Healer Episode 17 Recap

Healer Episode 17. A riveting episode swirls Healer, Young Shin, Moon Ho and Min Ja towards finding the interrogation tape and exposing the master mind Elder. Healer and Young Shin confirm their faith in each other with words and actions. 

Healer (Ji Chang Wook) washes the blood from his hands.

Young Shin (Park Min Young) is in shock.

Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) lies to the police that they saw the police lights and stopped their car to investigate.

Young Shin is sick to her stomach. She tells herself there must have been someone else at the scene.

ep17_3Min Ja confirms Dong Chul died at the scene. Healer confirms Dong Chul claimed he has a tape of the original interrogation of his father. Dong Chul told Healer “3 9 1” before he died.


Moon Ho brings Young Shin back home. He meets her father and ex-con coffee shop worker. He asks Young Shin if she has told her father the news (about her birth mother). No time like the present. Young Shin tells her father she’s found her birth mother. She’s been unable to reveal herself to her birth mother because of her illness. Moon Ho says he was close with Young Shin’s birth parents. He even met Young Shin on the day she was born. Young Shin says her birth father died long ago and her birth name is Oh Ji Ahn. She is upset, father is upset, and ex-con coffee shop worker is upset. Like it or not, this changes things. Her father is gracious and hugs and comforts her. No surprise, he is a terrific father.

Min Ja and Healer puzzle what “3 9 1” could be associated with. Min Ja notices that Healer is distracted and correctly guesses that he’s distracted thinking about Young Shin. Min Ja encourages him to be honest and talk it out with Young Shin. To that end, Min Ja signs off.

ep17_6Healer calls Young Shin. She stares at the phone trying to decide the right tone to take when she answers. Just as she answers, Healer hangs up. “You” OST Part 4 plays in the background. The forthright couple stares at the phones wishing for a call but they do not dial each other. He thinks “ask my anything”. She thinks “you should call me again”.  But neither make a move leaving themselves in limbo.

Right hand man walks past cyber detective Dong Won as he exits the police station. Don’t ask me why but right hand man looks like a turtle as he approaches Dong Won. Cyber detective is not happy when right hand man blows him a kiss (that surprised me) as he gets into the waiting car.

ep17_5Cyber detective Dong Won tells Moon Ho right hand man was released due to insignificant evidence. The cop that took the money from right hand man refuses to divulge anything.  Dong Won asks Moon Ho to introduce him to the man (Healer) that packaged the evidence that pointed to the cop that took money. Moon Ho chides Dong Won that he should be ashamed to ask for that. Cyber detective starts to press Moon Ho by asking why he was at a murder scene last night. The victim was Dong Chul. The man looking Dong Chul matches Healer’s description. Cyber detective asks Moon Ho if he has more information to share.

ep17_7When Healer arrives at Dong Chul’s apartment it has already been searched. He tells Min Ja he doesn’t understand the extreme interest in interrogation tape. His father either said “I killed they guy” or said “I did not kill the guy”. Healer wonders what could his father have said 20 years ago that would be so important today that they murdered a man? Good question Healer, good question. Healer brought soju to honor Dong Chul. Min Ja instructs him to pour, drink and speak to the dead man. Healer does. Min Ja frets their paths are blocked. Healer says he must go over the path then. Min Ja warns him not to do what he is thinking. But Healer takes off.

ep17_8Healer notices men on foot and in a car following him. Then Min Ja tells him to brace himself: 1. Right hand man has been released from due to insufficient evidence. 2. She put a GPS tracker in Young Shin’s phone. Someone else is accessing that data. 3. Young Shin is heading to Moon Shik’s house right now. Right hand man is at Moon Shik’s house. Healer hails and cab and heads to Moon Shik’s with his tails following.

ep17_9aep17_9bIn a bold move, Young Shin visits Myung Hee and sees the birthday spread she put out for her dead daughter.  She hands her mother a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She tells her mother she is beautiful. Her mother shakes her hand and tells her she is a fan. That’s too much and Young Shin starts to cry. Seeing her mother’ s concern she covers saying she’s going through a hard time. Her mother says she cries easily too. Unbeknownst to them, right hand man observes their meeting. He makes a call saying he has information for Elder.

ep17_9cIn Myung Hee’s bedroom she shows Young Shin the photo of the 5 friends. Young Shin notes that Moon Shik showed her the photo recently. Young Shin gently asks if she can ask how her first husband died. With sensitivity, Young Shin tells her she does not want to make her ill with a difficult line of questions. Her mother gives her the panic box that will signal the nurse and tells her to ask her questions. Tears fill Myung Hee’s eyes as she says “It has been 20 years and finally someone is asking me about that day”. Wow! Great line!

ep17_9eRight hand man tells Elder he believes Young Shin knows that Myung Hee is her mother. Elder is convinced if Myung Hee knows that Young Shin is her daughter, she’ll leave Moon Shik. Elder believes Moon Shik will fall apart and Elder will lose the best pawn he has ever had. Right hand man asks Elder what he should do to protect Moon Shik. Right hand man senses a presence. He turns and Healer is there staring daggers at him. Wow! Unexpected and awesome appearance by Healer!

ep17_9h ep17_9gHealer snatches the phone from right hand man and talks to Elder. He tells Elder he knows he is the puppet master for Moon Shik and right hand man. Healer asks Elder where can they meet. Astonished at Healer’s gall, Elder hangs up and order the phone line the conversation occurred on eliminated. Right hand man backs away from Healer. Healer steps towards him. “You know who I am. You brought me here last time. Do you remember my teacher Young Jae? He was Healer. You know my Mom. You threatened her recently. There is much I do not know. If I let you live. You will continue doing what you do. You kill…hurt…scare…and will get out if you are arrested again. If I kill you here, I would be doing the world a favor.” Right hand man looks scared for his life.

ep17_10aMyung Hee tells Young Shin she will tell her everything about 1992 but wants the story broadcast. Young Shin says if Moon Ho agrees, the story will be broadcast. Myung Hee warns Young Shin there is danger because “the ones that killed us that day are still alive”.  Us? Young Shin inquires. Myung Hee lists her husband, Healer’s father and her daughter as the 3 people killed. She even says she was killed. Wow! Another good line! In many ways Myung Hee did die that day. Good observation.

Healer turns from the brink of murder thanks to Min Ja. He messes with right hand man’s fastidious nature and pulls books from the shelves. LOL! Healer sees a picture of Teacher’s remains on Moon Shik’s house. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? He sees Teacher’s slot is numbered “498”. Could “391” be a number there?

Myung Hee tells Young Shin on that fateful day in 1992 she was caring for her 5 year old daughter waiting for her husband to return from work when she got a call from Moon Shik. He instructed her to take her daughter and leave as men where coming to get her. Myung Hee did exactly that. Present day, she shows Young Shin a picture of her at 5. Myung Hee abruptly tells her the organization is called “the farmers”. Comprised of men that want to control how things are run and see nothing wrong with eliminating those that get in their way. Back in 1992, we see Myung Hee running holding Young Shin and a gaggle of men spot her. She runs and hides Young Shin instructing her not to speak (but she cries). She promises to be back. Young Shins quiets down and Myung Hee runs leading the men away from her daughter. Present day, Myung Hee begins to have a seizure. Young Shin presses the panic button. The nurse comes and they ride out the seizure together. Before she leaves the house, Young Shin takes a cookie from the birthday spread. Nice scene! I was worried Moon Shik would pop up behind her but Young Shin managed to exit the house undeterred.

As she walks along she spots Healer waiting for her. Thank goodness! They finally talk to each other at the 34 minute mark of this episode! The outdoor setting is lovely.

Young Shin tells Healer her mother shared much with her. She was loved. She was not intentionally abandoned. Healer nods knowing this is true. Her mother got in a car accident and ended up in the hospital unable to move and search for her.  Young Shin notes the last thing her mother told her in 1992 was “do not say anything.” Young Shin believes that is why she did not speak as child. She shares she is also afraid as an adult if she disappoints Healer, he will throw her away too. Wow! Excellent self aware observation! Healer assures her he would never throw her away.

ep17_11fYoung Shin squares her shoulders and asks Healer if she can ask him. He knows what she must ask and tells her to. “Did you kill someone?” “No” is his straight forward response. Young Shin smiles. “I thought so” she replies. Healer admits he is now a murder suspect complete with bad artist’s rendering of his face. Will he run? Young Shin asks. Healer says running does not solve problems. Young Shin asks what they must do.
1. Find the tape. Young Shin will help.
2. Find his accuser. Young Shin will help.
3. Meet her father. Young Shin hesitates and Healer agrees that will be difficult.
She links her arm through his and they smile. “I Will Protect You” OST 6 plays in the background. That was a beautiful scene. Their love and faith in each other is unflappable but they still use their brains with each other and are not devoted idiots. I absolutely adore them!

Elder tells Moon Shik if Moon Ho were to go missing it would not be a big story for long. Moon Shik is surprised by this statement. He tells Elder he can manage his brother. Elder says he will not swap him for a new mayoral candidate. Elder says he will not be threatened by events 20 years old. Moon Shik tells Elder he will handle the matter. Moon Shik, I would say Elder just manipulated you!

ep17_rhmRight hand man tells Moon Shik Healer visited the house. Young Shin visited Myung Hee. He states Young Shin knows Myung Hee is her mother but Myung Hee does not know Young Shin is her daughter.  Moon Shik marvels that his wife bugged his office and called Moon Ho the previous evening. Right hand man wonders what is next. Moon Shik tells him to do nothing about Myung Hee. He is confident she will return to him. Delusional, thy name is Moon Shik. Even right hand man shoots Moon Shik a look of surprise at the statement.

Min Ja tells Moon Ho and Healer (who is on a bus with Young Shin) that Healer’s father’s urn number is “391”. Moon Ho tells Young Shin to stay out of this. Min Ja defends Young Shin’s right to participate, pleasing Young Shin to no end. Healer and Young Shin agree she will disavow should she get caught.

Healer and Young Shin get off the bus and walk towards the car tailing them. Healer reviews the rules. If a fight break out…he inquires. I will wait for you to handle it…she answers. He advises that she wait in a corner which is easier to defend.  Healer goes old school and puts tacks around the van’s tires while Young Shin distracts the men smiling and waving. Healer tells Young Shin to run. Adorably she asks which direction. LOL! Then Healer knocks on the van and gets a picture of each of the 4 men. Clever! He runs the same direction Young Shin went with the 4 men in pursuit. Dae Yong pulls up in a car that intersects with Young Shin who jumps in the car. Dae Yong gets out of the car and Healer jumps in.  They drive away. Their pursuers have to take the time to remove the tacks around their tires. Manger Ahn from Moon Shik’s anti-Healer squad is directing the men.

ep17_14b ep17_14aProducer Min Jae visits Moon Ho at his office. She tells him she is producing the one-on-one interview with Moon Shik. Moon Ho confirms he is planning a counter report. She advises him NOT to discuss Omega. Moon Ho will discuss Omega, the source of Moon Shik’s money. He gets a little giddy saying he won’t be stopped, he’s doing the report live. She recommends that he not be brash. Omega is on a different level of power. Moon Ho says he must be bold to face “the kids” (Healer and Young Shin).

Young Shin has the eagle eye and spots the next car tailing them. Healer is impressed.

ep17_13Dae Yong boldly enters Moon Ho’s office. LOL when the blinds are flipped for a second time to give Moon Ho privacy with a lady visitor!

ep17_15b ep17_15aHealer, Young Shin and the entourage of bad guys arrive at the location of Healer’s father’s urn. LOL when Healer and Young Shin (Healer pulls her away) wave at the CCTV which Min Ja is monitoring!

ep17_15cHealer and Young Shin enter the room. Sure enough, Healer’s father’s urn is “391”. So sweet when Healer introduces Young Shin to his father.  Young Shin bids Healer’s father hello.

Dae Yong leaves Moon Ho’s office without a word. She’s totally the next Healer right? Moon Ho exits his office and declares he has new information they must broadcast immediately. He instructs them to promote the broadcast as revealing who Moon Shik’s puppet master is.

ep17_16Healer finds the tape. He hands it to Young Shin. He asks if she can handle this. She assures him she can. He tells her to go. He takes her hand in his. They bow to his father. They leave closely followed by the entourage of bad guys. Min Ja calls the police on a burner phone.

ep17_17Outside the men surround Healer and Young Shin. Healer asks what they want. The leader asks for the item they retrieved. Healer is not inclined to hand it over. The police arrive. Healer tells Young Shin to close her eyes. He starts to fight the men. Healer and Young Shin make a break for the police. Young Shin tosses Healer the tape. Healer runs behind the building with the entourage of bad guys in pursuit. Young Shin is safe with the police.

Moon Ho starts his broadcast detailing Dong Chul’s death. He links Dong Chul to the picture of the 5 friends.

ep17_18Healer is caught by the men. He hands over the tape case…which is empty! The men search him…no tape! Healer tells the men when he meets the Elder he will hand over the tape. He urges them to call Elder.

ep17_19Moon Ho’s broadcast continues discussing how Healer’s father supposedly committed suicide. Moon Ho notes that Healer’s father died by poison as did original Healer. One is considered suicide, one is considered murder. Moon Ho plays the audio of Dong Chul admitting to Healer that the interrogation report was falsified.

Healer is taken to see Elder.

Moon Shik and right hand man watch Moon Ho’s broadcast. Moon Ho speculates that Dong Chul was killed by men wanting to suppress the original investigation tape. Moon Ho pauses dramatically.

ep17_20b ep17_20aHealer is thrown into a room to wait for Elder. Moon Ho’s camera switches over to Healer’s glasses. Elder steps into the room. Healer stands and his glasses capture Elder. The mystery puppet master is unmasked! Excellent!

How is Healer going to get out of this?

* This episode was riveting and went into overdrive pushing the story forward.  I have nothing but praise for the reveals, the pacing, the acting…everything was superb. Romance was minimal but still evident with the rich and satisfying scene between Young Shin and Healer after she left her mother.  I vote for Dae Yong to be the next Healer.
* I am concerned for Healer’s safety now that Elder’s face has been exposed. You might quibble about Elder agreeing to see Healer to get the tape. That was a bit suspect. Elder has been so careful, it seems like a dumb choice, not something Elder would do.
* Myung Hee’s first interaction with her daughter, Young Shin, was well played.  I liked that Young Shin was gentle in questioning her mother about the past. I liked that Myung Hee got to the point where it became too much for her to handle and she had to stop. So sweet when Young Shin took the cookie from the birthday banquet Myung Hee prepared for her deceased daughter.
* Chang Wook manages to portray Healer with strength and vulnerability. He is not a super hero that cannot be stopped. His initial phone call / missed connection with Young Shin was frustrating but did not seem overly contrived. When he waited for her outside after seeing her mother…that was perfect. Two people in love, trusting each other, being honest, and vowing to support each other through the next hurdles. Awesome!
* Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin, portrayed her first encounter with her mother with the right balance of awe, tears, and reporter savvy. I was pleased that both actresses played off each other well. I simply adore that the writer gives Young Shin strength and faith in Healer but allows her to stay involved. She is not pushed to the side to keep her safe as so many girlfriends are in these type dramas. Two other cute moments: 1. Young Shin spotting the car tailing them. 2. Young Shin waving to Min Ja. Young Shin is a terrific heroine and worthy of Healer.
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho decided the moment had come…go big or go home.  The broadcast to expose Elder…that took courage. Elder is not someone you trifle with. There will be repercussions. Will everyone survive the last 3 episodes?
* OST Part 6 was released 2 February 2015. “I Will Protect You” is sung by Chang Wook. He has a decent voice. This is the last song released in an OST part. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below.

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  2. pohyoke says:

    Isn’t the outdoor scene beautiful and really memorable? If only, in real life, we have such meaningful and quiet conversations to resolve problems. The way park Min Young straightened her shoulder, cleared her nose, called his name tenderly and looked at him with open and clear face when she asked him if he had killed someone was really nice.


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