Shine or Go Crazy Episode 9 Recap

Shine or Go Crazy Episode 9 Recap. Superb episode. Shin Yool buys a clue about Wang So. Yes, we all lived to see the day. Wang So wakes up half way through the episode and enters the princes fight competition late…better late than never.

The ladies continue their verbal throw down.

Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui) knows that Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) took care of Wang So. Shin Yool realizes the Yeo Won is trying to extract information about So So from her.

Shin Yool diverts Yeo Won by stating her husband, Prince Wang So, needs to pick up his embellishments for the princes fighting competition. She notes that Wang Wook needs to pick up his embellishments as well. Yeo Won immediately knows which embellishment are her husbands.

This was worth the wait…

ep9_1c ep9_1b
Yeo Won asks Shin Yool if So So told her about the white tiger. Wow! Yeo Won tells Shin Yool to stay away from her husband. He is not someone Shin Yool should be close to. The cat is out of the bag! That’s how you subtly but firmly let the other person to back off. I wonder, does Shin Yool understand what Yeo Won told her? Sometimes what seems to happen, is not what happens on this show.

Yeo Won continues to fire on all cylinders…

ep9_2a ep9_2b
Yeo Won spots Se Won (Na Jong Chan) as she exits the trading company. They casually browse ornaments together.
* Yeo Won notes Wang Wook wants to meet him. Se Won does not respond.
* Yeo Won asks if he went to the temple. Se Won does not respond.
* Yeo Won states the red assassin that injured her husband was him. Se Won does not respond.
* Yeo Won asks that he not tell Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) that her husband is hurting. Se Won does not respond.
* Yeo Won leans close…”the fact that you could not kill him means he is as strong as you are.” Se Won grips his sword in anger.

Bam! I am loving Yeo Won!

She asks why he is there. He says to meet someone. She realizes he is there to see Shin Yool. She tells him she must leave and presses an ornament in his hand.

Best opening scenes of the series…awesome start to this episode!

Sik Ryeom meets with the dowager Queen. She declares she believe him. He laughs the laugh of a man that knows he has the Queen right where he wants her…oblivious to his real intentions to dethrone her family and insert another. She asks why is his supporting the princes fight competition.  Smoothly Sik Ryeom lies the competition is to pay tribute to the her deceased husband, King Wang Gun. She buys his lies.

ep9_4b ep9_4a
Sik Ryeom meets with the King. He tells him the latest rumor is the black assassins who killed Jong Sik also killed Gyu Ui and stole his silver coins.

ep9_4e ep9_4d
As intended, later the King complains to his adviser the black assassins are no better than common criminals.  His adviser says those are only rumors. The Kings frets the princes fighting competition is almost here, Wang So is banished from the palace, and he cannot meet the black assassins. If only he could stop Wang Wook. The King remembers his adviser telling him that assistant head of the trading company (Shin Yool) and Wang Wook are close. Shocking his adviser, the King states by royal order on the morning of the princes fighting competition he is to bring the head of the assistant head of the trading company to him. He declares while Wang Wook thinks about taking his throne, he will make him feel shattering pain. Wow! Vengeance, thy name is King! Fabulous scene!

Wang Wook (Lim Ju Hwan) and Se Won meet and spar like the old days.

Finally at the 11 minute mark we see our leading man…Wang So (Jang Hyuk) sleeps healing from injuries under the watchful eye of Yeo Won.

Men bet on the outcome of the princes fighting competition. Gyu Dal (Heo Jeong Min) gets in on the betting action.

Gang Myeong (Ahn Kil Kang) tells Shin Yool he was unable to find any news about So So and the black assassins.

LOL when Baek Myo (Kim Sun Young) installs Wang Wook in Shin Yool’s bedroom. He thinks she is asleep in bed. He is startled when she appears. The match making from Baek Myo is obvious. Wang Wook inquires about her health. She admits she is fine but worried about So So. Wang Wook wishes she could forget that guy when they are together. He gives her hand warmers. She asks why he is nice to her?

She tweaks Wang Wook’s embellishments. If he only knew she is day dreaming about So So. He asks if she will attend the princes fighting competition the next day. He tells her once he wins he has a question to ask her. Is he going to propose? Shin Yool says she cannot attend. He says he will come to her after the competition.

The King is coughing. The King breathes more fumes from the poisoned scroll. The adviser and doctor give him medicine to drink. The King mistakenly believes the medicine is from the trading company and is enraged, drawing his sword on the doctor. His adviser explains the error. The King drops the sword.

Sik Ryeom raves to Se Won that the King is getting more delusional by the day. Soon he’ll be able to expose Wang So as the leader of the black assassins. He shouts he will tie the King to the Wang So and get rid of both of them! Tomorrow is the day…he cannot wait!

At the 20 minute mark we see our leading man again…sleeping.

Twas the night before the princes fighting competition and Wang Wook promises himself to win Shin Yool. I don’t know why but I dig the sword in front of the face shots.

Gyu Dal bursts in on Gang Myeong, Baek Myo and Shin Yool. The King has sent her a carriage to take her to the princes fighting competition.  Before she enters the carriage Shin Yool tells Baek Myo she has a bad feeling about this. She looks into the sun but does not feel reassuring warmth.

When Shin Yool arrives at the palace the adviser takes her to meet the King. When she removes her veil the adviser recognizes her from the royal library. The King asks why the trading company provided the embellishments. What does she hope to gain? He tells her today “you will lose everything”. That would frighten me!

When the adviser leads her away, he stops and asks how long she has known Wang So. She states she does not know Wang So. Nope, she did not understand Yeo Won in the initial scene. Please adviser, tell her! Nope, he tells her to follow him to her seat. How much longer must we wait?

Wang Wook spots Shin Yool walking away with the adviser and is happy she is there.

The princes gather for the competition. It is obvious Wang Wook is the top dog.

Shin Yool feels uncomfortable sitting with advisers and Yeo Won.

The King and his mother enter the arena. Everyone but Sik Ryeom stands at attention. He finally stands once the King is in the box.

The contrast between the mood of the men is striking. Sik Ryeom looks like a kid on Christmas Day. The King looks like a man going to his own execution.

Yeo Won notices the King stare at Shin Yool. She tries to work out what that look means.

The princes enter the arena. Yeo Won notices the smile Wang Wook bestows on Shin Yool. The King frets that Wang So is not there. Sik Ryeom declares Wang So is afraid of fighting.

At the 29 minute mark we see our leading man again…sleeping…wait he opens his eyes…he sits up…he swings his legs on the side of the bed…he stands up and walks!

Arrogantly Sik Ryeom addresses the crowd and declares today is the day we pick a new King. The dowager Queen is shocked. Sik Ryeom unwraps King Wang Gun’s sword. He declares the sword will go to the winner of the competition.

The King stares at Shin Yool. She’s trying to understand why he brought her there. Yeo Won is trying to understand why the King brought Shin Yool there.

The King rises and rants that the princes must fight with all their might if they want to win the big prize. He even laughs malevolently and stares at Shin Yool.  She reads between the lines of what the King said. Wang Wook is the dragon. The blue sea is herself. Shin Yool realizes that if Wang Wook wins, she dies.

Wang So stands before his embellishments. Time to suit up Wang So. You’ve got a woman and a throne to save!

Gyu Dal heads to the gambling establishment with Gang Myeong in hot pursuit. Eun Chun (Kim Roe Ha) is also there. How do they get the news of the princes fighting competition? Carrier pigeon bring the news from the arena. LOL when the master of ceremonies get news that Wang So has not arrived. He tosses Wang So’s name tag from the board. Eun Chun picks it up. Gyu Dal tells Gang Myeong it is time to bet the silver coins he brought. Gang Myeong says this is gambling. Gyu Dal plays semantics. Not gambling, a fun game to win silver coins. Gang Myeong tries to drag Gyu Dal out but this is not allowed, gambling on this competition is illegal. When the time for bets come, Gang Myeong blocks Gyu Dal from betting. Gyu Dal sulks like a toddler.

ep9_17b ep9_17aep9_17dep9_17c
Wang Wook battles the a prince…and wins. I like the three round setup and best of three is the winner. Wang Wook battles another prince…and wins.

Sik Ryeom gleefully tells the King the winner will lead the kingdom.

Shin Yool clutches her butterfly talisman and prays for help.

Wang Wook battles another prince…and you know what happens…he wins.

Sik Ryeom claps with joy. Some in the crowd are happy. Some are not.

Wang So rides up to the entrance of the arena. He takes out his butterfly talisman. He flexes his wounded arm. He must do this. He jumps from his horse.

Wang Wook approaches the platform to accept the sword. Sik Ryeom tells the King the next king will be Wang Wook.

As Sik Ryeom offers the sword to Wang Wook, the King motions for 2 guards to grasp Shin Yool.

The Wang So’s voice rings out. “I am a bit late.”

All eyes turn to the entrance.

Wang So strides in.

Se Won is stunned…he injured Wang So…how can he be here?

Quick shots of Sik Ryeom, Yeo Won, the King, and Wang Wook’s stunned faces.

The camera does the 360 rotate around Wang So. Wang So is looking macho and ready for what comes next. You must be digging his embellishments, I am!

Shin Yool stares at him. Are you chanting “buy a clue, buy a clue” like I am?

Shin Yool thinks “What is So So doing here? Why is he wearing Prince Wang So’s clothes?”

Wang So approaches the platform and calls to the King. The King signals the guards to back away from Shin Yool.

Wang So asks the King to be allowed to participate in the competition. He states this competition is about the princes spending time together.

Sik Ryeom thinks “you must be dying to be killed.”

ep9_22b ep9_22a
Wang So asks to be allowed to fight Wang Wook. Someone protests the competition is over. Wang Wook says he will fight Wang So and prove he is the true victor.

Shin Yool thinks “So So is Prince Wang So?” FINALLY!!! I think this time it is real!

Wang Wook brags that he has someone in the stands rooting for him. He wants to defeat Wang So in front of her. Wang So cannot discern it is Shin Yool because of the veil. Let’s gloss over the fact that she is the only woman wearing a veil.

Round 1 Archery: Wang So’s wounded arm fails him. Wang Wook wins. Wang So drops the bow after letting the last arrow go and missing the bullseye.

Shin Yool realizes that Wang So’s arm has not completely healed.

Sik Ryeom believes that Wang So cannot win with the injury. He chomps at the bit to have Wang Wook defeat Wang So.

Round 2 Spears on Horseback
: Nifty reverse positioning by Wang So on the horse. He even does a Matrix like move to avoid Wang Wook’s pole. Wang So knocks Wang Wook from his horse. Wang So wins.

ep9_26b ep9_26a
Wang Wook declines Wang So’s offered hand to help him from the ground. Another “if looks could kill” moment for Wang So.

It all comes down to the sword fight to determine the winner. Remember Wang Wook trained with Se Won who is top notch.

At the gambling house, everyone leaves. The master of ceremonies gets word that Wang So is there and will fight Wang Wook. Everyone gathers for one final bet. Eun Chun gives Gil Bok one silver coin to get with. Gyu Dal plops all his money on Wang Wook before Gang Myeong can stop him.

Round 3 Sword Fight: Good fight. They do the stuck together thing, they flip over each other’s backs, they fly in the air, you get the picture.  Wang So drops his sword. In that moment Wang So flashes back to the red assassins attack on the palace and who he fought there. Wang So flashes back to the red assassin he fought with at the temple. He realizes Wang Wook’s fighting style is similar. Who trained Wang Wook to fight? Could Wang Wook’s trainer be the red assassin?

In the cool move of the contest, Wang So deflects Wang Wook’s sword and knocks Wang Wook off balance so he can retrieve his sword.

The trumpets and trombones blare…I cannot get a good screen shot of the whirling action…Wang So wins!!

At the gambling house, only Gil Bok is happy. Like a toddler Gyu Dal yells at Gang Myeong for not stopping him from betting all his money.

Wang So gets the sword from Sik Ryeom. Wang So declares to the crowd the competition proved the princes honor and respect each other. He declares loyalty to the King.  He offers the sword to the King. He asks the King to lead the kingdom into the light.

The King accepts the sword. He tells Wang So he did well. Brace yourself…their mother, the dowager Queen, smiles at Wang So. She is actually proud of her son in that moment!

In the post fight meal, Wang So’s arm is twitchy and he is obviously spent. Wang Wook pounds some alcohol. The King thanks Sik Ryeom for hosting a great competition. LOL as Sik Ryeom has his eyes closed. If he does not watch the King’s joy, it lessens the pain. The King thanks all the nobles that financially backed the competition. He pointedly states he will never forget them.

ep9_29c ep9_29b ep9_29a
But there is one more person the King cannot forget, the assistant head of the trading company. That gets Wang Wooks attention. Shin Yool enters the room. Of course she is still veiled so Wang So cannot discern it is her. His eyesight is also a bit blurry. The King asks her, who will be the next king? She hesitates, he prods, then she states the next king will have the family name Wang. Yeo Won recognizes that answer as safe because every prince (except Wang Wook) has the family name Wang. The King sees Shin Yool side stepped a direct answer. He asked why she provided the embellishments for free? Shin Yool’s answer is simple…to make money.  Now the King rants that she is lying. She supported the competition to eject him from the throne. She wanted Wang Wook to win so she would have the power of the King. Wang Wook tells the King to back off.

The King draws his sword at Wang Wook. He then puts the sword at Shin Yool’s throat. Wang Wook looks terrified. Shin Yool Looks terrified. Wang So looks out of it.

* Excellent episode in spite of the fact that Wang So was asleep for over half of the episode. Episode 7 is still my favorite episode. But this one is second. Was I surprised the opening scene was a fake-out when it appeared Yeo Won correlated So So as her husband? Nope, par for the course for this show. I am happy that Shin Yool finally realizes the So So is Wang So. At least half of our couple has bought a clue. With the blurry vision and dazed look in Wang So’s eyes, I wonder if he will manage to remain clueless for another episode.
* Stellar episode for Yeo Won. Her scenes were excellent. First the confrontation with Shin Yool when she told her to back away from her husband. Her confrontation with Se Won when she goaded him that he was unable to kill Wang So and equated his skills as equal with Wang So’s. Finally, Yeo Won is a thinker. She uses her brain to figure out the angles and motives of others. I like that. When she blocks Wang So and Shin Yool, I will not be effusive about that.
* The princes fighting competition was solid. All the build up to the fight paid off in this episode. The King continues to unhinge, focusing his anger on Shin Yool and blaming her for supporting the competition.
* Jang Hyuk as Wang So slept for the first half but dominated the second half. Awesome fight with Wang Wook. It wasn’t easy nor was it a miracle when he won. I liked the best of our 3 rounds, it seems a fair test of the combatants. Too bad he is woozy at the end of the episode and appears oblivious that Shin Yool’s life is on the line.
* Yeon Seo’s portrayal of Shin Yool allowed her to finally to figure out that Wang So and So So are the same.  Thank goodness that hurdle is moot. Props to her for realizing her life was on the chopping block if Wang Wook won. She must have been totally bummed out when the King did not release her after Wang So won.
* The next song of the OST was released February 17,  “Remember Our Love” by Shannon. Listen via the link or the embedded video below:


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    Very good ep! Love it😘

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    Great recap!!! Plot is getting better! That scene with Wang Wook gazing at the sword reminded me of Lee Min Ho in Faith! Awww…the feels!

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    Do you know where I can download the mps of the new OST song part 4? So pretty, I love it!

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