Shine or Go Crazy Episode 5 Recap

Shine or Go Crazy Episode 5 Recap. Wang So works at the trading company as a trainee. He suspects Shin Yool might be a woman (again) but he peeks and sees proof to the contrary. The trading company is the hot spot as Yeo Won and Wang Wook visit.

ep5_2 ep5_1 Recall at the end of the last episode Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo) spotted the butterfly talisman she gave Wang So (Jang Hyuk). She realized that he did not forget about their connection and marriage. We open the episode with Wang So pretending to be passed out in the storeroom. He calls other women’s names in his sleep. That kills the warmth in Shin Yool. She leaves him to sleep. Wang So tries to find the ledgers but fails. He succeeds in making a royal mess. In the process he loses the butterfly talisman. He searches and finds it just as Shin Yool and her guard return. They see the mess. Shin Yool spots Wang So holding the talisman. She asks what it means to him. Wang So explains it has protected him for the last 5 years. He would not trade it for anything, he treasures it.  Shin Yool is entranced by his words. Wang So looks around and sees the mess he made. He asks if he can work at the trading company to pay off his debt. She does not respond. He starts to leave but she grabs his wrist (love the reverse girl on guy wrist grab) and tells him he can work off his debt. Proximity established!

ep5_6 ep5_5 ep5_4Yang Gyu Dal (Heo Jeong Min), Gang Myeong (Ahn Kil Kang)  and Baek Myo (Kim Sun Young) are not happy with Shin Yool’s proposal that Wang So work for the company for 5 days.  Shin Yool’s sees it as teaching Wang So to allow him to make a better life for himself.  Baek Myo privately asks Shin Yool why she is doing this. Does she want to be Wang So’s third wife? Shin Yool reveals that Wang So still has the talisman she gave him. That touched her. Now is her chance to help him just like he helped her 5 years ago. Shin Yool agrees with Baek Myo’s recommendation. Teach Wang So for 5 days then send him on his way and never see him again.

ep5_8 ep5_7Wang So brags to Eun Chun (Kim Roe Ha) they he’ll be inside the trading company for 5, count them 5, days.  With glee Wang So relishes the opportunity to find the ledger.

ep5_9 ep5_10  ep5_12ep5_11
Se Won (Na Jong Chan), who is a good looking man, remembers years ago when Wang Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) ordered him to protect his niece Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui). Nice flashback to him protecting her from attackers. His concern for her well being is swoon worthy. Yeo Won considers Se Won her faithful shadow and protector even if he does work for her Uncle. She’s got that right!

ep5_13Yeo Won questions Se Won as she tries to figure out why Sik Ryeom wanted to see her brother recently and was why was he looking a portrait of the King (Se Won informed her the obscured portrait was of the King). She realizes that Sik Ryeom must be hunting Jong Sik’s killer. Recall Jong Sik was a member of the 5 that murdered Wang So’s father, King Wang Gun.  Se Won tells her Sik Ryeom has learned one of the princes is leading the king’s ninjas. She realizes it could be Wang So. Yeo Won asks Se Won who he thinks the prince in question is. He pointedly asks how her husband is doing.

ep5_16 ep5_15Wang So goes to the trading company for his 5 days of training. He is introduced to the team – Gyu Dal, Gang Myeong, and Baek Myo as well as “the mute guard” as Wang So calls Gyeong (Jung Woo Sik). Shin Yool demands his respect and courtesy startling Wang So. Baek Myo frets to Gang Myeong that Wang So will realize that Shin Yool is not a man. Gang Myeong comments it is odd that Wang So has not figured this out. Join the club Gang Myeong, I think it is odd too but writers love to do this.

ep5_18 ep5_17As Shin Yool shows Wang So around he asks if detailed notes are kept in ledgers. Of course!  He asks if she’ll teach him ledgers. She says if he does well in other matters, she will. There’s a moment when Shin Yool is talking and Wang So is transfixed by her lips. She catches him staring. He shakes it off.

ep5_19ep5_20 He fails the first test of putting items in order from most to least expensive. His punishment is to move boxes. Wang So protests and Gyeong offer encouragement in the form of his drawn sword. Ha! Wang So fails the test, multiple times, and must move box after box. When he finally passes the test, he sinks down in relief.

ep5_21The next test is to fend off Gyeong role playing a pirate attacking a ship of goods. Gyeong wins because Wang So pretends he cannot fight. Instead he falls to the ground. Shin Yool cannot believe Wang So is so inept.

Gil Bok gets a message to Wang So that his wife wants to talk to him. Unbeknownst to Gil Bok, Yeo Won’s servant as followed him. She knows where Wang So is. I am not a fan of Gil Bok who veers on annoying not amusing.

ep5_22Wang So sees Shin Yool enter the bath. He wonders if he is a really a she. Hmm, just a peek in bath will let him know. He pokes a hole to see inside the bath and a man stands from the bath in all his glory. Bummed Wang So leaves. You guessed it, the man that fooled Wang So was Gyeong on instructions from Baek Myo.

Gyu Dal, Gang Myeong, and Baek Myo try and guess how long Wang So will last. Shin Yool says she must give him tough love so he can get his life back on track.

ep5_26cep5_23ep5_25 ep5_26
Wang So is exhausted from the day. Shin Yool brings him balm to sooth his aching back. Wang So demands she put the balm on his back. Wang So stuns Shin Yool by taking off his top. My reaction? Good grief, Jang Hyuk has a terrific set of abs! The man is ripped! Shin Yool gingerly puts on the balm and balks when he mentions needing some on his thigh. She thrusts a paper for him to study before tomorrow and beats a hasty retreat. Outside the door she’s shocked but smiles too.

Yeo Won gives Uncle Sik Ryeom a vial (poison?) as a gift. He tells her the throne will be available soon. Yeo Won wants exclusive right to salt in exchange for the vial.

Wang So compares and sees the document in his possession is similar to one the trading company generates.

ep5_28cep5_28dep5_28eHe is stunned when he turns and sees his wife standing there. She asks why he is there. The bar got boring and no one knows who I am here, he tells Yeo Won. In fact, he’s playing a role right now. He hopes to stay a few more days. She asks if there is a new plaything here. Shin Yool’s brother warmly greets her. Yeo Won tells him she is in the mood for a new ornament. Gyu Dal offers anything on the table. She asks Wang So to choose. He does but Gyu Dal rejects the choice as too cheap. Yeo Won declines Gyu Dal’s choice and takes Wang So’s choice. That tells you something right there. Her heart isn’t immune to her husband. As Yeo Won leaves, Gyu Dal wonders what it would be like to live with a woman like that. Wang So looks at him like he’s thinking “if you only knew”.

Wang Wook (Lim Ju Hwan) visits much to Baek Myo’s glee. LOL when Gang Myeong thought Baek Myo was running to him with a joyous smile.

ep5_29Shin Yool counsels Wang So that people that can put bits of information together to form a true picture have a bright future. He wants to rub her wise head. She stops him. They get playful until Baek Myo enters and kicks him. Baek Myo informs Shin Yool the prince has come. She instructs Wang So to read a paper she hands him and leaves.

ep5_30 ep5_30a ep5_30b ep5_30c
Wang Wook returns her slipper surprising and pleasing Shin Yool. Nice move prince! In return she brews tea from the bell flower he gave her that day by the stream. Wang Wook is surprised and pleased at the gesture. Nice move Shin Yool!  He apologize for not buying anything the last time he visited. He is here to purchase today. She tells him the tale of a plate made as a love testament for a wife. They stare into each others eyes. He definitely feels a pull towards her. She tells him the plate can take sorrow away. Trying it out, he strokes the plate and admits he once loved a woman. She loved him. But she became his father’s wife. Wow, that is an unexpected twist! The woman ended up taking her own life. Wow, that is a sad twist! Shin Yool whisks his sadness away. Wang Wook looks at her amazed. He is falling for her. Wang Wook promises never to lose his love again.

ep5_31a ep5_31b
Wang So searches Shin Yool’s room for the ledger but does not find it. He does find a similar image on the back of a mirror to the one on the token Jong Sik had.  He takes it to study later. Gang Myeong and Baek Myo surprise him when they enter the room. Baek Myo calls him a thief. He claims he was told to meet Shin Yool here. He holds up the mirror – busted!

Shin Yool hears Wang So calling for her. She leaves Wang Wook to see what the commotion is about. She learns from Baek Myo that Wang So has been accused of stealing. She switches back to her guy gear. Wang So pleads for mercy. The mirror was for his wife who is without. Shin Yool orders Gyeong to search him. He finds the document with her company’s seal. Shin Yool examines the document and declares it a fake. Now it is Wang So’s turn to be surprised.

They bring the merchant that sold the vases. He claims the person he sold the vases to is dead. Ah, Jong Sik. The merchant confirms Jong Sik is the murdered man. Shin Yool asks about the other five vases. The man lists Gyu Ui, Choon Hyung, Mok Won, Gwon Yool and Go Jae. Bam, just like that Wang So has the list of traitors! Does he realize what he heard? They banish the man. Wang So eyes the vase speculatively.  Shin Yool shocks him when she breaks the vase. She orders Gang Myeong to track down the vases and reimburse the men that bought them for the poor quality item.

ep5_32d ep5_32e
Baek Myo tells Wang So he’ll be out next. Wang So counters he helped. He discovered the bad exchange. But he still stole the mirror. Wang So pleads for mercy saying he bought the mirror for his wife.  Shin Yool unties his hands. She gives him the mirror for his wife. She tells him to pull himself together and leaves.

Wang So and her brother bond over booze and stories about women. Shin Yool joins them for a drink. She tells Wang So to take the mirror to his wife. He gets testy and assures her he will. Her brother asks if Wang So can work for the company. Both Shin Yool and Wang So have a similar negative reaction. He offers to introduce him to his sister. Shin Yool gives her brother an arm twist. He tells Wang So his sister got married 5 years ago. Shin Yool orders Gyeong to take her brother away.

ep5_33b ep5_33c ep5_33d ep5_33e ep5_33fWang So asks what Shin Yool what the sister is like. She offers the sister is beautiful with a great personality and a head for business. Wang So counters the sister’s business savvy cannot exceed his (Shin Yool). “The Person I Miss” OST 2 plays in the background. Shin Yool asks if he just complimented her. She smooths her hair. Wang So has a flash of Shin Yool making that same gesture. He stares at her in disbelief. He utters “goddess” and rises to his feet staring at her. Shin Yool realizes something has happened as she sees the intensity in his eyes.

* This was not the most riveting episode. Having the episode centered at the trading company with multiple visitors was limiting. Watching Wang So search for the ledgers multiple times was not exciting. Wang So wondered again if Shin Yool was a girl. I’m ready for this plot point to end and if you can believe the ending of the episode, maybe we are there.
* Grant me a whine about how the end of episode teasers do not always amount to anything and are suspect in my book:
a. End of Episode 2, you think Wang So and Shin Yool see each other after 5 years apart. Start of Episode 3, they did not see each other, camera angle trick.
b. End of Episode 4, Shin Yool sees the butterfly talisman and looks at Wang So with love shining in her eyes. Start of Episode 4, Wang So calls out other women’s names effectively extinguishing Shin Yool’s loving feelings. She leaves the room.
c. End of Episode 5, Wang So sees Shin Yool make the same hair smoothing gesture Shin Yool made 5 years ago. He stares in disbelief. Has he figured out that Shin Yool is not a guy and the woman from his past?
* The interesting plot points: 
a. Yeo Won seems to have some feelings for Wang So.
b. Wang Wook’s story of the girl he loved who was forced to marry his father and committed suicide was a surprise. Shin Yool’s erasing the pain through the plate was cool. Wang Wook is affected by her.
c. The vases identified the anti-King conspirators. Does Wang So realize this?
* Jang Hyuk as Wang So managed to fool everyone that he is incapable while undercover at the trading company. He was disappointed when the bath revealed Shin Yool was a guy. Little does he know he saw Gyeong’s full glory. I was more than willing to watch Jang Hyuk shirtless at approximately the 30 minute point should you care to indulge yourself. At 39, he has a terrific body and is obviously in top physical condition as he does his own stunts. I am ready for Wang So to figure out who Shin Yool is. This plot point stymies our couple. I’m ready for them to gain traction.
* Yeon Seo’s portrayal of Shin Yool showed a woman that is fair and caring. Wang Wook is definitely attracted to her. I really do not see a spark from her to him. I’m ready for the guy disguise to be packed away and this plot point to be resolved. Are we there yet?


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9 comments on “Shine or Go Crazy Episode 5 Recap
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  2. A for my name says:

    Wow …..was nice but felt decrease in plot speed….I think they’ll drag the story for next few EPs…..anyways thanks for recapping… exams r going on and reading this in btw studies helps and saves some time rather than watching a whole ep (although imp scenes cannot be missed

    • kjtamuser says:

      Pacing has not been quick during the initial episodes. Hopefully the pace will increase. The series is based on a web novel. Wonder if translating the novel to a series has been challenging.
      Looking forward to the next episodes. Thx for the comment!

  3. kween lahrah says:

    Reblogged this on kween lahrah and commented:
    The drama is getting more interesting

  4. pohyoke says:

    So sorry..but I would like to clarify the second last line of your recap, before comments,’ Wang So has a flash of Shin Yool making that same gesture.’. When did Wang So see Shin Yool smoothening her hair? Which episode was that?

    • kjtamuser says:

      I checked the first 2 episodes and Shin Yool was not wearing the outfit Wang So imagined Shin Yool smoothing her hair in. Not the same outfit either in Episode 4 when Wang So first comes to the trading company. So I’m saying when Wang So utters “goddess” the image of her smoothing her hair is either from an unaired interaction between them or his imagination. Wang So definitely has the vision of her smoothing her hair in that outfit.

  5. ricky says:

    I don’t think Wang So fooled everyone with his act. When Wang So and Kyeong were fighting, he dodged the wooden sword and the corner of the box, which caught the attention of Kang Myung.

    I’m with you on the fake-out cliffhangers. It’s keeps on fooling me, too.

    Thanks again for the recaps. This is a great site.

    • kjtamuser says:

      I look forward to Wang So being open with Shin Yool. But I think she’ll find out at the princes fighting competition not from Wang So.
      Thank goodness you noticed the fake out cliff hangers…I am not alone!
      Appreciate your comments.

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