World of Marriage Ep 11 Recap

World of Marriage Episode 11 Recap

The abusive jerk tells Min Hyun Seo this is their chance to start over. He urges her to leave with him. He vows he’s a changed man. Through her split lip, Hyun Seo says no. She doesn’t want to continue a relationship with him. Shocked, the abusive jerk pleads. Hyun Seo refuses to change her mind. She exits down the stairs hoping the abusive jerk doesn’t come after her. The scarf given to her by Sun Woo on the concrete blows over.

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) searches for Hyun Seo. She spots Hyun Seo’s suitcase. She sees the meal she bought her. She calls Hyun Seo. No one picks up. She hears sirens. She sees the police outside the terminal. Sun Woo pushes to the front of the crowd. She sees a body being put into the ambulance. She sees her bloody scarf on the ground. Fearing Hyun Seo is dead, she moves to the police. Dr. Kim pulls her back. He tells her engaging with the police will only cause trouble for her. Dr. Kim reports the body is the abusive jerk. Sun Woo recognizes the wrist tattoo when the body is jostled.

Lee Tae O (Park Hae Joon) arrives home. Da Kyung finds him in the bathroom examining deep scratches on his neck. He claims it is nothing and shuts the door in her face.

The next morning, Joon Young is all abuzz about the death at the station. Sun Woo tries to steer the conversation away from that onto school.

Married neighbor Ye Rim talks to her husband Je Hyuk over toast and realizes he no longer lives there. Je Hyuk sleeps in his office.

The police call Tae O while he’s in the shower. Da Kyung say the man that died was the abusive jerk. Da Kyung flashes her conversation with the insider employee who checked the security logs which showed Tae O leaving the office at 10:30pm.

Dr. Kim tells Sun Woo he was at the station on business matters. He remembers following Tae O to the station. Dr. Kim says he saw her there. Sun Woo finds that hard to believe. He assures her it was a coincidence. She asks how Dr. Kim knew it was the abusive jerk that had died.

Tae O demands to know how Da Kyung knew it was the abusive jerk that had died.

Dr. Kim reports he saw the man fall and realized it was the man that broke into her house and blackmailed her. Dr. Kim didn’t think Sun Woo’s presence at the scene was wise. Sun Woo asks if he thinks she killed him. Dr. Kim assures her that never occurred to her but didn’t want the police to suspect her. Sun Woo says he’s a quick thinker. They stare into each other’s eyes.

Hyun Seo tells Sun Woo that she saw Tae O at the station last night.

Da Kyung informs him the police want to talk to him about the murder of the man at the station last night. She says Tae O was the last phone call in the dead man’s history. Tae O lies that he was at the office until 12:30am.

Hyun Seo tells Sun Woo that Tae O was angry and declared he was going to kill the abusive jerk. Sun Woo can’t believe it.
Great opening sequence!

Cue Intro…

Da Kyung can’t get Tae O’s lies out of her head.

Dr. Sul tells Sun Woo others have benefited from her mess. Sun Woo asks if she’s talking about the divorce. Dr. Sul counters she’s talking about the associate director position. Sun Woo sighs and tells Dr. Sul to make a direct play for the associate director position. Dr. Sul asks surprised at the idea.

Ye Rim calls Sun Woo to inform her the police questioned her about the dead man at the station and they’ll come looking for her about the scarf found at the scene.

At the hospital the police ask Sun Woo about the scarf found at the scene. Sun Woo admits the scarf was hers and she gave it to Hyun Seo before she was to get on a train to visit a friend in Busan. She promises to be open to any further questions the police might have.

Soon to be divorced neighbors Ye Rim and Je Hyuk sign the divorce papers. Ye Rim tells Je Yuk to show up to court tomorrow, then in 30 days it will be done. Je Hyuk says he doesn’t want the divorce. Ye Rim scoffs she was wrong to hold onto their dead marriage.

Dr. Sul tells Director Kong that Sun Woo was just questioned by the police about the dead man. Director Kong grouses that Sun Woo is nothing but a trouble maker.

Dr. Sul goes to Director Kong and states she’d like the associate director position. He scoffs nothing she’s single. Dr. Sul asks what that has to do with it. Director Kong can’t have a single woman in that role. Dr. Sul points out Sun Woo is single and Dr. Kim is single. Director Kong waves that aside and dismisses Dr. Sul’s interest. Shocked and angered Dr. Sul goes on a tirade that marital status has nothing to do with ability to do a job. She goes all in and yells at Director Kong for using then ditching Sun Woo for Chairman Yeo’s donation. She strides out of the office leaving a shocked Director Kong behind.
Way to go Dr. Sul!

Dr. Sul bursts into Sun Woo’s office and declares neither of them have a future at the hospital. Dr. Sul laments Sun Woo’s divorce.

At the spa, Hyun Seo looks up information about the abusive jerk’s death. She reads the police are considering murder.

At school, Joon Young hears the rumors that his mother was having an affair with the man that died. His friend notes, divorcees sleep around, everyone knows that. The police questioned her. The classmate that knows Joon Young is stealing from other, can’t stand the implied guilt without facts. She chews out the boys and follows Joon Young out of the classroom.
Joon Young considers calling his mother about the situation, but he puts his phone away. Tae O spots his son at the bus stop and invites him to dinner.

At the ladies’ lunch, the gossip centers on Sun Woo’s assumed affair. Everyone is surprised when Dr. Sul defends Sun Woo noting all their chatter is not factual. Ye Rim changes the subject when she announces tomorrow is her day in court and her divorce will be final in 30 days. The ladies state Ye Rim should have stuck it out. Ye Rim says she’s happy about the decision and cutting the ties is the right choice. She tells the ladies to gossip about her freely as she exits. Dr. Sul follows her. Outside, Dr. Sul tells Ye Rim they need to go drinking. They laugh and head out to do some day drinking.
Way to go Dr. Sul and Ye Rim!

As Joon Young eats his meal, Tae O questions him about Sun Woo’s activities – when does she come home, is she working regularly? Joon Young asks why it is his father’s business. Tae O says he has to know if she’s being a good mother. Disgusted Joon Young says this is all his father’s fault. He had the affair. He got another woman pregnant. He left their household. He got married. Joon Young tells his father to handle his own problems and stop annoying him.
Way to go Joon Young!

Sun Woo ignores Dr. Kim’s call. He watches her do so.

Dr. Kim sees someone follow Sun Woo. He follows that person and intercedes so Sun Woo gets away. Dr. Kim recognizes the insider man from Tae O’s company. He realizes Chairman Yeo is involved.

Sun Woo stashes Hyun Seo in a safe house. Hyun Seo is adamant Tae O killed the abusive jerk. Sun Woo points out her credibility might below. Hyun Seo declares she didn’t kill the abusive jerk. Hyun Seo gives Sun Woo Tae O’s wedding ring he lost when he shook her at the station. Sun Woo promises Hyun Seo she’ll sort this house. Hyun Seo vows to trust her.

Tae O brings Joon Young home. Sun Woo arrives. Each accuse each other of murdering the abusive jerk. Neither is sure if the other is telling the truth.

Ye Rim and Dr. Sul arrive. Tae O leaves with Dr. Sul telling him he was a jerk for not keeping his promise to make her associate director. Ye Rim invites Sun Woo to have a drink. Sun Woo calls Joon Young to state she’ll be at Ye Rim’s house.

The ladies drink. Sun Woo is worried about the murderer. Ye Rim is grieving her failed marriage. She asks if it was all meaningless. Sun Woo notes to Ye Rim the legal finality of divorce doesn’t mean the feelings stop. Dr. Sul declares each of them is fabulous in their own way. She’s glad the three of them are single. She implores Sun Woo to fight. She directs Ye Rim to stop crying and complete the divorce. She gives herself that task of continuing to be cool. They all burst into laughter. Dr. Sul warns Sun Wol, she’s a suspect. She recommends Sun Woo pretend she’s innocent and become associate director again.

Joon Young waits for his mother and asks if she’s involved in with the dead man. He reports that what his friends told him. Sun Woo assures her son the dead man was a patient which is why the police spoke with her. She implores her son not to listen to gossip.

Da Kyung tells her father that being married isn’t sunshine and roses all the time. However, her daughter needs a father and she’ll stay for that. Her father promises he’ll take her back whenever she wants to return home.

The next morning Ye Rim finds Je Hyuk sleeping on the couch. She rouses him and tells him not to be late to court. He doesn’t want to divorce. Ye Rim is unmoved. Je Hyuk says he needs to talk to Sun Woo.

Je Hyuk and Ye Rim go to Sun Woo’s office. Je Hyuk shares he drank with a police friend last night and learned that the CCTV footage from the station is missing. Supposedly a glitch. Ye Rim suggests Chairman Yeo is involved.

Chairman Yeo has his inside man steal the CCTV footage from the station. He believes Tae O’s crime should be buried. His inside man wonders if that would be best for Da Kyung. Chairman Yeo pauses and agrees that the footage will give illuminate what happened, then a plan can be made.
I was surprised the insider man was bold enough to suggest that sweeping Tae O issues under the rug wasn’t best for Da Kyung. I was surprised Chairman Yeo listened to him.

Hyun Seo grows impatient waiting for Sun Woo to contact her.

Da Kyung isn’t happy when Tae O suggests Joon Young move in with them. Upset she says living with him is a challenge when he puts his first family above theirs. She asks where his wedding ring is. She asks about the bloodstain on his shirt and why he was at the station that night. Distraught she leaves. Tae O blocks the car. He gets in and tells her he didn’t murder the abusive jerk. He claims he was dead when he arrived at the station. Da Kyung tells him to tell the police. Tae O reveals Sun Woo was there. He admits he doesn’t know if Sun Woo or Hyun Seo worked together or independently to kill the abusive jerk. Da Kyung asks why Tae O didn’t tell the police. Tae O yells he can’t make his son’s mother a murderer. Da Kyung can’t believe hear ears when Tae O reiterates that Joon Young should live with them. He apologizes for keeping things from her but he didn’t want her to worry. He swears he isn’t a murderer. He begs her to believe him. Da Kyung dares him to make her believe him.

Dr. Kim meets with Chairman Yeo. He asks why Sun Woo is being followed by his man. He states he saw Tae O at the station and will testify to the fact. He hopes if Chairman Yeo won’t frame Sun Woo for murder to cover up Tae O’s crime.

Tired of waiting for Sun Woo’s action, she follows Sun Woo into the eatery. She sees Sun Woo meet privately with Chairman Yeo.

Sun Woo tells Chairman Yeo that he needs to use his influence to make the death a suicide freeing Tae O and herself from suspicion. Hyun Seo calls Sun Woo from the police station to report she’s taken matters into her own hands and no longer needs Sun Woo’s support.

As Tae O walks to his car, the police pull up. They are there to take him to the station. Tae O calls Da Kyung. She ignores his call. Tae O calls Chairman Yeo. He ignores his call.

Chairman Yeo says things have changed, and Sun Woo’s suicide suggestion is no longer an option. Sun Woo sighs.

My Thoughts

Ding, dong, the abusive jerk is gone. Writer Joo Hyun gave us the cliffhanger resolution we all wanted. The abusive jerk was the dead body loaded into the ambulance. Good riddance. He had NO value to society and a menace to everyone that knew him. The riveting episode quickly turned into the layers of doubt and suspicion. Who killed the abusive jerk? Privately Tae O and Sun Woo accused each other. To their credit, they worried about their son Joon Young. I feel sorry for the young man, endlessly mired and affected by his parents’ machinations. Sun Woo teamed with Dr. Kim to get Chairman Yeo to weld his power to make it look like a suicide. But it was all for naught, Hyun Seo’s trust in Sun Woo evaporated when she saw her meet with Chairman Yeo. She took matters into her own hands to protect herself and publicly accused Tae O. Did I enjoy Da Kyung and Chairman Yeo NOT answering Tae O’s calls as the police came to arrest him? Yes, I did.

Girl Power. I absolutely loved Dr. Sul’s encounter with sexist Director Kong. He didn’t want to consider her for associate director because she was single. Floored at the double standard, Dr. Sul pointed out Dr. Kim was single. Ah, but that’s different my dear was the response. I cheered when Dr. Sul went on a tirade about how Sun Woo saved him time and time again but he demoted her for the d. This was the first moment I had a modicum of respect for this “friend” that plays both sides. When Ye Rim, Dr. Sul, and Sun Woo drank at Ye Rim’s house, I laughed out loud when Dr. Sul chirped, she’d continue to be cool. She implored Sun Woo to keep fighting for herself. Sun Woo sagely told Ye Rim that turning off feelings didn’t automatically happen when the legalities of the divorce were final. That is the basis of this entire engaging series.

Tae O (Park Hae Joon) believed Sun Woo was the murderer. Tae O and Sun Woo’s encounter clearly showed they believed the other was the murderer. Tae O was the first to step that aside for the sake of Joon Young. But they can’t trust each other. Too much damage. Tae O’s marriage to Da Kyung is under strain because of his actions. He stays out late and lies about his whereabouts. Da Kyung was thunderstruck when she found the blood on Tae O’s shirt and the parking receipt for the murder location. She told her father she would stick by Tae O as her daughter needed a father. But Tae O doesn’t make it easy on Da Kyung. Tae O’s priority of Joon Young was too much for her. She doubts Tae O…and with good reason.

Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) believed Tae O could be the murderer. Sun Woo wasn’t sure if Hyun Seo was telling the truth. Sun Woo stashed Hyun Seo in a secure location and promised the young woman she’d make everything right. But Hyun Seo ran out of patience and accused Tae O of murder. The question is simple…who killed the abusive jerk? I was glad to see Dr. Kim go against Chairman Yeo. I feared he was under Chairman Yeo’s thumb. I hope the good doctor stands by Sun Woo. She’s not ready for romance, but she needs a supportive friend. I agree with Dr. Sul, she must continue the fight.

The sixth song of the OST is titled “The Days I Loved” and sung by Baek Ji Young. The video has the lyrics:

I rank this episode as terrific, 9 on a 10-point scale.

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4 comments on “World of Marriage Ep 11 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    “Ding, dong, the abusive jerk is gone.” -KJT. I echo that sentiment❗ Who do you think did the deed❓⁉️ Tae O seems most likely in my opinion, but Hyun Seo and even Sun Woo are good potential suspects as well.

    Sun Woo lost Hyun Seo’s trust by meeting CEO Yeo. I wonder how much that will hinder or leave Sun Woo vulnerable …


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