Boy Sitter Episode 11 Recap

Boy Sitter: Episode 11: Jian Ren elects to keep his promise to Dia Bo and lies to Yuan Fei instead. The ramifications? Yuan Fei asks Hao Ran to marry her. He accepts. 

ep11_11d ep11_11aep11_11bep11_11c
Yuan Fei (Annie Chen) and Jian Ren (River Huang He) listen and watch while married couple and best friends, Wen Hua and Mei Lin, consider signing divorce papers at the registry. Wen Hua’s mother is particularly strident that Wen Hua sign the divorce papers. When Mei Lin signs first, Wen Hua believes she has given up on him and signs the divorce papers too.

Yuan Fei tells Dia Bo that he is too young to see an upcoming meteor shower. Dia Bo wants to see the meteor shower so he can make a wish on a shooting star find her father. Recall in a previous episode, Yuan Fei told Dia Bo they would see a meteor shower. In Dia Bo’s mind, his mother broke her promise. In Dia Bo’s mind, if he wants to see the meteor shower, he will have to take action himself.

To that end, Dia Bo enlists Jian Ren to take him to the mountain top to watch the meteor shower. Dia Bo is not stupid, he takes Jian Ren’s cell phone so Jian Ren cannot call his mother. He elicits a pinky swear promise from Jian Ren not to tell his mother of their adventure.

When Yuan Fei goes to school to pick up Dia Bo, she finds him already gone. The teacher cannot identify who picked up Dia Bo. Frantic, Yuan Fei begins the search. Hao Ran, Wen Hua and Wen Quig all help search for Dia Bo. Xiao Ren even joins in the search.

Jian Ren tricks Dia Bo by scaring the poor child that he was alone in in the dark. As Dia Bo clings to “Uncle” (Jian Ren) crying, Jian Ren retrieves his cell phone from Dia Bo’s backpack and texts Yuan Fei he is with Dia Bo.

Of course, when Jian Ren sends the text, the timing works that Yuan Fei sees a child she thinks is Dia Bo. She has Hao Ran (Sia Melvin) stop the car and as she exits her cell phone clatters to the ground unnoticed. The child is not Dia Bo and she’s lost her cell phone. She never sees the text from Jian Ren. Everyone is clueless Jian Ren is with Dia Bo.

Jian Ren and Dia Bo watch the meteor shower. Dia Bo makes a touching request for a father. Jian Ren cannot hold back the tears. But he does not tell Dia Bo the truth either.

In route from the mountain, Jian Ren calls Xiao Ren that he and Dia Bo are heading to Yuan Fei’s home. Yuan Fei grabs the phone and has him detour to the nearby park, central meeting point for the Dia Bo search team.

ep11_16f ep11_16cep11_16e
Jian Ren sees all the people and gets the gravity of the situation but he cannot break his promise to Dia Bo not to tell Yuan Fei that they saw a meteor shower. Jian Ren’s unconscious gesture that he is lying is rubbing his fingers. Yuan Fei is too distraught to notice the lie, when Jian Ren comes up with a glibly lies  that he and Dia Bo played father and son to get a new client.

Livid that Jian Ren would use Dia Bo for business, Yuan Fei slaps him, takes Dia Bo and leaves.

Jian Ren’s friends tell him his actions were not cool.

The next day, visiting a factory Yuan Fei and Jian Ren argue near a forklift. As Yuan Fei strides away from Jian Ren she does not see the oncoming forklift. But Jian Ren sees the impending collision and pushes Yuan Fei out of the way. She is knocked out. Jian Ren takes her to the hospital.

As Jian Ren speeds down the hallway the doctor asks his relationship to Yuan Fei. Jian Ren wonders if he should admit is the Yuan Fei’s son’s father or ex-boyfriend. In the end, Jian Ren claims he is not family. The doctor shuts him out of the treatment and rushes off. Jian Ren picks up his cell phone and calls someone.

ep11_17aep11_17c ep11_17b
When Yuan Fei wakes, she realizes she was close to death, close to leaving Dia Bo alone in this world. She cries until a man’s hand grasps her own. It is Hao Ran. Yuan Fei realizes Dia Bo’s needs come first. She asks Hao Ran to marry her. Hao Ran accepts. Of course, Jian Ren overhears the proposal and acceptance. He leaves the hospital.

Xiao Ren’s lease is about up. Jian Ren tells her she can live with him while she is looking for another place.

Yuan Fei bans Jian Ren from Dia Bo’s llife.

Dia Bo wants “uncle” Jian Ren to attend his upcoming 6th birthday party. Yuan Fei refuses.

ep11_18b ep11_18a
Dia Bo calls “uncle” Jian Ren but Xiao Ren answers the phone. They recognize each other’s voices. Dia Bo starts crying upset that “uncle” Jian Ren got in trouble with his mother keeping a promise to him.

Xiao Ren tells Yuan Fei that Jian Ren lied about what he did with Dia Bo that day. When Yuan Fei hears that Dia Bo and Jian Ren went to see a meteor shower she remembers her broken promise to Dia Bo.

When she sees Jian Ren at work, they are awkward around each other. Yuan Fei asks Jian Ren to Dia Bo’s sixth birthday party. Jian Ren is stunned at the offer. Yuan Fei tells Jian Ren that she could not deny Dia Bo’s request. Jian Ren is excited he can attend his son’s birthday party.

Jian Ren’s decision to keep his promise to his son cost him a future relationship with Yuan Fei.  Dumb choice to lie to Yuan Fei seeing how upset she was that Dia Bo had been missing. Adding to the stupid things Jian Ren did this episode, he invited Xiao Ren to live with him. Jian Ren’s fear of fatherhood and commitment, is making a royal mess of this situation. His interactions with Dia Bo were good. When he and Dia Bo did identical movements in the taxi…cute!
* Yuan Fei’s brush with death prompted her to propose to Hao Ran.  She is upfront that she does not love Hao Ran. But she promised to try and fall in love with Hao Ran who reasonably wants them to try and make their marriage real. Basic question…why not live together or co-parent without marriage? Forget that, the story line dictates they proceed on the path to matrimony to get Jian Ren unstuck and willing to commit. Will it work?
* Hao Ran was strong and supportive of Yuan Fei in her hour of need. There is still no chemistry for a romantic relationship. But you cannot blame Hao Ran for requesting that Yuan Fei try to develop feelings for him to make their marriage real.

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2 comments on “Boy Sitter Episode 11 Recap
  1. Britt says:

    This show drives me nuts. I only keep up because I can’t stand leaving something unfinished. Yuan Fei is beyond irritating. She is in love with Jian Ren but when she returns after SIX YEARS she decided instead of having a mature adult conversation with the father of her child lets play little silly childish games. I’m not even sure what her game plan was. She keeps saying how immature he is and she’s so grown up but she acts like a spoiled brat. First off I understand she was upset he ditched her at the alter but he made it super clear he did not want to get married. Honey if you have to drag someone down the aisle then you shouldn’t get married. Second how can she withhold dia bao when she never even told him she was pregnant. I’m assuming thats why she pushed for marriage so hard was because she found out she was pregnant. Why not just tell him? nope forcing your boyfriend to marry you for sex sounds like a much better idea. Then to wait for six years and come back expecting him to chase after you and beg for you back. You’re stupid. And look how that plans been working. Her poor son thinks his father doesn’t want him. What a great mom. This whole premise is stupid. She should have at least told him she had a child. Im actually impressed with how well Jian Ren took the news. I would have slapped her. She waited six years, and she still has the balls to say nope not your kid. Yeah right. Now on to Jian Ren he very clearly still loves Yuan Fei. I can’t stand how he’s using Xiao En. And he is using her. He is using her to feel less lonely and at some points to make Yuan Fei jealous. Now I don’t like Xiao En simply because they made her the stereotypical manipulative second lead which will get her due justice at some point then prompting Jian Ren to realize how crazy he is and run to Yuan Fei. But even so, its not right for him to use her when he obviously does not love her. He sees her as a friend or even a little sister. To sleep with her and ask her to move in is just wrong.


    • kjtamuser says:

      All valid points. I really felt like episodes 1-6 were something to get through. It has improved in episodes 7-11. Now that Jian Ren knows he’s the Father but cannot cope with being the Father he’s making all the idiotic choices.
      You are right, an honest conversation would solve many issues. But I’m not sure Jian Ren is ready for that now that he is in denial that he is not ready for fatherhood. I think he’ll be a decent father if only he would allow his poor son to know the truth.


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