Shine or Go Crazy Episode 6 Recap

Shine or Go Crazy Episode 6 Recap. Forces push Wang So into a corner to participate in the upcoming princes battle. He gets one last episode at the trading company. Realizing they cannot be together Wang So and Shin Yool become blood brothers instead.

ep6_1a ep6_1bWang So (Jang Hyuk) informs Eun Chun (Kim Roe Ha) that the men from the west, Gyu Ui, Choon Hyung, Mok Won, Gwon Yool and Go Jae, exchanged vases. They compare Jong Sik’s token with the back of the mirror from Shin Yool’s room. The patterns match. They agree Wang So should determine which craftsman made the pattern.

ep6_2aSe Won (Na Jong Chan), who is a good looking man, informs Wang Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) that Wang So is at the trading company. That does not compute to Sik Ryeom. Irregardless, the time has come for the Chinese assassin in town for revenge against the man that killed two of his associates in China 5 years ago to identify if Wang So is the man in question.

ep6_3a ep6_3bSe Won takes the Chinese assassin to the trading company. The Chinese assassin identifies Eun Chul as one of the men but not the prince. The Chinese assassin wants to extract his revenge against Eun Chul but Se Won stops him telling him to keep watch for the prince but not do anything solo. Hmm, this guys seems action oriented and unlikely to follow those orders.

ep6_3cWang So spots Se Won. The Chinese assassin spots Wang So and follows him to his room. The Chinese assassin listens through the door. Shin Yool sees the Chinese assassin enter Wang So’s room. Good grief our characters are going to collide. The assassin finds the bedroom is empty. The Chinese assassin turns and Wang So is there calling him “snake eyes” (apt description). They fight. Wang So has an excellent flying leg to the face move! Shin Yool hears the fight and enters the room. Wang So pushes her back and shuts the door in her face. Wang So goes out the side entrance and the Chinese assassin follows. Shin Yool follows both of them. Gyeong (Jung Woo Sik) joins her pursuit.

ep6_3d ep6_3fAfter much running, the Chinese assassin corners Wang So. They face each other. Wang So clarifies he was only running to a more spacious place to fight. Ha! The assassin tells him this will be the spot he dies…your highness, the prince. Busted! Wang So realizes he’s been identified. In a few quick moves, Wang So has the assassin beat. He asks who hired him. The assassin will not answer. Before Wang So can get the information Shin Yool and Gyeong appear. Wang So lets the assassin flee and takes off after him. Shin Yool and Gyeong pursue them again. Good grief, how many laps around the trading company are the taking? Se Won observes all this.

ep6_3g ep6_3h ep6_3iWang So and Eun Chul meet up. Eun Chul sees the dead Chinese assassin. He informs Wang So he was followed but did not see the man. Wang So assumes that man and the Chinese assassin were together. Regretfully the Chinese assassin would not reveal who hired him. But the assassin knew he was a prince. Eun Chul is upset at this news. Eun Chul states Wang So is in danger and must withdraw from the trading company. Stubbornly Wang So refuses to leave until he learns about the craftsman of the bronze mirror. Eun Chul says he will remove the body of the Chinese assassin so his cohort does not find him. Wang So countermands that. The cohort needs to find the body. Se Won finds the body and the note that reads “I know who killed the First King”. Nice note!

ep6_3jGyeong tells Shin Yool they need to go inside and give up searching. Resigned, Shin Yool heads inside. Wang So watches them go and follows. Se Won watches Wang So follow them.

ep6_3l ep6_3mShin Yool returns to Wang So’s empty room. Forlorn, she fears for his life. Wang So observes her. He then bursts into the room. Shin Yool checks him for injury. Who was he fighting? An assassin? Wang So laughs it off. The guy was a friend visiting. The room was too small to practice sword fighting so they took it outside. He asks Shin Yool if she has a bill of sale that will identify the craftsman of the bronze mirror. She does not. But she knows where he lives and will take him there after he passes his exam. Wang So asks why Shin Yool is there so late. Shouldn’t he be with his wife? Shin Yool says they broke up long again. His wife wouldn’t recognize him today. Wang So accuses Shin Yool of liking him. Her response? She knees him. Ha! Then she hands him a paper of questions that will be on the exam.

ep6_3nSe Won delivers the note to Sik Ryeom. Was the prince Wang So? Se Won confirms this. Sik Ryeom is angry. He believed Wang So an idiot. He realizes Wang So has Jong Sik’s token. If all the tokens are gathered Wang So will have evidence of the King’s murder. Se Won is willing to kill Wang So but Sik Ryeom says they must not be rash. He must separate Wang So from the King first. Hmmm, what is the order there? Kill the King then Wang So or vice versa?

ep6_4b ep6_4aOperation separate the brothers (the King and Wang So) goes in effect the next day. First, Sik Ryeom tells the Queen that Wang So is a bad influence on the King.  As intended, that riles the Queen up.

ep6_5c ep6_5bMoving the capital to the castle in the west is hotly debated. It is clear those that want the capital moved are loyal to Sik Ryeom. It turns into a chanting match between the two sides with the King stuck in the middle. Sik Ryeom tells the King he will formally submit for the capital to be transferred. The King is not happy to be pushed again on this matter. Sik Ryeom slips in a new request. He wants a fight competition among the princes. The King is not happy and tries to wiggle out of the request but Sik Ryeom tightens the noose until the King must acquiesce.

ep6_6aep6_6bYang Gyu Dal (Heo Jeong Min), Gang Myeong (Ahn Kil Kang) and Baek Myo (Kim Sun Young) meet with Shin Yool and Wang So to discuss the news from the royal court. Sik Ryeom wants to move the capital to the west. Shin Yool itemizes what to do to be ready for that. Sik Ryeom wants a fight competition of the princes, not the young princes, but the first King’s sons. Wang So is shocked.

Sik Ryeom tells Wang Wook (Lim Ju Hwan) he must win the fight competition so he can be the next King.  Sik Ryeom promises the throne will be available soon.

Looks like the vial (of poison?) is sprinkled on scrolls the King will handle.

Wang So goes to visit his brother, the King, but is denied access on the Queen’s orders.

The King waits in vain for his brother, Wang So, to visit. He opens the tampered scroll. He breathes in sharply.

ep6_7b ep6_7aWang Wook practices his swordsmanship by moonlight. He injures his sparring partner. Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui) declares that is sufficient training for one evening. Over tea, Wang Wook asks if Yeo Won is worried he will fight Wang So. Yeo Won informs him Sik Ryeom suspects Wang So to be the leader of the first King’s assassins. She says he is at the trading company under a false identity. She suspects there is more to her husband then they know.

ep6_8b ep6_8aWang So drinks alone. He wonders how things got out of control like this. Why is Sik Ryeom promoting a contest that will force him to brutally fight his brothers? Shin Yool joins him. She remarks tomorrow is his last day at the trading company. He asks if she’s sad about that. She scoffs. Wang So wishes there was someone that would miss him. He walks away. Alone she admits she is sad and will miss him. “Person Who I Miss” OST 2 plays in the background.

ep6_9aWang So looks to the night sky and tells his father there are some fates that cannot be changed.

Exam time at the trading company. Wang So marvels that at the trading company hard work can lift you up from your lot in life granted by your birth.  Shin Yool says being bound by your lot granted by birth is unfair.  The only two taking the entry exam are Wang So and purchased slave mother whose son is rooting her on.

ep6_10Wang Wook enters the trading company and only Baek Myo is thrilled to see him. Everyone else is busy with exams. Wang Wook asks about the new man they are training. Baek Myo said they felt sorry for him so they tried to make a man out of him. Today is his last day she announces. She mentions he wants to sell a bronze mirror. She goes on to say the Shin Yool felt sorry for the man so she will connect him with the craftsman of the mirror.  Wang Wook ponders what he’s been told.

ep6_11aep6_11bWang Wook spots Shin Yool in her men’s clothes. He asks if people are fooled by this. She tells him at least one person she knows is. He asks for help with the embellishing his swords. She asks to be taken to the palace library in return. He agrees. Wang So calls for Shin Yool. She leaves and Wang Wook follows suspecting he might know the voice. Yes indeed he does, as Wang So brags he passed the exam, Wang Wook spots the prince and ducks so he is not spotted by Wang So.

Gyu Dal, Gang Myeong and Baek Myo bid Wang So goodbye. The men will miss him, Baek Myo recommends he never comes back. Too bad Gyeong is not there. That could have been a cute moment.

ep6_12c ep6_12bShin Yool comments that the palace assassins that killed Jong Sik helped the people get crucial salt that was priced out of their reach. The salt rights have been given to another nobleman’s family (Yeo Won’s Hwang family) so the prices could rise again. She encourages Wang So to find a purpose in his life. Help cut out the rotten parts of this world. Wang So thinks that rotten parts of the world are noblemen. He wonders how he would ever be able to eliminate such a embedded issue. Even the King could not manage that. As promised, Shin Yool gives Wang So the merchant’s address that designed the pattern on Jong Sik’s token and the mirror. She wishes him well. She turns to leave but he stops her. He tells her he must make her “one of his own”.

ep6_13b ep6_13e ep6_13fBlood brothers? Wang So believes they are a perfect match. He is a manly man and Shin Yool is a girly man. Wang So explains that Shin Yool is like a door to other worlds than the one he lives in.  She shines the light on the path he must walk. That is why Wang So wants her by his side. She needs more and starts to leave. He calls out that he’ll miss her. Now she is satisfied. They become blood brothers. There is a moment where he chides her to smile and she recalls chiding him to smile on their wedding day. She thinks if they cannot be husband and wife, she will stay by his side as his blood brother. He hugs her. He asks her to promise they will be together forever. That gets her emotions churning.

ep6_14In a daze, Shin Yool returns to her room and Baek Myo notices something amiss. Shin Yool claims her heart feels weird…like it is about to burst. That is what we call love!

Wang So tells Eun Chul he will break into the palace and meet with the King. He asks Eun Chul inform the King to meet him in the library.

ep6_15Wang Wook is practicing his swordsmanship by moonlight. Fueled by the closeness he observed between Shin Yool and Wang So there is extra zest in his moves.  I like his hair off his face like this, you see more of his face.

ep6_16b  ep6_16aep6_16cYeo Won and Wang So share tea. He thanks for supporting his sourjourn at the trading company. She asks where he was on the day Song Jik was killed. He lies. She knows he is lying. He asks why the Hwang family is supporting the princes fight. She says it will determine the next king. Wang So states the competition was conceived by his father to help the princes master the art of fighting. He is irritated the intent has been twisted into something else. Unfazed she says if it keeps the Choong family in check, it is worth the expense. Wang So laughs and ask if she really needs to keep him in check? I think both of them know the answer to that.

ep6_17aWang So can feel the forces squeezing him into a spot he does not want to be. Can he change anything or he is stuck?

Surprising Gyu Dal, Wang So arrives at the trading company claiming he’ll help them deliver goods to the palace today. Ah, this is how Wang So plans to sneak in to see the King. He flatters Gyu Dal until he agrees. Shin Yool is thrilled to see him. She calls him brother much to the displeasure of Baek Myo, Gyeong and the confusion of Gyu Dal.

As the trading company enters the palace, Wang So hangs back observering. Little does he know Shin Yool is behind him and is startled by her. Shin Yool tells him a handsome royal family member told her he would take her to the palace library.  Nonplussed he asks what she considers him. Shin Yool says he is the second most handsome man. Ha!

ep6_19aep6_19cep6_19d  ep6_19b Wang So heads off to the palace library with Shin Yool in tow. He steals clothes and tells Shin Yool they must visit the library secretly. Wang So takes the guys clothes and Shin Yool takes the women’s clothes. They change. When he sees her, he is stunned speechless at her beauty.

* The pacing of this series is on the slower side. The plot is moving forward but it is not at a blistering pace. Our characters are converging after the multi-episode detour at the trading company. New developments this episode:
1. The King is being poisoned (or whatever it was they sprinkled on the scrolls he handles.
2. Sik Ryeom learned that Wang So is the prince that is leading the palace assassins. Wang So is not the idiot loafing prince Sik Ryeom believed him to be. Sik Ryeom is going to make Wang So pay for fooling him.
3. Wang So was blocked from the palace by his mother, the Queen who was prompted to do this by Sik Ryeom.
4. The King waited in vain for Wang So to meet him unaware that Wang So was forbidden to enter the palace.
4. Wang Wook got the message from Sik Ryeom he must win the princes competition to be picked as the next King.
5. Wang Wook felt his first twinge of jealously at the closeness of Wang So and Shin Yool.
6. Wang So and Shin Yool became blood brothers each privately knowing they cannot be together so this is the best option to stay close.
* Another teaser ending that from the previous episode that was not even addressed in this episode. Recall at the end of the last episode Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) smoothed her hair coquettishly. Wang So (Jang Hyuk) remembered Shin Yool making that same gesture. He stared at her in disbelief and uttered “goddess” rising to his feet. Well that was completely dropped.
* Jang Hyuk as Wang So showed joy at passing the exam at the trading company. Wang So is in a tough spot. No one is on his side in the politics of the royal family. He has the assassins and the charge from Shin Yool to cut out the rot but what a daunting task. He and Shin Yool have good chemistry. Will they ever acknowledge they know who each other is from their past encounter (though Shin Yool does not know Wang So is the prince)? This plot point is more of an irritant to me at this point. They will admit the truth…one day.
* Yeon Seo’s portrayal of Shin Yool showed us the moral fiber of the character when she encouraged Wang So to make a better life for himself by making the world a better place. Shin Yool had the opportunity to become a woman for him at the end and she did not hesitate. She smoothed her hair coquettishly as he stood mute by her beauty. That had to make her feel good!
* The third OST song was released 3 February 2015, “Missing You” by Postman. Watch the official music video via the link or in the embedded video below:

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13 comments on “Shine or Go Crazy Episode 6 Recap
  1. pohyoke says:

    Poor Wang So..truly the under dog. The only people on his side are the ninjas, whose lives can be cut short any moment, and a wife who is righteous and smart and on the other side are powerful men in position, a superstitious mother and a wife who uses poison quite readily. No wonder he wishes that the space in life he occupies is meaningful to someone. On top of it all, his cover is now busted and Wang Wook is burning with jealousy against him…how far will his wits and swordsmanship get him?


    • kjtamuser says:

      That sums it up perfectly. I was a bit surprised he was identified to his enemies this early. Will things get better or go from bad to worse for him?


  2. pohyoke says:

    Wang So is played by an amazing actor, as least in my opinion..especially when he is with Gaebong, even though he is rough and tough and is living a lie, he shows a certain vulnerability and longing for friendship in front of the girly man who believes in him and became his teacher and mentor for a short while.To me, Jang Hyuk is worth watching.


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  4. Mifrah says:

    i luv this episode mre thn the last one


  5. Mifrah says:

    i luv jang hyuk


  6. Rainflower777 says:

    OMG! Please keep recapping! Love this! It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed watching a historical drama! Can’t wait for you to recap episodes 7 and 8!


  7. Flo Oy Wong says:

    In a trance over Healer I did not want to be charmed by Shine or Go Crazy. I wanted to be left alone in my missing Healer mode. Still, I decided to start watching Shine or Go Crazy, which slowly enchanted me in spite of Jang Hyuk’s maniacal laugh, a leftover from Fated to Love You. Then little by little he damped down some of the Jang Hyuk trademarks where it seem like he was acting and not inhabiting the soul of Wang So. The narrative intrigued me so I hung in there. Am glad I did? Absolutely! The chemistry of the two leads and the narrative thread of Wang So finally getting some love and support along with his dream to end the corruption created by the weathy noblemen got me. The women in this drama are powerful. Love the woman in the company. She ROCKS!!


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