Spies Who Loved Me Episode 3

Director Ban Jin Min tells Agent Lim Ji Hoon (Eric) to wait while he talks to the American CIA Lead who expected a source to identify an American spy. But Sophie (the source) is dead and cannot name names. Director Ban says they’ll still pursue the corporate espionage spy. Director Ban asks for a condition and the American agrees. He stares at Ji Hoon as he leaves. Director Ban says he just got Ji Hoon two weeks. He believes they must use Harrison.

Kang A Reum (Yoo In Na), Ji Hoon’s ex-wife and Sophie’s friend mourns her death. She and her coworker Bae Du Rae hug.

Analyst Kim Young Gu updates the evidence board with Sophie’s picture.

A Reum and Du Rae read the news reports which claims Sophie died from an overdose. A Reum decides to confront the reporter who wrote the article. She calls and learns the reporter is out of town.

Chief Kang Tae Ryong, Director Ban, Ji Hoon and Young Gu review what they know about Sophie.  Director Ban declares they have to unlock Sophie’s secretes.

A Reum tells Du Rae Sophie had a secret and they need to discover what it is. A Reum reveals Sophie had a stalker.

The team discuss the possibility of a stalker. They agree to dig deeper into Sophie’s life. Director Ban suggests A Reum might be the next investigation path.

A Reum tells Du Rae that she met Ji Hoon. Du Rae is not happy. A Reum says the circumstances they met under were unusual. She shares that Ji Hoon was the entertainment at Sophie’s bachelorette party.

The team discuss A Reum’s and her new husband’s background. Director Ban assigns Ji Hoon to investigate A Reum. Ji Hoon protests. Director Ban insists. He believes Sophie’s last text to Ji Hoon obligates Ji Hoon to found her killer. He believes Sophie referenced another agent. Ji Hoon wonders if one of the wedding guests was the agent. They begin to suspect A Reum. Ji Hoon believes A Reum is innocent. Director Ban suggests that A Reum may more know than they suspect. He assigns Young Gu to work the field assignment with Ji Hoon. The young agent is thrilled.

Director Ban tells Chief Kang that pairing Ji Hoon and Young Gu will keep Ji Hoon focused during this difficult time after losing a source.

Ji Hoon stares at the evidence board and wonders what could he have done to protect Sophie.

A Reum stares at her evidence board and wonders what could she have done to protect Sophie. A Reum remembers Sophie telling her not to trust anyone, even the person next to her.

Peter demands to know if Jang Dong Boo, the man the tried to recruit him to recruit Sophie, hurt Sophie. He denies it. He warns Dong Boo not to mess with him. Dong Boo tases him and takes money from his wallet.

Agent Hwang Seo Ra investigates the location of Sophie’s death. She learns the CCTV wasn’t functional.

Young Gu can’t believe A Reum didn’t realize Ji Hoon was an agent during their marriage. Director Ban claims he was just that good. They arrive at Sophie’s wedding dress shop. Ji Hoon claims he no longer has feelings for A Reum.

A Reum gets into her car. They follow her. Derek Hyun (Lim Ju Hwan) calls A Reum who shares the article on Sophie isn’t telling the truth. Derek Hyun worries she’s upset about her friend’s death. A Reum assures his wife that everything will work out.

Derek Hyun calls someone and states while they couldn’t meet today, he’ll be available for the next meeting.

Ji Hoon tutors Young Gu while they follow Sophie.

A Reum handles a rude driver with ease. Ji Hoon tells Young Gu to step on it.  A Reum arrives at her location. Young Gu is told to find out why A Reum came to the art gallery and who she’s meeting. Young Gu puts on glasses the stream his what he sees. Unfortunately, the video feed isn’t good, so Ji Hoon can’t watch. A Reum meets with a client, Ms. Kim, who wants a dress but doesn’t care much about dresses. Young Gu realizes the woman is the daughter of a CEO, a secret love child. Ms. Kim has done extremely well in business. A Reum says her husband knows her brother. Ms. Kim says her brother only hangs out with psychopaths. A Reum has no response for that. A Reum notices Ms. Kim’s feet are swollen. She offers her shoes to Ms. Kim. She’s left barefoot as she watches Ms. Kim.

Ji Hoon correctly guesses that A Reum will eat noodles and complain about the tiresome client.

Back at the shop, A Reum eats noodles and complains about the tiresome client with Du Rae.

Seo Ra sends Ji Hoon the video of his dance at the bachelorette party. He’s embarrasses when Young Gu teases him. Ji Hoon decides he needs to speak directly with A Reum. He heads into the shop.

Du Rae and A Reum believe something is definitely wrong with Sophie’s death. A Reum is shocked when an assistant says Ji Hoon is in the shop.

A Reum takes Ji Hoon to the men’s tuxedo room to talk. She’s not happy that he’s come to her shop unannounced. A Reum says he saw the article about Sophie. A Reum tells him something is odd about Sophie’s death. Ji Hoon asks why A Reum was with Sophie just before she died. A Reum shares Sophie called her upset, so she went to find her friend. A Reum notes that Sophie wanted her help and said she had someone else helping her too. Ji Hoon asks about the other wedding guests. A Reum says her husband was attending. Ji Hoon claims he doesn’t care about A Reum’s new husband. Ji Hoon tells her he’s staying in the city to write his next book. He asks for a loan.

Young Gu can’t believe his eyes when A Reum’s husband arrives at the shop.

Du Rae meets with A Reum’s next client, who is miffed that A Reum is otherwise occupied.

A Reum claims housing costs are high. Du Rae calls A Reum that her next client is there. A Reum leaves her phone after telling Ji Hoon to stay there.

Derek Hyun arrives in the shop. The assistant directs him to the tuxedo room.

A Reum installs software on A Reum’s phone so he can see everything and track her. Derek Hyun surprises Ji Hoon when he enters the room. Derek Hyun asks if they’ve met before. A Reum claims they haven’t. They chit chat. Derek Hyun notices Ji Hoon struggling with tying a tie. Derek Hyun helps him. It is a close contact moment. Derek Hyun shares he love it when his wife ties his tie. Ji Hoon notes the man must be married. Young Gu calls Ji Hoon to report A Reum’s husband is there. He states he knows that. He ends the phone call and exits the shop, irked at the happily married second husband of A Reum.

A Reum tells Du Rae Ji Hoon asked for a loan. Her assistant tells her that she sent her husband to the tuxedo. A Reum and Du Rae rush in the room, relieve to find Derek Hyun alone. He returns her phone. Derek Hyun says he was worried and wanted to check in. He heads out. Outside, Derek Hyun says that he’s pleased she’s coping today. A Reum tells him her job is keep her cool. She goes to adjust his tie. He stops her and drives away. A chill wind passes through A Reum.

Derek Hyun arrives at his car cave miffed. He reads Ji Hoon’s latest book. He gets more miffed.

Meanwhile, Ji Hoon does practice shooting using Derek Hyun’s face as the target’s face. He’s surprised to learn that A Reum comes to the target range and is now a good shot.

A Reum gets ready to attend Sophie’s memorial.

Ji Hoon and Young Gu pretend to be recruiters and meet with one of Sophie’s coworkers before the memorial. He claims that Sophie recommended him as an excellent employee. The coworker says Sophie’s work was underfunded. Ji Hoon agrees her death is a loss. The coworker can’t believe his company has gone radio silent and not allowing a coworker to talk to the press. He wonders if any of his coworkers will attend the memorial. Young Gu accidently spills coffee on the coworker.  Ji Hoon palms his phone. Young Gu taps into the phone.

The memorial service is sparsely attended. A Reum sits next to Sophie’s coworker. He thanks for attending. A Reum notices not many came. He notes the company forbid the employees from attending. A Reum asks if Sophie was having any issues at work. The man says Sophie was dedicated to her job and didn’t socialize much. A Reum asks if anything happened before the wedding. The man says Sophie asked him to watch her house. He says Sophie had a land line phone. He says he saw Sophie crying outside her house after a sports car sped away just days before the wedding. A Reum agrees that is odd.

A Reum slips away without Ji Hoon or Young Gu noticing.

A Reum heads over to Sophie’s apartment. She sees a man changing the locks in the door. She passes by and notices the apartment is tossed. She ducks into a stairwell and calls someone about the lock switch. A Reum is startled when the man bursts into the stairwell. She grapples. A Reum tosses a wrench at him which causes him to stumble. Ji Hoon and Young Gu arrive at the building. They can’t believe their eyes when a man rushes to his car and A Reum streams out of the building after him and blocks his car. The man almost rams A Reum as he takes off. Ji Hoon orders Young Gu to make sure A Reum is okay. He takes the car and pursues the man. He loses the man when a truck of goats hinders his car.

Ji Hoon calls Chief Kang who reports that he took A Reum to the hospital and she’s remarkably poised. Ji Hoon reports the man he chased was likely a professional. Chief Kang tells Ji Hoon that A Reum is okay.

Bandaged, A Reum sees an incoming call from Ji Hoon. She says she’s too busy to talk. Ji Hoon asks about the loan. A Reum snaps she’ll loan him the money. Ji Hoon is all smiles.

Young Gu takes the memory card from the dash cam and downloads the data.

Derek Hyun gets a notification. He learns that A Reum went to Sophie’s apartment. He calls A Reum. She decides not to answer and texts that she’s in a meeting and will call him soon. Derek Hyun isn’t happy knowing this is a lie. A Reum asks the nurse where the man that brought her in is. No one knows. Sophie’s coworker arrives. She asks him about the sports car he saw that night.

My Thoughts

A Reum is smarter than she pretends. Writer Lee Ji Min implied that A Reum was clueless but she’s got more brains that I initially thought. I had to chuckle that she created an evidence board, learned how to shot, and deftly investigated Sophie’s death. Made me wonder if A Reum is an agent and neither Ji Hoon or her husband know. Writer Lee elevated the episode with the knowledge that Ji Hoon had of how A Reum would act. The scenes had a crisper feel as our trio engagement with each other.

Kang A Reum (Yoo In Na) showed moxy several times. She handled the fleeing man by winging him with a wrench. She blocked his path with her body. She realized his sports car could be the sports car Sophie’s coworker saw outside her house. A Reum went up in my esteem.

Jeon Ji Hoon (Eric) went to A Reum’s shop. Young Gu and Ji Hoon were an interesting pair and Ji Hoon tutored the young agent in field assignments. Ji Hoon boldly went into A Reum’s shop and planted a tracking device on her phone. He has to keep her safe. Who was more surprised when Derek Hyun entered the room? I loved the exchange between the spies, both of them aware of who the other was yet pretending not to. The tie scene was especially effective between the two actors.

Derek Hyun (Lim Ju Hwan) knows Ji Hoon is back in A Reum’s orbit and she’s investigating Sophie’s death. It was good to see Derek Hyun jealous of Ji Hoon. That proves he cares for A Reum even though he lies about his profession. Ji Hoon and Eric were excellent in the scene where they verbally sparred. Neither one of them likes the other, but they tried so hard to hide their true feelings. I loved how Derek Hyun steamed after the encounter going so far as to read Ji Hoon’s book then toss it to the floor.

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Spies Who Loved Me Episode 3
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    Why did Director Ban consider Ah Reum to be a suspect … is he trying to keep Ji Hoon occupied or does he really consider her a viable suspect❓⁉️ Admittedly, Ah Reum lying to her husband, handled an aggressive driver with ease, keeping an evidence board, throwing a wrench at the thief, boldly blocked the escaping thief’s car and the fact she has become an expert marksman seem out of character for her that was establishedin the first coupleofepisodes … then again she did walk away from the loan shark office, late at night, to return to her hotel after seeing a Sophie 🧪👩‍🔬 chased by a “stalker”. Did Ah Reum toughen up after her divorce or is she employed by an agency❓⁉️ I concur Ah Reum seems much smarter than she did in the first couple of episodes.

    I’m not sure why, but the “chalk” outline of Sophie’s 🧪👩‍🔬 body on the carousel 🎠 carriage made me laugh … maybe because it was incredibly straight (wasn’t Sophie 🧪👩‍🔬 slumped over?)
    and looked painted❓⁉️

    Bride to be CEO Kim Dong Ran 👩‍🦽👠 gave Ah Reum a hint about Derek not being a regular person since he knows her stepbrother. I thought it was odd that Ah Reum gave her shoes to Dong Ran 👩‍🦽👠 … what difference would more comfortable shoes have on someone who isn’t even walking, leaving you barefoot❓⁉️ I suppose that shows Ah Reum’s generosity.

    It seems Derek not only knows Ji Hoon is Ah Reum’s ex-husband, but I suspect he knows Ji Hoon works for Interpol. Derek seemed to threaten Ji Hoon as he tied the red tie, a potential murder weapon.

    Derek also know Ah Reum lied to him. Is Ah Reum 1) trying not to worry Derek about her ex-husband or getting injured; 2) doesn’t trust Derek due to the warnings from Sophie 🧪👩‍🔬 and CEO Kim Dong Ran 👩‍🦽👠 or; 3) does she have her own mysterious agenda❓⁉️ Is it possible Ah Reum was aware of Ji Hoon’s occupation all along❓⁉️


    • the “chalk” outline of Sophie’s 🧪👩‍🔬 body on the carousel 🎠 carriage made me laugh … maybe because it was incredibly straight (wasn’t Sophie 🧪👩‍🔬 slumped over?)
      Good observation.

      what difference would more comfortable shoes have on someone who isn’t even walking, leaving you barefoot❓ I suppose that shows Ah Reum’s generosity.
      Agree the point was so show her generosity.

      Derek seemed to threaten Ji Hoon as he tied the red tie, a potential murder weapon.
      They both know who the other is (but won’t admit it) and no doubt would like the other one to exit A Reum’s life.

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