Shine or Go Crazy Episode 10 Recap

Shine or Go Crazy Episode 10 Recap. Good episode. Wang So buys a clue about Shin Yool. Yes, we all lived to see the day. Shin Yool deftly navigates the King’s questions. Sik Ryeom is stung by being bested by Wang So. Sik Ryeom may be down but he’s not out. He may not know it, but he will have company going after Wang So.

We start with an expanded version of last episode’s ending scene….

At the banquet, the King thanks everyone that made the competition possible. He dryly states he will never forget them. The King notes there is one more person he cannot forget, the assistant head of the trading company. That gets Wang Wook’s attention. Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) enters the room. She is veiled so Wang So (Jang Hyuk) cannot discern it is her. His eyesight is blurry. The King tells Shin Yool that even though the dragon (Wang Wook) did not win the blue sea (Shin Yool) is not necessarily safe.

He tells her she must answer this question correctly or she dies immediately. The King asks her, who will be the next king? She hesitates, he prods, then she states the next king will have the family name Wang. Yeo Won recognizes that answer as safe because every prince has the family name Wang. The King sees Shin Yool avoided a direct answer.

The King asks her tell the fate of his brother Wang So. She tells Wang So to write a single word and she will try and discern his fate. Wang So writes a word. Shin Yool seems to recoil. The King interrupts and tells her he wants Wang Wook’s fate told instead.  Wang Wook (Lim Ju Hwan) writes a word. Shin Yool states that many envy Wang Wook but his heart carries nothing but air, so he stands alone. She tells the fate of one of the young princes and it is not flattering.

The King finds this amusing. He write a word. She states he is the King but what he has chosen signifies his own casket.

The King asks how the same word can be interrupted as different fates. Shin Yool replies it would impossible for the same word for 3 different people to have the same fate. The King tires of her clever words.

He asked why she provided the embellishments for free? Shin Yool’s answer is simple…to make money. Now the King rants that she is lying. She supported the competition to eject him from the throne. She wanted Wang Wook to win so she would have the power of the King. Wang Wook tells the King to back off. The King draws his sword at Wang Wook. He then puts the sword at Shin Yool’s throat. Wang Wook looks terrified. Shin Yool Looks terrified.

Wang So stands and suggests she tell the truth. Wasn’t her intention was to return the money reaped from the competition to the people? Shin Yool confirms she will give the people ornaments, medicine, and she will heal who she can. Wang So tells the King the competition was about brotherhood. It is a bonus if the people can receive medicine and treatment. He asks the King to end the competition peacefully. The dowager Queen echos that sentiment. Did we just see the Queen agree with the cursed son, Wang So, over the blessed son, the King? The King tells Shin Yool he will be watching to make sure she keeps her word.  He takes the sword from her neck and walks away.

Never one to let a paranoid person rest easy, Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) tells the King he was right about the blue sea but it was not the dragon but the white tiger (Wang So) that she supports.  He tells the King that Wang So worked for Shin Yool at the trading company. He suggests the King check out his own brother’s actions. He infers that Wang So’s goal is the throne.

Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui) offers Wang So medicine to restore his energy. He asks if she regrets it.

ep10_2b ep10_2a
Flashback to Yeo Won tenderly caring to Wang So. She tells him no one knows he is there. He asks why she is caring for him. Yeo Won tells him they are married. Wang So states they are married through a ceremony but they are not married otherwise. Yeo Won is hurt but quips that she is not done with Wang So yet. He wonders if one day she will regret her kindness to him. Wang Wook is the favorite to become the next king if he does not fight in the princes competition.

Yeo Won says she has never had a regret. Irregardless of her reason, he thanks her. She tells him to thank her when he comes home tonight. With that, she leaves. Wang So takes the medicine she offered. Ah, so Wang So does trust her to a degree.

ep10_3b ep10_3a
On the other hand, Wang Wook no longer trusts her to the same degree. Yeo Won asks if Wang Wook is disappointed in her. He tells her no, now he knows he can only depend on himself. She replies he will grow stronger.

ep10_4b ep10_4a
Baek Myo (Kim Sun Young) cannot believe it when Shin Yool tells her that So So is really Prince Wang So. Gyu Dal (Heo Jeong Min) bursts in the room, followed by Gang Myeong (Ahn Kil Kang), whining about Wang So winning the contest.  Gang Myeong tells him to remember the perils of gambling. Shin Yool gives Gyu Dal a pointed look and asks if he gambled. He lies no then flees. Gang Myeong confirms Gyu Dal gambled when his back was turned and lost everything. It is Gang Myeong’s turn to be surprised when Baek Myo tells him So So is Prince Wang So. Shin Yool confirms this. Shin Yool tells them Wang So does not know she is the assistant head of the trading company.

The King wonders how Wang So became so skilled in martial arts. He wonders if Wang So puts on an act. He notes that Wang So saved Shin Yool. The paranoid King comes to the conclusion that Wang So lied to him and may be plotting against him.

Wang So heads to the trading company to see Gaebong. Baek Myo and Gang Myeong do not let Wang So they know who he is per Shin Yool’s request. It is awkward. Gyu Dal bursts into the room and complains that he lost all his money because of Prince Wang So. He snipes that Wang So must be the prince of the cows. Gyu Dal does not catch the looks from Baek Myo and Gang Myeong to be quiet. Baek Myo takes Wang So to see Gaebong.


Wang So asks if the assistant head returned from the competition. Baek Myo tells him no. He notices that she is not her normal self with him. Wang So thinks the assistant has not returned therefore no one knows he is a prince. Happily he thinks he can keep this persona for a bit longer.

Shin Yool puts on her Gaebong disguise and is relieved that Wang So seems well and shows concern for her. Baek Myo tells Shin Yool that she needs to get Wang So out of their lives. He is married to formidable Yeo Won. Shin Yool giggles with the realization she married Wang So first! If it was only that simple.

ep10_7b ep10_7a
Shin Yool is thrilled to see Wang So but hides it under her Gaebong persona. Wang So claims he was worried about Gaebong. She asks what she means to him. Wang So claims Gaebong is the brother that means the most to him. Shin Yool realizes that Wang So will not admit to being a prince. She asks the point of his visit. He asks about the assistant head. Shin Yool starts to lead Wang So to meet her but he stops her saying he is there to meet with Gaebong.  He tells her he only heard the assistant head’s voice. Shin Yool smiles and says once he meets the assistant head he will fall in love with her.

Meanwhile the paranoid King visits the trading company. Gyu Dal and Gang Myeong are surprised to see the King. Initially they do not know it is the King until the King’s assistant tells them. The King asks to meet with the assistant head.

Baek Myo hurries into the room and grabs Shin Yool. She tells Shin Yool the King is there to see her. Shin Yool tells Baek Myo to take Wang So out the back door. Baek Myo decides she will not do as Shin Yool requested and lets the two royals meet.

Paranoia confirmed. The King and Wang So are both surprised to see each other at the trading company. The King cuts to the chase and asks Wang So what is he planning with the assistant head behind his back. Wang So does not understand. The King has if Wang So secretly covets his throne. Wang So is surprised at the accusation. He tells the King that today at the princes fighting competition was the first time he met the assistant head. The King gets agitated and believing he has tricked him. How is he such a skilled martial artist? Was everything an act?

Into the charged room steps Shin Yool with a veil. The King, Wang So, and the assistant stare at her. I’m going to say it, Wang So does not have blurry vision and I wish he would recognize Shin Yool through the thin veil.

Tired of hearing Gyu Dal complain, Gang Myeong tells him So So is Prince Wang So. Baek Myo berates Gang Myeong for telling Gyu Dal the truth. She huffs at least Gyu Dal does not know that So So is the man from 5 years ago. Stunned Gyu Dal utters, “So So is the one that married Yool? So So is Prince Wang So?” Please, please, please someone tell Wang So.

The King directs Shin Yool to tell Wang So’s fate. Wang So does not want to know. Shin Yool states there are 2 paths for Wang So strength from his challenges or mental breakdown due to the pressure of his challenges.

Gyu Dal bemoans all the terrible things he has said to Wang So.  Gyu Dal perks up when he realizes Wang So is his brother in law. Baek Myo orders him never to reveal this.

The King asks how Shin Yool knows Wang So. Shin Yool neatly shades the truth by telling the King Shin Yool met Wang So for the first time today. She states prior to that he worked at the trading company under another name and they did not know he was the prince. She shares details that only Gaebong would know. Wang So appears to notice. Yes, Wang So thinks “Only Gaebong would know that”.  The King asks how Wang So knew her intentions for the profit from the embellishments. Shin Yool smoothly states that Wang So must have heard that from a worker.  Wang So confirms this. The King does not believe them. He wants proof of the plans for the profits. She leaves the room.

The King asks Wang So why he hid that he was a prince. He states when he was searching for the black assassins he came to the trading company and it snowballed from there. The Kings asks Wang So why he hid his martial arts prowess. Wang So states he practiced alone during his exile but never realized his skill level.

Shin Yool returns with the ledgers that prove the distribution of medicine over the last 5 years. Her words seems to convince the King.

ep10_10d ep10_10e
As the King leaves, Wang So turns and looks at Shin Yool. He leaves without a word.

Bless his heart, Gyu Dal tells Shin Yool that he knows everything and SHE is the first wife. Come forward and claim your husband he encourages. He shares the gossip that Wang So and Yeo Won are legally married but do not live as a couple. Gang Myeong asks why not reveal herself? Baek Myo bursts that Shin Yool cannot. Tired of the discussion, Shin Yool asks them to leave. She sinks into the chair wondering what she should do.

ep10_11c ep10_11b
As they enter the palace, the King stops and tells Wang So he has decided to trust him. He warns him not to blow this chance. Wang So thanks the King.

The moment has finally come…Wang So sneaks back into the trading company and into Shin Yool’s room. Hidden he watches her remove her hat and loosen her hair. He sneaks out of the room. Outside he leans against a post. He remembers all their times together as men. He utters “How did I not know? How did I not realize? Gaebong is a woman.” Join the crowd Wang So, we’ve been wondering the same thing. Wang So remembers his near kiss with Gaebong…hugging Eun Chun (Kim Roe Ha) to see if men were his preference. Wang So gets miffed and declares he will have payback! Then he remembers she is a woman and practically giggles!

Tantrum time in the evil lair…Sik Ryeom is livid that Wang So fooled him again. Like any psychopath that cannot accept personal responsibility, he turns to stoic Se Won (Na Jong Chan) and asks how he could let this happen. Se Won declares Wang So should not have been able to recover from the injury. Sik Ryeom wants to know who helped Wang So recover. More importantly, what is Wang So’s next move? Sik Ryeom double checks and realizes Choong Hyun’s token (bronze mirror piece) is a fake.  Sik Ryeon is livid again. Why did it have to be Choong Hyun’s token he yells.

Caucus time for our heros…Wang So is pleased to know that Sik Ryeom is the evil mastermind. Eun Chun is grateful that Wang So’s plan to obtain Choong Hyun’s token worked. Flashback to Eun Chun disguised as a cleaner in Choong Hyun’s house. Wang So realizes the tokens form a mirror with the initials of the conspirators – Jong Sik,  Gyu Ui, Choong Hyun, and Mok Won.  Wang So correctly believes the initials and division of the tokens were safeguards against betrayal.

Sik Ryeom tells Choon Hyun his token is a fake. He is stunned. Sik Ryeom says Wang So has the token. He tells them Wang So leads the black assassins. He tells them Wang So planned to win the princes fighting competition. He assures them he will solve the Wang So problem by the King turning on Wang So.

Alone with Se Won, Sik Ryeom says that Wang So may know the names of the conspirators, but he does not know the pact details. He tells Se Won they must execute their plans earlier than expected.

Meanwhile Wang So is guessing the pact was to kill his father. If they can prove it, Sik Ryeom’s days are numbered. He declares they must find the remaining tokens. He instructs Eun Chun to watch Mok Won. Wang So plans to talk to Wang Wook to learn how his fighting style is the same as the man that killed his father. He also wants to know why Wang Wook hid that Gaebong was a woman.

Wang Wook stands alone in the arena.

Yeo Won hold the ornament Wang So picked out for her smiling at the new chance they have to make their marriage real. Her bubble is burst when her maid tells her Wang So went to the trading company after the competition. Something tells me Yeo Won will extract her revenge.

ep10_17a ep10_17b
Shin Yool retells Wang So’s fate. “Since there is fire above his head, his fate will be one of two paths. He’ll either Shine or Go Crazy”. Bam! Way to work the series title into the episode!

ep10_18b ep10_18a
Wang So comes home and finds Yeo Won in his room. He thanks her for her help. She tells him everything will change. He tells her nothing will change. She states she saved his life. He asks what she wants in return. She holds out her hand and asks him to do everything with her. It is a charged moment. Wang So deflects the significance of her offer and tells her he does not take someone’s hand hastily. Yeo Won subtly but visibly reacts.

Alone in her room, Yeo Won rubs the rejected hand. She tells her maid to bring Geum Sun. She also wants to see Gil Bok.

Shin Yool tells everyone that they must not let Wang So find out she is his bride from 5 years ago. The royal family is complicated and she needs to determine a strategy. Gyu Dal points out the man of her dreams is right in front of her. The maid runs in and says there is trouble with the Prince.

Drunk and embarrassed and mad is not a good combination for the young prince who Shin Yool told “needed to take a rest” (when she told his fortune under duress from the King). He is trashing items. Everyone rushes up. The young prince yells at Shin Yool for the embarrassing fortune. He raises his sword in anger and like the air, Wang Wook is there and grabs the Prince’s wrist that holds the sword. He pushes the young Prince to the ground. Furious at the further embarrassment the prince slashes at Wang Wook and draws blood.


Another “if looks could kill” moment as Wang Wook registers his surface injury and the blood from it. He pushes the young prince to the ground and the sword comes down right next to the prince startling everyone. With a steely voice Wang Wook declares if the prince returns to the trading company he will die. The young prince flees.


Shin Yool tends Wang Wook’s surface injury. She asks why he did not tell her that So So was his brother? He answers honestly that he did want Wang So to see her as a woman. He treats her well because she means something to him. He abruptly pulls her into a fierce hug.

* Good episode in spite of the fact that Wang So continued clueless about Young Shin for over half of the episode.  We’ve all waited patiently or impatiently for the resolution of the paper thin plot point of Wang So not realizing the Gaebong was a woman for 10 episodes, 585 minutes (45 minute mark of episode 10). I internally ranted that the writer seemed to let every character know about this, laugh about this, leaving Wang So looking foolish at times. But that is over and I’m willing to move on. Now we’ve got the secret of Shin Yool being the woman from 5 years ago, but my relief at ending the other plot point makes me not care.
* This episode re-balanced the scales tipped by the princes fighting competition:
1. The King explored his suspicions about Wang So and Shin Yool. Not sure he totally believed Shin Yool. The important decision was to slough off Sik Ryeom’s slander and decide to trust Wang So.
2. Sik Ryeom had a rotten day livid that Wang So got the better of him by winning the princes competition and obtaining two of the real tokens. Loved Sik Ryeom’s moment of rage. There must be balance between villains and heroes. I hate when the villains control everything easily. Warrior Baek Dong Soo drove me nuts with a villain whose power never seemed to be threatened and heroes that constantly played catch up. This isn’t the end for Sik Ryeom. This is merely a moment for him to regroup and come again harder.
3. Yeo Won’s expectation of forming a real relationship with Wang So dissolved when he did not take her offered hand. I loved the literal symbol of not taking her hand. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Yeo Won will regroup and make Wang So and Shin Yool suffer.
4. Wang Wook found that his fortune was correct. He stood alone. But that didn’t stop him from returning to Shin Yool to try again. I like that he came for her, protected her, and admitted his feelings. Too bad for him, but there is no way Shin Yool can return his affections. Her heart belongs to Wang So. Once Wang Wook realizes that, he will regroup and make them pay. I will not be effusive about Wang Wook then.
5. Everyone knows that Wang So is a prince! Loved that Baek Myo’s slip of the tounge clued Gyu Dal into the truth.
6. Wang So finally knows she is a girl. This helps Wang So overcome the behind the back chuckles of everyone that knew and relished or refused to tell him. It strengthened Wang So.
7. Wang So finally knows the conspirators and strongly suspects they conspired to murder his father. This provided Wang So more power. He needed it.
* Jang Hyuk as Wang So finally figured it out. I loved the delivery of his lines “How did I not know? How did I not realize? Gaebong is a woman.” It seemed like Jang Hyuk was telling the audience, yes, you’ve waited, my character has looked silly, thank goodness this is over. I look forward to future interactions between them. Wang So’s character juiced up on power this episode. Of course with Sik Ryeom, Yeo Wom, and Wang Wook gunning for him, he has a hard road ahead. Will he Shine or Go Crazy?
* Yeon Seo’s portrayal of Shin Yool did a terrific job walking the tight rope of the King’s questioning – twice in the episode.  I like that she realized the royal relationship are complex and it was wise to think about it before revealing she is the woman from 5 years ago to Wang So. Sweet that her brother Gyu Dal encouraged her to pursue her own happiness. What is she going to do with the lovelorn Wang Wook?
* I’m enjoying the OST for this series. Listen via the link or the embedded playlist below:


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7 comments on “Shine or Go Crazy Episode 10 Recap
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  2. dawnshine says:

    Excellent recap! To me the highlight of this episode is not just about WS finally realized Gaekbong is a girl, but also this episode ties loose ends from the previous episodes and opens doors to several lines to develop although all are and will be actually related back to WS-SY. They have different enemies – WSR, YW, WW and now the king, making the story even more exciting and when there are more hurdles introduced between the OTP, it triggers OTP chemistry too. This episode also allows other supporting characters to shine, especially the ones in the trading company. On an unrelated note, actually all royal princes have the family name “Wang”, only the princesses took after their mothers’ maiden last name. Wang Wuk is still a “Wang”, but his sister YW, is a “Hwangbo”. In ep 10, SY actually meant all princes including WW could be the next king before the king pressed her for more, hence she had to proceed to the Hanja character prediction reading

    I so love the OST, especially OST 2. It always reminds me of the OTP. Love SOGC!

    • kjtamuser says:

      Glad you are enjoying this show! I fixed the princes last name error – thank you.
      I concur that besides Wang So finally buying a clue, lots of other good things happened. This cast and story are gelling.
      Appreciate your feedback.

  3. maryxiah says:

    It took Wang So 10 episodes to realize Gaebong is a girl, even with that thin veil we all can see through?! That’s a big stretch but I guess we have to brush it off and go along with it in order to enjoy the development. Can’t wait to see how their romance take a clear stand in future episodes.

    • kjtamuser says:

      Yes accept and move on is the option. I like the way you state “see how their romance takes a clear stance”. I look forward to future episodes too!

      • maryxiah says:

        I commented that because I saw a split connection between them during the fake wedding night, but then it was alluded by Shinyool’s crossdressing as a guy, Wang Wook repetitive interference and all that political strifes. I hope now that Wang So finds out Gaebong is a girl, it won’t be long before he discovers her as his bride from 5 years ago and gives us the satisfaction of watching the OTP in sweet discovery of romance. Sorry, I’m a sucker for romance.

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