Healer Episode 13 Recap

Healer Episode 13. Best episode of the series. Confrontations, revelations, and one character’s demise will spur our hero forward. The cherry on the top was a subtly hot scene between our couple. Yep, my love for this series ratcheted up again.

We start with more details about the baited trap that caught Healer last episode. Healer’s mother tells right hand man that she has not seen her son in 10 years, he has been studying abroad. At least that backs up the story Healer told Moon Shik as Jun Seok that he had been studying in Russia. Right hand man swipes Healer’s mother’s cell phone as she heads to the restroom. Ah, that’s how he lured Healer to his car in the parking garage. Mom smartly leaves the restaurant out the back door hoping Healer does not come.

Healer’s fight with Double S Goon leader leaves him hurt and lurching up the stairs to the roof. Healer substitute strips him of his jacket and hat then pushes him out of the stairwell and onto the roof. Ah, the Healer substitute is Teacher (original Healer). Shout out to those that told me it would be Teacher. As Teacher turns you can practically see the Double S Goon leader think “what the heck, who is this guy?”

Holy smokes, Min Ja calls Young Shin (Park Min Young) directly to elicit her help. I did not see that coming. Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Min Ja tells Young Shin that Bong Soo is hurt and in the building. Young Shin searches for him avoiding the mass exodus of the Double S Goon squad from the parking garage.  She also sees cyber detective Dong Won in hot pursuit.  She finds blood on the floor and believes the Double S Goon have taken Bong Soo.  Min Ja calls and Young Shin is upset. Min Ja calms her and says that Bong Soo is in the building…she KNOWS this. Min Ja is calm with a soothing voice. Does the actress narrate audio books on the side? She has the voice for it.

Young Shin remembers Bong Soo telling her he likes high places and heads to the roof finding blood and Healer passed out. She calls emergency services. “You“, Healer OST Part 4 plays in the background. From her phone log she calls Min Ja but the number is out of service.

In the emergency room doctors go to work tending Healer’s injured arm and warming his cold body. The doctors tell Young Shin that he is very muscular so the wound is not deep. She stares amazed someone would say that about him. Hmm, have I found another reason to work out? In a knife fight, the wound would be less severe? Nope. Young Shin and cyber detective Dong Won agree to reschedule their meeting.


She sits next to Bong Soo and watches him sleep. She has many questions she wants to ask. He semi-wakes, sees her, raises his hand and she grasps it. He falls back to sleep holding her hand. She tries to draw her hand away but he is holds on tight. She flashes to holding Healer’s hand at the movie theater then holding Bong Soo’s hand at her house. Could it be? “Eternal Love“, Healer OST Part 1 plays in the background.  She recalls Healer saving her in the alley and giving her 2 pills then Bong Soo giving her 2 pills at work when she needed them. Is this the moment she figures it out? She pulls out of his hand and runs to his car. She searches his car and finds the origami star she made in the phone booth while talking to Bong Soo about Healer (episode 9). Jackpot! She stares in disbelief. This is excellent!

She returns to the emergency room. Bong Soo is awake, changed clothes thanks to Dae Yong who brought him the clothes. As he puts on what looks to be the coat his mother bought him, he sees Young Shin staring at him. They are a bit awkward with each other. He thanks her for bringing him to the hospital. By the way, Chang Wook’s hair looks fabulous. She looks at Dae Yong who Healer says is someone like his little sister. Young Shin returns his car keys. Dae Yong grabs them and exits to bring the car around. Young Shin does not question his lame excuse of falling over and injuring his arm after taking sleeping pills. Young Shin mentions she got a call from someone she thought was his mother who was worried about him. She claims she did not call her back so he should get in touch with her. He apologizes for making her worried. As he walks away she asks if he’ll be back at work tomorrow. He confirms he will and leaves.

After he walks out of the room, she cries. Who can blame her? She’s realized the man of her dreams, Healer, is also Bong Soo, her co worker. She has been drawn to Bong Soo and Healer, which confused her. But he has a secret identify that he has not shared with her. Right now, she’s keeping this to herself. But the secret and the separation the secret causes, it hurts.

Min Ja tells Healer that Teacher was taken by Double S goons. He is not happy. Min Ja was worried the tranquilizer could have killed Healer it was so powerful. Healer checks for the origami star and finds it. Relief floods him. He directs Dae Yong to take him to Moon Shik’s house. This guy went after his mother and Young Shin and must pay. He jerks the steering wheel so Dae Yong is forced off the road. She stops the car. He pulls her out none too gently. She is not happy. He is mad and resolute that Moon Shik will pay. Wait a minute, he has no car keys! He gets out to see Dae Yong dangling the car key and hears Min Ja ask are you going to kill Moon Shik and then prove your father is not a murderer? Are you never going to see Young Shin again? He swipes the keys out of Dae Yong’s hands and leaves. Min Ja is relentless talking to him. Don’t you want to know why Moon Shik went after Young Shin? Healer claims he will beat the information out of him before he kills Moon Shik. Min Ja states that Young Shin’s mother is in that house married to Moon Shik. That finally does it. Healer beats the steering wheel in frustration. Wow! The emotional intensity has been on high this episode. Riveting scenes!

Young Shin is home but listless. Her father sees her crying. Young Shin explains this jerk has been lying to her from the beginning. She trusted him. He lied to her. But…if she tells him she knows, he might leave. Ah, my heart goes out to her. She can’t lose him from her life. Her father nods his support and hugs her. Wow! Min Young knocked that scene out of the park!

Her father and ex-con coffee shop worker talk about her. Ex-con coffee shop worker sees clearly that Young Shin depends on Bong Soo. Father notes she has never brought a guy home before. Ex-con coffee shop worker says Bong Soo is the man Young Shin trusts with her secrets. He is the one upsetting her now. Well done ex-con coffee shop worker. His observations yields correct conclusions.

In the sweetest father-daughter scene ever…Young Shin’s father brings her warm milk to drink. She asks why he picked her at the orphanage. There were beautiful fun children. Why her? Father admits she was hard to get to know but he waited…and she came to him. He could have waited longer for her, but she came quicker than he thought. She leans against her father and cries. He cries. And I cry too. Such a lovely quiet scene. And I think Young Shin has the answer on how to deal with Healer…wait and he will come to her.

Moon Shik arrives at Double S ready to see his prize, Healer. Min Ja watches the exterior through the CCTV. She sees the police arrive and grins. She grabs a burner phone.  Moon Shik is surprised to see Teacher, Young Jae, purported to be Healer. He asks everyone to leave the room so he can talk to his good friend. Moon Shik smiles that smile and holds out his hand to Teacher who says he does not feel like shaking his hand. Moon Shik does not believe he was at his house recently. Teacher quips he’ll give him a 10% friend discount next time. LOL! Moon Shik says he is not Healer. Teacher asks if Myung Hee still sleeps all day. Flashback to Teacher visiting Moon Shik holding vigil at Myung Hee’s bedside. There isn’t warmth between them. Teacher tells Moon Shik he is suspicious of him. How did 3 men, Joon Seok (Healer’s father), Gil Han (Young Shin’s father), and Moon Shik, go out and only 1 man, Moon Shik, return? How did Moon Shik become department chief of a news organization? He was a junkyard owner that drove his reporter friends. Present day, Moon Shik tells Teacher that Joon Seok’s son asked about his father. Moon Shik asks why Teacher has always been a bad person. Delusional thy name is Moon Shik. He asks if Teacher is working with Moon Ho digging up the past and stirring things up. Teacher notes the father may be dead but the mothers and their children remain. He starts to sing the 3 bears song (I first heard that song watching Full House). Smiling that smile Moon Shik says he is angry. Raising the bar, Teacher asks if Moon Shik only killed Joon Seok (Healer’s father) and Gil Han (Young Shin’s father) or were there others? Teacher vows to keep the children safe. Smiling staring ensues.

The police arrive outside the building. Cyber detective and his two officers ask the other officers why they came. They got a phone call that a kidnapped person was in the building. Bless Min Ja! Double S President hustles Moon Shik out of the building. Teacher hits two goons who try and move him. When the police enter the building they find Teacher. Cyber detective asks Double S leader who he kidnapped from the parking lot today. Teacher waves his hand.

Healer approaches his mother outside her house while a man watches and takes pictures. As he hugs her Healer tells his mother they are being watched and she needs to act as if she has not seen him in 10 years. At the eatery Healer shows her a picture of him in the coat she bought him. He apologizes for the worry and stress the day caused her. She says supporting him how he needs is the least she can do. The man following them enters the eatery and sits near them recording their conversation on his phone. Healer tells his mother not to contact him again and that he is leaving the country. He tells her that their relationship is done. Even though she knows he is acting, she cries, what mother would want to hear that from their child? Flashback to teenage Healer confronting his mother in the playground as she watches her new son play. She cries. He asks why she can live with her new son but not him. As he leaves the playground her new husband stops him and says that his mother cries and misses him. Healer looks back at his mother who is crying. He can’t help it, he believes his mother cares and is sorry. He asks for the new husband’s coat, tells him not to let his mother cry, and leaves. Nice scene! Your can see the young cocky Healer try and compensate for the rejection. The way he confronts her is bold but he sees the truth…that she still cares. We see present day Healer swinging alone in the dark as he remembers.

Healer visits Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) and updates him on the angst his brother wrought yesterday. Healer asks why Moon Shik tried to kill Young Shin. Moon Ho says it was Elder that ordered Young Shin killed. Who is Elder? Moon Ho does not know what he looks like. Why is Moon Ho talking like they are a team? Moon Ho believes it will take Healer, himself and possibly Young Shin to stop the bad guys.  Healer has a simple plan: 1. Find & eliminate Elder, 2. Find his father’s police file, 3. Ensure he never bothers Young Shin again.  Moon Ho has to laugh. If Elder is killed another will take his place. The door bells rings. Moon Ho says it is a lady he likes and asks Healer to get the door.  It is Young Shin at the door much to Healer’s surprise. They are awkward. Jong Soo (Moon Ho’s former associate at the TV station and Moon Shik’s spy)  enters the apartment complaining about having to work on a Saturday. Young Shin is there to interview Moon Ho. Healer watches their easy banter.

At Moon Shik’s house, Myung Hee refuses the sleeping pills her wants her to take. She wants to think. He wants her to stabilize. Myung Hee wants to know how he could afford to pay her massive hospital bills 22 years ago. As he has told her before, he sold the junk yard. She doubts that raised enough cash. He notes she has been different since Joon Seok’s son (Healer) visited. He tries to hold her hand but she pulls away. He stares. He sees the love of his life may be slipping through his fingers.

Young Shin is following Moon Shik’s money trail in her interview of Moon Ho. She confirms that Moon Shik sold the junkyard and became department chief of a powerful new organization. Moon Shik was promoted every year until in 5 years he became president. Young Shin finds it mystifying that someone without a news background became president in 5 years. Moon Ho says that the news organization almost went bankrupt until Omega stepped in, bought the company and promoted Moon Shik to president. Healer can’t help himself, he is interested.

Healer is worried that Teacher is at the police station. Min Ja tells him not to fret. Teacher has it under control. Healer frets that Teacher was in jail for 10 years and cannot go back.

Moon Ho assigns Healer, Young Shin, and Jong Soo to study the information on Moon Shik. Healer tries to avoid it claiming he has plans. Young Shin suggests Jong Soo go to her house to work. You know Healer can’t resist her right?

At home Young Shin introduces Jong Soo to her father and ex-con coffee shop worker.  As they head into the office her father confirms Bong Soo’s name. Father and ex-con coffee shop worker notice the lack of warmth towards Bong Soo and the warmth towards Jong Soo. They wonder which guy made Young Shin cry.

Healer cannot stand watching Jong Soo get close to Young Shin and exits the office. Young Shin finds him in the coffee shop and asks “east or west”. Healer picks east. Young Shin says that gets him 1 minute of conversation. Healer asks what west was. Young Shin says that was a 10 second hug. Healer wants to change his answer. LOL! They laugh. Gosh I’ve missed their easy vibe this episode. Healer says he thought she was mad at him. Young Shin says she was holding herself back…from holding his hand. She wants to be held and talk to him all night long. And kiss him too. Healer stares. But Young Shin says he is not available, so she is mad at that fact. She starts to leave but he stops her. She says he hasn’t come to her. Healer says there must be a good reason. She believes that. But she says he is still a jerk. Healer agrees. Young Shin declares she will wait for him but she is getting mad. She puts her head lightly on his shoulder. When Healer goes to embrace her she walks away lightly grazing his hand. He reaches for her but she is gone. He looks longingly at her. Well played Young Shin, you made him want you and you let him know that he needs to act. These two have a just below the surface chemistry that is fabulous. How do they manage to be that hot just talking and staring with minimal contact?

Young Shin reads an article about Moon Shik and sees a picture of Myung Hee and Moon Shik.

Min Ja observes right hand man meeting a man but she cannot place who it is. Cyber detective interrogates Teacher and asks if he knows Min Ja a former detective for the cyber team and his former boss. He says Min Ja’s hacking skills were the best. In the parking lot yesterday he felt her presence. You see a man throwing a vial away. Is Teacher’s food drugged? Teacher pulls on his shirt like he is hot. Then Teacher admits that he must turn himself in because he is Healer. Min Ja tells Healer that one of cyber detective men visited right hand man and she is worried for Teacher. Healer is off like a shot. Cyber detective is getting a confession from Teacher. He asks about his past jobs. Teacher says let’s start with the most recent, pulling on his shirt again. Teacher says he does not have much time. Oh no, this isn’t going the way I want. Has he been poisoned? Are we watching his murder? He confesses to working for Moon Shik and emptying the safe in President Hwang’s house. Cyber detective asks if he killed President Hwang. Teacher’s mouth starts foaming. Oh no! Teacher knew he was being murdered and confessed to take the heat off Healer.

Healer arrives at the police station and sees the ambulance, the sheet draped body and the upset cyber detective. Teacher’s bloody lifeless arm falls out and Healer stares knowing who is under the sheet and dead.

* The writer, Song Ji Na, crafted the best episode of the series. So many fabulous intense moments in this episode. Ask me if I’m sorry that Myung Hee is pulling away from Moon Shik and doubting him. Ask me if I enjoyed Teacher laughing in Moon Shik’s face and promising to protect the children. Ask me if I think the children (Healer and Young Shin) will rise up along with the mothers to defeat Moon Shik and Elder. Ask me if I wish Teacher had not been murdered but see why the writer decided to do this. I will miss Teacher’s satisfaction and laughter when Moon Shik gets caught. Teacher deserved to see the day.
* Have you ever watched a series where hand holds were so big? Myung Hee’s withdrawl of her hand from Moon Shik signifies the beginning of the end for them. Healer and Young Shin’s hand hold at the hospital gave her kick to investigate her hunch that maybe Bong Soo was Healer. Healer and Young Shin’s hand graze at the coffee shop signified the longing and want between these characters.
* Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo, Healer, was desperate to reach out and touch Young Shin. He was so darling when he was jealous. Could he get any cuter asking to change his answer to earn the 10 second hug? This couple works for me in a different way from many other “cute couples” that populate kdramas. This couple has mystery and layers to peel away making them more complex. Besides that, their are hot together with minimal skinship! Healer’s interactions with his mother and the flashback that showed his mother did care for him even after she abandoned him helped clarify why they have a warm relationship today. Min Ja really had to work to divert Healer from hurting Moon Shik after he put his mother and Young Shin in jeopardy. You see that Healer must protect those he loves. And he loves his mother and Young Shin.
* Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin, figured it out! She knows Bong Soo is Healer! Her reaction resonated, she got angry and withdrew from Healer. Yep, the man you love is lying to you. That does not warm your heart. But he is the man you love, so you want to be with him even though you are angry. Love…ain’t it grand? The father daughter moment was beautiful. Father gave her the key to Healer’s heart, wait until he comes to you. I loved how she took that key and put Healer on notice that she needed some interaction but she was willing to wait.
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho had limited screen time this episode. He did not appear until the 40 minute mark. He did a fabulous job interacting with Healer. He has wisdom but Healer wants nothing to do with his guidance because he lied to him. LOL when Young Shin was the “lady I like” at the door. Healer was so obviously jealous of Young Shin’s interactions with Moon Ho and Jong Soo. Moon Ho loved to stir that pot. Hate to say it but Teacher’s murder could open the door to Healer accepting Moon Ho’s advice.

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  2. Amanda says:

    This was such a compelling story and I am so happy to read your recaps! I love how everything is going to be about Jung Hoo because this persona of him was lacking before and the development of his character has just been awesome.


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