Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 13 Recap

The tables are about to be turned on Tae Joo. The timing is right for this. Villains that have it too easy…sloppy storytelling. Robin ruled this episode as he gains strength…a reversal from last episode.

Episode 13 Recap:

Robin (Hyun Bin) (Seo Jin’s alternate personality) and Ha Na (Han Ji Min) meet in the lobby as the police whisk Dr. Kang to the ambulance. They  stare at each other. She runs up to him and hugs him. He stands there in shock over what has just happened. In a heartbreaking tone he says “I want to live. I don’t want to disappear. I want to live as Robin”.

ep13_1b ep13_1a
Ha Na declares that she wants to protect Robin and Seo Jin. Robin does not want to be part of a package deal. He wants Ha Na to care for him individually. He does not understand how she can share her love. Interesting how Robin comes across petty and jealous as he demands Ha Na’s focus on him.

Are you kidding me? Tae Joo (Sung Joo) drove the ambulance away with Dr. Kang and happened to be the only person attending her. Let’s gloss over this weak plot point.

ep13_2b ep13_2a
Back at Tae Joo’s lair, Dr. Kang challenges Tae Joo to meet Seo Jin and find out what the new memory. She wonders if Tae Joo is the one running scared now.

Tae Joo is upset. Things aren’t going as well as he imagined. What is the new memory? Seo Jin must be lying. Tae Joo searches for someone to blame. Interesting to see him uncertain and losing his vice grip of control. About time for this happen.

ep13_3b ep13_3a
Robin tells Seo Jin (Hyun Bin) via video to suspect everyone. This is a natural for Seo Jin. Robin got that right! Ha Na is there and acting as a conduit for Robin’s needs with Seo Jin.

Facing the need to learn what Seo Jin’s new memory is, Tae Joo as Soo Hyun emails Seo Jin demanding to the know the new information. To my surprise, Seo Jin emails Tae Joo the two new memories: 1) Soo Hyun lured Seo Jin to the Ghost House at a specific day and time; 2) Soo Hyun’s father was a co conspirator in the kidnapping. It is the accusation that his father was involved that upsets Tae Joo. I thought that Seo Jin would hold out for a face-to-face meeting not sending the details through an email, so I was surprised the information was shared so readily.

Tae Joo raves to Dr. Kang it must be a lie. Tae Joo cannot confirm or deny Seo Jin’s accusation that his father was involved. Dr. Kang tells him there is a way. The kidnapper Jung Man Shik is in prison. She urges him to visit Man Shik and learn the truth face-to-face.

Ha Na tells Seo Jin that she has sympathy for Soo Hyun and him. She sees that Soo Hyun’s father deserted him by being a co conspirator in the kidnapping. She also sees that Seo Jin’s father deserted him when he refused to negotiate with the kidnapper leaving his Seo Jin alone.

ep13_4b ep13_4a
Seo Jin tells Ha Na unlike Robin he is touched by her desire to protect both of them. He tells he that he wants a relationship with her and is willing to take a slow. He declares “waiting patiently has become my new thing”. Ha!

ep13_5b ep13_5a
Tae Joo gets Detective Na to get him access to faux Soo Hyun who just happens to be in the same prison as the kidnapper Jung Man Shik. During Tae Joo’s visit with faux Soo Hyun he hypnotizes him to determine if there was a co conspirator in the kidnapping. Not a bad plan, Tae Joo gets faux Soo Hyun who has access to ascertain the information he needs and he can extract the answer during his next visit and hypnosis session.

Woo Jung (Hyeri) and Robin discuss that she know about his Dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personality disorder). They remark that neither of them trusted each other with the truth or their real feelings and concerns.

Ha Na texts Robin to meet her at the auditorium. That scares him. While there he gets flashes of a memory associated with the screen. Recall Tae Joo hypnostized Robin into Terry (the third personality) by projecting imagery onto the screen.

Faux Soo Hyun gets the information that he did not want from the kidnapper Jung Man Shik who declares his father was a co conspirator. Faux Soo Hyun flips out and beats Man Shik to a bloody pulp. Off to the hospital Man Shik goes. No, Tae Joo was not driving the ambulance this time.

Dr. Minksy arrives from America. Seo Jin’s crafty cousin, Seung Yeon (Han Sang In), inserts himself in the welcoming party. Seo Jin’s father,  Myung Han (Lee Deok Hwa) bares him from the meeting with Dr. Minsky.

ep13_8b ep13_8a
In the morning Seo Jin does not wake up per the schedule, Robin does. Dr. Minsky’s first session is not with Seo Jin but Robin. After the session Dr. Minsky tells Seo Jin’s father, with Seo Jin’s assistant, Young Chan (Lee Seung Jun) translating, that Robin is strengthening and Seo Jin is weakening. Much to everyone’s dismay, Dr. Minsky states Seo Jin could completely disappear one day. Crafty cousins listens to the conversation through the listening device but does not fully understand what he is hearing.

Robin remembers Seo Jin’s kidnapping memories. He calls Tae Joo about his visit with Dr. Minsky and the news that he remembers the kidnapping through Seo Jin’s memories. Excited, Tae Joo presses him to come for a visit. Tae Joo is thrilled, gullible,easy to hypnotize Robin will be walking into his office. He will be able to ascertain the kidnapping memories easily.

Crafty cousin spots Robin in a cab and decides to follow him.

Ah, it is Seo Jin not Robin that is going to see Tae Joo.

We learn that Robin figured out that Tae Joo is Soo Hyun. Seo Jin is called upon to determine if Robin’s assertion is correct. Seo Jin cannot be hypnotized by Tae Joo. If Tae Joo makes the attempt to hypnostize, Robin recalled a rolling ball was a trigger, that will confirm that he is Soo Hyun.

ep13_10a ep13_10bep13_10c
We learn that the police have wired Seo Jin for sound. If Seo Jin says the safe word “Soo Hyun” the police will enter Tae Joo’s apartment and extract Seo Jin. Before leaving the police station Ha Na tells Seo Jin she wonders about the easy trust she gives others…maybe she needs to rethink that.

The police position themselves in the building Tae Joo lives and works. Ha Na and Detective Na are outside in a police van listening to the wired Seo Jin.

ep13_11b ep13_11a
Seo Jin rings Tae Joo’s doorbell. Adopting a guiless look Seo Jin’s face looks like Robin. When Tae Joo opens the door he asks if it is Robin. Seo Jin enters Tae Joo’s apartment ready to spring the trap to identify Tae Joo as the villain Soo Hyun not the helpful hypnosis doctor he purports to be.

* This episode was not as compelling as the previous two.
This plot of the episode was straight forward:
1. Tae Joo freaks out when he learns his father is accused of being a kidnapping co conspirator. Using faux Soo Hyun to extract the truth in prison was a good idea. I enjoyed watching Tae Joo lose his vice grip control that he has had. His mask of control slipped and I am glad it has. When writers give a villian every advantage it is boring and sloppy storytelling. A villain must be challenged just like the good guys. One of my favorite moments of this episode was when Dr. Kang told Tae Joo that is wasn’t Seo Jin or Robin afraid to face the truth but Tae Joo.
2. Robin is not into sharing Ha Na. Interesting that Ha Na, once she decided she would fight not select flight, sees if fair and reasonable that she dedicate herself to protecting Seo Jin and Robin.
3. Faux Soo Hyun learns the one thing he did not want to hear from the kidnapper. His father did collude with the kidnapper. His grip on control slide away and he pounded the kidnapper into a bloody mess.
I was surprised that:
1. Terry the third personality was not even mentioned this episode.
2. Seo Jin elected to email Soo Hyun his new memories. I figured he would use these memories to force a face-to-face meeting.
3. Robin rocketed to the strong personality this episode. I was surprised he figured out Tae Joo was probably Soo Hyun. I would have thought that the writers would have the suspicious Seo Jin figure this out. I was also surprised that Robin told the police and Seo Jin return to trap Tae Joo. With Seo Jin weakening I had thought calling the personality to take control would become harder to do.
* Hyun Bin showed Robin had a side of insecurity. He did not want to share Ha Na with Seo Jin.  My favorite moment of the entire episode was when Seo Jin told Ha Na that “waiting patiently was his new thing”. It is no secret that I am a Seo Jin fan, so this episode’s Robin centric focus was noticed.
* Han Ji Min as Jang Ha Na was willing to fight for both Robin and Seo Jin.  Ha Na’s declaration and support of Robin was touching. Her declaration to Seo Jin that she would support both personalities proved to me and Seo Jin that she does care about him.

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