Spies Who Loved Me Episode 4

Kang A Reum (Yoo In Na) surprises her team when she sports a bandage and limp when she returns to the office.

While on a stakeout Agent Hwang Seo Ra observes Jang Doo Bong heading into an eatery with his men.

A Reum tells Bae Du Rae about her activities of the day. Du Rae notes that she lied to her husband. A Reum says she didn’t want to worry him. A Reum notes investigating Sophie’s death is more dangerous than expected.

Director Ban Jin Min isn’t happy Agent Lim Ji Hoon (Eric) lost the sports car and driver. Chief Kang Tae Ryong notes the driver was a professional. Agent Kim Young Gu chirps that Seo Ra has arrived. She reports Dong Boo is back in town. She notes that Dong Bon has had issues after quitting Felix. Seo Ra reports the CCTV wasn’t functional at the time of Sophie’s murder. Director Ban asks Ji Hoon is A Reum trained professional, noting her instincts are excellent. Director Ban says they need to put her in protective custody. He tells Ji Hoon to tell A Reum he’s an agent and work with her.

Ji Hoon isn’t happy and thinks on the rooftop. Seo Ra finds him and notes A Reum and Ji Hoon aren’t over each other yet. Seo Ra snaps that Ji Hoon’s emotional connection to A Reum is obvious to all. She tells him to confess and start with a clean slate.

Flashback…A Reum returns home to find Ji Hoon ready to go again. She points out he was out of town for 2 months. She says this is their 1st wedding anniversary. She can’t believe she has to beg for him to stay in town. Ji Hoon says they can talk when he gets back from his trip. A Reum declares if he leaves, he’ll regret it forever. Ji Hoon walks away. A Reum lights the candle on the cake to celebrate their anniversary. She cries.

Ji Hoon rushes through the airport but he’s missed his flight to Bagdad. He reports this to Chief Kang who orders him to catch the next flight.

A Reum is shocked to learn that Ji Hoon is in the hospital and didn’t go to where he said he was, instead he returned from Bagdad. As she holds vigil by his bedside, she begs him to stop his ways. She doesn’t want to lose him. She sobs.

Later Ji Hoon asks what happened to his source. Chief Kang confirms he died. Chief Kang says his source’s sister has been kidnapped. Ji Hoon can’t believe it. He bemoans missing his flight. He shares this is his 1st wedding anniversary and his wife was terribly upset that he left. Ji Hoon says he had to choose and he chose his wife. He wanted to be a normal guy. Chief Kang reminds him that he advised against the emotional toll of marriage and spying.

Ji Hoon returns to his room and watches his wife sleep by his bed.

Seo Ra tells Ji Hoon that the source’s sister has been accused of being an American spy. Ji Hoon wants to retrieve her. Seo Ra points out he is married. Ji Hoon says he wants to end his marriage to save A Reum. Seo Ra tells him to quit. Ji Hoon can’t let his source’s sister languish; he must save her but he can’t destroy his wife should he die in the process. Ji Hoon bemoans that being a normal guy isn’t possible for him. He states he’ll let A Reum go so she can start over. He asks Seo Ra to help him.

Present day…Ji Hoon considers calling A Reum but hesitates.

Seo Ra finds Young Gu looking over the security footage. Young Gu asks if Seo Ra played a role in Ji Hoon’s divorce. Seo Ra admits she was the one to spread the rumor. Young Gu states he’ll marry an agent that will understand his job. Seo Ra teases she likes to handcuff men she likes.

At the wedding shop, Derek Hyun (Lim Ju Hwan) studies his wife’s evidence board. She finds him in her office. He can’t help but see the bandage and her limp.  She covers the evidence board. Derek Hyun asks what is going on with her. A Reum admits she’s been lying to her husband. She explains she went to Sophie’s apartment and encountered someone that attacked her. Derek Hyun says his wife should be in protective custody. A Reum says she feel she must investigate Sophie’s death. Derek Hyun understands but doesn’t want her to do this alone. He offers to help. She loves it. He makes her promise she won’t lie to him again. She promises. She notes the car’s dashcam is broken. That gets Derek Hyun’s attention.

Derek Hyun leaves the shop as Ji Hoon observes him. Derek Hyun checks the dashcam and sees there are missing times. He arrives at his garage and tells his coworker to recover the files from the dashcam USB. Mr. Kim (Ms. Kim’s jealous brother) arrives, not happy with the state of things. Derek Hyun soothes that everything is fine. He urges Mr. Kim to follow him inside. Ji Hoon watches it all unobserved.

The next morning at the weeding shop, A Reum directs her troops.

Young Gu stops by an eatery and orders a typical breakfast for the team. He walks to the office. He notices a black car in the parking lot. Young Gu rouses Ji Hoon who slept on the couch. Young Gu lists the odd things that have been happening. Ji Hoon shows him surveillance photos from the previous night. Ji Hoon thinks Derek Hyun and Mr. Kim are up to no good. Young Gu says the cars in Derek Hyun’s restoration shop are cool. Chief Kang tells Ji Hoon to report to Director Ban. Ji Hoon heads out.

Back at the wedding shop, A Reum tucks away Sophie’s wedding veil. She looks through Sophie’s purse. She empties it. She finds a secret compartment with a cell phone and an eticket. She plugs in the phone. It powers on. She reads the text Sophie sent to the sheriff. A Reum wonders who the sheriff is. A Reum gets a call that Director Ban wants to meet with her.

A Reum arrives at Director Ban’s office. He knows things have been a bit crazy in the wake of Sophie’s death. Ji Hoon calls him as he goes up the stairs. Director Ban directs him to put on the clothing he left for him. Ji Hoon is surprised to find a uniform. Director Ban asks A Reum is she can keep a secret. A Reum notes keeping secrets is part of her job. Director Ban says Sophie was involved in industrial espionage. A Reum isn’t that surprised. She gives Director Ban the eticket and phone she found in Sophie’s bag.

Clad in the uniform, Ji Hoon walks to Director Ban’s office.

Director Ban is pleased to see the text that proves Sophie was trying to work with his agent. He compliments A Reum’s instincts. A Reum admits that Sophie was struggling before the wedding. A Reum asks who the sheriff is. Director Ban says the sheriff is someone she knows.

Ji Hoon enters Director Ban’s office. A Reum is surprised to see Director Ban in uniform. He looks at her shocked face. He is surprised too.

Outside the office, Ji Hoon isn’t happy with Director Ban asking A Reum to the office. Director Ban says A Reum must be protected.  Director Ban tells Ji Hoon to admit his job as an Interpol agent to A Reum. Director Ban points out he was a bad husband while being a good agent. He tells her this is Director Ban’s opportunity to show A Reum who he really is. He leaves.

Ji Hoon enters the office and faces A Reum across the table. He tells her he’s an Interpol agent. He shows her his badge. A Reum says he’s a travel writer. Ji Hoon points out a travel writer was a cover. A Reum wonders if this is a prank. Ji Hoon assures her it isn’t. A Reum realizes that he lied to her from the beginning of their relationship. Ji Hoon claims he wanted to tell her the truth. A Reum notes he found the time to divorce her.

Flashback…A Reum unpacks Ji Hoon’s bag while he sleeps. She looks at the photos on his camera. They aren’t scenic photos. She tries to wake him. He pops up out of bed and points the remote at her like it is a weapon. Then he slumps back into slumber.

A Reum realizes that Ji Hoon wouldn’t have told her if Sophie death didn’t affect her. Ji Hoon agrees. She snaps he’s a good actor. Ji Hoon agrees. She notes he didn’t act like a good husband. Ji Hoon agrees. Ji Hoon admits he went to Jeju to find Sophie and meet her. A Reum claims she’s relieved it wasn’t fate they meet again. Ji Hoon says Sophie gave them secret and only wanted to escape her life. Ji Hoon asks A Reum to cooperate in their investigation. A Reum can’t believe that after years of lying, he’s asking for her help. Ji Hoon apologizes. A Reum declares truth is a virtue in a relationship. Ji Hoon apologizes. A Reum notes Sophie was waiting for the sheriff. A Reum says Ji Hoon failed to protect her friend. A Reum says that is a bigger deal than lying to her. Ji Hoon hangs his head at the sting of her words. A Reum walks out the door.

A Reum is upset when she returns to her office. Why did Ji Hoon tell her?

Flashback…A Reum shows Ji Hoon her skinned knees, admits to drinking during the day, and struggling to keep financially afloat while he travels the world. Ji Hoon offers no explanation.

A Reum murmurs does knowing the truth make her the bad person? She cries.

At home, a tipsy A Reum lays on her bed. Derek Hyun enters and turns on the light. She asks why he lied to her. She sees it is Derek Hyun not Ji Hoon. He sends her to the restroom. He checks her phone and sees her last call was from Ji Hoon.

At the office, Seo Ra offers Ji Hoon a beer knowing he had to tell A Reum the truth. Seo Ra says A Reum is going through self doubt and pity. Ji Hoon wonders if he’d been honest, would they still be married. He admits he’s never imagined still being married to her but know the idea appeals.

A Reum muses that men get nervous about what they wear to a weddings too. She notes Derek Hyun and Ji Hoon chose the same tuxedo.

Sporting a red dress, Seo Ra beguiles Doo Bong. As she hoped, he stops her when she walks away.

Derek Hyun tells Du Rae he’ll be extra sweet to A Reum because Sophie’s death has upset her. As he arrives at the stop, she leaves not seeing him.

Ji Hoon arrives at the target range. He watches A Reum and sees she is a good shot. She spies him. She says the divorce drove her to start learning how to shoot. A Reum asks why Ji Hoon didn’t tell her at the beginning of their relationship, she would have still dated him. Ji Hoon knows that. He tells her she met a guy that couldn’t be truthful. A Reum counters she offered unconditional love during their marriage, but now he tells her. Ji Hoon admits he wasn’t ready for marriage back then. A Reum admits she thought about their wedding day. He was alone without family or friends and he had secrets. Ji Hoon says he never felt lonely with her.

Flashback…Ji Hoon takes A Reum a to shooting range. She’s a surprisingly good shot. Ji Hoon shares his past with shoot and says a steady hand is needed. A Reum grabs his hands to steady him.

A Reum asks what his work means to him. Ji Hoon says his job let him be the good guy but their marriage made him consider quitting. A Reum says his affair was unforgivable, so they were doomed. A Reum tells him not to apologize in the future. She asks him not to say he’s sorry until he finds Sophie’s killer. Ji Hoon promises to find Sophie’s killer. A Reum notes she’ll help find Sophie’s killer. Ji Hoon asks her to keep his secret. A Reum doesn’t want to lie to her husband but agrees under these circumstances. They shake hands. They shoot together. They smile.

Walking A Reum to her car, she describes the man that she found at Sophie’s apartment. She’s dismayed to find her tire flat. Ji Hoon takes her back to the shop. Derek Hyun drives up just as they get there. He arrives with a smile and a bouquet of flowers. He notices the window display as 2 grooms. The light in the display bursts. Derek Hyun and Ji Hoon stare at each other.

My Thoughts

Thank goodness, A Reum knows Ji Hoon is a spy. Writer Lee Ji Min wisely had A Reum learn the truth about Ji Hoon’s profession. Director Ban maneuvered A Reum and Ji Hoon into learning the truth. A Reum was shocked and upset. But to find her friend’s killer she agrees to keep Ji Hoon’s profession a secret and work with him. Ji Hoon and A Reum were a couple whose marriage dissolved due to his neglect. But A Reum loved him and obviously is drawn to him again. The chemistry between Yoo In Na and Eric is there but subtle. Derek Hyun’s truth has yet to be revealed. You can’t help but assume he’s associated with Sophie’s murder.

Kang A Reum (Yoo In Na) learned that Ji Hoon is an Interpol agent. She handled the shock with anger, drink, and the willingness to work with Ji Hoon to find Sophie’s killer. A Reum continues to be more than you’d initially thought – more brains, more compassion, and more determination. I like this leading lady more with each episode.

Jeon Ji Hoon (Eric) confessed his profession. Director Ban twisted his arm and forced him in a situation where the truth had to be told. Thank you, Director Ban! Ji Hoon admitted that he wasn’t ready for marriage and he put his job before his wife. It was revealed (though not to A Reum) that he staged his infidelity with Se Ra. He promised to find Sophie’s killer. Will that search lead him to Derek Hyun?

Derek Hyun (Lim Ju Hwan) is suspicious about A Reum and Ji Hoon. He isn’t thinking they are having an affair, but he can’t help but notice that they are around each other more and more. With the sports car tie in, it appears that Derek Hyun’s coworker was the one that drove the sports car that Ji Hoon pursued and the man breaking into Sophie’s apartment that A Reum pursued. Writer Kim gave us an inkling that Derek Hyun may indeed by the spy on the opposite side and potentially connected with Sophie’s death. Did he make his wife’s tire flat?

The first song of the OST is titled “Shall we kiss?” and is sung by CNBLUE:

I rank this episode as very good, 8 on a 10-point scale.

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2 comments on “Spies Who Loved Me Episode 4
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I simply don’t understand why Ji Hoon 🏍🤵 lied about his occupation to Ah Reum 👰✂️ while they were married … at least the odd things now make sense … truth goes a long way towards understanding. I can’t blame Ah Reum 👰✂️ for being angry about discovering the deception. Hmm Ah Reum👰✂️ shoots to unwind … I wonder how many times she imagined Ji Hoon 🏍🤵 at the center of the target 🎯❓⁉️

    Derek 🧥🤵 pointed out the 2 grooms in the display. Which was an obvious reference to Ah Reum’s 👰✂️ past and present grooms 🏍🤵 🧥🤵. Derek 🧥🤵 clearly dotes on Ah Reum 👰✂️, but based on his snooping, he clearly does not fully trust her. You cannot blame him for feeling anxious or suspicious with his wife’s ex hanging around her …

    I’m not quite sure how Doo Bong ⌚ fits into picture … he doesn’t seem to be Derek’s 🧥🤵 minion … is he an independent thief/seller of industrial espionage❓⁉️


    • Ah Reum👰✂️ shoots to unwind … I wonder how many times she imagined Ji Hoon 🏍🤵 at the center of the target 🎯❓⁉️
      Considering he abandoned her for the majority of their marriage, he must have been the preferred target.

      Derek 🧥🤵 pointed out the 2 grooms in the display. Which was an obvious reference to Ah Reum’s 👰✂️ past and present grooms 🏍🤵 🧥🤵.

      I’m not quite sure how Doo Bong ⌚ fits into picture
      I don’t understand this character’s tentacles into the story either.

      Liked by 1 person

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