Lovestruck in the City Episode 2

Episode 2 – Diligence and Persistence

Voiceover “How did you first have sex?”

32-year-old architect Park Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook) states it is too early to answer. He notes kissing is the initial act. He likes kissing. He likes sex.

29-year-old marketing agency owner Lee Eun O (Kim Ji Won) says that’s a private matter. But she agrees she likes kissing. She likes sex.

Suh Rin I (29, Kyeong Jun’s girlfriend of 5 years) note the first time was embarrassing. She admits she made the request for sex.

Choi Kyeong Jun (29, architect who works at company his father and uncle created and Jae Won’s cousin) agrees the subject can be sensitive.

Kang Gun (29, writer) notes it has been a while (2 years) since he’s had sex and he’s fine. He’s friends with Rin I and Kyeong Jun.

Oh Seong Yeong (30, gym teacher) relies on alcohol to fuel one-night stands. She doesn’t regret it. She likes uncomplicated relationships.

Flashback…In a dark movie theatre, Rin I asks Kyeong Jun when will they have sex. Startled he coughs a piece of popcorn in a patron’s hair several rows in front of him.

Since Kyeong Jun was poor college student, he had to have save the money from his part-time jobs to afford a nice hotel room for their first time.

Flashback…In the hotel, Kyeong Jun is adorably awkward and tender with Rin I. She loves him for it. They make love.

Rin I remembers that Kyeong Jun was cute and clumsy their first time even though he was well read on the act. Kyeong Jun remembers he had confidence and skill. Jae Won gave Kyeong Jun tips.

Eun O believes the partner’s soul is more important than stamina. Rin I agrees. Seong Yeong rates stamina higher. Kang Gun believes when a woman cites soul, they mean technique.

Jae Won sighs that he committed to his vacation relationship last year.

Flashback…2019…September…Jae Won’s surfing vacation…Eun O creates a course to teach Jae Won how to drive the truck pulling a trailer so he can be licensed. She rouses him from bed. Jae Won learns it is easier than it looks. Eun O drives them to the beach. A vignette shows them walking the beach with her dog, Jae Won making surfboards, etc. Eun O admits she’s scared of the water but want to overcome it. Jae Won vows to help. He suggests they continue their relationship in Seoul. Eun O is noncommittal. One morning Jae Won finds Eun O ready to learn how to surf. He is patient and positive. Eventually she stands and surfs. Even when she hits her head on a rock, she remains positive.

Back at the surf shop, Jae Won tends her cut. Eun O admits surfing was exhilarating. She wants to do more tomorrow.  They lock eyes. Eun O says she’ll surf every day. Jae Won says her body will let her know she’s used muscles she doesn’t normally use. He helps dry her hair. He lingers on her lips. She kisses his hand. They lock eyes. They kiss. The wind blows in the windows and knocks items down breaking the moment. Eun O laughs. They lock eyes. They kiss. They make love. Jae Won admits he loves her. Eun O smiles.

Jae Won admits he thought they had all the time in the world. He thought she’d love him back. But during their week together she never said she loved him. Eun O says their relationship for impulsive and short lived.

Flashback…2019…September…Jae Won’s vacation…The morning after…Jae Won exits his camper and sees Eun O talking to a man on the beach. He gets jealous and makes the assumption that Eun O used him last night.

Jae Won grouses that he felt used. Eun O shrugs and says one night isn’t a relationship. Jae Won realizes Eun O is a participant in the interview process. Eun O admits she knows where Jae Won is and what he does for a living. Jae Won declares Eun O is a terrible person. Eun O shrugs and says it was fun but never long term. She set up the meeting on the beach because she’d lied to him about herself. She didn’t tell him her real name. She pretended to be someone she wasn’t.

Jae Won remembers and sighs. Eun O remembers and sighs.

My Thoughts

We got the history of couple. Writer Jung Hyun Jung focused the second episode on the first sexual encounters of Kyeong Jun and Suh Rin and our primary couple. Director Park Shin Woo stylized the second episode in a similar manner. I liked the flashback’s fuzzy view that focused but with a different hue. I’m all for couples having adult relationships, it has more impact when you know the couple. That being said, Kyeong Jun and Suh Rin’s encounter was sweet. Eun O’s surfing triumph led to her celebration with Jae Won that turned passionate was tasteful.

Park Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook) fell for Eun O and believed she had another man the morning after. He saw what she wanted him to see. He jumped to the wrong conclusion and apparently didn’t confront her. In the present day he believes she’s a woman that willingly used him. But he’s not over it. The feelings aren’t gone. It has to be said, Ji Chang Wook is an excellent kisser.

Lee Eun O (Kim Ji Won) admitted she used a persona in 2019. She caught Jae Won’s eye and decided to be care free and fun. She admitted she was scared of the water but wanted to overcome her fear. She asked Jae Won to help. I appreciated the surf scene was detailed and showed her incremental progress. She didn’t pop up on her board in 2 tries. Surfing takes time to get the hang of. You are balancing on a wet and wobbly board. I found the chemistry between Kim Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook had the right mix of sweet and gentle sizzle.

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One comment on “Lovestruck in the City Episode 2
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I thought Eun O’s surfing triumph … genuine happiness for teacher and student, was the highlight of the episode.


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