Lovestruck in the City Episode 3

Episode 3 – How was the day after?

Flashback…2019…September…Jae Won’s vacation…The morning after…Jae Won exits his camper and sees Eun O talking to a man on the beach. He gets jealous and makes the assumption that Eun O used him last night. She watches him walk away and knows what he’s thinking. She approaches and suggests they get breakfast. As they walk the beach Jae Won’s mood is lifted. He goes to take Eun O’s hand but she switches the hand that holds the dog leash. She informs Jae Won that she’s going to see a movie with the guy she talked to on the beach. Jae Won’s smile disappears.

32-year-old architect Park Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook) wonders if he did something wrong that night.

Kang Gun (29, writer) guesses that Jae Won didn’t deliver satisfaction.

Choi Kyeong Jun (29, architect who works at company his father and uncle created and Jae Won’s cousin) guesses that Jae Won didn’t deliver satisfaction.  Suh Rin I (29, Kyeong Jun’s girlfriend of 5 years) concurs.

Jae Won counters he knows how to please a woman. He grouses that someone that hasn’t had sex in 2 years shouldn’t offer advice. Kang Gun tells the camera getting dumped happens to all men. Rin I wonders if Jae Won declaring his love scared her off. Fed up with the speculation 29-year-old marketing agency owner Lee Eun O (Kim Ji Won) declares pretending they are a cuddly couple is awkward the morning after and to be avoided. Kang Gun declares she didn’t want to date. He chooses not to date too. Rin I suggests Jae Won counter with a one-night stand. The suggestion worries Kyeong Jun.

Flashback…Jae Won can’t get the idea of Eun O going to the movies with another out of his head. Later he sees her practicing the ukulele. To get her attention he practices the guitar. It works briefly then she goes back to the ukulele. The next day he sees her playing beach volleyball with a group. He watches her waitress at the café. He overhears she went roller skating. He notices she’s got a limp. He considers tending to her but talks himself out of it.

Jae Won declares he only wants normal women to date.

Oh Seong Yeong (30, gym teacher) wonders what a normal woman is like. She points out every woman is different.

Flashback…5 years ago…Kang Gun wakes in a strange bed. He looks at the sleeping woman. He can’t remember how he got there. The woman wakes…it’s Seong Yeong. They talk about food. Their eyes lock. They decide to make love again and get food later.

Kang Gun still doesn’t know how he got there but declares opening yourself to new experiences is the best way to live.

Jae Won declares he’ll share what hurt him the most.

Flashback…2019…Jae Won learns that Eun O learned how to do a bottom turn. He’s miffed, he wanted to teach her. He sits on the beach and broods. Eun O comes out of the water surfboard in hand and lays next to him. She confirms she knows how to do a bottom turn. Jae Won admits he wanted to teach her and was waiting for the right conditions. Eun O settles to catch a nap. Jae Won shields her face with his hat. Irked he demands to know if she’s toying with him. Eun O says she won’t come over tonight. Jae Won sighs. He puts his cap on her face and strides away. Back at his camper Jae Won learns that Eun O didn’t go to the movie with another guy. In fact, she told the guy she saw the movie with Jae Won. That puts a smile on Jae Won’s face.

As Eun O’s waitresses that evening, Jae Won asks her to come to his trailer that evening via notes. He says he’ll wait until 6pm for her. If she doesn’t come, he’ll take that as proof she doesn’t like him. Eun O sighs, her shift doesn’t end until 10pm. Jae Won hooks up his trailer and waits for Eun O. She considers keeping their encounter a one-night stand to simplify things. She knows she deliberately mislead him about the other guy and did things to keep him at an arm’s distance that hurt him. She doesn’t like herself and wanted to reinvent herself that summer. But Jae Won is special. She tells her boss she’s leaving and to fire her if she doesn’t like it. She runs to Jae Won’s trailer. She’s ready to feel what she feels without reservation. Tired of waiting almost an hour, Jae Won decides Eun O’s message is clear. He starts to drive away. She sees him pulling away and cuts across the road and blocks him. He stops and stares. He gets out. She rushes into his arms and hugs him. Jae Won hugs her back and smiles. Eun O is happy that he doesn’t ask for an explanation and accepts the moment as is. Eun O is happy she caught him before he left. Jae Won wishes he’d waited so she didn’t have to run after him. Eun O smiles that catching him was all that mattered. Jae Won chuckles that she’s weird. Eun O chuckles she is. Jae Won admits he likes her…a lot. They smile and hug.

Jae Won stares at the miniature van and camper he has in his office.

Eun O stares at the cameras on display. She sighs.

Jae Won decides a drink is in order. He sighs.

My Thoughts

Our couple almost dissolved after their night together. Writer Jung Hyun Jung (Romance is a Bonus Book) focused the third episode on the morning after sexual encounters of our primary couple and Kang Gun and Seong Yeong. I was glad to see Kang Gun and Seong Yeong tied into the story with a past encounter. What happened after they had breakfast the morning after is unknown. Our couple struggled because Eun O pulled away and led Jae Won to believe she considered their encounter not binding and feigned interest in another guy. Jae Won didn’t take it well and gave her an ultimatum. Typically, ultimatums don’t work in kdramas, and this one almost didn’t. Jae Won was a bit silly to demand she arrive at his trailer at a certain time when he knew she was working that evening. Eun O decided not going was the best choice but she remembered how kind Eun O was and reversed her position. She rushed to him. Jae Won accepted her with open arms.

Park Jae Won (Ji Chang Wook) gave Eun O an ultimatum. Not a good choice as the other party is backed into a corner and often lash out. Initially Eun O decided not to meet with Jae Won but eventually caved. Just as he pulled away, she rushed in and blocked the road. She hugged him hard and Jae Won knew he wasn’t the only one that cared.

Lee Eun O (Kim Ji Won) admitted pushed Jae Won away deliberately. She did things that hurt him. The “I have to hurt you to save you from the pain of being involved with me” never thrills me. Thankfully she decided that she didn’t want to lose Jae Won and rushed after him. It was incredible that he didn’t ask why she was late. Instead, she pulled him into a hug. Big happy grins spread across their faces.  It was sweet and effective. These two actors have chemistry.

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4 comments on “Lovestruck in the City Episode 3
  1. DramaDazed says:

    Agree… chemistry. Jae Won is a big puppy, similar to JCWs character in


    • Jane Tilly says:

      Jae Won is a pouty puppy.

      I’m not a fan of ultimatums and Jae Won didn’t give her a chance to let him know she was working.

      Now we see that Eun O is healing from a hurt … it makes sense that she felt she wasn’t ready to give her heart. I suppose playing dumb is less hurtful that telling someone to buzz off.

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  2. DramaDazed says:


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