World of Marriage Ep 12 Recap

World of Marriage Episode 12 Recap

Da Kyung ignores Tae O’s repeated phone calls. The police ask him question about the night the abusive jerk died. Lee Tae O (Park Hae Joon) says nothing.

Chairman Yeo asks Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) was she’s going to do now that Tae O has been brought in for questioning. Sun Woo admits she didn’t see this coming. The Chairman doesn’t care what happens to Tae O only his daughter Da Kyung. Sun Woo counters that he should care about the collateral damage to his granddaughter Jenny. She wants his decision, will he save Tae O or not?

The police press Tae O for answers about the night the abusive jerk died. Tae O eyes open wide when Sun Woo arrives. Hyun Seo (in a side room) is surprised too. Sun Woo tells the police on that night; Tae O was with her in her parked car in the stations’ parking lot. She offers his wedding ring as proof. Hyun Seo bursts out of the room and declares Sun Woo is lying. Sun Woo points out that Hyun Seo’s assumption that Tae O committed murder has not be proven with any evidence. The police call Da Kyung and ask when Tae O’s wedding ring went missing. Da Kyung states it disappeared on the night in question.

Released, Tae O stops Sun Woo outside the police station. She tells him she met with Chairman Yeo before coming to the police. She notes that Tae O’s new family isn’t supportive at all. She can’t believe he ditched her and Joon Young for them. She walks away.

Tae O returns home. Da Kyung is waiting. He passes her without a word. She asks why she had to deal with that police call. Tae O replies she won’t have to worry about getting another call like that. Da Kyung asks if he cleared his name. Tae O reports Sun Woo cleared his name. Da Kyung is taken aback. Tae O notes that Sun Woo took a risk and saved him. Da Kyung demands to know why. Tae O yells because he’s Joon Young’s father. He looks at his wife and asks isn’t he Jenny’s father’s too? Da Kyung realizes she’s made a grave error.

Awesome scene!

Tae O cries alone.

Sun Woo watches Joon Young sleep. She lays on her bed unable to sleep.

The next morning Sun Woo is chipper but Joon Young is surly.

Da Kyung learns the police ruled the abusive jerk’s death a suicide. Tae O leave the house without a word to his wife. She sighs.

Hyun Seo exits the police station. Sun Woo meets her. She asks why Hyun Seo couldn’t wait for her plan. Hyun Seo didn’t want her to be hurt. Sun Woo says her plan would have saved them all the pain and scrutiny. Hyun Seo feel bad for the abusive jerk. Sun Woo says it is over. Hyun Seo warns Sun Woo that she couldn’t free herself from the abusive jerk because she pitied him. She worries Sun Woo is in a similar situation. Hyun Seo saw pity in Sun Woo’s eyes when she came to the police station. Hyun Seo understands protecting a jerk because she did it many times herself. She warns Sun Woo to watch out or end up like her. Hyun Seo walks away. Sun Woo is speechless.

At the hospital, Sun Woo tells Dr. Kim she couldn’t let Joon Young be a murderer’s son. Sun Woo doesn’t believe Tae O would kill anyone. Dr. Kim warns to watch her step around Chairman Yeo as the man has only one focus, his daughter.

Dr. Kim refrained from stating obvious, Tae O could kill and he’s proven that fact when he tried to strangle Sun Woo.

Tae O meets Chairman Yeo on the golf course. Chairman Yeo isn’t repentant. He still wants Sun Woo out of the picture. Tae O points out he did everything he could and ended up accused of murder. He wants Chairman Yeo to trust him.

Flashback…Chairman Yeo and the insider man review the stolen station CCTV. It proves Tae O did not murder the abusive jerk.

Chairman Yeo willing to move pass the incident by suggesting a round of golf with Da Kyung and Tae O. His son-in-law declines saying he’ll be busy for the foreseeable future.

Joon Young’s classmates talk about his mother’s supposed affair with the dead man. Joon Young shouts that his mother was the man’s doctor not lover. It gets heated between Joon Young and his friend (the one Joon Young stole the pen from).

Sun Woo comes home to find Joon Young watching TV not studying at the after school academy. He isn’t interested in what she has to say and goes to his room. Sun Woo is at a loss for how to reach her son.

At the grocery store, Sun Woo seeing Joon Young’s classmate and offers to drive her home. She pumps her for information on Joon Young. Sun Woo learns that one of the mothers said she was sleeping with the dead man and Joon Young defended her.

Livid, Sun Woo goes to the ladies’ association and tells the rumor mongering mother to shut her mouth or she’ll destroy her husband’s political ambitions. Sun Woo stalks away.

Sun Woo’s had righteous fury!

Tae O ignores Da Kyung’s attempt to make peace.

Ye Rim packs up her ex-husbands belongs. She texts Je Hyuk to come get his stuff or she’ll toss it. Je Hyuk wonders what to do. He surprised Ye Rim but dropping by unannounced. He’s shocked to find her eating takeout and the house in disarray. He suggests couples counseling. Irked, Ye Rim leaves.

Joon Young goes to the hospital and rips into Sun Woo for ripping into his classmates’ mother. She keeps making things worse for him. He stalks out.

Da Kyung asks Tae O if he’s eaten. He has. She asks him to come back to their bed. Tae O says he’ll be busy for the foreseeable future.

Da Kyung meets with a wary Joon Young. She suggests that Sun Woo is hurting just as much as Joon Young is. Her theory is simple, Sun Woo wants to start a new life in a new city but won’t because of Joon Young. Da Kyung offers that Joon Young live with his father.

Da Kyung hit his guilt button hard!

Sun Woo and Ye Rim meet for coffee. Sun Woo bemoans the divorce’s ripple effects on Joon Young. Tae O calls Sun Woo and tells her to come home.

Ye Rim is surprised to find the house tidy and Je Hyuk’s belongings gone.  She’s shocked when he comes out of master bath clad only in a town. He playfully suggests she provide him something to wear.

Sun Woo arrives at the house to find Joon Young coming down the stairs with his suitcase. He tells Sun Woo he’s decided to live with his father. Sun Woo is stunned. Joon Young exits the house. Tae O tells her he’ll talk to Joon Young.

Ye Rim and Je Hyuk see Joon Young load a suitcase in Tae O’s trunk. Joon Young gets in the car. Sun Woo comes out to say goodbye but Joon Young is near breaking down and refuses to talk to her. Tae O sighs and drives away. Sun Woo sinks to her knees as the pain overtakes her.

Da Kyung welcomes Joon Young. Tae O helps him unpack. He suggests his son call his mother. Joon Young says that living with his father means his mother won’t have to worry about the rumors and lies that others tell. Tae O asks what rumors. Joon Young astutely notes that adults think children don’t know the truth, but they do know. Joon Young hates being told to ignore the truth.

Sun Woo sits in Joon Young’s room and misses him. Tae O calls and reports that Joon Young believe that she’s allowing rumors about her to protect him. Tae O states Joon Young claims he’ll be fine if she wants to leave town. Sun Woo can’t believe it. She accuses Tae O of suggesting that she wants to leave town. Tae O denies it. Sun Woo snaps that Tae O better take care of the rumor monger’s husband. Da Kyung stand outside the door having overhead the conversation.

Joon Young claims he doesn’t need breakfast the next morning. Tae O offers to drive his son to school. Joon Young declines the offer. Da Kyung can’t help but notice that Tae O stepped away from Jenny to engage with Joon Young.

Joon Young eats ramen in a shop before school. When Sun Woo calls, he claims everything is great.

Director Kong is miffed that Dr. Sul told the nurses about his sexist attitudes. Dr. Kim steer clears of the conversation. When Director Kong exits, Dr. Kim tells Dr. Sul he’ll quietly support her.

He sees Sun Woo in hallway. She claims Joon Young is doing well. She declines his offer of a movie.

Da Kyung’s mother is NOT happy that Joon Young is living at the house. Da Kyung admits this was her idea. Tae O calls her and states he’ll be home after picking up Joon Young.

Tae O meets with the rumor monger’s husband who asks for his endorsement for his campaign. Tae O tells the man he doesn’t care about Tae O and only wants Chairman Yeo’s endorsement. Tae O warns the man about his wife spreading lies. He points out his child was hurt by his wife’s lies.  He ends the meeting saying the man should seek Chairman Yeo’s support directly.

Sun Woo is dismayed to see Joon Young, Da Kyung, Jenny and Tae O shopping together. Her heart hurts as she observes what appears to be a happy family unit.

In the car Joon Young ignores Da Kyung which hurts her feelings. At the house Tae O urges his son to get along with Da Kyung. Tae O says they are family. Joon Young retorts he can’t think of Da Kyung as family due to their history.

Sun Woo brings over wine to Ye Rim. Ye Rim shares she’s planning on moving to Seoul to be near her parents. They discuss if Joon Young will live with Tae O permanently. Sun Woo admits she’s considering leaving town to make things easier for Joon Young. Ye Rim advises Sun Woo to stop holding onto Tae O. Ye Rim believes the break will only work if one of them leaves town. Sun Woo notes that Je Hyuk has been coming to the house often. Ye Rim says it’s annoying. Sun Woo wonders if Je Hyuk wants to begin again.

Flashback…Je Hyuk asks Ye Rim to date him.

Ye Rim admits she doesn’t know what she wants.

At work the next day, Sun Woo looks at out of town jobs. She’s startled when Dr. Kim and Dr. Sul catch her but she manages to hide her computer. She declines their offer for lunch.

Dr Kim asks Dr. Sul if he has a chance with Sun Woo. Dr. Sul declares Sun Woo isn’t over Tae O. Dr. Kim hopes one day that won’t be the case.

Joon Young eats dinner alone.

Sun Woo misses her son. She decides to pack up his belongings to make it so he doesn’t have to come home to do so.

Tae O spies brochures for high schools out of Korea in Da Kyung’s bag. He’s livid. Da Kyung is unrepentant declaring this would be best for Joon Young. They argue. Joon Young overhears.

Tae O meets Je Hyuk for drinks. They both laugh that they are pitiful friends yet only have each other.  Je Hyuk admits he can’t stop thinking about his wife. Tae O says marriage is a habit.  Je Hyuk agrees it is a habit he doesn’t want to break. Je Hyuk admits he was wrong when he thought passion meant love. Je Hyuk notes that when you can’t live without someone, that’s love. He loves Ye Rim. Tae O reflects. Je Hyuk vows to get her back. Je Hyuk states he doesn’t want to regret his mistakes like Tae O does. Tae O asks if he looks like he has regrets. Je Hyuk retorts Tae O doesn’t look happy. Tae O is speechless. The moment is broken when Sun Woo texts and asks him to stop by to pick up Joon Young’s belongings. Je Hyuk asks who the text was from. Tae O states Sun Woo. Je Hyuk shares his belief that Sun Woo is considering leaving town. That gets Tae O’s attention.

Great male bonding!

Tae O finds Sun Woo drinking wine. He asks if she’s considering leaving town. She confirms she is. Tae O asks why. Sun Woo points out this is what he wanted. Tae O agrees. Sun Woo says she’ll leave town if Joon Young wants her to. She asks Tae O if she can trust him with their son. Sun Woo believes the gossip about her is tiring for Joon Young and leaving might be best. She says when and if Joon Young wants her back in his life, she’ll take him back. Tae O agrees. She offers Tae O wine. She pours him a glass.

Sun Woo asks about his marriage. Tae O asks what marriage meant to her and what love meant. Sun Woo says marriage was a delusion. Her foundation that she thought was unshakeable began with their love and ended in pain. Tae O says if she’d only let his relationship be an affair that she could forgive, everything would be different. Sun Woo scoffs that this wasn’t her fault. Tae O wonders if she’d forgiven him, where would they be now.  Sun Woo tells go.

Tae O asks what she would say if he told her regretted his second marriage. That love hadn’t changed. Would this matter? Our love was our marriage. Tae O asks what if he were to admit he doesn’t want his second marriage. Would she admit her feelings? Sun Woo asks what her truth is. Tae O declares she regrets the divorce. She regrets not forgiving him, pushing him away, and making him a jerk. He asks her to tell him she regrets all those actions. Tae O asks her to admit she tell cares. Sun Woo locks eyes with him. She calls him crazy. Tae O demands to know why she became his alibi. Why did she lie for him?

Flashback…Hyun Seo tells Sun Woo to be careful, or she’ll end up like her.

Sun Woo tells Tae O to leave. Tae O demands to know if Sun Woo has been waiting for him to return. Didn’t she want him to beg her to get back together? Sun Woo tells him to leave. Tae O yells that Joon Young was her excuse to stay in this house and wait for him to return to her.  Tae O knows she wants to be back in his arms. Tears run down her face. Tae O believes this is killing her.  Sun Woo slaps him. Tae O stops the second slap and holds her wrist. He demands to know if he’s wrong. Sun Woo tries to pull away. Tae O demands to know if he’s wrong about what she really wants.

Sun Woo lowers her head and feels her emotions. She stares into Tae O’s eyes. The truth is there. They embrace with fervor.

Da Kyung waits for Tae O to come home. He doesn’t answer his phone which lies downstairs in a heap of jumbled clothes.

Later…Tae O asks if he should come back to Sun Woo. She says no, he should keep his marriage.

My Thoughts

An introspective episode that hit the mark. Writer Joo Hyun turned the tables and didn’t have an episode full of the trademark melodramatic moments. Instead issues like love, loyalty, doing what is best for another were explored. I enjoyed the respite and the opportunity to understand these character’s emotions and motivations through quieter introspective windows. Writer Joo wove all these moments to a climactic scene between Sun Woo and Tae O that was spectacular.

Da Kyung had to scramble to make up for not supporting Tae O. She was floored that Sun Woo saved her husband. Tae O’s pain Da Kyung didn’t stand by him was clear. He pointed out that not only was he Joon Young’s father but Jenny’s father as well. That illuminated the error she’d made. She tried to make up for it but inviting Joon Young to live with them. But the reality had her searching for schools abroad to ship Joon Young to. Truly, there’s one person I feel sorry for in this series, and it’s Joon Young. Did I enjoy the fact that Da Kyung’s manipulation of Joon Young ended up leading Tae O and Sun Woo to admit what they really wanted? Yes, yes I did.

Is there hope for newly divorced neighbors Je Hyuk and Ye Rim? Je Hyuk kept it light but wouldn’t stay away from Ye Rim. His confession to Tae O that he’d taken his wife for granted, couldn’t forget about her, which made him realize he was in love with Ye Rim. His vow to reclaim Ye Rim is charming, but he’s a serial philander. Can a leopard change its spots?

Tae O (Park Hae Joon) went to Sun Woo and suggested they never stopped caring for each other. Park Hae Joon owned the final scene when Tae O went to Sun Woo and suggested they aren’t over each other. Tae O took a risk. Sun Woo didn’t want to admit he was right. But Tae O didn’t let her off easy, forcing her to acknowledge or deny her feelings. Sun Woo capitulated and admitted her truth. Their passion exploded and they slept together. What do I think about that? Tae O and Sun Woo are more similar than I first suspected. I don’t think it is a good idea for them to reconnect. Their next breakup might eviscerate them both.

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) saved Tae O. Sun Woo couldn’t let him go down as a murderer supposedly for their son Joon Young. Hyun Seo warned Sun Woo that her pity for the abusive jerk pulled her down into the pit with him. I don’t think Sun Woo pities Tae O. I think she loves him, and that may be her undoing. Little did Sun Woo know that Da Kyung suggested to Joon Young that he was holding his mother back from moving onward. Because Joon Young loves his mother, he moved out of the house and in with his father. This gutted Sun Woo. She wrongly centers her world on her son. That is a needless burden Joon Young has to carry. If she could find balance, then both mother and son could be comfortable. Watching the adults fight dirty is one thing, but Joon Young’s pain gets me every time. He’s right. He doesn’t deserve what has happened between his parents and the subsequent implosion in his life. He is collateral damage and it bothers me. Joon Young’s decision to leave made Sun Woo consider leaving town. That news frightened Tae O and had him take action and declare himself to Sun Woo.

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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3 comments on “World of Marriage Ep 12 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    “Hyun Seo understands protecting a jerk because she did it many times herself.” -KJT. Takes one to know one. I think Sun Woo still cares deeply for Tae O … otherwise this would have been a good opportunity to do nothing and let Tae O fend for himself. Fascinating that Chairman Yeo held onto evidence that could exonerate his son-in-law. Did Chairman Yeo order a hit … it could have eliminated Tae O from his daughter’s life.

    Da Kyung bit off a little more than she can chew by inviting Joon Young to live with them. Does she not realize her husband has two children and Tae O’s not going to spend all of his time with just with her daughter.

    Ye Rim’s advice to Sun Woo to quit holding onto Tae O, is exactly what she needs to do. I wonder if Ye Rim can take her own advice…

    “Did I enjoy the fact that Da Kyung’s manipulation of Joon Young ended up leading Tae O and Sun Woo to admit what they really wanted? Yes, yes I did.” -KJT. I’m truly DISGUSTED
    Da Kyung manipulateed Young Joon, when you know she would meltdown if Sun Woo used Jenny to manipulate. Da Kyung seems to be clueless about the consequences of her actions … okay, she’s in the company of Tae O and Sun Woo, who apparently did not really end their relationship. I agree Young Joon is the biggest loser, as he has been for most of the episodes. I suspect his feelings will be deeply hurt that his mother packed up his belongings, making him feel unwelcome and not wanted.


    • I would be surprised if chairman yeo ordered the abusive jerk killed.

      Da Kyung is young and selfish and doesn’t see the impact of her actions. she manipulated joon young to mend fences with her husband but ended up putting herself in a tough spot.

      I hope when the series ends whatever state the adults are in, joon young has some support.

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