Healer Episode 14 Recap

Healer Episode 14.  Teacher’s death is the catalyst for each character to look inward. Healer takes Teacher’s death especially hard. He gets a needed push from two women in his life to breach the barrier into his home and heart.

Healer (Ji Chang Wook) is distraught over Teacher’s death. Min Ja’s team including Dae Yong are able to keep Healer away so the police don’t notice him. Healer takes off in the car. Dae Yong calls Min Ja to let her know Healer has left the scene. Min Ja calls Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) about Teacher’s death. Cyber detective Dong Won orders the CCTV and scene sealed. Healer walks into the hospital and wacks 2 guys that try and block his access to the morgue. He hesitates before lifting the sheet on Teacher’s body then sees with his own eyes, his mentor is dead. Moon Ho meets cyber detective Dong Won as he enters the hospital. As they make their way to the morgue, they find one of the wacked guys. Cyber detective stops to help the man. Moon Ho realizing that Healer may be there, hurries past the preoccupied cyber detective. When he reaches the morgue, Healer is gone. Good thing because cyber detective Dong Won is right behind him. Moon Ho confirms he knew Young Jae (Teacher). Cyber detective asks how Moon Ho knew about his death. Master of avoiding questions, Moon Ho side steps this question with an oblique response. He promises Teacher that he will take over. Yes! I do not want Healer alone without a supportive hand. Moon Ho has the chops to add additional brain power to taking down Moon Shik and Elder. Healer has got the brawn covered (and he’s smart too). Cyber detective gets on the phone to tell his team to be ready for a hacker to access Teacher’s interrogation video. He orders them to set a trap and catch the hacker.

Healer’s memories of Teacher flood him while he drives. Moon Ho’s car cuts him forcing him to stop. Moon Ho tells him that a woman (Min Ja) called him warning him that Healer would try and kill Moon Shik. Healer pushes past Moon Ho who blocks him. Healer gets in some punches ignoring Moon Ho’s statement that he should not become a murderer to get his revenge.  At his wit’s end, Healer yells what should he do now? Moon Ho tells him they will figure it out together. Healer admits he feels guilty for bringing Teacher back into this mess. He didn’t even have a meal with Teacher and focused only on his anger. Healer heads back to his car. Moon Ho promises he will make the guilty pay. Healer does not believe that. Moon Ho urges him to trust him. Healer asks what is his plan? Moon Ho doesn’t have one…yet. Healer leaves, tires squealing.

Now that Moon Shik is an official candidate for mayor, reporters come to his house for interviews and pictures. In front of the reporters, Myung Hee does not pull her hand away from Moon Shik as she has done in private. She listens to her husband talk to reporters in the study. I had to laugh when Moon Shik claimed he was transparent and could not hide anything.

Young Shin (Park Min Young) calls and calls Bong Soo (Healer) but he does not pick up. Moon Ho shows up telling everyone that Bong Soo is taking a couple of days off.  On cue, Young Shin goes to Moon Ho’s office to talk. Is anyone else loving the jeans on the bottom and business attire on the top that Moon Ho sports? He rocks that look. Young Shin wonders if Moon Ho can use his connection to get her an interview with Moon Shik. Moon Ho declares starting today Moon Shik is no longer his brother. Wow! That is an inflexible stance. Young Shin wants to meet Moon Shik’s wife. Their marriage is described as an epic love and she wants to meet the woman that is Moon Shik’s partner. She hypothesizes if Moon Shik can be loyal and loving to one woman for a lifetime he can’t be all bad. Moon Ho says he’ll think about it. As Young Shin exits, she asks what is the status of Bong Soo. Moon Ho says he called in sick.

Min Ja tells Teacher’s picture she’s about to hack for him. She wonders if cyber detective Dong Won is lying in wait for her. The answer is yes. As they battle each other, they both flash back to their working relationship. Min Ja was a devoted cyber detective that elected to finish the job while her son was ill in the hospital. In the present, are you surprised when Min Ja bests the cyber detectives, avoids their traps, and gets the interrogation video? No, I thought not.

Min Ja plays the video for Healer who is dissolute. She tells Healer that Teacher was talking to Healer not the detective. We learns some interesting things. Teacher got the name Healer from a magazine his friends published in high school. That must be the magazine titled “Healer” that Moon Ho had in his briefcase. Teacher says that all his jobs were for money only, morality or ethics mattered not. Maybe he should not have been like that. He states he did not kill scared rabbit client (episode 1). He refuses jobs like that because when you kill a human being, you are no longer human. Well said! Teacher says he’s only regret is not quitting sooner so he could have a couple of kids with the woman he likes. Lovely that he gives Healer permission to quit and move on to a life with Young Shin. The video stops. Healer wants to see more. Min Ja tells him he’s seen what matters, Teacher’s wishes for him. Min Ja tells Healer he can retire, he can become Bong Soo permanently. Healer says that would be for naught. Young Shin knows who he is. Ah, I wasn’t sure if he got her message that she was talking to Healer through him…I guess so! Min Ja is surprised that Young Shin isn’t saying anything if she knows. Healer says it is best because being near him will only put her in danger. Worn out emotionally, he says he should get some sleep. What he really does is turn off the computers and access Min Ja has to him, then take the battery out of his cell phone after reading a text from Young Shin berating him for not contacting her, and walks out. I don’t know why, but him unplugging those computers was a huge statement of disconnecting from Min Ja’s support and going it alone. I’m not happy my Healer is miserable.

Moon Ho seeks out producer Min Jae, telling her an old friend just died and a young man he cares for has been out of contact for 4 days. He said he realized she was his only friend. He claims he is sad and lonely. She tells him he is scared. She says he is not really brave like people perceive him. Instead he only fights enough so he does not get hurt. I find that statement insightful. That is apropos with how Moon Ho has lived his life.

Lovely, our girl Young Shin is on a mission to find where Healer lives. But she can only do it intermittently because investigation into Moon Shik is time consuming. LOL at the threatening messages to Healer! If only he was listening. She also leaves pleading messages with her heart on her sleeve. I feel for her.

Moon Ho declares they will be doing a time delayed counter interview to the live interview Moon Shik will be giving. They need to obtain the questions that Moon Shik will answer so they can prepare their responses. Jong Soo (Moon Ho’s former associate at the TV station and Moon Shik’s spy) is assigned the job of obtaining the questions. Moon Ho finds finds Young Shin and gives her Myung Hee’s phone number. Young Shin asks if she can use him as a reference if Myung Hee hesitates about granting her the interview. Moon Ho agrees.  Oh man, I support this but it gives me pause…mother and daughter meeting after all these years. Of course they won’t recognize each other. This is big.

Myung Hee tries to search Moon Shik’s desk but all the drawers are locked. She finds the secret button and the wall slides away to reveal a bank of monitors. Just then Young Shin calls requesting an interview. Myung Hee wants to know how she got her private number. She states her boss, Moon Ho, gave it to her. That surprises Myung Hee as Moon Ho knows she values her privacy. When Young Shin tells her that Moon Ho owns the newspaper she works for, Myung Hee is surprised at this news. Young Shin is surprised she did not know. It has been awhile since Moon Ho took over the newspaper. Myung Hee asks for time to consider the request. Young Shin quickly agrees. They agree to call or text once she has decided.

Min Ja has Dae Yong doing the foot work looking for Healer but without success. Min Ja thinks he’s been staying in one place as his car and motorcycle have not been driven.

Time to bring out the big guns to dislodge Healer. Min Ja barges right past ex-con coffee shop worker as he arrives to open the store. He tells her they open in 30 minutes. She tells him he needs to open right now. Ha! Resigned, he goes around the counter and asks for her order. Min Ja asks for a woman, she does not give orders to a man. LOL! When Young Shin comes downstairs before she leaves for work, Min Ja tells Young Shin she can take her order and walks to a table to wait for service. Ex-con coffee shop worker is irritated but Young Shin says she can handle this customer. When she tries to take the order Min Ja asks Young Shin to sit with her. Min Ja prompts her memory of her voice. Young Shin is excited and asks where Bong Soo is. She’s been unable to contact him for days. Calmly Min Ja takes her phone and enters the information to go to Healer’s home. She states he hasn’t ordered food, water, or exited for 6 days. She must get in to see if he is ok and there is only one person that he would open the door to. Min Ja looks pointedly at Young Shin and asks if she understands what she is saying. Young Shin’s face says it all. She claps Min Ja’s hand begging to know if Healer is ok. Satisfied Min Ja tells her she needed to see with her own eyes Young Shin’s feelings for him. Min Ja hands her the cell phone with Healer’s address. This is going to be epic!

Young Shin arrives outside Healer’s warehouse. She picks the lock to get the elevator to operate. That is so cool! Following Min Ja’s map she find the outer area to his apartment. “You“, Healer OST Part 4 plays in the background. She uses a stethoscope to listen to the walls. She is shooting up my list of coolest kdrama heroines! She finds the sign to open the door and flips it. The door opens. I am practically giddy with anticipation!

She finds him asleep. Relieved, she runs to his sleeping body. He slowly wakes thinking he is dreaming that she is there. He says he’s cold. She gets into his bed to share her body warmth. He burrows into her. I am tearing up at this tender moment. This moment resonates with her love for him and need for his physical well being.

When he wakes he isn’t exactly welcoming. She offers him soup. She tells him she’s taken the day off work and like it or not, she is staying with him until tomorrow. He says this is not a place she should be. She needs to leave and not come back. She asks if this rudeness is the real him. Bong Soo isn’t like this. He shakes his head saying she does not understand. She tells him it is late. She’ll stay the night. If he wants her gone in the morning, she’ll go.

He tries to force her to leave by putting on her coat and leading her to the door. But she wiggles out of his grasp. She says he stays at her house when ever he wants. Now it is her turn. He asks if she knows who he is. Does she realize how much he hides? She doesn’t care. She won’t leave him.  Dead serious Young Shin says…If you make me leave, you’ll cry your whole life. Healer finally utters his biggest fear…I can hurt you. Young Shin disagrees…you’ll never let me get hurt. He pulls her towards the door. She pulls him toward her. She hugs him. Young Shin pleads…don’t send me away. Healer finally breaks…he hugs her back, tears streaming. She pulls away. She stares into his eyes. She kisses him. He kisses her back. “Eternal Love“, Healer OST Part 1, swells in the background. Bam! That’s the way to end an episode!

* This episode was not as riveting as the last episode, how could it be? The writer, Song Ji Na, had to deal with the grief of Teacher’s death. The grief touched Healer, Min Ja and Moon Ho. I liked that each character had a moment remembering Teacher. It was well done though somber.
* When Myung Hee searched Moon Shik’s desk I realized she is serious about getting the dirt on him. I thought for sure that right hand man would appear and find her. Though likely the CCTV will inform them she was there and what she saw. I wonder if Moon Shik will be faced with Elder trying to eliminate Myung Hee based on right hand man’s intel, and Moon Shik will sacrifice his life to save her. That feels like a possible redemption moment for him. Is having Moon Shik carted to jail sufficient? Right now, I think not.
* Superb episode for Min Ja. She engaged directly for those she loved. She hacked the police computers and retrieved the interrogation video…like there was any doubt she’d best them? When she played the interrogation video for Healer, she correctly assessed that Teacher was talking to Healer. Teacher left his final recommendations at Healer’s feet. When Teacher told Healer to quit and restart with his woman, I saw a vision of the end of this series where Healer does just that. Min Ja went directly to Young Shin and determined this woman loved Healer. Min Ja saw the depth of feeling on Young Shin’s face. Young Shin could and should be trusted to break Healer’s barriers down.
* Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo, Healer, was plunged into the grip of grief. Chang Wook’s performance felt solid. There are times when I don’t believe an actor’s portrayal of grief. I felt Healer’s pain and more importantly his desire to curl up and retract from the world. The writer did respected Healer’s stance when Young Shin showed up at his apartment. He did not get giddy because his woman was there. He got angry. She breached the fortress and that put her in danger. The moment he told her he feared for her safety because of him…that felt 100% real. Superb delivery of those crucial lines.
* Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin, alternated between despair and anger as Healer ended contact with the outside world. I simply adore the angry texts she sends Healer. When she was breaking and entering Healer’s lair…my esteem for Young Shin sky rocketed. Her determination and desperation for Healer not to kick her out was palpable. The two skinship moments were lovely and polar opposites. First,  Young Shin entered the apartment and found Healer sleeping. She gently woke him. When she realized he was cold, she got into his bed. With only comfort on her mind, she pulled him to her. When he burrowed into her, it was sweet. The second moment was magic for Young Shin. She finally got Healer to be real. Then she took control. She pulled him to her. She hugged him. She stared at him letting him know he was about to get kissed. And then she went in for the kiss. Healer responded and the episode ends. Why is that awesome? Because Young Shin took control of the moment. In fact she took control when Min Ja gave her the map and location of Healer’s apartment. From that moment Young Shin was in the driver’s seat. I’ve written about a lot of kisses and the majority of the time I describe the man starting into her eyes, pulling her close, etc. you get the picture. I relished Young Shin’s perfect right to go get her man and brand him as hers.
* Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho had an excellent episode as he saw his own limitations and shortcomings. His vow to not let Healer go it alone was terrific. On the flip side, he couldn’t answer Healer on what to do next. His admission to producer Min Jae that she was his only friend felt real. But even better was her analysis that he wasn’t really tough. Moon Ho only fights enough to keep him out of the fire. Finally he decided that Young Shin had the right to meet her mother. He could no longer play all knowing wise man. Why? Because his faith in his tactics and methodology crumbled.

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11 comments on “Healer Episode 14 Recap
  1. Alien says:

    I think what I loved about this episode was the fact that it handled the issue of grieving. And it hit the core of the reality of these characters and how they deal with grief. I think other revenge dramas fail at portraying the correct emotions and consequences of grief. The way each character handled it felt real and I’m glad they spent the episode to display this profound effect on the characters. And that ultimately leads to what I’m hoping to be an epic ending where things actually do get resolved. My heart ached so much for each character and I am glad we got to go through the journey of losing a loved one and healing from the loss. Wow, I am just at a lost for words for this drama. It just keeps hitting the right spots.

    And what I love even more about Healer is that the pacing of the story is realistic. I loved how he found out about CYS’ identity through Myung Hee because honestly, sometimes no matter how clever you are, you miss those small things and can’t piece these things together. And that’s why when SJH found out, he was so pissed and that scene where he confronted Moon Ho was realistic. And I love how the story has developed because it has a legit beginning…..some dramas just jump to the ending without solidifying the beginning and tying everything in together. I am amazed now that I look back at the first few episodes how greatly things progress in a way that makes more sense then Healer and Min Ja just coming upon “evidence” or concluding things. They conclude their speculations after investigation and confirm things. That’s what has made this drama so great.

    I think I made sense in this comment. Every time I comment, I find it hard to find the right words to say to express my feelings so I just write the first thing that pops into my head and hope that it makes sense. Thank you for your recaps!


    • kjtamuser says:

      Well written response that resonates with me. Your thoughts on experiencing grief in dramas and how this differed is spot on. Funny but I too reviewed the incremental progress of the episodes. It is logical sound storytelling. You expressed yourself perfectly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts


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  3. P.Matthewz says:

    Thanks a lot…I really enjoyed this episode. I’ve watched it like a million times already and I still can’t get enough of it!
    Park min young^^^ you are the BEST!
    Love u and thanks again for the recap.


  4. sana says:

    “Healer finally utters his biggest fear…I could put you in danger. Young Shin disagrees…you’ll never let me get hurt.”

    According to the subs at Myasiantv ..it was written ” I could hurt you’ instead of what you mentioned here…’I could put you in danger’ which is soooo much more Squeeeeeeeee inducing. If indeed that’s what healer said…wouldn’t CYS want to know how he’d put her into danger.


    • kjtamuser says:

      i concur with you. I checked out several other websites and they all translated to “I can hurt you”. I’m going to revise the recap. This also gave me the opportunity to add a great line from Young Shin “If you make me leave you’ll cry your whole life”. Thx!


  5. lampu says:

    Hye. Do you have any idea about the background music on the begining of this 14 episode?. Sound like soprano. If you do, please let me know.


  6. Nao says:

    ohh what an episode .. too late to write here ..but I’m repeating this drama now and it feels amazing all over again ..I guess it is one of the best best dramas Korea has ever made .
    I LOVE how ji chang wook got a very good grip of the character and didnot just shout or cry heavily like other dramas ..his way of griefing was so manly and utterly painful to watch .
    I also want to admire how they made it like he wanted to cry but couldnot maybe because he swore that he wont cry on anyone in his life ..but finally when Young sin was there and didnot want to leave him and offered him her shoulder ..he finally cried ..this moment was so emotional for me ..I just wanna have a moment respect for all of the staff in this episode 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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