Shine or Go Crazy Episode 4 Recap

Shine or Go Crazy Episode 4 Recap. The political aspects of the story are interesting not just filler for the romance. And speaking of romance, our couple may get some traction when Shin Yool realizes that Wang So may remember.

Wang So (Jang Hyuk) does not realize the irritated man he is sharing a room with is Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo). Fed up, she leaves declaring to her guard the marriage contract is over. Oh, and can the guard keep this little matter a secret?

Eun Chun (Kim Roe Ha) and Wang So are still on the hunt for the man that hired the assassins currently on their way to the palace. They decide to follow the assassins but this does not go as planned. They end up fighting without their swords so as not to reveal their fighting skills. This fight is like a gymnastic ball game with Eun Chun and Wang So throwing themselves here and there. They realize retreat is the best option. Their fight draws attention and they do not want get arrested. Too late, they flee with guards in hot pursuit.

ep4_3 ep4_4ep4_5
Wang So ducks onto Shin Yool’s boat. She spots him hiding and startles him from behind. Ah, lovely they run into each other again quickly. She notices the guards looking for him. She asks what criminal activity do the guards want to apprehend him for? Wang So declares he has not done anything wrong. Shin Yool calls the guards and Wang So dives out of their sight. She misleads the guards telling them their quarry went further down the dock. Off the guards go in pursuit. Wang So is nonplussed that Shin Yool pretended to call the guards to arrest him. She declares she did not need the hassle but decided to give him a break. Wang So shrugs it off and declaring he must go, he promises they will meet again.

When Wang So and Eun Chul meet up, Eun Chul explains the men they fought with were not the real assassins but decoys. The real assassins arrived from China on the last boat. Wang So is frustrated they missed them.  Like a faithful dog, Wang So’s guard Gil Bok calls to him. Eun Chul leaves to track the assassins. Wang So heads back to Shin Yool’s boat. Gil Bok asks why he is at the local trading company’s boat.

ep4_8 ep4_6ep4_7
Se Won (Na Jong Chan), who by the way is a good looking man, meets the assassins in the woods. The lead assassin tells Se Won they are here for revenge against the man that killed two of his associates in China 5 years ago. He fought and has a facial scar and eye damage to remind him every day of the man he heard called Your Highness, the prince. That gets Se Won’s attention!

Se Won’s tells mastermind Wang Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) that a prince followed the assassins back to China 5 years ago and got revenge. Sik Ryeom realizes this prince likely killed Jong Sik. Will he realize it was Wang So? I was hoping he’d stay under the radar longer.

ep4_10 ep4_11
Wang So and Gil Bok arrive at Shin Yool’s trading company. They spot the woman and child slaves from the auction yesterday. They surmise Shin Yool purchased them. Wang So goes in to locate Shin Yool but no one knows the fake name Shin Yool gave Wang So. Gang Myeong (Ahn Kil Kang) spots Wang So. After realizing Wang So does not recognize him, Gang Myeong throws Wang So out before Shin Yool sees him.

Shin Yool’s brother, Yang Gyu Dal (Heo Jeong Min), walks up and Wang So asks if he knows the man he is looking for. Gyu Dal grabs Shin Yool and shows her the man looking for her. Surprised then pleased, she wonders why Wang So is there.

ep4_17 ep4_16 ep4_18 ep4_19
Shin Yool realizes Wang So is looking for her (as a man). She switches to her male disguise. Wang So is pleased to see her. He offers a bottle of alcohol and declares tonight they are drinking buddies. Disappointed he does not recognize her, Shin Yool rejects the bottle of alcohol which breaks. She tells him never to return. She instructs her guard to make sure he does not return. She turns and walks away leaving a confused Wang So calling her but to no avail. He yells that he will never return.

Gyu Dal, Gang Myeong and Baek Myo (Kim Sun Young) ask what Wang So wanted. She brushes them off upset. They wonder why she is upset. In her room she cries. He does not know her. Is their past magic gone forever? OST 1, “So I Love You”, plays in the background.

King Jeongjong (Ryu Seung Soo) is like a scared rabbit when he musters the courage to tell Sik Ryeom he is withdrawing his financial support for the western castles. Sik Ryeom is unhappy and invokes deceased King Wang Gun’s words that the west is important. At least King Jeongjong didn’t change his mind right away.

Park Sool (Park Hyun Woo ) reports to Sik Ryeom that Prince Wang So was with the King at the end.

Wang So puzzles over Shin Yool’s rejection. To take his mind off it, he decides to visit Geum Sun’s establishment. Geum Sun (Jin Seo Yeon) is happy to see Wang So who appears to be a regular.

ep4_25 ep4_24 ep4_23
The new girl, Cheong Ok (Na Hye Jin) serves Wang So. He is pleased at her beauty. When she pours him wine, he remembers Shin Yool pouring alcohol two handed just like a woman. He wonders if he is a woman. Yes! The laughing stops and he tells her she was violent when she fought but she is now docile. Wow! I did not expect her to be one of his assassins. She tells Wang So that the King has withdrawn his support for the western castle.  Wang So is impressed the King is exercising his power. Cheong Ok also heard Baek Choon Hyun (Kim Kwang Sik) and Hong Gyu Ui (Choi Jae Ho), two co-conspirators with Sik Ryeom, discussing getting silver together as “they” were here. He orders her to continue gathering information for her next report to him.

Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui) is surprised her husband, Wang So, secretly visited the King in the last week. Terrific to see something other than an icy stare on her face. Now I’m surprised when Geum Sun enters the room as Yeo Won looks over the books. Holy smokes! Yeo Won seems to own the establishment. Geum Sun gives a report of the noblemen’s discussions of the King’s withdrawal of support. Yeo Won predicts a political storm is brewing. Yeo Won orders her to continue gathering information for her next report to her. Geum Sun ends the conversation with the news a new girl, Cheong Ok, spent time with her husband. Yeo Won seems to take this in stride. I’m all for her being smart and knowledgeable, this makes Yeo Won more interesting.

ep4_30 ep4_29ep4_32ep4_31ep4_33ep4_34
Shin Yool falls ill. Baek Myo frets over her. She flashes back to Shin Yool’s mother being chased after giving birth to Shin Yool. She pleads with the men chasing her that her baby was the half sister of the Prince and the Princess of Balhae. The leader asks the fortune teller to repeat what she has foreseen for the child. She declares one day “the child will be a light to one nation”. Because of this he must kill the child. Her mother says she’d rather kill the child herself and tosses her in the icy river! He slashes her mother who utters “survive” to her daughter. It was Baek Myo that dived in the river and plucked Shin Yool from the depths. Gang Myeong spots her bringing Shin Yool out of the river and helps. Poor Shin Yool lost her mother and brother (Prince was killed that day) in a single day.  Effective flashback!

ep4_35 ep4_36 ep4_37 ep4_39
Present day Bae Myo promises Shin Yool she’ll protect her to the end. Shin Yool wakes. The doctors never thought she’d live to be 20 but she’s defied the odds. Gang Myeong reports his search for her mother has been fruitless. He’s determined her brother is dead. Shin Yool is sad her plans to spend her remaining time with her mother, brother and groom will not come to fruition. She is sad Wang So does not remember her. Plus he’s married. Bae Myo recommends she forget him. Shin Yool says she’s done that.

ep4_41ep4_40ep4_42ep4_43ep4_45 ep4_44
Wang Wook visits Shin Yool. He stares at her intensely. He flashes back to being with a girl that looks exactly like Shin Yool in a field. I don’t understand this and look forward to clarification as the story progresses. Wang Wook asks her to show him the goods sold at the company. Gyu Dal, Gang Myeong and Baek Myo watch them move around the room. Bae Myo declares Wang Wook is interested in Shin Yool.

ep4_47 ep4_46
Wang So visits the King and tells him he was unable to find the secret guard. The King is pleased with himself for opposing Sik Ryeom. Wang So is pleased too. The King hopes he can continue to be strong. Later Wang So hopes the King will continue to be strong and vows to protect him from the shadows.

Sik Ryeom shows the assassin leader a picture of the King and asks if he tried to kill him 5 years ago. No is the answer. Se Won confirms that Wang Wook visited the palace that day. Wang Wook and Yeo Won visit Sik Ryeom. Yeo Won spots the picture rolled up at his table and is immediately concerned. He asks Wang Wook what he did after the Buddhist ceremony. Wang Wook says he left right after. The assassin leader shakes his head at Se Won, no Wang Wook is not the guy. Wang Wook tells Sik Ryeom is family supports him and further recommend that that capital be moved to the west as planned. Later Sik Ryeom asks Yeo Won what is the biggest obstacle to Wang Wook becoming king. Yeo Won notes the throne must be available.

By process of elimination Sik Ryeom determines Wang So must be Prince the assassin leader saw. He remembers that Wang So visited the palace for the royal wedding. Is it possible he muses.

ep4_54 ep4_53 ep4_55
Eun Chun and Wang So think they may be getting closer to those that planned to his father’s death. An item from Shin Yool’s company may be the key. Wang So recalls Shin Yool banning him and his retort that he would never return. Now he regrets those words.

ep4_58 ep4_59ep4_56ep4_57
Gyu Dal propositions a woman but Wang So interrupts the exchange. He pleads with him to take him to the trading company. Gyu Dal tells Shin Yool “that guy” is back. She disguises herself as a man and goes to meet with Wang So. He asks her to buy him. Shin Yool asks how much does he want for his cute butt? He vows to show her his butt. Just as he is about to do so, Shin Yool’s guard knocks him out.

ep4_60  ep4_62 ep4_63 ep4_61 ep4_65 ep4_66 ep4_67
They place him in a store room. Shin Yool says a bed is too good for this guy. As she starts to leave, Wang So stirs. Shin Yool spots the butterfly talisman she gave him. Yes! She pulls out her butterfly talisman. Yes! She realizes that he didn’t forget about their connection and marriage. Yes! She smiles. That’s the way to end an episode!

* The political aspects of the story moved along. Sik Ryeom determining Wang So was the prince that fought the assassins was big! I’m guessing next episode the assassin will confirm that Wang So is the prince in question. I was hoping Wang So would remain hidden but that time is coming to a close. Our scared rabbit King was bold (for him) in opposing Sik Ryeom. Trembling hands aside, the King stuck to his words and did not recant. I enjoyed the ladies of the night story. Cheong Ok is an informer from Wang So. Geum Sun is an informer for Yeo Won. I was surprised that Yeo Won appears to be the owner of the establishment. Smart way to get information from the men that frequent the establishment.
* Effective flashback to the death of Shin Yool’s mother. Her mother’s pleading for mercy then chucking Shin Yool in the river…that was a desperate move! Our suspicions that Gang Myeong and Baek Myo know more of Shin Yool’s history than they admitted to, is confirmed. 
* Jang Hyuk as Wang So has an engaging manner that draws people to him. He was popular with the ladies at the establishment . The King had an honest laugh with his brother Wang So. His interchange at the bar with Shin Yool was funny as his offered to show his butt to her. I mentioned last episode that until Wang So knows who Shin Yool is, the emotional power of their scenes will be on simmer not boil. Looks like the heat is turning up! I am so pleased that he recognized her flirty ways and put it together she was a woman. And not just a woman, but the woman from his past.
* Yeon Seo’s portrayal of Shin Yool is solid and this is a likable character. Not sure what the health issue is that was referenced but it seems to leave the door open for this character to die due to health related issues. Not sure what the past memory Wang Wook has of the woman that looks exactly like Shin Yool is. I agree with Bae Myo, Wang Wook is interested in Shin Yool. The final scenes where she sees the butterfly talisman, realizes the Wang So hasn’t forgot about her, fabulous! Can’t wait for next week!
* The second song of the OST has been released. “The Person I Miss” by Song Ji Eun of Secret was released 27 January. This song was featured in the last scene when Shin Yool realized that Wang So cares for her and has not forgotten. Check it out via the link or the embedded video below:


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3 comments on “Shine or Go Crazy Episode 4 Recap
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  2. Minihaha says:

    Thanks for the cool recap. I’m really enjoying this drama, all characters are acting out their role magnificently. Loving the butterfly OTP. Can’t wait for Baek Myeo and Shin Yool to discover that Wang So is actually a prince and not a bum swordsman! Not to keen on the potential love interest from Wang wook for Shin Yool! I don’t think Shin Yool knows that she is a princess, because when Wang Wook addressed her as Princess near the river, she said no it should be that I call you Prince . I think the other princess that looks like her is her half sister, the one that Wang Wook was in love with walking in the fields. Wang So will find out she is his wife by her birth mark of two stars on her wrist of her left hand i think!

    • kjtamuser says:

      I like your thinking. Everything you suggest has merit. I had not thought of Shin Yool having a half sister.
      Glad you are enjoying the drama too. Thx for the insightful comment!

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