Healer Episode 19 Recap

Healer Episode 19.  Superb episode that tests our heroes and cues them up for the final knock out punch at the bad guys. Let me tell you I’m feeling pretty confident good will triumph over evil.

Healer (Ji Chang Wook) sees an unconscious Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) in the back of a car being driven away by goons. With Young Shin’s concurrence, Healer takes off after them.

Young Shin (Park Min Young) has an unpleasant surprise. Right hand man and two goons have come for her.

ep19_6b ep19_6a
Healer ends up at the newspaper. He hears a ring and finds a cell phone ringing. He picks it up and hears a smug Manager Ahn tell him that his persona is Bong Soo but he is Healer. Healer notices the cameras in the room. Manager Ahn wants to hire him. No is the succinct answer and Healer hangs up. A monitor shows an unconscious Moon Ho. That gets Healer’s attention.  The cell phone rings again. Unable to refuse to answer but wanting to refuse, Healer answers. Manager Ahn tells Healer to bring him evidence from the newspaper. Healer notes that Moon Ho could do that easier than he could. Manager Ahn tells Healer time is wasting.

Young Shin is being held in Moon Ho’s apartment by right hand man with the 2 goons. Her attempts at engaging right hand man in conversation fall flat. Young Shin activates the GPS on the necklace Healer gave her for her birthday.  Ah, a heroine with brains, a favorite trait.

Min Ja tells Healer the evidence he seeks is probably not in the office. The tax men seized everything. Min Ja gets the signal from Young Shin’s necklace. Healer thinks Young Shin activated it by mistake. Sorry Young Shin, you are on your own for now. Healer remembers the recorded tip line which might have the evidence. He’s right. Manager Ahn congratulates Healer on his speed in completing Mission 1. Oh no, he’s numbering the missions, that cannot be good.

Mission 2, speak text on the cell phone into the camera. Healer does not want to be a puppet on their string and starts to leave. The next monitor shows Young Shin and right hand man. That gets Healer’s attention. Right hand man has a mystery vial and syringe. Smug Manager Ahn asks Healer if he’s willing to cooperate now.

Moon Ho wakes but is locked in the room.

As intended, Healer is angry. Don’t worry Healer you are not alone. Healer tells them to get right hand man away from Young Shin. Min Ja tells him to stall, Dae Yong and others are coming. Healer is forced to read a confession to the murder of Dong Chul. Moon Ho’s laptop shows the video of Healer’s confession.  Healer tells Manager Ahn to keep his end of the bargain. To that end, right hand man packs up the mystery vial and syringe, takes his goons and leaves.

Manager Ahn now shows Elder on the monitor. Elder offers Healer a once in a lifetime deal, join his brainwashed society of Elder drones. Elder guarantees the safety of those Healer loves. Blink once for yes, Elder urges.

Moon Ho is taken to a room populated by the powerful men and Moon Shik. Moon Ho sits next to his brother. Moon Shik tells him this was done to keep him safe. Looks like they want Moon Ho to become president of Jael news once Moon Shik is mayor of Seoul. Everyone in the room is happy but Moon Ho.

Healer bursts into Moon Ho’s apartment which is guarded by Dae Yong et all. She and the others leave. Young Shin and Healer rush into each others arms. They assure each other they are safe and unhurt. Appropriately OST 6, “I Will Protect You” sung by Chang Wook plays in the background.

ep19_9b ep19_9d
Healer: I’m going to have to put living like others on hold.

YS: Why?
Healer: I was threatened today.
YS: With what?
Healer: I’ve confessed to murdering Dong Chul. That old man Elder has a copy of my confession. If I work for him, he won’t hand me over to the police.
YS: That crazy old man!
Healer: It is ok.
YS: What did they threaten you with that you would confess to murder?
Healer looks at her meaningfully.
YS: It was me, wasn’t it? They were filming me. 
Healer denies this. Why lie? No need to lie.
YS: Even if they threatened me, are you crazy? How could you confess to a murder you did not commit? You are crazy!
Healer: I’m never going to work for that old man. I could never do that. I cannot be next you right now. I’ll be on the run.
YS: Let’s do this together.
Healer: I’ll reach out to you if I need help. If you stay near me, you could get arrested.
YS: How can I see you?
Healer: I’m disconnecting my cell. Don’t come to my house. 
YS: How can I see you? 
Healer pulls her into a hug because the answer is you cannot see me for a while.

Moon Shik finds Myung Hee asleep in their bedroom. In the study Moon Shik tells Moon Ho that Myung Hee is asleep. Moon Ho asks that Healer be left alone. Moon Shik states that Elder has Healer and will take good care of him. Moon Ho notes that Healer is not a servant. Moon Shik laughs at his brother’s propensity to exaggerate. Healer has a wonderful opportunity and could become more successful than Moon Shik. Moon Ho jabs him “you mean betraying your friends and causing their deaths?” Moon Shik says he did not kill them. Moon Ho counters he helped make the mess including coercing him to lie. Moon Ho remembers telling the police “Kil Ahn fought with Joon Seok often”. When Moon Ho asks about Ji Ahn (Young Shin’s birth name) Moon Shik removes the listening device from the picture (recall Myung Hee planted the listening device). We see Myung Hee awake in bed and next to her is the laptop. Did she hear Moon Ho mention Ji Ahn?

Min Ja has the goods on Manager Ahn from Jael news special investigations team. Healer puts a tracking device on his car. Let me just stop and say that I love the idea of Healer setting traps for Elder and his croonies. Bring it!

ep19_11b ep19_11a
Healer breaks into Manager Ahn’s car and swaps the black box card. Min Ja says Manager Ahn is either meeting his team or a mistress. LOL, Healer kicks various cars in the parking lot setting off their alarms. The car owners stream out of the building to see what is wrong. Healer’s glasses do the box on the their faces. I’ve grown to love that box on the face camera trick with the corresponding facial recognition.

Min Ja tells Moon Ho that Healer has a plan to find Dong Chul’s murderer and get himself out of Elder’s grip.  Min Ja tells Moon Ho that Healer requests that he give Young Shin a ride to work everyday. She signs off.

Young Shin drops some papers off for Moon Ho and cutely lingers. Moon Ho tells her Healer is doing well. She is relieved. Moon Ho asks if he should become the president of Jael news. She notes more money, power, a car with a driver…but could the 1992 story be told? Moon Ho says probably not. Young Shin shares that she promised Healer that she’d help finish what their fathers started. Moon Ho asks if she’s afraid of Elder and his croonies. Young Shin says she is but those people are like zombies. I’ll admit that zombies is more succinct than brainwashed society of Elder drones. She states if they don’t fight the zombies, they’ll be bit by them and become zombies themselves. I like the analogy. Inspired, Moon Ho rallies the employees. He notes this will be hard but worth it. Let’s determine…How did Elder make his fortune?

Right hand man tells Moon Shik that Moon Ho has decided to keep his current job. Moon Shik tsks and complains that Moon Ho has no flexibility or tactics. Right hand man says Healer is missing. Moon Shik says if Healer has not resurfaced in one day, send the confession tape to the police.

Healer collects fingerprints of Manager Ahn’s team. Min Ja and Healer know the man that killed Dong Chul with the metal pipe did not wear gloves. They need to find the fingerprints that match the fingerprints on the metal pipe.

Young Shin misses Healer. She calls his phone. As promised, it is disconnected. She runs upstairs to her bedroom. It is empty. “What My Eyes Say” by Tei OST 3 plays in the background.  We see Healer is holed up in an internet cafe watching videos of Young Shin reporting.

Moon Shik relishes the deluxe breakfast Myung Hee made for him. She thanks him for taking care of her for the past 20 years. She thanks him for taking her when she had no where to go. She thanks him for accepting that her heart would never be his. Moon Shik buys a clue and asks what is wrong. Myung Hee says that Moon Ho will arrive shortly to take her away. Moon Shik asks if he did something wrong. Myung Hee says she must find her daughter Ji Ahn who is alive. Moon Shik offers to help. She declines stating she cannot trust him. He knew Ji Ahn was alive. Moon Shik pleads, he was told she was dead. Myung Hee says she understands why she could never love him. Moon Ho arrives and asks if she is ready to go. She is. Moon Shik stops her and covers her hands with his. She looks into his eyes…removes his hands…and tells Moon Ho they should go.  Excellent! Only Myung Hee could have punched Moon Shik emotionally like that. And she did it with class!

ep19_15bep19_15c  ep19_15a
Moon Ho brings Myung Hee to the newsroom and introduces her to the team. They are thrilled to meet her. The perky “When You Hold Me Tight” by Yael Meyer OST 2 plays in the background.  Young Shin brings Myung Hee the interview questions for her review. Myung Hee asks where her boyfriend is. Young Shin states he fighting the Elder. Fantastic! No blithe answer, but the truth! Myung Hee confirms Elder is one of the Farmers. Young Shin is ticked that the Elder is threatening her man who is now fighting back. Young Shin continues to vent…Myung Hee smiles…Moon Ho smiles…I smile too.

Healer enters the lair of bad guys. He explains he’s bored getting fingerprints one-by-one. He is tired. He is hungry. He will get their fingerprints in a group. Fight! Healer gathers their fingerprints in one fell swoop.

Manager Ahn reports his team’s fingerprints have been obtained. He recommends turning Healer over to the police. He thinks he’s trapped Healer’s tracker friend. Double S President listens with interest.

Healer tends his wounds from the fight by the river and wonders what Young Shin is doing. Young Shin is in the break room at the newspaper and wonders what Healer is doing. “You” by Ben OST 4 plays in the background. Young Shin mentally tells Healer that her mother came to the newsroom for an interview today. She looks forward to introducing him to her. She notes she has to introduce herself first. Healer mentally tells Young Shin he’s fighting but not sure exactly who.

Moon Shik has a solitary dinner. Right hand man brings in a laptop which streams Moon Ho’s next report on the 1992 case.

Moon Ho explains in 1992 fake paint was created to accelerate erosion not deter it. The company that built a bridge using that paint almost went bankrupt when the bridge collapsed. Omega bought the company. Myung Hee reports that it was common for Omega to take over companies in trouble. Omega always seemed to be there. Moon Ho states making money is fine but using or creating problems then swooping in is not. Moon Ho asks the viewers if they recall seeing the Omega CEO on their last broadcast. The videotape of Elder is shown. Moon Ho invites Elder, Park Chung Dae, to stop by for an interview.

Cyber detective Dong Won finds his car unlocked and a laptop in it. Min Ja’s caricature pops on the screen. Dong Won recognizes Min Ja. She shows in a picture of Manager Ahn. Dong Won admits he misses her. She tells him to get over her and marry a nice girl. Ha! She tells Dong Won that Manager Ahn is a former Omega hacker. He recalls the 2000 case. She directs him to look in the envelope. All the fingerprints Healer collected are there. Min Ja says Dong Chul’s killer is among those fingerprints. She notes if they’d done their job properly in 2000 four men (scared rabbit client, President Hwang, original Teacher, and Dong Chul) would still be alive. She directs him to check the fingerprints against the pipe in police custody. She signs off leaving him sputtering…what about Healer…are they partners? He takes the cell phone she left him and kisses it smiling. Aw, he has a big crush on Min Ja. That scene is the most positive reaction I’ve had to cyber detective Dong Won the whole series. Episode 19…he scores a cute scene!

Healer waits outside Double S and explains to Min Ja he wants to search for and erase his confession tape.

Min Ja starts searching through the black box cards Healer provided. Oh snap, one of them notifies Manager Ahn that is has been accessed. Manager Ahn has his team start tracking Min Ja’s IP address and the corresponding physical address. Double S President is told to get as many men ready as he can.

Healer observes the Double S goons, Manager Ahn and Double S President jump into their cars. He tells Min Ja he is going into Double S to search. Min Ja makes a rice roll oblivious that the goon swarm is descending upon her.

Healer enters the building and finds the computer geek that has identified Min Ja’s location. He asks the guy what he is tracking. Startled the computer geek stares. Healer tells him “If you do not tell me, I will hit you. It will hurt.” The computer geek says it is Healer’s Hacker’s location. He asks Min Ja if her location is the address on the map. She asks how she knew where she lived. Healer exits the building and starts to drive to her place. Meanwhile Min Ja is doing an emergency shutdown of her system and preparing to flee.

The swarm of goons arrive and burst into the building. Min Ja toddles past them and they pay her no notice. She drops a hard drive. Double S Goon Leader picks it up and tries to return it. The goons realize she has escaped. Double S Goon Leader reaches for Min Ja and Healer leaps into the frame with spin kick. Yes! He applies his fists, Min Ja applies pepper spray. The swarm of goons come running up. Healer literally shuts the doors in their faces. He lifts Min Ja’s hat and asks if is it her. She calls him a mutt. It’s her!

By the river, Healer continues to stare at Min Ja. She tells him she will pull out his hair if he keeps staring. He stares at her and laughs. He offers to take her home. She apologizes for not getting all the black box cards. Healer says he knows…He knows who he has to fight. He complains it is boring going after the goons. He asks her if she wants to do something fun. She’s not interested unless cash is involved. He chides her to forget the cash and live a little…do something just for the fun of it.

ep19_20b ep19_20a
“I am Healer. Try trusting me.”
 He smiles. Who can resist that smile? Not Min Ja…not me!

ep19_21a ep19_21b
We end the show with a wonderful sight. Our fabulous foursome – Healer, Young Shin, Moon Ho and Min Ja – stroll together…ready to kick some evil!

* The tone of this episode was perfect. The right mix of action, suspense, reveals, revenge, I’m not sure it could have gotten much better than that. Let me take a moment to thank writer Song Ji Na for delivering another fabulous episode. Our heroes had sass! Our villains look like they are no longer in control. The tables have turned. The best part…I’m going into the final episode believing this writer will deliver a satisfying ending. No weirdness, no heroes will die, Young Shin and Myung Hee will finally reunite, Healer and Young Shin will walk off into the sunset together. I am looking forward to the finale. Bear with me, I will not watch it for 2 days. Yes I am exercising patience. I won’t read any internet, blog, twitter, tumblr traffic so I will be spoiler free. Enjoy the finale!
* Myung Hee’s goodbye to Moon Shik was classy and satisfying  Myung Hee was matter of fact and firm that she knew she would never love Moon Shik. Totally looking forward to Myung Hee learning that Young Shin is her daughter.
* Chang Wook has made Healer multifaceted – caring, strong, smart, funny, sexy, and honest. Healer is the kind of man every man would want to be. Healer is the kind of man every woman would love to love and be loved by.  Finally Healer got to meet Min Ja in all her prickly glory. LOL at cyber detective’s worship of Min Ja. The way Healer disconnected from Young Shin, was subtly different from most other heroes that go on a revenge spree. Young Shin can’t handle the violence. No need to involve her at that point. Healer asked Moon Ho to help protect Young Shin. Too many cool moments for Healer…just a couple…kicking the cars to force the team to the parking lot…gathering the fingerprints…telling the computer geek cooperate or he would hit him and it would hurt…telling Min Ja her fashion was subpar…stellar episode for Healer.
* Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin trusted her man, missed him but did not collapse unable to function. Her interactions with Myung Hee continued to build their relationship. I loved when she told Healer wanted him to meet her mother, but she needed to meet her first.
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho was not happy being dragged into another meeting with Moon Shik. What a difference by the end of the episode.  I liked the reveal the Moon Shik had instructed Moon Ho to lie to the police about Healer’s father. The guilt has plagued Moon Ho when followed his brother’s instructions. Moon Ho got his groove on and dealt another blow to Elder and his organization. He rescued Myung Hee from Moon Shik. He provided a safe place for mother and daughter to continue to build their relationship.
* I ask you…if Healer ask you to trust him…would you? I sure would! This character has captured my heart. This couple has charmed the socks off me. This show has been wonderful. If the finale is anything like this episode…I’m going to be happy at the end of this series.

Asian drama fan. I watch and blog dramas on https://kjtamusings.wordpress.com/.

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  2. pohyoke says:

    I like Ji Chang Wook. Who doesn’t? It is hard to beat a leading man with his looks and smile, great athletic physique and charm oozing out of every pore. You cannot beat how earnest and sincere he is either, in acting or interviews. But I think, and this is only my personal opinion, his Healer star is higher and more dazzling because of his costars. The charismatic leadership by Mung Ho who organised and planned the media exploits without which Healer may seem a bit more like a hot headed and directionless young man. Young Shin who matched him in looks and passion, quick thinking on her feet and courage makes him more of a man, swoon worthy of every woman, than a lone wolf. Even Ajumma, ever so volatile, funny and smart is often his savior and in her own ways mother him, making his vulnerability more obvious… which woman would not be able to summon up her mothering instinct towards such a lost guy?


    • kjtamuser says:

      Another excellent comment.
      The mastermind of the series is the writer who crafted a story with caring characters that talented actors brought to life. Perhaps the caring aspect of these characters is what resonated for me.
      Thanks for sharing your insights.


      • pohyoke says:

        Thank you. Just as an aside..I think Park Min Young looks good at any angle. The shot of her, looking bashful, the morning after in Healer’s bed, was really beautiful…I thought which man would not want to wake up and see a face like hers. I think she was, in Healer, as swoon worthy as Ji Chang Wook except perhaps, not many men wrote in about her.


        • kjtamuser says:

          I think she got more beautiful as the series progressed. She seemed to glow with love. They make a beautiful couple. Men swooning…the silent minority of this shows viewers.


  3. pohyoke says:

    I agree. And perhaps in a way, so did Ji Chang Wook who gave out a more manly and ‘in charge’ vibe as the show progressed. He certainly kissed better.


  4. cheng says:

    what is the real name of Manager Ahn in healerm


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