
Wang So: It was a royal command. The King wanted me to protect the people. 
Shin Yool: People follow someone 1 step ahead but 10 steps ahead they give up. Don’t get too far ahead. 

Shin Yool tries the door but it is locked. Wang So offers since they are both stuck why not give Gaegbong a message? Wang So explains that his heart was warm and he was happy when Gaebong was in his life. He asks if she feels the same. Shin Yool turns and cooly states that Gaebong is not here.

ep14_17c ep14_17e
Wang So manages to get her out of her prissy coldness by searching for Gaebong in the storage room. She literally grabs him and tells him to stop. He says Gaebong has finally come. She smiles. With prompting she states he is So So. Wang So happily yells Gaebong.

She puts her hand over his mouth and they fall to the floor together. The feathers fall and he gently touches her face. She pulls herself upright and brings him up too complaining that he always makes a mess. She claims 10 months of labor not the 10 days he offered is the right amount. He asks if she missed him that much.

ep14_17h ep14_17j
She playfully swats him with a feather. He hugs her. They are so happy. Gosh, I love the pure joy they have when they can relax together.

Gyu Dal is giddy when he returns and spies them hugging.

ep14_17k ep14_17l
Eventually they pull apart from each other. Wang So tells Shin Yool to tell Gaebong to take care of himself. He leaves.

ep14_18b ep14_18a
Yeo Won asks Wang Wook if he is now subordinate of Sik Ryeom. Wang Wook states the path to the throne leads through Sik Ryeom, then so be it.  Yeo Won says he will forever be Sik Ryeom’s puppet. Wang Wook surprises Yeo Won by not caring. As long as the woman he loves is by his side, it will not matter. Yeo Won cannot believe Shin Yool means that much. Wang Wook states what good is having the world and no one to share it with? Yeo Won cannot believe she must say this but she wants a strong King not a puppet. She states they are headed in opposite directions now.

ep14_19a ep14_19b
Yeo Won wonders what to do with Wang Wook. She tells him she could kill Shin Yool. He warns Yeo Won that to harm Shin Yool means she must fight him. Yeo Won offers that if Wang Wook secures Shin Yool as his, everyone can be happy. Terrific scene for Yeo Won.

ep14_120b ep14_120a
Wang So observes Cheong Ok acting strangely and follows her to the hideout. Cheong Ok retrieves the 2 bronze mirror pieces. When she turns to leave, Wang So is there startling her. He hold out his hands. She is gripped by the poison. He asks if she has been poisoned. She confirms it and shows him the bronze pieces saying these will save her sister’s life. He asks for the whole story.

After he knows, he tells her to take the bronze pieces to save her sister. Cheong Ok says she believes Yeo Won poisons people to control them. She thinks  Geum Sun was poisoned by Yeo Won.  She thinks the King was poisoned by Yeo Won.

Cheong Ok gives the bronze pieces to Yeo Won. Yeo Won gives her the antidote. Cheong Ok gives the antidote to her sister. Yeo Won asks why she isn’t drinking the antidote. Cheong Ok says if Yeo Won takes her in she’ll drink the antidote. She’ll do anything Yeo Won asks. Yeo Won notes that sending a fighter with family is a bad idea. Yeo Won tells her betrayal means death for her and her sister…bone crushing agonizing pain. Yeo Won says that she’ll take care of her sister. Yeo Won states starting today, she is the new brothel operator, Geum Sun is out. Wow! That surprised me.

Yeo Won states “I’ll make a King that is stronger than any nobleman, Father. I have Sik Ryeom’s weakness in my grasp. What could I be afraid of?”

And along comes Wang So…

Yeo Won asks why he stopped by. He asks for tea.
Wang Soo: (his thoughts) She is very capable of doing it. Like Cheong Ok says if the poison came from her, the antidote might be in this room. The bronze mirror pieces might be in this room.
They sip tea companionably.
Yeo Won: You seem like you have something to ask me.
Wang So: Me?
Yeo Won: If it is an interesting question, I’ll be glad to hear it.
Wang So: Can I get more of the medicine you made? It worked well.
Yeo Won: Yes, I will get you more.
Wang So: Is it a family trait to make their own medicine?
Yeo Won: (she senses their is more to his question) I cannot be compared to a physician. It is only superficial knowledge. What did you want to ask me?
Wang So: I only came to get medicine and drink tea.
Yeo Won: You are interested in me know. Do you want to be together?
Wang So laughs and leaves.

The King collapses.

Sik Ryeom hold a meeting to discuss the move to the west. The King’s adviser states the King is ill and the meeting must be postponed. A ripple goes through the assembled noblemen. Sik Ryeom goes up the steps to the throne and turns. He states they will continue the meeting. Wang So objects to his insolent behavior. Sik Ryeom counters he is the administer. If the King is ill, he must continue on. Sik Ryeom and Wang So have a glare down.

Shin Yool visits Yeo Won…oh dear…what is going to happen now?
Shin Yool: You called?
Yeo Won: Please sit down.
Yeo Won: (after sipping her tea) I told you to end it. Why do you still persist?
Shin Yool: I met with him because he is the supervisor of the move to the west.
Yeo Won: He was So So the swordsman and now he is supervisor. Do you want to be with him that desperately?
Yeo Won: Leave. Shut down your trading company and leave. That is the only way you and your company can survive.
Shin Yool: (holds her tea exposing her wrist that has a bracelet with the gem, geumhwasuk, BAM!) If I drink this tea, will I leave this place dead or alive?

Wow!! The ladies ended this episode with the kind of show down that I love! Shin Yool acting sweet but with the steel underlining as she flashes the bracelet that tells Yeo Won she KNOWS about the poison and the gem that neutralizes it. Awesome!!!

* Another super episode. 
1. Yeo Won was unmasked this episode. She was exposed to Wang Wook, Wang So, and Cheong Ok. They now what they are dealing with. Yeo Won is a fabulous character. Single minded, smidge of crazy, smart, and an excellent chess player of politics. Not good if you are not on her side. I worried when Shin Yool wanted to take her on unsure if Shin Yool realized the depth of Yeo Won’s abilities. I was startled when she calmly told Cheong Ok that betrayal meant death and an agonizing one too. Yeo Won surprised me when she declared Cheong Ok wout replace Geum Sum.
2. Wang So and Sik Ryeom clearly do not have room for negotiation between them. One must win and one must lose. Sik Ryeom wants absolute power and does not care for the common man. His disdain for the commoner was obvious when Wang So invited him for a drink. Sik Ryeom was practically frothing at the mouth when he declared the meeting would go on, he had the authority as the King’s administer.
3. Wang Wook is much more interesting working with Sik Ryeom I like this evil, stronger Wang Wook much better than original version of this character. Finally he and Yeo Won came to a parting of the ways. She was sincerely sad that Wang Wook had chosen the path of being a puppet to Sik Ryeom which she could not abide. Yeo Won did not understand Wang Wook’s belief that as long as he had Shin Yool, the woman he loved, by his side, nothing else mattered much. Wang Wook was sincerely concerned and angry when Yeo Won threatened Shin Yool’s life.
* Jang Hyuk as Wang So had terrific moments when he was simply looking at something. Jang Hyuk emotes non verbals beautifully. For example, his stare of anger at Yeo Won’s apartment before he entered was intense. You could argue that Wang So’s need of Gaebong is silly. He has Shin Yool why bother with Gaebong? But Shin Yool is now guarded and Wang So longs for the days of hanging with Gaebong. That tells you two things – he misses the friendship of Gaebong and his misses the freedom and happiness that friendship provided him. The moment in the storage room with Shin Yool was lovely. Wang So’s positioning Cheong Ok in his wife’s household was smart. He sensitivity over Cheong Ok’s prediciment was surprising. I did not think he would give up the bronze pieces. But if you think about it, Yeo Won will be able to blindside and potentially crush Sik Ryeom in a way that Wang So could never achieve.
* Yeon Seo’s portrayal of Shin Yool was beautifully faceted this epsiode.  We saw the strong buisiness woman in dealing with Wang Wook and Wang So. We saw the woman in love with Wang So willing to be Gaebong because it meant so much to Wang So. We saw the smart fearless woman that went head-to-head with Yeo Won. Yeon Seo killed it in the final scene of the episode. Her subtle exposure of her wrist and then repeating the words Yeo Won said to her previously…perfect!


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7 comments on “Shine or Go Crazy Episode 14 Recap
  1. Nao says:

    Yeon Won is giving me chills with her crazy. So good!!! I love the small moments of connection between wang so and shin Yool. Like the last episode too. I hope we get one of these moments every episode. Wang wood is definitely more interesting. I’m not totally convinced he’s gone to the dark side yet. I think he may end up helping shin Yool and wang so be together eventually. The real foe is his crazy sister! I’m really loving her now. She’s a great antagonist.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I agree on all your points. Wang Wook is working for an evil man he is not completely evil. Yeo Won…she is cool, confident, and bold!

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  3. dawnshine says:

    Geum Sun is out because she’s killed by Yeo Won. Yeo Won would need another spy to take over the Gisaeng house for her and there would be no better candidate than CheongOk. CheongOk could be killed by her though when she finds out she’s a double agent.

    I’m very excited to see SY retaliating back with her intelligence. The battle of the two ladies has officially started now. Can’t wait for more!

    • kjtamuser says:

      Yes I concur spy at the brothel is important. It surprised me Yeo Won was willing to ditch Geum Sun.
      I too look forward to the tangle of these smart ladies. The show is hitting its stride.

  4. gasenadi says:

    MUST tell you, kjtamuser, how much I appreciate your recapping this drama. You’ve clarified some confusing spots for me (like the gem’s importance to the poison, I was sooo lost!) You’ve also helped me appreciate the drama more. You see, I don’t watch dramas while in transmission. And while waiting for SOGC to end, I marathoned Chuno, for the FIFTH time.

    So, during the first few episodes of SOGC, I lowered my expectations considerably. Much different drama, after all.

    However, I love the way you consistently point out the relevant plot points, the superb acting, the little things I missed. Thank you sooo much. Keep up the fabulous work.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I appreciate the kind words, they made my day!

      Chuno was a terrific show. The best fight scenes! And I love a good sword fight.

      I hope you enjoy the rest of SOGC. In 2014 I started watching the dramas as they aired. I found it a fun way to watch. Though I love a good marathon!

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