Shine or Go Crazy Episode 2 Recap

Shine or Go Crazy Episode 2 Recap

We start with the fake wedding ceremony between Wang So (Jang Hyuk) and Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo).  Shin Yool gets Wang So to understand this was the only way she could keep her support family, Gang Myeong (Ahn Kil Kang) and Baek Myo (Kim Sun Young), together with her. He is affected wishing he had supportive people like that in his life. As it starts to rain he gallantly holds a coat over her head stating “you’re my bride. I can’t let you get wet”. Sweet!

Isn’t this beautiful imagery for this show? Lovely!

ep2_4 ep2_3
Nothing much happening in the wedding chamber but awkward silence. Wang So makes to leave but Shin Yool tells him General Kwak has posted two guards to verify they spent the night together. Wang So confirms this when he looks out the window.

Wang So resigns himself to wait until morning. Shin Yool says he is a good man. He laughs his laugh and says he really isn’t. She continues that he is lucky because he got an awesome bride like her. Wang So marvels at someone calling him lucky, it has not happened before. Ah, that tugged at my heart for Wang So. Baek Myo brings tea. She warns Shin Yool the guards are watching from the outside and the lights need to be turned out. She warns Wang So that if he touches Shin Yoo, it will be off with his head. It appears Wang So likes his head and is not interested in being separated from it. Shin Yool calls Baek Myo a life saver. Wang So jokes he should have that title as well. He wonders if he ever found someone he wanted to protect, would he be able to? Can he change his fate? Shin Yool hold out her hand for him to take. She tells him his fate is already changed just like her fate is changed. Wang So is reminded of the King holding out his hand to him but not being able to trust and take his father’s hand. Shin Yool wisely says that whoever held out their hand to Wang So only to have it rejected must feel disheartened.

At the palace King Wang Gun (Nam Kyoung Eub) has trouble focusing. His adviser tells him the heavens have spoken. Wang So’s marriage to Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui) will reverse his fate. The King is relieved. He wonders if Wang So will choose his own path. The King complains of being tired all the time. Oh no, the ninja star that nicked him had poison. Will Wang So ever see his father alive again?

ep2_11ep2_13 ep2_12
Kim Jong Sik (Ahn Seok Hwan) says the poison will slow the King until he dies. The anti-King plotters declare Wang Sik Ryeom (Lee Deok Hwa) must be the new King. Sik Ryeom says as the five founding fathers of this regime they have every right to pick the next king. He declares tokens will keep them safe. Each of the five men takes a token.

Wang So fitfully dreams of his mother giving him treats that he shared with his brother and servants. Wang So did not eat them because he was not feeling well. The treats were poisoned and everyone but Wang So died. His mother, Queen Yoo (Ji Su Won), was distraught over the death of his brother and declared Wang So cursed and that he never should have been born. His mother is a scary woman!

Wang So wakes and remembers father saying to change his fate Wang So must take his offered hand, which Wang So refused. Wang So remembers Shin Yool taking his hand saying that he took her hand and changed fate. He stares at his hand. Will things be different now?

ep2_17 ep2_18
He watches Shin Yool sleep sitting up. As she starts to sag he guides her head to his shoulder. That is a classic move I never tire of! He tells her (thinking she is sleeping) that for the first time in his life, he saved someone (her). Now he wants to try and change his fate. He thanks her and gently lays her in bed. He takes off his wedding finery and leaves.

Shin Yool runs after him. She thanks him for being her one night husband. Wang So tells her to forget this ever happened. She puts an arm on his to stop him. She takes half her necklace and give it to him. She tells him the talisman will bring him luck. Ah, it is the butterfly talisman from the opening scene of the series. Wang So doesn’t believe in talisman. Shin Yool presses it into his hand anyway. It is time for him to have some luck in his life.

ep2_25 ep2_26 ep2_27 ep2_28
She asks what is the most important thing in his world. He wonders. He gently kisses her forehead. They stare into each other’s eyes. He tells her their contract is over. He leaves. The cinematography in that scene was lovely. Subtle lighting to see through her veil yet keep that sense of intimacy. Yes, that is it, the scene had intimacy between these two strangers that feel an inexplicable pull towards each other.

ep2_30 ep2_29
Eun Chun (Kim Roe Ha) asks Wang So what he has been doing. Wang So clutching the talisman says he was saving someone’s world. Eun Chun thinks he was at a brothel. The good news is that Eun Chun has located the someone working for the man that sent the 6 ninjas. Wang So is ready to go get the guy. Eun Chul suggests eating. Wang So counters one’s stomach should be empty before battle. Ha!

ep2_31 ep2_32
Time for fight #2! Wang So pins the guy on a table and asks who is your boss. The man will not answer. Wang So takes the ninja star from the attack on his father and nicks the man’s forehead with it. The man freaks out (recall the ninja star has poison on the tip). He drink an antidote. Wang So recalls the nick on his father’s neck. Horrified he realizes the ninja star is poisoned. He battles with the man for the remaining antidote. Eun Chul kills the man as he tries to escape. Wang So declares they must get back to the palace as soon as possible.

ep2_33 ep2_34
Shin Yool dreams of Wang So. When she wakes her brother Yang Gyu Dal (Heo Jeong Min), Gang Myeong and Baek Myo are holding vigil. She has slept for 4 days! She recommends they move back to the capital (where the palace is and Wang So is returning to). General Kwak will find out that Wang So was only a one night groom and the penalty will not be one any of them want to pay. She tells Gang Myeong and Baek Myo she wants to find her biological parents before they die.

Wang So and Eun Chul speed their way to the palace.

Wang Wook (Lim Ju Hwan) asks the King not to make his sister Yeo Won marry Wang So. The King, looking tired and haggard, refuses his request.

ep2_39 ep2_38ep2_40
Wang So is relieved his father is alive but upset at his haggard appearance. He holds out the antidote telling his father he was poisoned. His father nods. He’d guessed this already. His father wants to full report. Wang So wants him to drink the antidote. Father does drink the antidote saying he hopes this works. Me too, I’m liking the King more this episode.

Too bad, the antidote is not working. The poison had already spread throughout the King’s body. The King tells his physician to keep the fact that he was poisoned a secret or his family will be killed. I’d say that is sufficient incentive to keep quiet.

ep2_41 ep2_42ep2_43
The King draws Wang So close by taking his hand. He admits his heart has ached ever since he sent him away from the palace. He knew Wang So was being poisoned so banishing him was the only way he knew to save him. He asks for Wang So’s forgiveness. Wang So cries.

ep2_44 ep2_45 ep2_46 ep2_47
The King has Wang So take him to his wall of swords. He tells Wang So his dreams are short lived as he has limited time left. He tells Wang So one of the nobles poisoned him. The anti-King nobles will rise up to defeat Wang So after he is dead. The King urges Wang So to accept the royal match to Yeo Won he has decreed.

ep2_48 ep2_49
The King asks Wang So to hunt down the nobles that poisoned him and kill them all. No, I don’t imagine my father would give me that particular assignment.  The King asks if Wang So will do this for him. Wang So takes the offered talisman and agrees. The King is pleased. Nothing says love like revenge after death.

ep2_50 ep2_51
Wang Wook visits Yeo Won (Lee Ha Nui) the day before the wedding. He is worried that she is sacrificing her happiness for the family with the goal to make him King. She simply states there is no other way to achieve her goals.

Wang So stares at his wedding finery and remembers his father’s words. Use Yeo Won and her family as a shield.

ep2_52 ep2_53
Se Won (Na Jong Chan) visits Yeo Won and requests she let him remain her shadow after she marries Wang So. Every girl needs a devoted and besotted man to do her bidding.

ep2_55 ep2_54
Wang So and Yeo Won are dressed for the wedding. Do they look happy to you?

Shin Yool, Yang Gyu Dal, Gang Myeong and Baek Myo arrive in the capital. Baek Myo tells Shin Yool she knows that besides finding her parents she hopes to find her runaway groom. Shin Yoo does not deny this.

Wang So and Yeo Won enter the palace ready to be wed. The King looks like the only one in the crowd that is happy about this event. If you can believe it, Wang So thinks about the King’s advice on how to win battles during the ceremony. In a nutshell wait until the time is right and then strike.

The King dies.

Yeo Won waits for Wang So on their wedding night. Se Won watches from afar.

Wang So holds the king’s talisman up and tells the palace ninjas led by Eun Chul they will go underground and emerge stronger than ever. Interesting thing to do, train with ninja on your wedding night.

A new king is crowned.

…5 year time jump…


ep2_62Shin Yool still searches for her runaway groom in the sea of faces. Baek Myo wants her to move on from this fantasy. Much to Baek Myo’s surprise she spots Wang So in the crowd. She distracts Shin Yool to she is not looking when he walks past. That is another classic scene. The good news is Wang So is still smoking hot after a time jump.


ep2_64Wait for it…yes…they see each other!

Brief Comments:
* This was a slower paced setup episode. Lots happened that I liked but the episode did have some draggy bits.
* So many of the scenes are filmed at night and it can be difficult to clearly see everything. I vote for more daylight scenes!
* Jang Hyuk as Wang So showed tenderness with Shin Yool at their wedding. I loved the way she affected him by taking his hand and telling him he was good luck for her. As someone that considers himself a blight and curse on this world, those words were a soothing balm on his soul. The repaired relationship with the King up to his death was wonderful to watch. The actor that played the King, Nam Kyoung Eub, did the noble vibe well. I got no sense anything between Wang So and Yeo Won but they’ve had no speaking dialog yet. I’ll be interested to see this expanded in the next episode.
* Yeon Seo portrayal of Shin Yool worked again. Her interactions with Wang So in the wedding chamber had tenderness not only from him but her too. When she took his hand declaring he was good luck to her…what a gift she gave him. I like her and wonder how they will connect now that Wang So is married and 5 years has passed.
* I’m still in scorecard mode for the other characters. I’m glad there was a definitive number of plotters (5) that Wang So needs to hunt down. The real story starts in episode 3, now that the set up episodes are done. Let’s do this!


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11 comments on “Shine or Go Crazy Episode 2 Recap
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  2. Drama Fan says:

    Thankssss! This story is so fun! Love the OTP and I agree on we need more daylight scenes! 🙂

  3. Drama Fan says:

    Reblogged this on Stuck on Hyuk and commented:
    Shine or Go Crazy Ep2 recap by kjtamuser

  4. Wang So’s mother is indeed a scary woman, i think she will be even scarier now that the King is dead, she will consider Wang So’s curse responsible for this. I’m really curious how their relationship will get warmer and mother-son oriented. Because it has to become this way!

    Sageuk plotters must be the most hateful people for me in kdramas xD In the way they talk with that husky voice you notice that they are evil! I always laugh though when they say that railroad jeooooooooooonhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa with that pharyngitis-like voice lol

    Wang So will have to deal with so many people against him or neutral to him! The 5 plotters, yeo won’s brother, yeo won’s guardian, his mother, yeo won herself, it will be really interesting to say the least!

    • kjtamuser says:

      I am with you. Mom has a ready scapegoat (in her mind) in Wang So. Mom is ice cold! LOL on the voices. They also continuously chuckle. The odds are against Wang So with the “we hated Wang So club”. This will not be easy path for him. I am looking forward to journey.

  5. anastassia says:


    The downside of me is Yeon So speak with modern tone. That is sooo drawback for me. It is obvious and visible. Other’s actor/actress speak is still acceptable.

    I know this is fusion but I hope a bit of effort from her part.

  6. Minihaha says:

    I am loving the butterfly OTP too. I really hope that they get together soon and Wang So recognises his one night only bride. I hate Wang So second wife, she is a conniving schemer. Man that’s why the nation of Goryeon ended because of all the political plotting behind the kings back, making the poor citizens suffer, and the rich richer. Hope there are many more sweet moments between Wang So and Shin Yool.

    • kjtamuser says:

      OTP chemistry is there. Wondering if his marriage will block them to only memories of their 1 night and longing for each other. I hope not.

  7. judithmew says:

    If Wang Wook is brother to Yeon So does that make Wang So half-brother to his wife?? Or is he only related to Wang Wook O.o

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